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中文(Chinese) / deleted
« on: December 03, 2018, 07:01:14 am »


The community is self-organizing itself to pose the top 10 questions we want Dan Larimer to answer.

The moniker used for this is the DanEvent

If you have questions about the integration of Bitshares with EOS, or Bitshares 3.0, perhaps you can get these questions answered at the upcoming DanEvent.

There will be a way to submit questions, have them pooled and organized, summarized, and then voted on to see which questions we'll be asking Dan Larimer to address at the DanEvent.

You can read more about it on steem, under user @intelliguy

If you have any questions, comments, or want to get involved, please email

General Discussion / Lack of marketing. Time to hire a professional agency?
« on: November 19, 2017, 05:41:05 pm »
This post is about marketing Bitshares, but I want to explain something first:

* Wavesplatform highered a professional agency as their CMO / Chief Marketing Officer
* Alexandra Pestretsova is a business owner of that agency, and you can read about her here

Someone replied to me on steemit recently, and their comment deserves attention:

The reason bitshares isn't well known and isn't growing rapidly is because of lack of marketing.

The reason most businesses fail is because a lack of marketing.

Bitshares doesn't need tech geeks, crypto investors or developers opinions about marketing, bitshares needs professional marketing. Period. I see this time and time again with failed businesses, failed products, failed events and failed services all over the place. To ignore marketing is the biggest mistake a project can make.

Build it and they will come attitudes are just asking for stagnation and failure.
They will not come unless it's marketed

This post is a placeholder to discuss trustless deposits and withdrawal of BITCOIN for Bitshares Users with actual bitcoin transactions.

This will require some coding changes to implement, it is possible. 

Purpose of having trustless deposits / withdrawals of actual bitcoin means:

a) You no longer have to deposit/withdrawal to a centralized exchange
b) In the event any bitshares gateways go down or are unavailable, you still can move actual BITCOIN to/from the Bitshares DEX

This my suggestion for Bitshares 3.0+

I'm planning on discussing this on BeyondBitcoin radio show this Saturday Nov 4, 2017 as shown in this steemit post:[member=43002]intelliguy[/member]/please-vote-my-rsvp-comment-so-i-can-get-on-beyondbitcoin-internet-radio-this-saturday

If you are interested in hearing more, please help upvote [member=43002]intelliguy[/member] on the RSVP thread here (and consider attending too!)[/size]

Here's a quick picture of a simply drawn flowchart I made that I'll be using as a visual aid. I have never used software to make flowcharts before, and I need to get this idea out faster than I have time to learn how to properly use flowcharting software.

This is a brainstorming session. Lots of Q&A and food for thought to be discussed especially during the afterparty. I will revise this post after the radio show archive gets posted for those who cannot attend.

Oct 2015 Article:

A friend of mine ppcman on Peercoin has explained that a cancer problem is existing on which exists on why Bitshares is undervalued.

I feel the need to share it with all of you.  I won't repeat what he said... but this is the one instance where I feel comfortable sharing it:

QUOTE: "THERE IS AN UNSPOKEN PROBLEM IN THE CRYPTOCURRENCY INDUSTRY.  re: ( This is a serious cancer in the legitimacy of which coins are shown"

This is EXACTLY why Bitshares and Peercoin both suffer from being undervalued... It's a good read.

中文(Chinese) / 我的BTS和PPC预测2017年
« on: May 01, 2017, 09:21:11 am »
我认为今年的BTS和PPC都将翻番。 这是我的预测。 也许他们会增长到10倍以上!

每天新的第一次投资者来买。 2017年将呈现大增长,成为最好的一年!

Anyone know what's going on with bittrex and BTS?  Their wallet is in maintenance mode since Wednesday Jan 25th and still down as I type this..

I submitted a support request to them, and 9 hours later it is still unanswered.



From what I know, Avatars are randomly assigned in the Bitshares Wallet from 1.0

Does this continue to be the case in Bitshares 2 Lite Client?

Is there any correlation between the Cryptofresh Avatar, and the Bitshares 2 Lite Client Avatar?

Finally, can you change your avatar, or is that a future thing?  Not that it matters much. I just would like to know which ones are the authoritative avatars, because I look different on cryptofresh than in the Bitshares Lite client for example.

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