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Freebie / Testing Share Drop 1000 SMILE on CLAYGATE
« on: December 28, 2015, 04:02:08 am »

"clayop" - Sent 250 1.3.688
"lulupon" - Sent 150 1.3.688
"hwha" - Sent 100 1.3.688
"claygate" - Sent 240 1.3.688
"sunsallokor" - Sent 260 1.3.688

I can't really seem to find a straightforward answer for this (or how to do it), so if anyone could provide any insight it'd be really helpful.

Thanks in advance!!

Freebie / Maintainence on ShareBits
« on: December 15, 2015, 03:38:45 am »
Maintenance on the BTS daemon is currently being conducted (as well as worth noting Reddit is experiencing down time). All services are expected to be back online within the next 24h, thanks.

Technical Support / Determine sender by ONLY txid
« on: December 06, 2015, 10:10:47 pm »
With other cryptocurrencies, typically I would use a blockchain explorers api to do this. I'm unsure if [member=21903]roadscape[/member] 's service has a way of doing this so this is a question to him as well.

Suppose I only have the tx id (from receiving funds) i.e. 1.11.510752, how can I determine more information about this transaction (i.e. who sent it)?

Freebie / Share Dropping via ShareBits
« on: November 30, 2015, 11:28:00 pm »
Share dropping is now possible by depositing the amounts you would like to drop, and specifying what asset to drop on.
It's even possible to drop BTS on asset holders. Check out the share drop page over on it's never been so easy. This service is powered by [member=21903]roadscape[/member] 's cryptofresh website to determine balances and who the asset holders are.

e.g. of a receipt (share dropped 750 SMILE on BEARHUG holders)
#sharedrop "thera" 6 SMILE (TXID="dac45d40a01a1618e001b80dd15d29296c743df8")
#sharedrop "sharebear" 743 SMILE (TXID="fe5857afc8051873242c3f9031dd6d140cd194b8")

Please contact us if you run into any issues using this service.

Things to keep in mind:
The balances pulled via CryptoFresh do not account for open-trades the user may have (i.e. selling the asset)
This service has had limited testing, it's highly reccomended if you're going to do a large drop, you contact me first
Have fun sharing ;)
The fee is calculated based on how many people need to receive a drop, more people = more transactions = higher fee

Freebie / ShareBits Announcement / Update Log
« on: November 25, 2015, 09:08:18 am »
Hi, this thread will be used to track the updates / announcements pertaining to the ShareBits ( ) platform. Please do not post questions in this thread.

Expected maintenance today at ~5pm EST. Services will be taken offline and unusable for aprox. 1-2 hours.
The scheduled maintenance is now in effect estimate has been changed to 3-4 hours.
Maint. complete, to perform authenticated transactions (Generating a URL / withdrawing) with a BitsharesTalk account please sign in on the initial page using your security code (one can be obtained by the bot PMing you on the 'Withdraw' page).

Updated UI
Generating a Security (Withdrawl) code has been moved from the "Withdraw" section to the "Security" section
Share Drop section is currently under construction
Generated Urls now expire after 48 hours and funds will return the funds back to the creator.
Working on developing a share dropping system. We want to make share dropping as easy as specifying what asset you want to drop on, what asset you want to drop, and how much of that asset you would like to drop. Get a quote of how much BTS it will cost you to do the drop (since several transactions need to occur), and then execute the drop!

Share Dropping has never been so easy before. We've now implemented a share dropping mechanism where you load your initial balances into our system (as you would if you were going to tip them via the memo code), and then you can execute a share drop on a given asset, with whatever asset you want. Of course, there's a fee associated with this because for every person you share drop on that is one actual transaction on the block chain. Check it out ;)

Technical Support / Result of transfer api - Whats the transaction id?
« on: November 08, 2015, 03:50:37 pm »
Code: [Select]
  "ref_block_num": 43551,
  "ref_block_prefix": 4241440461,
  "expiration": "2015-11-04T19:39:45",
  "operations": [
        "fee": {
          "amount": 4000000,
          "asset_id": "1.3.0"
        "from": "1.2.96505",
        "to": "1.2.93813",
        "amount": {
          "amount": 5000000,
          "asset_id": "1.3.0"
        "extensions": []
  "extensions": [],
  "signatures": [

Looking at a site like, there seems to be a clear distinction between a "signature" and a "transaction id" so I'm not 100% sure that a signature is the transaction id? Not sure, slightly confused about this... would appreciate if someone could enlighten me.

Technical Support / Understanding transaction fees with assets
« on: October 30, 2015, 08:30:07 am »
Transaction confirmed
#[email protected]
From kuro113
To btstip-com
Amount 0.1 USD
Fee 0.1887 USD
Hi, so when transferring an asset from one account to another, here it paid my tx fee in USD (the asset),

where as here,
From btstip-com
To hybr1d
Amount 0.1067 USD
Fee 42.42186 BTS

it paid the transaction fee in BTS. How do I know when the transaction fee will be paid in the form of an asset, or when it will just use regular BTS?


Further questions:
Is there a way to guarantee what the fee is paid in? This isn't evident from the api,
Code: [Select]
      /** Transfer an amount from one account to another.
       * @param from the name or id of the account sending the funds
       * @param to the name or id of the account receiving the funds
       * @param amount the amount to send (in nominal units -- to send half of a BTS, specify 0.5)
       * @param asset_symbol the symbol or id of the asset to send
       * @param memo a memo to attach to the transaction.  The memo will be encrypted in the
       *             transaction and readable for the receiver.  There is no length limit
       *             other than the limit imposed by maximum transaction size, but transaction
       *             increase with transaction size
       * @param broadcast true to broadcast the transaction on the network
       * @returns the signed transaction transferring funds
      signed_transaction transfer(string from,
                                  string to,
                                  string amount,
                                  string asset_symbol,
                                  string memo,
                                  bool broadcast = false);

Freebie / Project BtsTip [freebie]
« on: October 29, 2015, 02:44:17 am »
Project BtsTip is a project that is intended to allow one user to tip another through the forums directly here at

A user can login to our site ( ) with their bitsharestalk username (no password required).
From here you'll see what your memo is, in the case of the account hybridd the memo is asdfeeeeyyyybby (lol).

To fund your account, you must send your funds to the bitshares account kuro113 with the memo found on the site.
If you wish to view our balance checker log, it can be checked here (it updates every 10s)

Once an account is funded, you can tip someone by posting on the following conditions must be met:
  • Amount must be higher than 45 (right now we assume a ~45 BTS tx fee when the tip is claimed, so the tipper must pay this fee)
  • Your account must be pre-funded within our system before you make your post otherwise there's a chance your tip will be missed.

Here's an example of tipping someone:,19190.msg251085/topicseen.html#msg251085
I am tipping fuzzy here for 100 BTS.

If anyone wants to view my account for example, it can be seen here:

Thanks to those who help test the platform and the support we've received so far from the Bts Community.

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