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mine was also fixed back then 3 weeks ago, almost immediately when pm'd by Digital Lucifer. Obviously most witnesses have warning notifiyers, like myself, but not strict enough in this case. Imho i think its better to pm or notify someone if something is off. Thanks for understanding!

Vote updates:

Thus far the Bitshares sponsorship for Steemfest garnered quite a piece of stake!

Big stakeholder / proxy votes received from:
  • abit
  • blckchnd
  • blockchainbv
  • clockwork
  • openledger
  • xeroc
with a current cumulative voting stake of 15.9%

If you want to make this sponsorship happen through worker 1.14.209, please vote at your earliest convenience, so SteemFest can execute on the promised deliverables. Seeing that the daily vesting pay sum is pretty tight, looking at the funding request, it would be great if you like this proposal, to cast your vote :)

thank you, kap kum krap,

Update: Preview of integration of "Beet Plugin" in Ticket - checkout, enabling attendees to buy a ticket with BTS, not only via the regular "webwallet"-deeplink but also via "Beet"

Soon live @

Please consider your vote for the Bitshares SteemFest4 sponsorship. Vesting window has started.

Thank you very much,

This is looking promising! As an Obits holder i'm curious to see where this goes.

I have not found time to read the WP yet, so what is the blockchain technology going to be used?
And I'm also curious as to why the blockchain is private?

Will keep an eye on my account for Obits related memo's for sure!

thank you would be great to see you in BKK!

Thanks @oxarbitrage

Update:  Implemented Beet Voting button in the footer @ Steemfest website


我想请你的时间:工人1.14.209  -  SteemFest赞助2019年
Bitshares品牌识别,营销相对较小的工人预算(80K CNY)。 在SteemFest的第4版。


如果你能考虑你的(代理)投票,那就太好了。 目前接受投票 - 支付将于7月19日星期五开始!

非常感谢您的关注。 希望11月在曼谷见到你!

= = = = = = = =
托管人:Bitshares Blockchain Foundation
申请资金:80,000 bitCN¥(每日归档率3,756 BTS)

= = = = = = = =


Dear Bitshares community,

it is with great enthusiasm that I introduce the worker for a Bitshares Marketing Sponsorship, of the 4th edition of SteemFest, the annual global get together for the Steem and other Graphene chains, already in it's 4th edition

This worker (id: 1.14.209) - is escrowed by the Bitshares Blockchain Foundation and I hope you will consider your vote, to help promote the Bitshares Blockchain further.

After 3 successful editions in various main cities scattered in Europe (Amsterdam, Lisbon, Krakow), this year SteemFest heads to Bangkok in Thailand for 5 days of conference, workshops, networking and some fun. Previous editions of SteemFest attracted attendees from over 50 countries across the world and seeing about 15% originating from Asia every year, it felt like a logical step to make it easier for this part of the world to join in and enable anyone to enjoy the fruits and adventure that awaits in Krung Thep (BKK in Thai :D)!

A sponsorship by Bitshares at SteemFest will give a generic amiable view on Bitshares, as the core principle for Steemfest is to be as accessible as possible by having a low entry level ticket price for plankton/minnow users and then gradually building up prices for those who can afford more. Thanks to the sponsorships, tickets for plankton & minnow users are priced well under the actual cost price.

Bitshares will literally be profiled as a very kind philanthropist making the event possible to attend for those not so wealthy. It is a great way to demonstrate the power of this blockchain. Did you know that Steem is considering implementing a worker proposal system designed after BTS' in a future hardfork?

