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As long as we keep talking about this subject, everyone will take notice, and something will happen.

If it just flares up and dies, nothing will get done. :)

There is money sitting in the reserves to do marketing too.
All that needs to be done is deliver something, establish a reputation, then deploy a convincing worker proposal and get funds to go further.

The latest marketing trend seems to be paying "Influencers" on youtube with a following.

Every since youtube started lowering their payouts, and people are sick of seeing the pop up ads... it's only influencers that can make conversions into sales these days.

Similar with people running blogs and newsletters....  So any marketing team would be making use of influencers.

Dan Larimer use to be our influencer with his blog.  News Media would report on what he wrote.  We didn't replace him with that...

Glad to hear about the other marketing teams @nomoreheros7

To put things into perspective on this topic (and it is ON TOPIC)

I wrote a steemit post about the overall situation that isn't specific to Bitshares, but all cryptocurrency:

(steemit links still do not work in SMF apparently, so you have to manually find intelliguy on steemit)

POST TITLE: "Blockchain conundrum. Good technology - OR good marketing. RARELY DO BOTH EXIST."


Good technology - OR good marketing. RARELY DO BOTH EXIST IN A PROJECT

Bitshares has good technology.  If we focus on good marketing, we win this rat race

It is not surprise, because most of people who read this forum (including myself) don't understand a crap in marketing. I guess, if you know how to do it, the best is just go ahead and do it.

I understand that..

Marketing is about delivering "feel good emotions" and "perceived trust" which is what investors thrive on.

Good technology like bitshares is about delivering "a stable, and reliable solution" which technogeeks thrive on.

Both technogeeks and investors need to participate together.  So if we're just delivering tech, but not good enough marketing, we need to improve.

Step 1: Have everyone realize this
Step 2: Create a worker proposal with a lead project person willing to take the responsibility of managing the project funds
Step 3: Approve the proposal
Step 4: Spend some money by paying marketers to encourage more money and more users to come into the system

The referral system is only one tiny part of what we need to do.

I read somewhere we have a bitshares foundation. I don't know who runs it, how many people are involved, or who funds them. None of that important information is on their website.

I talked about it in the "marketing efforts" thread, but it wasn't taken too seriously.
At least we have some marketing in China now

Thanks for coming back to say something.

It's too easy to just let a few people hash it out, read the forums, and contribute nothing.

It gives the illusion that it's only 3 or 4 people concerned.  If you are reading this and have said nothing so far, please reply to this thread.

waves is a very bad example. they're lying and misleading their idiot investors at every possible chance.

if that's your understanding of professional marketing, I must refuse the idea.

That is true in my opinion (I researched Waves, I don't like them either, and something is fishy about them. I could elaborate more.. but let's stick on topic.)

...but the only reason Waves is afloat is because of marketing.

Look at what Waves offers its employees for benefits:

— Full-time work in the office next to Kropotkinskaya metro station
 — Flexible schedule
 — Competitive salary higher than average on market
 — Free English and Chinese classes
 — Free coffee and cookies

Why English and Chinese?  So their developers can talk to investors and show up at tradeshows "for marketing".

Now imagine Bitshares, with solid technology + professional marketing via a professional agency. Having both benefit us, we'd skyrocket in growth and adoption.

One of the hardest things in this industry is for developers and crypto users to realize their limits. Crypto-technically adept people in general have too much ego and can't spot their own faults.  This is human nature (otherwise we'd be flawless with our thinking).

Refusing my idea of marketing because you don't like waves isn't an appropriate reason to not consider the issue.

My comment to that person on steemit was this:
Code: [Select]
To be really fair though... Bitshares has plenty of marketing, but it could use more.
..and when I said that, I was thinking of [member=6]Stan[/member] at the time.

General Discussion / Lack of marketing. Time to hire a professional agency?
« on: November 19, 2017, 05:41:05 pm »
This post is about marketing Bitshares, but I want to explain something first:

* Wavesplatform highered a professional agency as their CMO / Chief Marketing Officer
* Alexandra Pestretsova is a business owner of that agency, and you can read about her here

Someone replied to me on steemit recently, and their comment deserves attention:

The reason bitshares isn't well known and isn't growing rapidly is because of lack of marketing.

The reason most businesses fail is because a lack of marketing.

Bitshares doesn't need tech geeks, crypto investors or developers opinions about marketing, bitshares needs professional marketing. Period. I see this time and time again with failed businesses, failed products, failed events and failed services all over the place. To ignore marketing is the biggest mistake a project can make.

Build it and they will come attitudes are just asking for stagnation and failure.
They will not come unless it's marketed

The audio link talking about this subject is here:

It starts at 4 mins, 15 seconds in that archive and runs over 20 minutes long and has a couple different people talking to the speaker as well.

From tomorrow our team will start researching and solution prototyping, and during next 7-10 days (till 20 Nov max) will prepare and announce detailed worker for community. We’re opened for any kind of collaboration, so, if you have ideas or proposals, feel free to suggest me personally or to our team through this thread.

