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I am proud to belong to this community...


I tried several times to withdraw some BTS to different personal accounts but they all get cancelled from BTER.

the "error" message that appears is:

"cancelled:BTS account is not registered or memo is too long"

But that is not the real reason, since I used the same accounts for withdrawal in past successful, and they are obvious registered.
And I didn't used a memo at all (exactly same process as in past withdrawals)...

Anybody with the same issue?

Anybody that has already gave the password should change passwords for other applications/sites/wallets if they are identical !!!

What the hell do bitsapphire security wise on the forum? Is it acceptable to happen???
I want them to make a statement ASAP !!!!  FIX SECURITY leaks on the forum !!!!

When I try to see my messages I see this!!!   Don't give your personal details (username/password)

Now the precision to set a higher interest rate (APR) is set to two digit's... example  6.21%
but practical it's not fair !!!   Explanation and example:

I want to out compete a short order of $5000 that has set the APR value to 14.01%
with my $1000 order (or less)... I can do that setting a APR at 14.02 !!!
Effectively my smaller order out-compete a much bigger order with "zero" sacrifice from my  part, just +0.01% that means 10 cents yearly !!!

The same example with zero precision  means that my competitor with the $5000 short order at 14% will loose the race only if I
set the APR for my $1000 at 15% or above (if I set it to 14% I loose because it's less bitUSDs order) that means in this case I must "sacrifice" a + 1% that is $10 annually....

That would increase competition/paricipation from investors/users in my opinion because right now only investors with much free time that can change several time their orders in front of their monitor have a motive to participate...and we will loose them too if trading bots are present on our exchange that out-compete them for just a couple of cents...

PS @bytemaster If you think zero precision is to low make it at least to one digit...   5.1% , 5.2%, 7.2% etc..

"Somehow an evil cover has snuck its way past our defenses." Message I saw  after trying to cover one of my "Open Margin Orders"

I had 3 open margin orders before the last fork for a total for about $1000 and I did not cover before the hard fork !!!
I really thought it was ok since I understood I must cancel only my "Open Short Sell BitUSD Orders" , which I did,
and not the "Open Margin Orders"... Please tell me we can fix that !!! I will not manage to loose more money this last 3 days  :-[

Before 5 days (10/10/2014) I made a withdrawal request on BTER for 0.5 bitcoin and wanted the funds to go to address
129mztHAP1VUMWn2BdTrNCEUpfDPVpkHEq (because I wanted to sent them for the bitshares music presale  :'()
Now I realized that "my" 0.5 bitcoin is gone  to address:
that not belong to me!!!
The weird thing is that on the last 10 transactions history on BTER it is supposed I have sent  two more times to the same address!
I don't remember these transactions but it is possible I have lost some more funds the same way and I didn't noticed until now  >:(....

 With further investigation via
I saw that the funds arrived  on the "wrong" address" after 2 days and one day after they have gone to:

With a little googling I found that the last address is associated with SCAMS and is owned by a scammy exchange
more users have lost their funds and have "see" them on this particular address 16PXucAgi9N8LPqAxyNud1ySuVVCQRQ9bZ

So the question now is:
What is happening?
Is my computer compromised or is BTER in general in trouble?(I have submitted a ticket and I am waiting for answers)
I am using Two-Factor Authentication so I would be very surprised to conclude that it was my fault...

Have some of you identical experience?


PS I forgot to mention that I had much more funds on BTER that particular time I lost these funds (0.5 BTC)... But they have been untouched  ???

KeyID / delegate-liondani... now supports KeyID also!
« on: October 12, 2014, 10:03:39 am »
The seed node for KeyID network is hosted on  a VPS located in GREECE  ;)
(OS: ubuntu 14.04 64bit, 4 GB RAM, 2 core CPU,40 GB SSD HDD,)

Code: [Select]

Code: [Select]
delegate-liondani    payrate: 0%
delegate-liondani-0  payrate: 0%   (extra zero payrate delegate)
delegate-liondani-1  payrate: 1%   (no zero payrate delegate that provide the seed node)

1188 new bitsharesx accounts in 24 hours and counting.... !!!
The last 7 days the new opened accounts was 2322, that means the half accounts are created today!!!
The average accounts per day was about 180 ....
How do you interpret that? Does it mean that more investors decided to join us now?  Does it mean more users are interested to buy bitAssets or BTSX now?
Does it mean we had a marketing boost these Days? Does it mean the client is more stable? Or are many adopters ready to claim the next days the unclaimed stake they have?....
Your thought's please ;)


PS  Not to mention that the Current pay rate increased to 2765 BTSX/block , from about 1300 BTSX/block the last days !!!

