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A new fresh interview with famous John McAfee where he speaks on how he started in Bitcoin, what does he think of Libra, decentralization, DEXes and a lot more.

Whole text here to read -

I have tested this ebook with oldschoolers and new people that are into crypto - both parties can find here something useful.
I describe what this ebook is NOT about up here
So read that and then decide if you want to spend time reading this piece of work.

Openledger / EXCL gateway not working
« on: February 28, 2018, 02:51:23 am »
Why for so long EXCL gateway doesnt work ?

Random Discussion / Crycash ICO - Gamers Ecosystem with Crytek Partnership
« on: December 12, 2017, 02:00:38 am »
Crytek is a partner on this ICO, they have made games like Crysis and Farcry.
The application called Plink that will be a wallet and have other uses already exists in beta before ICO started.

Longer text:

This is gonna be a portal where students can find part time jobs and employeers can find them easy. There will be options also for students to learn about crypto but also earn usual USD not just ETU (native token).
Already they got partners like Bancor, Government of the Netherlands, Blockchain Education Network, University of Florida Bitcoin Club, Cyprus International Institute of Management, Blockchain Association of Canada and the Israeli Students Association.

Runs literally right now, longer examplanation -

Another ICO ends soon, but this one is interesting. They have some beta already and they are going to create a system where Bots using AI will predict market moves, do analysis and suggest trades.

a longer text with an explanation:

Random Discussion / AdEX ICO - ADs on Blockchain
« on: June 28, 2017, 02:49:22 am »
Big firms like Bitmain are on this, smart token on Ethereum. Worth getting on.

Peerplays / Consider to vote for judge-dredd as PPY Witness
« on: June 12, 2017, 08:04:08 pm »
judge-dredd is the name i went with.
Into cryptos since 2010 long time here and known on Steemit. I run the blog
Current Server Specs:
  16gb ram 4core xeon
  2 x 128 SSD (raid 0)
  1gbit New York

Please consider to vote for judge-dredd to keep blockchain secure and fair :)

General Discussion / Interview with CEO of BlockTrades.US
« on: July 01, 2016, 06:14:27 pm »
Learn about past of Bitshares, Decentralized Organizations, Exchanges and more.
Prepare for a long read!

tldr; Im giving idea of sites where you can buy Bitcoin for Credit Card and buy BTC with Debit Card
Then i tel lyou where to trade which currency pairs effectively from BTC, LTC and ETH vs USD, EUR, CNY and others.

General Discussion / One of top10 BTS/OL affiliates is going down..
« on: June 17, 2016, 02:59:30 pm »
Its about me but wanted to write in 3rd person just to give humor to this totally - not funny - situation.

About me:
Im into BTC since 2010/11 and even tho i forgot of my BTCs until 2013 i never lost the keys (read more - and since 2013/14 im just altcoin promotor/trader and own pretty popular blog
In the end of 2015 was approached by my buddy Ronny from CCEDK one day and invited to promote OpenLedger and his assets on it - OBITS/BTSR etc + of course BTS itself. I got active, and soon i have met alot of great people from BTS community and sticked to it. The community is friendly, communicative and really top notch.

Until i have noticed i was a top10 affiliate:

I brang some really active people here ie

My blog has really many hits + big mailing list due to giveaways i do and extra infos that i share on it. Mostly it got its traffic and fame because monthly i do publicly predictions of altcoins/tokens that will raise and usually im around 80% right.
You can check those posts here in section and see yourself with historical data if you wish - :)

So mostly im the investor and affiliate guy, thats what BTS was having for me. I could promote BTS/OL, trade and get audience to the assets + BTS itself. Perfect combo.

Until few days ago...
I had to reset cache in browser.
I have been resetting OL many times and moving the .bin to desktop for this and since i wasnt used for websites to need user/pass + wallet files i literally forgot one time and cleared this up.
Spent hours on all recovery programs and speaking to specialists but at this point file was overwritten by my beloved Telegram app where i speak on Steem/Bitshares channels (what a coincidence!).

