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I loved the first interview with Let's Talk Bitcoin.  After listening to Daniel Larimer on the first Interview, I was like "wow...this is different".  And it has been.  This is different from AltCoins...yet it carries with it very similar dangers.  After listening to the second interview, I walked away with a slightly different comprehension of the situation....though in no way negative.  Just different.

The most IMPORTANT aspect of this currency is going to be in the perceived trustworthiness of the team directing its protocol...and if people do not like when Obama is reading from a teleprompter, we should consider why when answering questions like these.  As an investor I would MUCH prefer someone coming out and saying "we could never have expected so many people to love our idea...and that caused a few growing pains for us before we had intended encountering them, and we have come to the conclusion that more community involvement across the spectrum of implementation is required to fix this" or something to that effect.  In short, I wish he would have fell back on his original idea as the foundation for Invictus' Strength...the community they wish to engage and involve (the word TEAM must expand... )

Now with that said, I have thought a great deal about how this might occur and have come up with a concept that could possibly be incorporated before launch (though I am not a programmer and as such am unsure).  I hope the community will take this and pass it with it as a framework and build upon it--or completely break and rebuild it better. 
The primary issue causing conflict in the community at present is the early bot-net mining (at launch) of thousands of PTS.  A few methods of getting these PTS back have been talked about on the forums and none of them seem good for the outlook.  If an Idea causes too deep of divides in the is a bad thing.  With that said, every point of discussion with relation to this issue brings with it a host of avenues for potentially building MORE unity and strength in the group.  So here is the concept I would like to give to our community as a foundation to move forward.  I will be giving numbers to designate individual groups represented and requiring buy-in (1), 2), 3)...etc)

+  1) those who got into the game of cloud mining early and got 1000's of PTS --Guardian?-- could be given an opportunity to donate a large amount of PTS to a fund that can be used for certain services network-building services, for instance:

          -- 2) rewards to DAC proposals receiving the largest number of votes from the community  --Innovator?--

          -- 3) rewards for winners in competitions for Protocol change proposals (that may end up improving future launches)--Architect?--

          -- 4) rewards for those with a great deal of cloud computing power to help test future roll-outs   --Engineers?--

          -- 5) rewards for white hat hackers who attempt to break in for bounties --Bounty Hunters?--

          -- 6) community fan-art/fan-article/fan-video/pod casters...etc.   competitions (VERY important to bring individuals who are not technically inclined but wish to earn shares in other ways--helps with Networking effect)  --Artisan?--

In return, they receive 1st dibs on ANY name in project Keyhotee but are given a special Designation that makes their name guaranteed.  Under the current circumstances, NEW designations (In the orders given above--see Guardian, Architect, Engineer, Bounty Hunter, Artisan) will make them unique, (for instance, KingJustin would be available for normal contributors even if I wanted KingJustin as my reward for being an artisan...because my name would be [email protected]).  This should create buy-in across the spectrum of necessary for the ecosystem to thrive.  If you look at BitCoin, it accomplished what it has accomplished SPECIFICALLY because the internet generation is creating 1) funding evolustion of the tech, 2) new proposals, 3) protocol fixes, 4) engineering, 5) hacking bounties, 6) Fan-Media...which strengthens the ecosystem.  Mirroring this is not copyright infringement or theft of intellectual is following Natural Law.  Peace and love my friends...WE have the power to change the World for Everyone in it...let's not take it lightly.

If you have any questions with regard to my ideas, please let me know.  I can be contacted via email @ [email protected]

*Note: Please keep responses positive...meaning even criticisms should be in the context of asking HOW an issue can be improved upon rather than demeaning the individual's giving responses.*

BitShares PTS / Re: Protoshares Cloud Mining
« on: November 16, 2013, 03:13:25 pm »
Definitely interested....Please keep us posted.

General Discussion / What, exactly, are BitShares Priced in?
« on: November 12, 2013, 11:58:10 pm »
The following is an excerpt from chat in the ProtoShare's IRC:

--Wild0wnes:   i've watches all of them twice and i still can't explain it
--Wild0wnes:   reminds me of the days when i was trying to understand bitcoin
--Preturd:   hm...
--Preturd:   well it seems like when you boil it down
--Preturd:   the ONLY thing we need to know
--Preturd:   is that the BlockChain provides a decentralized, yet predictable and transparent means of enforcing the rules that would ultimately fall victim to crime syndicates in a centralized system
--Preturd:   thereby routing corruption of the system without firing a shot...but instead through simple adoption of a better, less corrupt and Free-Market-Driven technology.
--Preturd:   very interesting
--Preturd:   the question to me though is....does one buy a stock using bitshares? are they first converted to dollars or other "sovereign" fiat?
--Preturd:   and if so...all shares must still have a price based on different denominations of bitshares
--Wild0wnes:   yeah the part i still don't get is the HOW the shorting guarentees the price of a bitUSD stays at 1:1
--Wild0wnes:   bitUSD = USD
--Wild0wnes:   i understand people are supposed to short it if its above and long it if its low but i still don't understand what guarentee that it would be a good oportunity to go long
--Preturd:   @wild0wnes i am of the belief that everything will be priced in BitCoin...the new World Reserve currency
--Wild0wnes:   i believe its independant of bitcoin.... only based on it
--Preturd:   but that is the ONLY place they show BitShares at i am wondering if it is only a mechanism for shorting stocks (and currencies)
--Wild0wnes:   well the bitshares i get (kinda)
--Wild0wnes:   its the bitUSD i don't
--Wild0wnes:   how they can create a "stock" that everyone is supposed to go long when its worth less than a buck a share
--Wild0wnes:   above "stock" i'm talking about is the bitUSD (and i'm sure bitYEN and others to come later)
--Wild0wnes:   well the bitshares i get (kinda)

These are pretty important questions because nublets are going to need to learn the specific details of how this technology works.  This is a good primer, but we could probably use a little more depth in this:  especially with regard to the denomination of BitShares Converted to other currencies...

Looking forward to hearing from the community with regard to this.

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