Please have your team listen at 4 mins, 15 seconds in to this archive:

It's intelliguy (me) speaking talking about 2 of 2 multisig wallets for trustless Bitcoin transactions on this diagram here:,25203.0.html (diagram)

...and the important part I wanted everyone to understand was 12 mins, 10 seconds in, where I talk about how I've been using Bitshares for 3 years, and I avoid bitBTC at all costs and I think others might be doing the same thing.

- it is not the fault of the way bitBTC works.  It is just the way bitBTC is perceived (human reaction)

We need to protect OpenLedger by building a trustless bitcoin gateway. The reasons why this ends up protecting OpenLedger is at 24 mins, 30 seconds in that same audio archive.

General Discussion / Re: Bitshares price discussion
« on: November 09, 2017, 04:21:02 pm »
Get BTS on

Are you sure? I just went there, and BTS is not listed.   Their translations are very poor, not a lot of confidence in that website.

Technical Support / Re: TESTNET Issues to be discussed.
« on: November 03, 2017, 03:42:37 am »
We need management. [..] Decentralization is a very nice concept in theory, but it's not helpful if you want to get something done.

Ok, all you have to do is write a worker proposal that you want to hire some sort of product manager, what the term and salary will be, and BTS holders can either approve or reject the proposal.

If it is approved, and we hire project managers and pay them (the management) you are referring to... then we're done.  Now we have management.

If you realize it's just a different (but better way) of doing things in a decentralized environment, you'll see this is where we are with Bitshares:

We're stuck with old style thinking and pessimism. Anything can be done.  We just have to learn that...

Nice catch [member=31]fav[/member]

Is there any way to find out approximately how long this has been happening, and how many referred users were sent?

I'm strong believer that Bitshares can sort out roadmap it has with a lot more performance if developers put a bit more effort in project management.

Developers are incentivized by two main things:

a) Health of the system (easy fixes to keep it running)
b) Financial incentive either by their holdings, or by an angel-investor financing them to propose and implement something

What we're lacking in the most is:

a) Users and current investors really understanding how this decentralized company works  (ie: there are no project managers, unless someone steps up to the plate)

b) Getting involved by voting and reading proposals... Giving their opinions, and help locate developers willing to take on the jobs we require.

Instead what we have a lot of is:

a) Users and current investors blaming developers.  Blaming Stan. Blaming the markets. Blaming everyone. Blame, blame, blame.

(This accomplishes nothing, and isn't helpful).   

What is cool about Bitshares, is any of us can make a difference and get this changed, if we work together by using our BTS voting power....

  • Work together? In a decentralized environment? For the common good of all Bitshares users and our future?
  • It is possible.  Once we realize we have to do exactly that...

So, if anyone has one, i'm happy to comment in the future, white papers, nice diagrams, charts, whatever is ok for a marketing event, not for any serious development. I'm sure most will agree on this.

Since there are more users, and investors, using Bitshares than there are developers, there is always a wide divide of people who have opinions, suggestions, and complaints.

Right about now is when the appreciation of the teams Bytemaster use to lead developing Bitshares is missed.

It's like the system is on autopilot (development wise) and only now are people raising important questions about how the system works, where trust lies, how much trust is "too much trust" and now a recent discussion about NDA's among proxy witnesses has been raised.

This is all very long overdue, and I'm happy to see it.

There is a lot of interested money in this platform (always has been), so financing our future is going to be quite easy.

But when you say:

I seriously have to stop answering and stop talking completely. There is so much going on, and currently how it's being presented is just a talk, even from my side.

You are incorrect.

It's not "just a talk".  It's a united level of understanding, that is really important going forward.

Deliver that as proposal even with a broken monkey in the box, and i'm sure that any serious businessman related to this network will push the proposal through.

I'd rather not see lots of proposals with a broken monkey in the box.  That just leads to confusion, frustration, and can camouflage real decent proposals if they are hidden among all the other broken and non-possible proposals.

I hear your frustration, but removing talk in the favor of creating broken monkey in the box proposals is not a better solution.

This post is a placeholder to discuss trustless deposits and withdrawal of BITCOIN for Bitshares Users with actual bitcoin transactions.

This will require some coding changes to implement, it is possible. 

Purpose of having trustless deposits / withdrawals of actual bitcoin means:

a) You no longer have to deposit/withdrawal to a centralized exchange
b) In the event any bitshares gateways go down or are unavailable, you still can move actual BITCOIN to/from the Bitshares DEX

This my suggestion for Bitshares 3.0+

I'm planning on discussing this on BeyondBitcoin radio show this Saturday Nov 4, 2017 as shown in this steemit post:[member=43002]intelliguy[/member]/please-vote-my-rsvp-comment-so-i-can-get-on-beyondbitcoin-internet-radio-this-saturday

If you are interested in hearing more, please help upvote [member=43002]intelliguy[/member] on the RSVP thread here (and consider attending too!)[/size]

Here's a quick picture of a simply drawn flowchart I made that I'll be using as a visual aid. I have never used software to make flowcharts before, and I need to get this idea out faster than I have time to learn how to properly use flowcharting software.

This is a brainstorming session. Lots of Q&A and food for thought to be discussed especially during the afterparty. I will revise this post after the radio show archive gets posted for those who cannot attend.

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