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In about a week the SteemFest Blockchain Hackathon is in full effect in Lissabon with Bitshares as a featured blockchain. @wackou will introduce Bitshares to the developers and on the friday all hackers are welcome to present their apps at the 2nd day of the SteemFest Conference. Next to Bitshares also Steem(it) and Decent blockchains will be offering a price for the developers to trigger to make an app for that chain. They are all graphene chains so it would be great to see if combo's are being made.

The SteemFest presentations of the hacks will be streamed live on and start on SteemFest Conference Day 2 (Friday 3 November) around 3PM GMT+1. You are ofcourse welcome to join the whole SteemFest program online, the day before the livestreaming already kicks of with Conference Day 1 (Thursday 2 November).

As part of the sponsorship worker proposal I have included Bitshares in the announcement post about 8 weeks ago, and on about every printed matter of both the hackathon and main SteemFest event:
- All attendees badges,
- SteemFest mobile app
- Totem decorations
- Citymaps of Lisbon

Thank you for your support so far for having this relatively small proposal be funded. Be sure to join in on the livestreams!

This is great news. A hardfork around end of November would be timeframe of choice as well. thank you for all this work. Especially the p2p fix is a great last minute fix. Recently a steem network interruption on my node automatically caused to reconnect when network state returned normal. Bitshares behind the same router didn't and had to auto-switch to another failover node. Nonetheless the revival of black-swanned currencies will certainly help the platform further. Thank you, thank you. I approve the hardfork for sure!

SteemFest Hackathon site now live. Join us in Lisboa on 1 November!

General Discussion / Re: more professional price feed?
« on: September 18, 2017, 07:52:24 pm »
Thank you @alt for pointing this out. I have upgraded my feedscript and will pledge to be more responsive in this matter. I have subscribed to notifications of the pricefeed script github now, so I will have more triggers. I must be honest that I was very busy with the launch of the 'SteemFest Hackathon' and (a bit) less alert on the Chinese volatile government decisions... Please accept my apologies!

current bts price from BTC38 is 0.55CNY/BTS, and the lowest price is 0.53CNY/BTS recent several hours.
from poloniex/bittrex is 0.0000220 BTC/BTS, and BTC price is about 4085USD/BTC, USD is about 6.57CNY/USD, so the price is 0.59CNY/BTS
all other Chinese exchange have disable CNY deposit, I have mention this in witness group two days ago.
depend these, I have remove my vote for these witness: rnglab abc123 roelandp harvey-xts bhuz
here is the current price feeds:
Code: [Select]
喂价 – BITCNY/BTS 汇率 – BITCNY/BTS 维持保证金比例 强制平仓比例上限 发布人 发布时间
0.59860651 0.62853684 175% 110% mr.agsexplorer 21秒钟前
0.4809 0.601125 175% 110% rnglab 57秒钟前
0.53017 0.6627125 175% 110% wackou 4分钟前
0.5494 0.68675 175% 110% xman 6分钟前
0.53302199 0.56108018 175% 110% fox 6分钟前
0.54010081 0.56710585 175% 110% openledger-dc 8分钟前
0.52826418 0.66033293 175% 110% in.abit 11分钟前
0.5901444 0.59604585 175% 110% witness.still 11分钟前
0.526503 0.55421368 175% 110% verbaltech2 13分钟前
0.5442 0.57284211 175% 110% sahkan-bitshares 14分钟前
0.50390125 0.59283258 175% 110% abc123 16分钟前
0.58383805 0.70060566 175% 110% delegate.baozi 16分钟前
0.52991039 0.53520949 175% 110% crazybit 17分钟前
0.53092481 0.66365602 175% 110% delegate-1.lafona 20分钟前
0.52884481 0.66105601 175% 110% delegate.freedom 20分钟前
0.5300857 0.53538656 175% 110% xeldal 21分钟前
0.59935433 0.60534787 175% 110% delegate.ihashfury 22分钟前
0.59775185 0.60372937 175% 110% elmato 24分钟前
0.50392378 0.50896302 175% 110% roelandp 24分钟前
0.520659 0.54806211 175% 110% blckchnd 25分钟前
0.59655387 0.60251941 175% 110% witness.yao 26分钟前
0.514452 0.54152842 175% 110% delegate.btsnow 28分钟前
0.51790808 0.6473851 175% 110% harvey-xts 29分钟前
0.59307198 0.59900269 175% 110% xn-delegate 44分钟前
0.4052 0.42652632 175% 110% bhuz 48分钟前


