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At what point did "marketing Bitshares" become "listing BTS on more exchanges" ?

Listing a token in more places does not automatically increase its value and interest. 
  • It could actually decrease its value as exchanges hold large BTS holdings and they could get hacked, or front-run their users, or manipulate the posted price.

We already have gateways to move value in/out of our dex.

Please go back to advertising, and marketing bitshares ideas.  Like coindesk, etc.

中文(Chinese) / deleted
« on: December 03, 2018, 07:01:14 am »

General Discussion / Re: Marketing Proposal
« on: November 25, 2018, 02:11:57 am »
If anyone clicked that google doc prepared by coindesk, one of the things it says:

Our mandate is to the public interest, which means we're professionally obligated to be researching and vetting information that is most relevant for our audience moment to moment, every minute of every day.

Don't be afraid to reach out multiple times or to be insistent in your correspondence.

So if Bitshares were to have an official marketing team -- they would have reach out multiple times, or be insistent in their correspondence -- while still having information that is in the public interest, and most relevant for their audience.

Translation: We better have something "new", and "exciting" and "newsworthy" to report.  Especially as it relates to what is happening on the cryptocurrency scene in general.

If we were to research our own findings on something going on out there in crypto that is either really good, or really bad... and time sensitive.  Write the article with a slant on how Bitshares discovered it, and why Bitshares is a solution to it -- they just might carry it.

General Discussion / Re: Marketing Proposal
« on: November 24, 2018, 05:50:01 am »
You need coindesk to carry it.

Look at this article that Edan Yago wrote: some more research, the guy isn't really a journalist. Click his name, he does 1 or 2 articles a year.

But his opinions were published. His CementDAO was featured at the top of the article "for free".

Coindesk (which a lot of people read) rarely reports on Bitshares -- whether we think we're important or not. That is because we haven't followed this:

Simply blogging, and sending out tweets, requires you to build your own following.   Take an existing following and get those eyeballs to see what you have to write about... coindesk gives free advice on how to get that done.  Other publications will tell you how to get it done there too..

If this passes... I hope the UI design will solve many of the issues as reflected in the TONS of User Interface comments by Bitshares users here:

(See link on whaleshares)

These are people who normally won't post to bitsharestalk or any other bitshares related forum.  Yet they are exactly the demographic of users we'd like to onboard and keep on the system.


DanEvent Update

Interested parties wanting to discuss the DanEvent - I will be present during the show and afterparty on Discord chat channel this Saturday, July 14, 2018

BitShares Hangout #79 | 2018-07-14 | Sat @100PM UTC | OpenSource Agenda [Beyondbit Raffle Powered by SP!]

La comunidad se autoorganiza para plantear las 10 preguntas principales que queremos que responda Dan Larimer.

El apodo utilizado para esto es el DanEvent

Si tiene preguntas sobre la integración de Bitshares con EOS o Bitshares 3.0, quizás pueda obtener respuestas a estas preguntas en el próximo evento DanEvent.

Habrá una forma de enviar preguntas, agruparlas, organizarlas, resumirlas y luego votarlas para ver qué preguntas le pediremos a Dan Larimer que dirija en DanEvent.

Puedes leer más sobre esto en Steem, en el usuario @intelliguy

Si tiene alguna pregunta, comentario o desea involucrarse, envíe un correo electrónico a [email protected]

Сообщество самоорганизуется, чтобы представить 10 лучших вопросов, на которые мы хотим ответить Дэн Лаример.

Для этого используется прозвище DanEvent

Если у вас есть вопросы об интеграции Bitshares с EOS или Bitshares 3.0, возможно, вы можете получить ответы на эти вопросы на предстоящем DanEvent.

Там будет способ представить вопросы, объединить их и организовать, обобщить, а затем проголосовать, чтобы узнать, какие вопросы мы попросим Дэна Ларимера обратиться к DanEvent.

Вы можете больше узнать об этом на steem, под пользователем @intelliguy

Если у вас есть какие-либо вопросы, комментарии или вы хотите принять участие, пожалуйста, напишите по адресу intel[email protected]

社区本身就是自我组织,以构成我们希望Dan Larimer回答的十大问题。


如果您对Bitshares与EOS或Bitshares 3.0的集成有疑问,也许您可以在即将到来的DanEvent上解答这些问题。

将有一种方式提交问题,汇总和组织,总结,然后投票,看看我们将要求Dan Larimer在DanEvent上发表的问题。


如果您有任何问题,意见或想参与,请发送电子邮件至[email protected]


社區本身就是自我組織,以構成我們希望Dan Larimer回答的十大問題。


如果您對Bitshares與EOS或Bitshares 3.0的集成有疑問,也許您可以在即將到來的DanEvent上解答這些問題。

將有一種方式提交問題,匯總和組織,總結,然後投票,看看我們將要求Dan Larimer在DanEvent上發表的問題。


如果您有任何問題,意見或想參與,請發送電子郵件至[email protected]


The community is self-organizing itself to pose the top 10 questions we want Dan Larimer to answer.

The moniker used for this is the DanEvent

If you have questions about the integration of Bitshares with EOS, or Bitshares 3.0, perhaps you can get these questions answered at the upcoming DanEvent.

There will be a way to submit questions, have them pooled and organized, summarized, and then voted on to see which questions we'll be asking Dan Larimer to address at the DanEvent.

You can read more about it on steem, under user @intelliguy

If you have any questions, comments, or want to get involved, please email [email protected]

Technical Support / Re: Problems moving from Protoshares to Bitshares
« on: January 22, 2018, 04:03:56 pm »
Does it show your balance in BTS on this site?

We ask for a daily budget of $660. Since the payment is in BTS, we ask for 6600 BTS per day, which should suffice even if the BTS price temporarily falls to $0.10

The proposal says it is for 6600 BTS / day.  At an average price of 0.50 that would be $3600/day conservatively.

The project says the term runs for a full year.

Let's say we're frozen at a BTS price of 0.50 USD,   that's $1.2 million dollars to create an open source trading bot.

They claim that unused funds will be returned.

I'd like to see this proposal re-voted in on a monthly basis  (and not yearly) so we can re-vote as it progresses. 

I don't think it should take $1.2 million dollars to fund a market creation bot.  That's quite high.

If the bot was released open source on github, and could run from Ubuntu, I'd be interested.

If the bot was even hard coded to give a 1% donation from all profitable trades to a hardcoded BTS user, I'd even leave that in there to support the developers myself. Of course anyone could take that out, but if I get 99% profit from using the bot, I'd use it.

Random Discussion / Re: BitShares Freeroll Poker Site
« on: December 04, 2017, 03:48:56 am »
I like poker and would like to see this for BTS.

How would the payouts be raised, is it free to buy in or ?

Yes, marketing like one time twits by Justin Bieber with the word Bitshares and we' will hits the top 10. :)

Not really (even as a joke)

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