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I have on my balance 1.29643 BTSX
and I can't register any other accounts due to insufficient funds!!!
I can't transfer to other account's for the same reason

any thoughts?

"A new video report from eZonomics by ING, a money management resource operated by Netherlands-based multinational banking company ING, suggests that bitcoin could one day be supplanted by an improved protocol that seeks to control digital currencies in a similar way to government-backed central banks."

see more here:

PS What about that?

Dollar-Backed Digital Currency Aims to Fix Bitcoin’s Volatility Dilemma

Very amateur feeling... please fix!
on AGS donations ends in 3 Days and 19 hours
on AGS donations ends in 4 Days and 2 hours


"ROX coin aims to be the quintessential crypto currency for music lovers and independent artists of every genre.
Not only will ROX offer unsigned artists the ability to carry out transactions free of any processing fees,
ROX will also provide its users with multiple layers of security as well as various, never before seen,
 features that will enhance the ease of access to music."

is it a bitshares-music competitor ?


I bring to the table again the dynamic number of delegates with minimum delegates... (101 I suppose)
If it is easy to change that in future maybe it is not worth talking about it right now of course...
But I thing, depended on BTSX growth, 101 delegates will not be enough at one point... or better to say it would be not so fair for the rest of the world... or maybe even dangerous for our world !
I am sure the first years it will work fine (like bitcoin and better), but imagine Titan replaces all coins? Imagine million of users!
101 delegates with thousands of users seems ok, what about when 101 delegates will "serve" 100 million users? My feeling says it will be something like a dictatorship...
It would be like 101 "respected" "companys", "rules" the world's economy... And how can I know that one "company" will not buy the other "company"... How can I know that delegate 1 will not buy delegate 101 and 99 etc. of course not in face of our eyes, nobody nor the insiders would know about it. So Coca Cola = delegate 1, BP =delegate 2, Microsoft=delegate 3 etc...
What multipools** are for bitcoin, will 101* delegates be for bitshares...

* in reality it could be only 10 that owns "indirectly" the other 91 or the first 1000 on the delegates list...
** I can imagine that the first multipools-like actors for bitshares will be the centralized exchanges for bts, because to their addresses (delegate accounts)  that will be used for the huge deposits from customers... In future they could have near 0 fees or even give dividends back (or interest) to get their precious coins ... I mean votes.

General Discussion / Most online today 207 !!! Very good sign guys ;)
« on: June 24, 2014, 02:24:20 pm »
The last 3-4 months the average "Most on-line" users per day was between 100-150
Today for the first time after long time we climbed to 207 !!!

That's definitely a good sign! Guys be prepared, we are ready to launch !!!  ;)

About one month after, some critical improvements have been made... ags counter, new splash screen (very importand), fixed typos, added links etc...
so the question is how much did you change your mind about the new feeling... let's vote again to help the designers to know if they
are on the right path with the changes they made and make again your suggestions. My experience sais that our opinion has value on this community...

"As it turns out, people really don’t want the government reading their email. Scientists at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, have launched a new email service featuring end-to-end encryption to ensure complete privacy for users."

Read more:

"When it rains, it pours, especially when it is raining bad news. If Ripple investors didn’t believe that before, they certainly do now. Just yesterday, CCN reported that Ripple Labs co-founder Jed McCaleb decided to sell the entirety of his XRP stock, which decreased the XRP exchange value by an astounding 40% in less than 24 hours. Now, a board member has resigned, leaving investors anxious about the company’s future."

Read more here:

If you want to relax and feel a "little" bit better hear this please...  :) ;)

Ed Sheeran & Passenger - No Diggity vs. Thrift Shop (Kygo Remix)

and for my Chinesse friends...(and not only)   ;)

Ed Sheeran - I See Fire (Kygo Remix)

I think Invictus must "use" their sword (community) to cut the Gordian Knot  ;)
If enough members vote here I think it would be wise for Invictus to respect their decisions ASAP  and make an "official" statement (before end of fundraising would be optimal) about them here in the near future...
I personaly see no negatives on respecting the communitys "voice" and ... reimagine everything! (edit: if necessary)

I looked at for the traffic statistics for...

and I concluded that we must boost the traffic more for and  taking advantage from the traffic of the other sites...
I think many visitors don't even know that a fundraising is taking place. A lot o visitors for and come for a few moments to read something and don't "investigate" the sites further because the most of them don't have time enough or want to spend diferrent their time...

so it would be good  if we promote AGS fundraising a litle bit better on the homepages, something that everybody will continuously see (good brainwash) when they visit us...
So I suggest that you put in all homepages the counter for the "fundraising AGS period" in a place where it is noticeable for every visitor...

PS I think it will help additional because it will subconsciously "tell" to us that the real party will take place after the end of fundraising and we must be all patience until then...  ;)


Spreading to the world the idea about Bitshares inspired me to make the analogy that bitshares can be compared with teaching the Greek dance Zorbas to the world.
See how it begins and how it ends. Everybody will dance with bitshares at the end and everybody will be happy about it. Let bitshares unite us all, like dance Zorbas does.
See the videos and discover yourself the similaritys of BitShares with Zorbas.

Zorbas Syrtaki

Everybody dance... BitShares

It begin's with Dan... and "end's" with all the crypto community's's...   :)

PS If you agree*  +5%  ;)

Is it a SCAM? Independently of the answer could we do a globallshares-like DAC using bitshares?

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