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General Discussion / Re: Professional Price Feeds for DEX
« on: April 20, 2017, 02:18:23 am »
Hey @sakhan in my Witness proposal you asked me to reply. I was already monitoring this chat, but a bit busy with the pricefeed scripts themselves atm :) Btw, this discussion has been talked about in the forums before, see for example with some interesting chats and opinions:,23607.0.html

How I feel about pricescripts and how they should come to life? First off, as the white paper [section 2.2] states, pricefeeds are important to have a fair price for settlements of Smartcoins on the Dex. It is important to have accurate information, but the software has some build in fault resistance as you can conclude from that paragraph.

I think setting up a trustworthy pricefeed for your witness means:
1. Sourcing from markets with enough volume.
2. Sourcing from a multitude of markets.
3. Have limits in place to prevent black swan events or sudden spikes / drops.
4. Adjust parameters to your reasoning and be open about your bias.

In general I am a huge fan of @xeroc's work in python. He made me dive into python (finally). I have been testing his scripts, mainly his multi-source pricefeed script, which had some recent edits by @iHashFury incorporated here.

IMHO @xeroc's script does this and enables you to add as many sources as you like, it also has built in limits which should be monitored and therefore I am writing to expand the script to report to me on my telegram bot with manual verification or rejection of the feed publishing.

Having a paid for account for 1 (live) source won't change that much seeing GRAPHENE_DEFAULT_PRICE_FEED_LIFETIME in the config of 24 hours imho and especially it won't be a good idea to make the price-feeds part of the DEX software being dependent on it, as it would mean having a single point of failure.

Nonetheless I totally follow @Thom to have some decent witness performance overview in place, like we have for Steem / Golos: and where it is easy to see who is missing blocks and how many, and who is slow on updating pricefeeds. This could help judge witnesses and actually vote / unvote them based on factual data and performance.

Alternatively we could all put trust in a machine script / AI and proxy your votes into that dedicated account who then votes / unvotes witnesses based on performance parameters to be set in a BSIP. In Steem it happens all the time once an active witness starts to miss blocks, and he/she is unresponsive, immediately he/she is voted out for the time being to keep the network at 100% participation. After the event is resolved and explained, the witness most always regains their votes.

Stakeholder Proposals / Re: [Witness Proposal] roelandp
« on: April 20, 2017, 01:25:30 am »
I don't want to saturate your proposal here
LOL :) but you are :D I was already monitoring your talks but tonight busy with having a cronjob running for the pricefeed and debugging some parts of BTC38 API in xeroc's script, which seems to fail on some pairs.

Stakeholder Proposals / Re: [Witness Proposal] roelandp
« on: April 19, 2017, 07:51:06 pm »
wait a minute, we got a XDR up and running? where's the announcement? who else is feeding the price?

I'm a huge fan of XDR

@iHashFury is also feeding but I hope I have not spilled beans on anything now?

Stakeholder Proposals / Re: [Witness Proposal] roelandp
« on: April 19, 2017, 07:17:34 pm »
@sahkan I guess this is for Golos (Steem fork) internal exchange.
Yes, thanks for clarifying @nmywn+5%

Stakeholder Proposals / Re: [Witness Proposal] roelandp
« on: April 19, 2017, 07:15:20 pm »
    Great proposal!

    Your price feed script has only:
    • Livecoin
    • Liqui
    • Bittrex
    • Kuna

    and I see you are working on Poloniex. Do you plan to add other feeds to cover MPAs?

    Hi @sahkan thank you for notifiying. As I mentioned that was a sample of code I supplied to other graphene communities. In this case Golos. Being a Golos witness means supplying a dedicated Golos feed to the Golos blockchain. The Golos coin was only listed on those 4 exchanges. (Now only on 3 for the moment). Hence that specific pricescript only has those exchanges incorporated.

    Re: your question:
    I currently plan to use @xeroc 's pricefeed script which I have tested but can not publish the feeds which are only for active witnesses. If you check Bitshares overview you will notice that I currently publish ALTCAP.XDR. This is a script I codereviewed from @iHashFury and intend to have that 'manual' script for more MPA's yes.

    Stakeholder Proposals / Re: [Witness Proposal] roelandp
    « on: April 19, 2017, 12:08:07 pm »
    Great introduction, roelandp and welcome to the BitShares community.
    It's a perfect timing to get yourself acquainted with the tech.

    Would you be open to help organize a BitShares-dedicated event in Munich sometime?


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    Stakeholder Proposals / Re: [Witness Proposal] roelandp
    « on: April 19, 2017, 11:02:23 am »
    any apps for bitshares planned?

    great proposal btw, I'll vote asap.
    Much appreciated! Atm. no bitshares apps planned, but if you have any suggestions... Let me know! I do am working on a fun UIA which I can reveal more about soon.