Its purely my fault but this made me upset and due to losses seems i will have to quit BTS.
The loss is mostly in my LTM + affiliates i had - since this is what i do best, promote. Now i cannot do it.
The funds on account are BTS + BTSR + MUSE in not huge numbers [few thousands each] but the LTM + affiliates - thats a loose.

I could buy assets lost again but this wont cover affs i have lost and stuff.
In the situation there is some upsides tho.

@ There are PERMANENTLY lost and off the market BTS (with my constant vesting), BTSR & MUSE. This means less tokens - more money for you guys.
@ This may make some of you backup the file right now and never forget about its location.
@ I have meet STEEM so if BTS i have to quit, the spot in my heart for it STEEM will take. I have already brang many people in and i can just take more.

So it seems crypto-gods want me to quit promoting BTS..
Unless you want to fight the gods like Theseus?

disclaimer: this is not my idea but like i have said ive met lots of decent people here and talking on priv, some suggested i should make this article and give people chance to ignore me totally :) - or help the cause and by this help marketing of BTS.

Here is the deal for BTS community.

I have made new account kc069 (backed up keys properly!)

Im allowing community of BTS to vote with their money if they want to bring me back as an affiliate.
Do you think i did good job for BTS/OL/BTSR/MUSE? Donate to kc069

If i get at least enough for LTM (sicne that allows me to do affiliate links), i will come back with:
At least one 100% dedicated BTS article on the blog, mailed to all users and promoted on all socials and forums im into (mostly Hero/Elite user statuses)
I will put BTS and/or its asset into next coin Report (i can only put things in a moments i think they raise, hence why i cannot say what and when)
Promote BTS/OL like isused to but for a month with tripled powers.
Promote mumble/hangouts BTS.

Any other ideas? Lets speak.

tldr; have a laugh at least :)

It have been posted to STEEM too:
Code: [Select][member=41672]kingscrown[/member]/one-of-top10-btsol-affiliates-is-going-down-

I have been speaking about it with a few prominent guys here and decided to give this a shot.

This is in idea phase so i would liek to know if you guys are interested, think this is good idea or not.

To the point.

Im the creator of EXCL Exclusive Coin, made September 06, 2014.
The coin used to trade on Cryptsy (and as you know getting on Cryptsy wasnt that easy back then) and trades on Bittrex from launch.

The coin is 2 years old, has PoW/PoS of x11 and really huge blockchain (its one of the fastest confirming coins you will ever see of this kind).

I have spoke with community and we have decided we wantto restart the blockchain and do swap of 1:10 to make supply smaller and kill PoW.

I wanted to go into some kind for kof DASH but with Masternodes and PoS. Then i have found BTS.

The plan is to move EXCL from its own chain to BTS and make this a pretty new move in crypto sphere.

Profits for BTS?
- Media buzz on new thing added
- New users (the coin is 2 years old and trades on exchanges)
- More exposure

Thing is to move EXCL here instead of forking it just to anything else [ie DASH] is pretty expensive. The stuff that needs to happen is:
- pay coder thats good with BTS to make type of MasterNode/PoS system
- pay exchanges to do swap of 1:10
and few other things i cannot describe right now.

So there is an idea to make crowdfudning for this little bit in a way that guys from BitARS did.

So please write your thoughts and lets see how it goes.

Few interesting links abour EXCL from medias: (we are mentioned in the very end of article as possible CCEDK add)

tldr; Some thoughts on Craig Wright who said hes SN exactly on my birthday, trades i suspect, other goods and ways to send me a gift:)!

Im the owner of blog with 16000 double optin email subscribers.

As every month i will be releasing a post about "best coins to buy/invest in April".

If you want your coin promoted please PM/DM me or write email to

Only 5 spots to be taken - article to be out within 7 days.
Our predictions come with 80% success rates.

Previous altcoin reports:

Technical Support / Looking for asset creation specialist/python coder
« on: March 31, 2016, 03:57:17 pm »
Who here (about Xeroc) is a specialist in BTS asset creation and python coding ?

Also the person has to have some free time on his hands ;) I have some cool project but need somebody who feels pretty confident with BTS system.

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