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General Discussion / Welcome back to bitshares AdamBLevine !
« on: April 21, 2014, 05:18:35 pm »
I know that Adam was always here even if we don't see them posting lately.That has changed the last Days... :) And maybe a lot of you are thinking that he did it in a negative way. I am one of them they think his come back is something positive for the bitshares community (even if I disagree with the majority of his statements lately...) A community can breath always better when members like AdamBLevine are active like now...  Remember that it is always good when smart people are active in a community, we should be afraid only when they stop sharing their time and thoughts with us... that's a sign of luck of interest... that's a sign of re treatment... So if you think it is positive to have  AdamBLevine back, give them a  +5% to say them WELCOME BACK  ;)

I Wanted To donate PTS for AGS today 4/17/2014(to address PaNGELmZgzRQCKeEKM6ifgTqNkC4ceiAWw)
And I saw (on Bitshares PTS Wallet)  that my last donation before 2 Days at 4/15/2014 is still not executed!
I don't have any BTC to invest... any advice? (rhetorical question)

PS The problem is that I wanted to donate every day a proportion from my balance so I could have in the end more AGS in total...
Now because in one day all donations will be executed, that means that I will have less AGS. And secondly it means that BTC donators will have an advantage over investors like me.
So it seems to me like Bitshares "punish" their early investors and give more advantages to new investors  (as more I think about that, maybe it is not so bad) ;)....

General Discussion / DuckDuckGo-like Search engine platform DAC ?
« on: April 05, 2014, 12:11:52 pm »

What if something like that is implemented in a future DAC? Am I missing something?

Vitalik Buterin makes an analogy that ethereum is like a CPU that can make everything insteed of bitshares thats behave more like an ASIC... Thoughts?  :)
statement made on 00:54:13

"OP_RETURN was originally meant to store 80 bytes of extra data in a bitcoin transaction, but the core developers slashed it to 40 bytes"

Will this situation affect bitsharesX like Counterparty? If yes which is your plan? If not, sorry for posting this ;)

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