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That is what I meant. It shifts up and down continuesly.

Value of PTS has risen 10% since 2 days.

But overall the dot on the horizon is still over 30 days away.

And remember that prior to reaching block 1589 people will already start mining it to be the first to profit from the lower diff.

So the diff will not reach 0,0129. Because the startup will be calculated as well.

~18 days ago it was 42 also
15 days ago it was 42
today it is 37

So it went from ~0 days/day to ~0.3 days/day. I'm forecasting that the rate will continue to increase.

Your information is wrong.
It constantly swings all over the place. One moment it is 30, then 35 days and then 47 days.
Fact of the matter; the estimated difficulty is still dropping and since the snapshot the estimate hasn't been under 30 days. And that is 3 weeks ago!!!

This means the interest in the share is still getting less each day and the estimated will stay the same. It will only get shorter when only the few die hard miners are left mining this. You have no idea when this will happen. But it will take at least one more month and quite possibly 2 at least.

What you will see happen is the same as the Ron Paul Coin has had in the past. Interest is huge > everyone mines > difficulty shoots through the roof > everyone stops mining > difficulty drops to an extreme > takes a loooong time for the amount of blocks to have passed > the blocks is past > everyone drops onto the coin again and mines like crazy > rinse and repeat.

BitShares PTS / Re: confirmation time on YPOOL?
« on: March 18, 2014, 11:26:04 am »
It takes not a certain time but a certain amount of blocks to get confirmation.

And seeing that the difficulty is SKY HIGH and only a handfull of miners are mining this share right now it takes a lot of days for blocks to be confirmed.

Yes the snapshot was taken 28th of feb.

But distributed cant be the correct term if it isn't done yet.

Is there any timeframe in which the BTS X will be finished?

I was thinking the other day, I hadn't read this before. But is it true the BTS X won't be released untill all PTS have been mined?

The lack of idea of what a share is and how to keep investors happy is baffling me.

Wether you think so or not, you are not operating in the world of stocks. You are operating in the world of cryptocurrencies.
Profitabilities are high and short term.

Barwizi seems to be the only one understanding this.
BTS - protoshares are your base shares. The entire operation depends on the PTS and its value. Wether you believe this or not. The complete desinterest in PTS will be a very big problem. Don't think that by releasing another DAC will make it another cashcow for a couple of weeks. You haven't show anything yet, BTS-X is not even here yet. You are losing the attention of investors very quickly.

As a shareholder you want your share to be popular. If the BTS-X will NOT be popular and will have a bad value there will hardly be any bump in value of the PTS EVER.

Dividends over a share that is doing bad. Does that sound interesting to you?

I don't want to be insulting but it feels like you don't understand shares. If you want people to treat it like a share instead of a cryptocurrency you need to treat it that way yourself. Which means keep bringing out good news, news about what you are up to and why the company is doing well atm. This keeps investors happy. The investors here are mainly miners and (day)traders. The price high was because of a promis. A promis of BTS-X. So far I haven't seen any BTS-X. Did you?

Short version; investors look at the forecast, the projects and the current value of a company/share. If the PTS will have a low value and there is no news about the previous project your share will become uninteresting for anyone and everyone. And your investment will become worthless.

almost all miners are short term miners. They live for the pump and dump. Short term profitability.

You attracted them, then scared them away, and now you blame PTS holders.

Look at yourself. The share is waorth very little atm. THAT will reflect on all your other DACs. People will leave them be because they expect the same for everything else you will release.

Read my reply above yours.

It retargets at a certain number of blocks mined. If we all stop mining today the difficulty will stay the same forever. Only if a good proportion would still mine the diff will drop when we reach a certain number of blocks. It is not a "date" thing.

I guess if it is bothersome is down to the development team.
The original plan to have these snapshots surely killed the mining community.
Everyone kept their PTS for the snapshot. Price per PTS was over 200%. Because of this the amount of coll/m in total was crazy high.
Snapshot is over. All short term miners dumped their PTS. Value per PTS drops like crazy to now around even 60% of the Original stable value of around 0,013-0,015.
Every miner stopped mining because profitability has dropped to a value far below other coins out there.

Now we're stuck at a value of 0,0095 and a diff that is over twice as high as it was during the previous period.

If Invictus wants to have all their PTS mined then this is not the correct way, if they simply do not care then that is that :D

Is there any lookout on a second snapshot moment yet?

Or even a date when people can upgrade the wallet and obtain the BTS-X?

BitShares PTS / Re: fast AMD OpenCL PTS miner released
« on: February 25, 2014, 02:46:48 pm »
One or two days ago the difficulty more then doubled from 17 to 36. That is the reason.

BitShares PTS / Re: fast AMD OpenCL PTS miner released
« on: February 20, 2014, 08:18:30 am »
Make 3 .bat foles, one for each card and run them individually.

BitShares PTS / Re: fast AMD OpenCL PTS miner released
« on: February 17, 2014, 02:43:34 pm »
In batch file i have this path only "clpts_x86-64.exe -u 1.pts_1 -p 123 -t 0,0 -a 1" username worker name password all i gave in its correct?

You have registered on Ypool, then you go to the "workers" tab and create a worker which you give a name and a password.

You insert the name and password into the scrypt. That is all.

BitShares PTS / Re: fast AMD OpenCL PTS miner released
« on: February 17, 2014, 01:33:26 pm »
pls anyone help me how to set path clpts_x86-64.exe -u 1.pts_1 -p 123 -t 6798 its correct path? if it wrong please tell me how to correct... im using R9 280X

Messages during compilation of program for device 'Tahiti':

LOOP UNROLL: pragma unroll (line 160)
    Unrolled as requested!
LOOP UNROLL: pragma unroll (line 112)
    Unrolled as requested!
LOOP UNROLL: pragma unroll (line 174)
    Unrolled as requested!
LOOP UNROLL: pragma unroll (line 167)
    Unrolled as requested!
LOOP UNROLL: pragma unroll (line 221)
    Unrolled as requested!
LOOP UNROLL: pragma unroll (line 284)
    Unrolled as requested!
LOOP UNROLL: pragma unroll (line 112)
    Unrolled as requested!
LOOP UNROLL: pragma unroll (line 291)
    Unrolled as requested!
LOOP UNROLL: pragma unroll (line 112)
    Unrolled as requested!

reason invalid worker username

i dono how to set up... i register in i want to add the ypool user name?

-t 6798 means Gfx card no 6798.

You need to change that to -t 0 or -t 0,0 is you only use a single 280X.

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