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Today several well-known community members wrote to me asking: How do I see the future of BitShares? How optimistic? And does the world's oldest decentralized platform have a future?

User questions made me understand that it was time to remind many people why we are here and where we are going, as well as propose my candidacy as a committee member.

The DeFi movement as it currently exists is only a few months old, and the very concept of blockchain is only eleven years old. However, we're already starting to see DeFi finding new use cases and establishing the first popular use cases.

Importantly, BitShares has a vision as a DeFi platform that is serious about positioning for the future - not only a vision of where things might go, but a role that it should play itself as these new decentralized financial services consolidate and grow.

Given the necessary course adjustments over time, where can we see DeFi in ten years?

Assets will fuel DeFi and everything will be tokenized.

BitShares already has blockchain assets representing cryptocurrencies and digital assets, with a number of useful features. The advantages are that the direction of travel is clear. Already now, anyone can release their own asset, while getting a high-speed scalable blockchain, available almost anywhere in the world.

While no one can know the future, especially in this space, a number of trends, technologies, products and use cases are emerging, and they are starting to build a certain trajectory.

We are rapidly approaching the point where new forms of decentralized exchange and increased volumes are a given. BitShares has an excellent technology base to meet the needs of the market.

About stablecoins:
One of the most common uses for DeFi is stablecoins. They come in many forms and are based on different approaches: centralized and decentralized, secured and algorithmic, fiat-backed, and so on.

Regardless of your preference or view of stablecoins, they are here to stay. They have found use cases as a store of value, especially for traders, and as a popular form of yield assurance. Not all stablecoin experiments have been successful. And it is true. Nevertheless, this is not a reason to forget about them. Now that the work on the bugs has been completed, it's time to revive the BitShares stablecoins.

But they have not yet become widespread, although they are an integral part of the blockchain infrastructure. Our task is to bring back the popularity of BitShares stablecoins and allow them to take their rightful place in the crypto economy.

About AMM:
BitShares has launched new AMM technologies that will allow it to enter the Top Defi projects! And we will do our best for this. Our team is already working on a new interface for XBTS, where all the exciting new BitShares features will be available. We are also working on adding Top coins to the blockchain.

In this thread, I will publish my proposals for the development of decentralized technologies that we are beginning to see in the DeFi world and plans for the future.

Committee Account: europa
Thank you for your votes and support!
Regards, Europa
XBTS team

XBTS Dex Exchange


Stakeholder Proposals / [Witness Proposal] 😎 XBTSIO-WALLET
« on: June 25, 2020, 02:48:06 pm »
Witness Proposal XBTSIO-WALLET

Witness Name: xbtsio-wallet

Public Nodes for Bitshares UI:

XBTS DEX is a BitShares-based decentralized exchange and an entry point into the volumes of decentralized markets.

Our vision of an effective witness:
A witness must participate in ecosystem development!
Create useful services, improve infrastructure, attract new users and actively engage in advertising and brand promotion.

We believe that the work of the Witness, which is paid for by the blockchain, should be profitable for the entire community.
Money should work! This is a full cycle economy! The more people know about Bitshares through advertising and APPs, the more people will come to Bitshares and exchanges, and also take advantage of decentralized services and get the benefits that the platform provides.

We will invest all the revenue from the node to support infrastructure and advertising. We believe that this approach is correct and needed by the entire community. We hope other Witnesses will join in the promotion of decentralized technologies and the expansion of the community of the Bitshares..

And we are already doing it!

Bitshares BTS is already available on Dexgames, on Antibounty Twitter promotion tools and Paper wallet Generator Offline. You can play for BTS or order promotion for BTS or earn BTS.

We are ready to launch the DEXLottery on BTS, which runs on the Bitshares blockchain. The launch of the lottery is scheduled for July 2020.

DEXLottery is a completely new high-tech development. And even if you return from the future, you will not know the number of the winning ticket. This is the most honest lottery of all existing and it works on the Bitshares blockchain. The chance of winning is 1 to 501. Also in the lottery platform, lotteries for Bitcoin, SmartHoldem and Postcoin will be available. Thus, we will expand the Bitshares communities !!! Also, the lottery will give advantages to the Smartholders of the XBTS exchange, as they will receive a percentage of the turnover of the lottery. This is done in order to attract even more users to Bitshares and to XBTS. The Smartholders operates on the Bitshares blockchain.

