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A nice +5% bump :-)

Hey guys my development team is asking for access to the Bitshares source code and wallet code on Github. I gave them these links for the source code and wallet.

But apparently they still need some type of access from us? Let me know whats up. Thanks.
They should directly fork Graphene and not Bitshares.

I don't understand how ICOO is generating revenue?

IIf I buy 100 ICOO - what's the process of making money for me?

They will share fees (with a part for OBITS owner) and sharedrop the coins of ICO occuring on OL to the ICOO's holders.

General Discussion / Re: Simplest API to send transactions
« on: May 11, 2016, 06:09:17 pm »
We are working with OL on a new API which should allow transfering funds / trading assets without the needs of a cli_wallet instance.

General Discussion / Re: [RELEASE] LiqBot 0.1 (alpha)
« on: May 06, 2016, 03:46:42 pm »
We have released a post on Steem about the LiqBot configuration Please check it out if you do have any questions about the LiqBot's Configuration.


General Discussion / Re: [RELEASE] LiqBot 0.1 (alpha)
« on: May 05, 2016, 01:05:01 pm »

General Discussion / HYPECOIN - Make hype, not war!
« on: April 27, 2016, 12:44:21 pm »

Have you ever dream a coin made to show your hype? Your dream comes true!
I'm proud to show you an UIA to show your hype. It is intended to be used as a tip for interesting projects.

This asset is not meant to have much value. The supply is currently pretty limited, only 100,000 HYPECOIN will be issued for now.
An autonomous free giveaway will occur as a tech demo for the Graphene-PHP Library at this address Moreover, the Graphene-PHP library should be made available before July 2016.

Ride the HypeTrain, Tip the Hype
All aboard the HypeTrain!
Make hype, not war!
The hype may be with you, young padawan

- Trade it on OpenLedger!
- Cryptofresh Insight

Be warned, this UIA is not affiliated with shitcoin, the logo maybe :-)

Just to keep you in touch guys, I finally found a way to produce to price feed. I had a lot of problems but it should work very soon.

I set up un python script from xeroc with the value of the index from my website and mindphlux kindly agreed to run it.

As soon as mindphlux find the time to test and run it, if there is no more unexpected problems, the index should be alive and ready to be trade.

I will start a new official thread for Bittwenty as soon as the feed price is updated. The web site is also done and is just wainting to be made official.

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 +5% +5% +5%

General Discussion / Re: Poor Man's Patent
« on: April 18, 2016, 06:30:20 pm »
I guess you could do something like that with Custom Operations.

This will be so awsome, i feel like a big rock is finally of my back. It's so great!

Agreed. So many folks have been complaining that the captain of the ship keeps getting sidetracked and then never finishes a feature to shareholders expectations. So, I think the friday mumbles could now be moderated by the Beyond Bitcoin team but the guests can be those who want to talk about their projects. No more perception of a top-down structure (i have even seen Bitshares referred to as central banking 2.0).
I had a nice conversation with BM, Stan, Onceupon and Thom yesterday on mumble after the official mumble. We have a very solid plan to move Bitshares forward. Blinded transactions, recurring and scheduled payments, bond market, liquidity bots and market makers, margin trading, free transactions, Smartcoins POS integrations, a 2nd mobile wallet app for iOS and android (all native and material design), skin-able specific use-case wallets, Marketing... There are lots of things being started, worked on and finished up as we speak.
BitShares Munich will be expanding over the coming days. BM has been so far, and confirms that he will continue to consult with us in assisting our expansion, getting more Devs up to speed on graphene, direction with the different repos and docs, etc. We have roughly 40 Devs (c++, js, python and ui/x etc) that can work with us on various projects (as you guys know I have been in software and outsourcing for over 24 years now). Roughly 7 of those 40 are employed with us full-time and as more investment comes in we can slowly expand further. I would like all of the existing projects above finished/polished first and make them awesome.


We need to move forward even if the Bitshares' core and Graphene need to remain stable for the moment. However, sidechains and applications are really the ways we need to explore to expand Bitshares. I'm pretty sure guys from Bitshares Munich or BunkerChainLabs will help us to achieve that.

General Discussion / Re: [ANN] New Money project & SOLCERT token
« on: March 26, 2016, 02:27:34 am »
I guess he means if SOLCERT benefits are included in OBITS. The answer is no but maybe a percentage of the fee of the escrow service will be allocated to OBITS.

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