    Stakeholder Proposals / [Witness Proposal] roelandp
    « on: April 19, 2017, 10:01:22 am »
    Dear Bitshares community! Some of you have already voted my witness roelandp, thank you! In this topic I will introduce myself, my witness server portfolio and what I intend to add to the Bitshares community.

    Who am I?
    My name is RoelandP from Amsterdam. I am a developer of (mostly) mobile apps and in the crypto world I have been very active on Steemit by launching several Steem related apps as well as an app overview site called SteemTools. Since about 2003 I make a living by making sites & apps and some photoshopping / designing for my  parents' pancake restaurant on the side :)

    I have studied Hotelschool in The Hague and made my first homepage in 1996 after which I got hooked on coding and learned it through the internets. Next to coding I love to kitesurf and I am since 1 year a dad of our son, who is slowly learning to sleep during the nights and together with my gf we run a small Poop Emoji webshop.

    After my study I have worked at several festivals and organised some hackathons like Music Hackday Amsterdam. Last year I organised SteemFest in Amsterdam, which was a blast!

    I've been running as an active witness for Steem & Golos for a while now and have been supporting the Bitshares network since late September last year with a dedicated server public seednode on (listed on @wackou's seednode statuspage and hardcoded in the bitshares sourcecode)

    My current server portfolio setup for Bitshares is as follows:

    Public Seed:
    • Type: Dedicated
    • Processor: Intel Xeon D-1521
    • Cores: 4
    • Ram: 32 GB DDR4
    • HDD: 2 x 2 TB
    • Connection: 1 Gbit/s
    • Location: Canada

    Witness signing server:
    • Type: Dedicated
    • Processor: Intel i7-6700
    • Cores: 4
    • Ram: 64 GB DDR4
    • HDD: 2 x 250 GB SSD
    • Connection: 1 Gbit/s
    • Location: Germany

    Backup witness signing server:
    • Type: Dedicated
    • Processor: Intel Xeon D-1531
    • Cores: 6
    • Ram: 32 GB DDR4
    • HDD: 2 x 250 GB SSD
    • Connection: 300 Mbit/s
    • Location: France

    Backup Seed:
    • Type: Dedicated
    • Processor: Intel i7-6700
    • Cores: 4
    • Ram: 64 GB DDR4
    • HDD: 2 x 250 GB SSD
    • Connection: 1 Gbit/s
    • Location: Germany

    Public Websocket node -
    • Type: Dedicated
    • Processor: Intel i7-6700
    • Cores: 4
    • Ram: 64 GB DDR4
    • HDD: 2 x 500 GB SSD
    • Connection: 1 Gbit/s
    • Location: Finland

    Test VPS's readily available:
    • Location: Netherlands (Amsterdam,
    • Location: USA (Chicago,
    • Location: UK (London,

    Additional Backup VPS's (if needed) can be setup through my Google Cloud and Amazon Webservices accounts on which I have run the graphene software before.

    I have been experimenting with the pricefeed software from @xeroc and together with @iHashFury I setup the Altcap.XDR which we are both publishing every other half an hour. I am ready to fire the "regular" pricefeed updates.

    What value can I add to the Bitshares community?
    • Thrustworthy witness with reliable infrastructure. I have missed 5 blocks on Steem and 1 on Golos in half a year of active signing.
    • Fresh blood!
    • Coding experience: PHP, javascript, python, mysql. Helped out @fav with a referral code script and @iHashFury with code reviewing the Altcap.XDR script. I've made available on my Github a Steem Witness Monitoring script and a Golos Pricefeed script
    • Creativity, see a sample of my Steem Apps by visiting and search for 'roelandp'.
    • Event experience: As said, I organised SteemFest in Amsterdam last year with the support of many and about 200 attendees, which was a blast! Would love to set something like this up for Bitshares (or a combo) one (not to far in the future) day!
    • Promote Bitshares: (don't we all :D). Past 6 months I was invited and I have presented Steem on 2 (non crypto) events in presentation slots and panel discussion. For future talks I will incorporate more time for Bitshares when invited. Additionally I am working on a UIA which I reveal soon and think it can trigger some nice promotion for Bitshares!

    Can I have your vote? Vote roelandp
    Ask me questions here or ping me directly via:

    Proof of Face:

    To Jupiter's Moon! [/list][/list]

    Technical Support / Re: Using cli_wallet with remote server
    « on: April 02, 2017, 06:43:53 pm »
    HI Mostar, I noticed the same error on one of my servers.... it happens to be a conflict with UFW / Iptables to my best guess...

    I have not yet debugged it, since I managed to run the cli_wallet with local ws connection on the other server. On the not working server the aformentioned suggestions using a trusted wsS remote websocket does work as well.

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