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General Discussion / Re: Market making contest, stage three (updated)
« on: January 07, 2020, 02:41:23 am »
thanks for update

A new fresh interview with famous John McAfee where he speaks on how he started in Bitcoin, what does he think of Libra, decentralization, DEXes and a lot more.

Whole text here to read -

The debt holders concern about global settlement and BitAsset Holders concern about under collateralized, there is solution available for both parties but need some changes on BSIP18 - Revive BitAsset through buying Settlement Pool.

Propose Solution:
1. Rather than force close all margin positions and move to settlement pool, the new solution is force close MCR <1 Margin Positions only and move to settlement pool, this will solve debt holders concern about global settlement.
2. Same as BSIP18, everyone can Use BTS to bid for those debts in settlement pool but we need to give them incentive to do so because investors will prefer to create new margin position rather than use MCR 1.6 to revive those debt.
3. Asset Owner set a new parameter call Minimum ReCollateral Ratio (MRR) eg. MRR 1.1
4. With MRR 1.1, investors can use 0.1 BTS to obtain 1 BTS Debt, this is a huge incentive for investors to keep BitAsset fully collateralized, this will solve BitAsset Holders concern about under collateralized.

I've been thinking of something vaguely similar, but I think there are some significant issues.

Here is one concern with this proposal: (I'll use BitUSD as an example.) What if BTS continues to fall after one of these force-settle events happens? Then you'll effectively have two "different" BitUSDs -- the stuff that's fully-collateralized, and the stuff that is collateralized only by the little bit of BTS in its own settlement pool. Even with your low MRR, BTS doesn't have to drop all that much for it to be very expensive for someone to bail out the settlement pool, so it could conceivably sit there for a very long time.

In a really nasty market, there could easily be millions of BitUSD sitting undercollateralized in settlement pools. If things get bad enough, you could have so much BitUSD in the settlement pools that BitUSD is, overall, undercollateralized -- even though the usual mechanism is still operational.

This question is one of the core ones I'll be dealing with if my research worker is approved.

yes and theres no way to solve it at this point.

some littel coins were manipulating bitUSD price so it got excluded ie - EOSDAC and SCR

this looks huge!

I have tested this ebook with oldschoolers and new people that are into crypto - both parties can find here something useful.
I describe what this ebook is NOT about up here
So read that and then decide if you want to spend time reading this piece of work.

Openledger / EXCL gateway not working
« on: February 28, 2018, 02:51:23 am »
Why for so long EXCL gateway doesnt work ?

Random Discussion / Crycash ICO - Gamers Ecosystem with Crytek Partnership
« on: December 12, 2017, 02:00:38 am »
Crytek is a partner on this ICO, they have made games like Crysis and Farcry.
The application called Plink that will be a wallet and have other uses already exists in beta before ICO started.

Longer text:

This is gonna be a portal where students can find part time jobs and employeers can find them easy. There will be options also for students to learn about crypto but also earn usual USD not just ETU (native token).
Already they got partners like Bancor, Government of the Netherlands, Blockchain Education Network, University of Florida Bitcoin Club, Cyprus International Institute of Management, Blockchain Association of Canada and the Israeli Students Association.

Runs literally right now, longer examplanation -

Another ICO ends soon, but this one is interesting. They have some beta already and they are going to create a system where Bots using AI will predict market moves, do analysis and suggest trades.

a longer text with an explanation:

11  not working, it redirects to init-error - 加载中

YOYOW / Re: Cannot withdraw YOYOW
« on: September 03, 2017, 06:27:44 pm »
is this confirmed to be official address ?  这是确认是官方地址吗?

Random Discussion / AdEX ICO - ADs on Blockchain
« on: June 28, 2017, 02:49:22 am »
Big firms like Bitmain are on this, smart token on Ethereum. Worth getting on.

Peerplays / Re: Consider to vote for me as PPY Witness
« on: June 18, 2017, 10:26:51 pm »
Currently at 34 position, more votes welcome :)

Peerplays / Consider to vote for judge-dredd as PPY Witness
« on: June 12, 2017, 08:04:08 pm »
judge-dredd is the name i went with.
Into cryptos since 2010 long time here and known on Steemit. I run the blog
Current Server Specs:
  16gb ram 4core xeon
  2 x 128 SSD (raid 0)
  1gbit New York

Please consider to vote for judge-dredd to keep blockchain secure and fair :)

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