BitShares sponsorship
This sponsorship through a worker will give BitShares:
  • Growth in brand recognition:
    • deep integration in all event’s promotional media (see below)
    • tbd: dedicated rollup banner ‘booth’ at the “wall of dapps” expo during conference days in the breaks-area.
  • A chance to attract new users to BitShares by:
    • getting a 20 minute presentation slot at main SteemFest⁴ event one of the conference days.
    • using 3 unique competition rounds for the 5 included SteemFest tickets to the event to raise awareness for Bitshares (see below)

BitShares SteemFest⁴ Sponsorship - What’s included
  • 5 x full (5 day) conference give-away tickets - raffled in 3 dedicated competitions on the SteemFest account on the Steem chain. Including announcement and newsletter to 1000+ subscribers.
  • 2 x full (5 day) conference tickets for official BitShares delegates. To be used for 1-2 speakers attending SteemFest on behalf of the BitShares Blockchain.
  • BitShares Speaking Slot at the SteemFest mainstage, livestreamed and recorded too.
  • BitShares branding (logo) included on: website, mobile app, printed map of Bangkok, every attendees badge, opening slides, all future official event announcements on Steem, every future newsletter (to about 1000 steem users / previous attendees), on the digital pdf tickets every attendee obtains and wherever deemed reasonable in the event decorations (like banners, video bannering decorations, etcetera)
  • a dedicated rollup banner booth for Bitshares to be placed in the “Wall of dApps” expo along 15-20 products/services
  • BitShares branded insert in the goodiebag for all attendees - brochure, sticker or both.
  • BEET voting widget on to show the power of the Bitshares DAO worker system.

Funding the Bitshares sponsorship
After a succesful escrow of SteemFest 2018, Bitshares Blockchain Foundation was willing to escrow and have honoured the request to manage the bookkeeping and claiming of vesting balances of this worker.

The Bitshares sponsorship costs 10,000 EURO (to be paid in bitCNY 80,000). Left-over BTS will be refunded by Bitshares Blockchain Foundations' transparent bookkeeping. Obviously I'm biased but I think this fund will not make a dent in the Bitshares Reserve funds but does have it's impact!

Usage of sponsorship money
The sponsorship money will be used to cover the generic event budget and therefor helps lower the ticket price for those not so wealthy. Like previous years, we aim to have the lowest ticketprice for SteemFest at 50% of the actual cost price per attendee. This is only possible thanks to sponsorships. A Bitshares sponsorship enables about 35-50 additional of these lowest priced tickets.

Voting - worker proposal: 1.14.209

I hope you will consider voting for this worker proposal and help spread the word of Bitshares amongst the Steem blockchain and SteemFest 4 attendees.

Should you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me via public response, PM or via telegram.

Yours on the chain,

⛅ ฟ้าหลังฝน - Sky After Rain
6/7/8/9/10 November
Bangkok, Thailand

thats pretty epic.

Can you elaborate on how one's private keys will be encrypted (but useable) on Bitshares EU server? Or would explaining this be a potential security vulnerability?

Afaik BTS EU server would act as a middle man, validating and exchanging oauth tokens for executing signed operations using private keys right? In this case the presented 'granular' auth-keys proposal by @schiessl (?) (on Bitfest 2018) would be great.

adjusted MCR

General Discussion / Re: To switch to feed real market price in CNY market?
« on: December 26, 2018, 10:56:12 pm »
proxy bitcrab will vote these witnesses out tomorrow morning if they do not change, give them some time to response.
I think we should also try to contact witnesses who offer too low a price and ask them to provide an accurate price.

:) would have loved to hear something, but have to blame myself for not shutting of BSIP42 earlier. Have done so earlier today. Wishing you all a good New Year's Eve (for the western's)

FYI sorry for my slow reply. I have adjusted my pricefeeds to go non-bsip42, so will again publish real market price if revoted.

Thank you for understanding and sorry I have missed these messages.

Looking forward to implementing other BSIPs should they gain enough votes and consensus.

非常感謝你。 祝你今天愉快。roelandp

General Discussion / Re: To switch to feed real market price in CNY market?
« on: December 26, 2018, 02:15:13 pm »
I have removed bsip42 - will write a script to monitor the voting poll asap. I was in Xmas mode a bit too much. Thank you for considering revoting me @bitcrab @alt @xeroc. :humblebow:

looks good will vote asap.

please make the language files available so the community can help translate your app.

great work!

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