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In the past whenever I wanted to use my desktop wallet, I chose 'restore your account', would choose the .bin file and enter the password ('submit') to gain access to my account. If I run through the same motions now, and I choose 'dashboard' after successfully restoring the account the 'welcome to Bitshares' screen appears.

Could somebody help please?

For the last weeks I have been using a Bitshares mobile wallet. Here I choose the same .bin file and password to gain access, things work fine. If I close this mobile wallet and then move to the desktop wallet the problem still appears to be the same.

Thank you!

Technical Support / Cannot see 'buy/sell'
« on: September 06, 2020, 12:10:07 pm »

In the open.eur/bts market I don't see the option to buy/sell open.eur. It is available for open.eos, so despite Openledger having closed down it seems their coins can still be traded. Does anybody know how to open the buy/sell option or have a work around?

Thank you.

General Discussion / Re: [Public Testnet]
« on: March 04, 2019, 04:44:26 pm »

We're experimenting to run a small bookkeeping on bitshares testnet, and then have a profit/loss statement made based on the .csv list of transactions (nb via Robotic Process Automation; its for our local univ).

We came across three issues;
1. new accounts are receiving only 1.000 test token whereas the fee to create an asset is 5.000 test token meaning; is there a way to increase this or make e.g. one million test token available on our testaccount (a13) so we can send the necessary 'test' tokens over to the students?
2. the .csv file doesn't hold more than 50 lines. Our current bookkeeping is having appr 75 lines. Is there a way to have a .csv file with all activities in the testnet environment?
3. the .csv file did not seem to register the sales of an asset we created (nb it was created by team1000 and bought by a13), instead the .csv lines were ''4-3-2019 14:58:27,"fill_order","","0.00000 TEST"; anybody in the know of what might've happened here?

Much obliged.

General Discussion / How to hedge EUR on BitShares
« on: December 14, 2017, 07:48:31 pm »

Have quite some bitUSD that I want to store in EUR. Have not found a suitable way on the DEX yet, anybody has ideas?

1. sell to bitEUR / open.EUR; inefficient pricing due to low volume on the DEX
2. borrow EUR; can only be done with BTS as collateral, I carry too much USD at the moment to cover all currency risk
3. send to bank account;
     * CCEDK requires buying open.EUR (USD-open.EUR market too low volume) (nb 3% fee)
     * Kraken is too congested, just doesn't work properly
     * Bitstamp not pretty either, really I prefer our own DEX, its just the way to go

Thank you.

General Discussion / Re: B2C or B2B ideas
« on: July 06, 2016, 09:34:34 am »
True. Think its better see how to contribute to OBITS/CCEDK success within this decentralized network.

Here, came up with some other ideas;
1. reduce the fees significantly and increase customer base; classic internet startup way increase ecosystem support
2. find a way to sell BTC / ETH ao directly and meet competition with the likes of Poloniex / Kraken / BTC38 head on
3. Ronny needs to find a team of people around him. Risks for just one man running all are clear, what if he 'meets a bus head on unvoluntarily?'. Might want to have a team of individuals focussing more on marketing and e.g. having one person maintaining a German site, a Chinese site, a Japanese site etc. with native language support

B2C it is!

General Discussion / B2C or B2B ideas
« on: July 01, 2016, 02:29:22 pm »

Love Bitshares and OBITS, great technology offering great possibility. Though an relatively new fan, left and right there are some ideas that could help further the ecosystem.

The ideas hinge on the question if we're aiming ourselves at B2C or B2B:

If its B2C, then understand and centralize the end customer.
Currently the newest accounts might come from technical savvy early investors (men @ 25+ of age?). Might want to check who they are, what they want by simple surveys or ask newby feedback on the user friendliness of the site etc.
You could have a version 'lite' of openledger in which overly technical graphs, details, language is toned down. Simple FAQ's, open rules, and some cases on why mainly OBITS are the way to go compared to non blockchain and blockchain alternatives. Also would gather all different sites under one roof to show they're related and up friendly surfing the pages.
Sex up the formatting, and simplify the story on committees and assets etc. with pointers to 'more info'.
Nb you're allready working on more alliances with other exchanges. One great feat to gain more accounts (and do some cross selling) is by taking the fees down to be the cheapest and market this feat on social media. Also you'd need to give the technology away, teach people to use it and create a larger ecosystem.

If its B2B, then you'd protect and build out the technology with the chance that others like DAH or Ripple (with more funding, better customer networks, larger ecosystems) copy/paste your good work. I'd advice a clearer strategic direction here as its a different ballgame, also in terms of marketing the sites etc.

Eitherway its about trust, and one of the ways to build trust further is making it easier for potential customers to understand the system. So on site you could share daily new accounts, turnover, fees, goals (rather than via another site where you have to work out graphs).
Or get inspired by some KPI's from e.g. coingecko?
Also the team could present itself more openly, would add beneficial quotes from big names as well.
And you could set transparent goals on constant roll outs of new initiatives like new technology or new alliances. Making sure Bitshares/OBITS remains in the news constantly, and delivers on promise.

Keep up the good work, great initiative.

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