BTS has also been added to decentralized poker platform. Now there is a closed beta test, and if you have a desire to join the testers, just write about your desire in this thread. We will consider your request.

Now our designers are already working on the design of decentralized chess and 围棋 for Bitshares.

We understand that the blockchain exchange should be user-friendly, therefore we are already working on creating an alternative trading interface for Bitshares.

Due to the fact that we completely keep the history of the Bitshares blockchain, we started work on a new Blockexplorer for Bitshares, which will work as PWA and will support different mobile devices.

We choose the decentralization and development of high technology for the benefit of people. We want people to choose decentralization and blockchain and use it in their lives.
We understand that this is an ambitious goal and a lot of work needs to be done. We do this work every day and step by step we go to the goal!


Witness main server
Intel® Xeon® E5-2689 v4 (cores 10, threads 20)
SSD 500GB (2xSSD SATA 500 GB Datacenter)
RAM 64 GB (4xRAM 16384 MB DDR4 ECC)
1 Gbit/s
Location Germany (FSN)

ES Server
AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Hexa-Core (cores 6, threads 12)
2 x 2 TB SATA Enterprise HDD;
Connection: 1 GBit/s port

Backup Server
Intel Xeon E3-1275v5 (cores 4)
SSD 512GB (2xSSD SATA 512 GB Datacenter)
RAM 64 GB (4xRAM 16384 MB DDR4 ECC)
1 Gbit/s
Location Germany (FSN)

Public Seed Node
Intel Xeon E3-1275v5 (cores 4)
SSD 480GB (2xSSD SATA 480 GB)
RAM 64 GB (6x RAM 8192 MB DDR4 ECC)
1 Gbit/s

API Server
Intel Core i7-4770 (cores 4)
2x SSD SATA 256 GB
4x RAM 8192 MB DDR3
1 Gbit/s
Location: Germany

Testnet Server
Intel Xeon E3-1246V3 (cores 4)
SSD 256 GB (2xSSD SATA 256 GB)
32GB (4x RAM 8192 MB DDR3)
1 Gbit/s
Location: Germany (FSN)

Thank you for your votes and support!
Regards, XBTS

General Discussion / What happened to Telegram?
« on: June 06, 2020, 08:41:03 pm »
What happened to Telegram?

30 minutes ago, the Telegram messenger all over the world stopped working.

Telegram official website shows such data:

--- ping statistics ---
11 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100% packet loss, time 10239ms

this indicates that the site server is completely offline

中文(Chinese) / 名言和格言 😊
« on: February 17, 2020, 09:38:35 am »
名言和格言都很出名-這是XBTS Dex Exchange的一個社交項目



中文(Chinese) / Need Best Chinese translation
« on: August 17, 2019, 11:55:24 pm »
Need Best Chinese website translation, marketing, custom service and etc

中文(Chinese) / Dexgames 🌏 区块链游戏 "空間"
« on: August 17, 2019, 09:37:08 pm »
区块链游戏: 空間

可供下載 "空間"

“空間”一种基于DPOS区块链多人玩的游戏。 本游戏具有即时付款、内置XBTS dex钱包及流行加密货币兑换平台XBTS和Bitshares。

"空間" 猜正反面?




"空間" —— 是一种非常简单的游戏。两位游戏玩家同时预测一个硬币的正反面。




1、最小赌金为10STH, 最大赌金则没有上限。


游戏的赌注被保存在散列的SHA-384 & RIPEMD-160格式;
您可以使用 服务来检查游戏数据的有效性。为此必须将收到完成游戏的结果SALT 转换为SHA384,然后您要把赌注0-正面 / 1-背面 + 收到的SHA384哈希放在一行, 从组合的一行您要获得RIPEMD-160哈希。此哈希必须从第二个字节开始等于创建此游戏的游戏者交易的备注中的哈希值;
在SmartHoldem块资料管理器 您可以随时查看已完成的及获胜的交易;

注意:玩儿“Heads or tails”游戏时,您同意游戏过程中的所有可能风险并确认您21岁以上!

