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Is holding bitshares mandatory in bitshares 2.0? can you hold bitusd without BTS


Let each market decide which chain works best for them.

But bitcoin can be moved on to the bitshares blockchain. You can still use the superior features and built in exchange the bitbitshares blockchain offers.

And then yes let the market decide by letting allowing both bitshares and bitcoin to be used as collateral.

What I'm saying is bitcoin is not the best all singing all dancing cryptocurrency/blockchain.
However it has the network effect (metcalfe's law), it is the gold standard of cryptocoins, the internets reserve currency with huge infrastructure and public awareness. The default way to move crypto value around. The easiest way to buy any cryptocoin is with bitcoin.

The first kind of people to adopt a USD crypto derivative will be bitcoiners themselves and they will be more comfortable knowing they will receive bitcoins in the event of a black swan.
Most other 2.0 projects will add a bitcoin sidechain gateway eventually I just think bitshares should lead not follow.

nearly all CFDs and options are settled with USD because it is the worlds reserve currency they are not settled in shares, gold, copper or danish kroner.

Someone else will make a bitcoin collateralised BitUSD if bitshares doesn't.
That will be the one people use.

Sidechains alpha code was released yesterday.
I believe bit assets need to be collateralised with bitcoin instead of bitshares and sidechains will allow for this.
Holders of bitshares will cry because using bitshares as collateral instead means the price should rise more as bit assets are adopted.

But the truth is that bitcoin will be the collateral for the most commonly used USD derivative as it is the biggest most liquid and most trusted crypto.
Bitshares need to make btc the default collateral for bit assets or another USD derivative will take its place.
just saying.

General Discussion / Re: BitAsset 2.0 Requirements & Implied Design
« on: May 27, 2015, 01:20:22 am »
BitUSD needs to have an absolute floor of parity with real USD so people will know for sure its at least as good as a real dollar.
Merchants should always price product at face value and pocket the rest.
People will be willing to pay a premium for this Super dollar as it has superior qualitys like.
- Full and exclusive access to your bitUSD
- Privacy (nobody knows how much you have)
- Easy fast global payment to anywhere in the world (paypal doesn't allow some countries)
- better interest paid on your savings (german bonds pay negative interest right now)

However saying all that I believe the collateral for bitUSD needs to be bitcoin instead of bitshares due to its market depth, liquidity, stability and acceptance as an asset class. This will be possible hopefully with sidechains. This will hurt the bitshares price alot but if it isn't implemented someone else will and that newly created bitcoin backed bitusd will surpersede bitUSD. 

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