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PPY to the mooooon!!

Enthusiastic support here.

No one should be banned for their opinion, obviously, but come on Samupaha -- let's see what Stan has in store and get the whole story before we jump to such conclusions here.

General Discussion / Re: I'll borrow $ 100,000
« on: June 04, 2017, 06:25:27 pm »
And when, at the end of summer 1BTS = 10 $


General Discussion / Re: Bitshares price discussion
« on: May 26, 2017, 10:48:36 am »
Hope everyone enjoyed being rich for a week

General Discussion / Re: Dan's Next Project - EOS Rears its Head
« on: May 24, 2017, 02:52:20 pm »
EOS seems to be similar to Aeternity, wondering which one will be better?.

Is there any doubt?

I chose Bitshares instead of Ethereum when BTS was about to pass ETH in market cap because there was no doubt too.  :P

Same. Hah.

I sent a small amount about an hour ago -- not seeing anything either. Guess we just have to wait it out.


General Discussion / Re: Is this a new BTS competitor ?
« on: May 20, 2017, 06:02:24 pm »
Regardless, it doesn't look like it's planning to launch until Q4 2017 -- Summer will be over by then.


I think most of us are aware of it, and yea it's a great summary each week. Also usually gets posted on the BTS telegram -- that's where the action's at these days.

General Discussion / Re: BitShares crowd at Consensus'17
« on: May 15, 2017, 04:48:01 pm »
Have fun!

What recent event made it "necessary" How hard did they have to twist your arm for you to drop all your pressing work to travel across the pond?

And who might "they" be?  ;D
Let's say my wife had to cancel our joint holiday in Paris :) ..

Your poor wife xeroc....please send her my condolences.

Hopefully many exciting holidays await you in the future.  8)

I would also like to be more active again, but I am too busy with some exciting stuff ... you'll see what I am talking about when it happens :D
So many cool things happening on and with BitShares right now!

Any ETA? This Summer, perchance???


General Discussion / Re: Dan's Next Project - EOS Rears its Head
« on: May 13, 2017, 05:09:39 pm »
It may be that the future of BTS 3.0 is on a parallel EOS chain just like Peerplays is on a parallel Graphene chain.
Peerplays performs functions that the bts token can not.
I hope that EOS tokens cannot possibly be used as collateral in a CFD.
This is a key selling point of BitShares, if EOS tokens can back trades/contracts of this kind then I think Dan will have a lot of explaining to do.

The security of BTS 2.0 is sole responsibility of the BTS 2.0 shareholders.
If an EOS token is required to secure the BTS 3.0 chain, then some control would be lost. Maybe so negligible that it most would say it "doesn't matter." But.

The 'slippery slope' phenomenon regarding citizens across the world losing their legal freedoms and legal privacy has been gradually chip chip chipped away.
Ever so slowly over decades so as for it to go unnoticed or ignored.

I don't want to see the 'merger' with EOS to be the first chip, the first slip, down a slippery slope.
My concerns might all be invalidated when the full story is released, but I want to say something now in the hopes that other shareholders will hold similar scepticism when they read/discuss the full details later.

BitShares Maximalism.

What a story it would be if Dan's EOS ended up directly competing against BitShares 2.0, battling it out. Creator VS Created.
I'm sure that will merely be a story for a fanfic novel written in the future ;)

Is it public knowledge whether Dan is still a large BTS 2.0 shareholder or not?

Stan may be right, in that the best path will be to get BitShares 2.0 onto EOS via a direct 1:1 sharedrop from BitShares 2.0 shares >>> into EOS-BTS-shares.
To prevent somebody else doing it first.

But this doesn't necessarily mean that BTS 2.0 would die.
BTS 2.0 shareholders could/should buy the 'real estate' on EOS so that nobody else could set up shop there.
Then business as usual could continue on both platforms (although likely detached and unlinked except by community).

Setting up BTS 2.0 to run on EOS, and then sharedrop 1:1 to BTS 2.0 shareholders, is likely to require coding effort. The coder would then (correct me?) have to be trusted to perform the sharedrop properly.
Who can the BTS 2.0 reserve pool hire to perform this job?
Is loyalty to BTS 2.0 required?

How could this process remain trustless?

I am unfamiliar with the process of a new coin sharedropping on an existing chain. Is the sharedrop in the genesis block or something?

Regardless of whether these questions are invalid or have been answered before on these forums; I think it prudent to have answers to them here specifically in this thread.

EOS will become a busy subject of discussion on this forum once more information comes out, and the sooner noob-questions can be answered the sooner everyone is on a good level of understanding and can direct the discussion most efficiently to achieve consensus fastest.

What could an "unmerged" BTS 2.0 offer a customer of EOS?
That will be the question, and the answer may depend on the success of EOS.

Dan doesn't work for the BTS 2.0 shareholders anymore. His announcements and big-reveal may not necessarily address this community.
If EOS is a big new product, he and his partners will be looking to sell it to the wider cryptoworld and the mainstream investor.
Although I suppose BTS 2.0 is a $100MM company to target for investment now...

All those are good questions, but we did it before for BTS 0.9.3c to BTS 2.0.  It's called a "Pitch Fork"

Of course, that time the delegates voluntarily shut down the old network.  Nothing says that would happen this time, so there could be two - Just like Ethereum classic.  This doesn't appear to be a bad thing.

That doesn't really address any of permie's concerns (concerns that I also share), though. I'd like to believe Dan is willing to look out for the best interests of all his creations, but...I have my doubts at this point.

General Discussion / Re: +3 Cents, er, +4 Cents!
« on: May 08, 2017, 08:25:27 pm »
Glad I rebought some of this thing around 300 sats. :P

Yay! Ander's back!

Time to party!!

(Or time to sell?  :P)

General Discussion / Re: +3 Cents, er, +4 Cents!
« on: May 08, 2017, 03:08:12 pm »
And, even higher zoom levels (enhance!) show that the previous max was $113MM:

Looks like we broke the ATH today! Zoom in on the one day CMC chart and you'll see a MC of $113,906,620.


General Discussion / Re: Dan's Next Project - EOS Rears its Head
« on: May 04, 2017, 12:21:31 am »
Perhaps the EOS UIA is the reason Stan has been accumulating BTS the last few months?!
You need to think BIGGER, Pinky!

Bitshares 3.0 on EOS chain?

I think the future is pretty clear for BTS:

1. work out the kinks with Steem
2. merge best parts of steem + BTS into a next generation DEX
3. sharedrop + dev allocation

It is just a much longer roadmap.


General Discussion / Re: Dan's Next Project - EOS Rears its Head
« on: May 03, 2017, 05:01:50 pm »
And here it is.... The annual "New, Amazing, Awesome!" project from CNX/Dan.  So how much investor/lemming cash will be eviscerated in this endeavor?

This is sure to get the Larimer lemmings to jizz in their pants... They love nothing more than to throw money at Dan.

Sharedrop... LOL!

Just kidding...I don't hold any BTC.  :P

But seriously this sounds pretty damn cool. Especially if it ends up benefitting BitShares. *fingers crossed*

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