if you want to stay updated on SteemFest and the hackathon:

how many participants / sign-ups are to be expected for the hackathon?
Hi fav, i think it says so in the worker proposal and also in my previous reply: capped at 60 pax for now. which would mean about 20 apps to be made, which is already quite a lot for pitch presentations.

ah thanks, wasn't able to read it earlier.

my vote will be tied to whether someone (pref. xeroc) from bitshares will be there as well to talk with devs & ptich bts to them

Yes thats the whole idea as you can see in the worker proposal: having a pitch during the hackathon for the devs and then a 'regular' talk during the conference. @xeroc  did two talks on last years SteemFest about blockchains in general and then about developing. Unfortunately he has other arrangements, so it will be someone else to be announced. For the dev ann' part I am still scouting for possibilities, but yeah there will be a developer pitch if Bitshares will be a focus chain.

how many participants / sign-ups are to be expected for the hackathon?
Hi fav, i think it says so in the worker proposal and also in my previous reply: capped at 60 pax for now. which would mean about 20 apps to be made, which is already quite a lot for pitch presentations.

Thanks for your reply paliboy.

I calculated 5555 bitusd as I set the sponsorship price for Focus Chains to be 5000 EURO. However I got recommended by the foundation for liquidity matters to use BitUSD, hence I transformed it to bitUSD. It's a bit lower than 5K EUR actually, however I am fond of playing with digits. When I pay with credit card and they need to add the amount, I also like to do fun stuff like 22,22 (or at least I think its fun haha).

Last year 200 people attended the conference, I am aiming to cross that marker. Sometimes 2 presentations are happening at the same time. So that is what you are looking at. The hackathon itself is capped at 60 pax for now. which would mean about 20 apps to be made, which is already quite a lot for pitch presentations. Additionally the main conference (both rooms, will be livestreamed through Youtube).

kind regards, Roeland.

Stakeholder Proposals / Re: [Witness Proposal] roelandp
« on: September 04, 2017, 09:13:02 pm »
Organising SteemFest again. This year it will be in Lisbon, 1/2/3/4/5 November. Many BTS'ers are coming! And now... Adding a Blockchain Hackathon in the mix!

Asking for Bitshares stakeholders to support a (small) worker for sponsorship for promoting Bitshares as a Focus Chain on the hackathon. Please, see the announcement:,24937.0.html

Fellow community members,

As some of you may know, last year I organised the inaugural edition of SteemFest in Amsterdam which drew 200 steem users and crypto lovers from more than 30 countries for 3 days of fun, talks and more fun. This year we are going to do it all over again, but then in Lisbon on 1/2/3/4/5 November (and if all works out nicely some more people - ticketsales are on track).

As I regularly organise hackathons in the fiat world, and am a developer myself (and a bitshares witness), I felt the strong urge to use the opportunity of using SteemFest's rising reach to launch the event with a hackathon on 1 November.

The SteemFest hackathon is open to apps running on any blockchain, but has a bias towards Graphene :) As long as teams / participants are able to present their works on Friday November 3 (2nd conference day), in person, they are eligible to join with any blockchain based app.