General Discussion / How to make voting a better experience than now ?
« on: August 23, 2014, 03:21:55 pm »
I wanted to vote today again ( I am on version 0.4.7) and I didn't vote at the end.

1.When I go to the top delegates page I can't see which delegates I have allready voted, only if I wait a few minutes!!! (is it a bug?)
2.Sometimes I am not sure if the blue or the white upvote hand represents the vote... its confusing if you see both colors (maybe better use green color for upvote, white for no voting and red for downvote*)  *I thought we can not downvote ???
3.To give a motive to users to pick up "Vote All" or "Vote Delegates Recommend"... lower the fees for these options... ;)
   1.Vote as Delegates Recommend    fee=0.1 BTSX
   2.Vote All                                         fee=0.2 BTSX
   3.Vote Random Subset                    fee=0.3 BTSX
   4.Vote None                                    fee=0.5 BTSX  (let them pay for maximum privacy  :))

   maybe the order can change a little... (depends on "networks" prioritys)

PS make your suggestion on this thread so we make voting a better experience  ;)


My name is Daniel Schwarz and I am from Greece (My father is from Germany,my mother from Greece)
I am an active member on bitsharestalk since 11 March 2014 and I am very proud for that!
You can take a look on my member profile and make conclusions about my activity by yourself  :);area=showposts;u=10831

Your support/vote is much appreciated and will make the network more secure. It is very importand for the network security to vote for 1)trusted 2)individuals
that are preferable located on 3)different Country's and have 4)great equipment. So take a look on my sub.account delegate:
(2 personal Linux servers* located at my home in Greece)

Pay rate right now is @ 3%
10% will go to charity

mf-tzo (Zeus) suggested me  "The smile of the child" and I am ok with that for sure...

      After thinking very serious about where to send the charity I concluded to
They are making really a great work and it is easier to me to give proof that I donated the funds. They have a paypal account and I will provide the needed screenshots every month that proof my/your donations to their paypal account..I will send the funds via my email: d*****@********.gr
      I will try to get in contact with Konstantinos Giannopoulos (Κωνσταντίνος Γιαννόπουλος) the president of the organization and try to convince him to accept bitshares directly as well (that would be great so we could attract a new demographic) . Right now 10% of my income will go to them.

*      Servers Characteristics

        OS              :  Linux Mint 17 Cinnamon 64-bit
        Processor   :  Intel Pentium CPU G3220 @ 3.00GHz x 2
        Memory      :  15.6 GiB
        Hard Drive  :  3860.8 GB
        Graphics C. :  ASUS RADEON R9 280X 3GB DirectCU II TOP
        UPS             : Accupower ISY Line Interactive 1200VA
        NTPD           : installed  ;)


update about established seednode:

 Finally I am very happy to announce my first stable seed node for bitshares located in Greece !!!   (it is part of the BTS-wallet hardcoded default seednodes!)
On line 88 is my seednode added  ;)

A high quality VPS delivered from

OS: Ubuntu 14.04,
CPU type: Quad-Core AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 8387 (2812 MHz) , 2 cores
UPTIME: 100%

update about  established chain server:
I have made a Chain Server setup to make your life easier with the chain downloading ;)

I decided to run a chain server on my VPS in Greece to make it easier for all of you to download the right chain without the risk to sync on a minority fork
and of course you will download it much much faster !

chain server details:

If you want to use my chain server for downloading your chain take a look  on how you can do it here:

update about my helper delegate role:

As you may already know I am elected as a helper delegate for jcalfee1-developer-team


James are doing great work and is very active on development the last 4 months! If you want to  discover what he has accomplished for our ecosystem you can take a look here:

If you want to know what are his current plans and on what he is working right know check periodically this thread:

and lastly if you think he deserves our vote, take a minute and ... vote him  :)

Any idea what is happening?

Xeroc* is missing to many blocks right now can somebody get in touch with him (with phone number?
Maybe skype I don't have it...

I have pm him (he is not online)
And sent him email...

please reply here if somebody had inform them !!!

PS probably system or server down...


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