General Discussion / 😎 [XBTS_Bounty] 😎 ANTIBOUNTY 😎
« on: July 07, 2019, 07:19:36 am »

Decentralization of real events!

😎Take part in the №1 ANTIBOUNTY campaign in the Cryptoworld!
ANTIBOUNTY transforms the cryptocurrency industry and brings clarity and fairness to all the participants!

Antibounty is a powerful tool for earning cryptocurrency for all participants.
Earn cryptocurrency for completing tasks. Post tasks and get feedback from real crypto users.

Antibounty is the only service in the world that provides
you with activity from real crypto users with confirmation of orders & tasks on the blockchain!

How Does Antibounty Twitter Tools Work?

Antibouny based on the DPOS blockchain with instant payments, built-in wallet and exchange platform for popular cryptocurrencies.

Each promo operation is saved in blockchain and can be checked in the Blockexplorer.

Every follower, like, retweet comes from an real individual, from 1 and only device, unique IP, we guarantee that nothing will ever happen to your Twitter page.

Antibounty don't offer services from robots or ghost accounts.

Only Real People!

You can take part in Anibounty now. Everything is very simple.
1. Open the Online STH wallet on the platform website
2. Register a wallet! Only YOU have access to your account!
3. Earn Cryptocurrency and Enjoy Antibounty!

Official information about ANTIBOUNTY Bounty campaign on the BITSHARESTALK

We are happy to announce the official information about ANTIBOUNTY!
ANTIBOUNTY is a brand new bounty campaign format.
Anyone can participate in the campaign.
The rules are very simple!
It all depends only on you and the number of completed quests!
Payments every 7 days!

Assignments will be published in the ANTIBOUNTY BitsharesTalk branch

How to participate in the ANTIBOUNTY campaign:
Register your Smartholdem wallet on the platform website and get your STH address. Payments for the campaign will be made to this address. Registering a wallet will take 60 seconds. After receiving  the payments, you can immediately send coins from the wallet to the XBTS decentralized exchange or and exchange them for any cryptocurrency

or Register on the or . Your account name in Bitshares is the address for receiving rewards!

IMPORTANT! All reports, concerning the bounty campaign, are accepted in the ANTIBOUNTY branch:


Avatar campaign ANTIBOUNTY

Avatar per week:

Junior Member 15 STH
Member 50 STH
Full member 75 STH
Sr member 150 STH
Hero member 350 STH
Legendary - 500 STH

Signature campaign ANTIBOUNTY
Signature per week:

Full member 75 STH
Sr member 150 STH
Hero member 350 STH
Legendary - 500 STH

ANTIBOUNTY Powerful tool for earning cryptocurrency

Code: [Select]
[table][tr][td] [size=24pt][b][url=][color=red]ANTIBOUNTY[/color][/url][/b][/size][/td] [td][b] [size=12pt]Powerful tool for earning cryptocurrency[/size][/b]
[b] [url=][size=12pt][color=red]JOIN THE ANTIBOUNTY[/size][/url] | [url=][size=12pt][color=red]BitsharesTalk[/color][/size][/url][/b][/td] [/tr] [/table]


Bounty Campaign for Blogging, Video Reviews, and Media

Article (not copyright) in English language min 3,000 characters 3,000 STH
Article in Russian min 3000 characters 3 000 STH
Article in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian 3,000 STH

Video review in Russian 5000 STH
Video review in English.  5,000 STH
Video review in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian 5,000 STH
Minimum video length from 3 minutes
Number of subscribers 100+

Random Discussion / Quote of the day! Have a good day!
« on: June 15, 2019, 09:02:58 am »
Motivational quotes are a social project of the XBTS Dex Exchange
This is a free contribution to the development of the Bitshares ecosystem.
Quotes are created to promote the ecosystem among users and attract new ones.
Motivational quotes give a good mood!

#quoteoftheday #bitshares #xbts #blockchain #exchange #dex

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