For the hackathon specifically I envisioned having a couple of "Focus Chains" - these chains get extra attention in the announcements and are offered a change to give away their own prize and judging criteria in order to attract developers to build a proof of concept app for them. Additionally a Focus Chain gets a morning slot at the hackathon kickoff (dev oriented quick pitch) and a 20 minute slot at the generic SteemFest Conference days. Both are ways to:
  • Attract new developers to the Bitshares Platform.
  • Attract new users to the Bitshares Platform

The worker proposal will be submitted with the help of (and through) the Bitshares.Foundation and I will let you know once it is up and ready for voting. For now I invite you to check the more in-depth proposal (with funds requested and intended use as well as a preview link to the Hackathon dedicated site) which is already distributed at the foundation's site:

I hope you like this proposal, will consider to support once it is up for voting it by voting on 1.14.59 and I am happy to answer your questions, either here or through telegram @roelandp

Stakeholder Proposals / Re: [Witness Proposal] roelandp
« on: May 09, 2017, 10:14:17 am »
RE: (Great site BTW):
Would it be possible to indicate historical reliability of price feeds? Perhaps the avg variance and the avg time between price feed updates over x days?
Thanks :)

I could also start calculating variance difference for every publication. However variance is a subjective thing: A witness can post a high variance pricefeed because the markets are suddenly moving into a new direction and others have not yet responded with new price feeds, so the median is still reflecting the 'old' market and will gradually change when new pricefeeds come available. Average variance over a rolling time will therefore be all in the same range I think.

Yes I can add the 'publishing frequency' as I log all unique pricefeed entries. Feed frequency could be interesting, but can be a subjective indicator as well, misleading. One witness cannot update pricefeeds as long as markets are not volatile and stable without many changes... Pricefeeds are based on feeds published with 24h window, and if markets are not changing, there is no need to publish new feeds and therefore this influences the average pricefeed publication frequency number. So there are not really conclusions to draw from...

Thanks for your feedback @Customminer and please take a minute to check out the recent GUI changes of the tool.

Stakeholder Proposals / Re: Tool / website: Bitshares Witness Log
« on: May 09, 2017, 10:06:45 am »
Updates to with regards to GUI:

  • Made high variance difference not coloured red any longer. High Variance in a pricefeed of a given witness can also mean markets are moving fast and therefore a higher % off the median can also mean the given witness is already moving along to the new direction, whilst others not yet... New objective indicator for that... (tiny triangle top right of the cell)
  • Also Median is no longer green (is subjective too), but now a colored background cell.
  • Additionally onhover pricefeed cells now shows instant tooltips to reveal 'published ago + variance percentage'
  • Added the 'market volumes' to the header titles
  • Added some explainer stuff in the bottom

Hard refresh to see.

Code: [Select]
2013000ms th_a    witness.cpp:196    block_production_loo ] Not producing block because I don't have the private key for BTS7Q2wS9rhqrkY7nAGNMG5MqscSUTY7gupwTQAybcEjUB77vD9a4
This is the above message on my backup witness every time it is my turn to sign a block.

Here is the relevant code:

The malfunctioning node will not directly receive the
Code: [Select]
update_witness call, but it will receive the scheduled round in which the witness_id is appearing (if active witness). But the 'state of the chain' has changed and this round it requires a block from his witness account but with a different 'privatekey' signature.

if the malfunction node is in the producing loop and validates all the conditions to sign, it will fail at the private-key condition, because that one is not met and will refuse to produce a block.

Stakeholder Proposals / Re: [Witness Proposal] roelandp
« on: May 08, 2017, 12:06:27 am »
Made a little witness server report tool, to keep an eye on your disk-space, ram usage & cpu usage and get a report as often as you like (via cronjob), see ann at,24105.msg305715.html

General Discussion / (Witness) Tool: Server Stats to Telegram
« on: May 08, 2017, 12:02:36 am »
Here is a little tool I made to get an automated report of server Key Performance Indicators at my morning coffee, delivered via Telegram. This can come in useful for witnesses to have a finger on their server's performance.

What this script does is checking and reporting:
* Disk Space (free / used)
* CPU usage per core
* Ram space (free / used)

Collects it and sends it as a Telegram message. Simply configure a cronjob to get the report as often as you like.

Depends on psutil, requests an os packages for Python3.


Check out the script on my github:

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