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General Discussion / Re: Raycoin DAC
« on: January 18, 2014, 01:28:11 pm »
my apologies...
I seem to have a problem with always posting responses but forgetting to provide links :P

General Discussion / Re: Raycoin DAC
« on: January 17, 2014, 10:35:28 am »
Kinda makes me think of digital ocean. Could a service like digital ocean be set up as a DAC?

This is a basic concept for exactly what you asked in this thread @smiley35.  I am interested in finding more people to look it over and fix things as needed.  When looking at the method for construction of DACs (which is still largely unknown), a relatively effective method for decentralized planning should involve the community and be built up a little at a time, over time. 

As for RayCoin, I like it :)

Pretty sure they aren't.  If they were, he would have likely said it.  :/

Not that it matters.  Invictus is going to do well for all investors  who hold it...and that value of DACs like BitCloud and WeTube will likely float on the bitshares market.  Now if they might be worth investing a few of my Protoshares for a favorable +% of initial money supply created in their DAC at launch (and possibly over time), but otherwise I'll probably watch it from afar (and check out their freenode).

Just MHO...

Is Ethereum honoring the Protoshares/AngelShares?  or is this just a random crypto discussion?

Competition is decentralization and everything else is centralized.   Based upon this insight I believe that we should redefine our goals for DACs:

1) Public Ledger that is easily migrated between competing Cartels
2) Each cartel should have many servers, owned by different people, in as many jurisdictions as possible
3) Many Parallel Alt-DACs powered by different Cartels

As a whole the ecosystem would be entirely decentralized and impossible to shutdown.  It would also be entirely transparent. 

With this understanding we have an entirely different approach to security with a focus on making competition as fierce as possible.  This means the following goals:

1) API Standardization
2) Merchant solutions should be designed to accept a new DAC's BitUSD with a click of a button so merchants can simply support "EVERYONE" and thus anyone can rapidly gain the network effect.
3) DACs should be as easy to build and deploy as possible
4) Cross-DAC trading needs to be made easy.

With these things in place, competition will force fairness and openness. 

So by making it easy to compete, you ensure that the Cartels running each DAC either support their community or their version of a DAC will fade into the background. If every one of these DACs honors PTS at a minimum of 10% of the total then PTS holders could end up very wealthy from all the shares they'll get in all these different DACs! :)

Heck yeh...but at that point, the greatest thing about it will be how diversified your DACFolio will be :D

Keyhotee / Block Chain Absolute Surveillance? "Mark of the Beast"?
« on: January 03, 2014, 06:17:09 am »
Ok...there are going to be some people who scoff at this post, but I encourage everyone to consider this moving forward and, hopefully, we can speak rationally about this a little bit.  It certainly is a very interesting topic to me---even as a person who has a real skeptical streak about the Bible's Messages and source. 

Of all of these messages, the Mark of the Beast one really hits home with me...ESPECIALLY after learning more about the blockchain.  If I were a Tyrant, I would want data from EVERYTHING "My" citizens do.  The Block Chain, though highly unlikely at this current time, could CERTAINLY be used as a protocol layer that captures, monitors and eventually alters every entity, action, state in the entire spectrum of organic existence. 

If there is a God (which, to me there has to be SOME form of Grand Creator), I would imagine he/she/it would have created a system that would be perfect...and that to truly corrupt humanity a new LAYER would need to be built upon that protocol, and would introduce flaws into an already-homeostatic environment.  I started really thinking about this after reading the following post:

"Okay, I'm being humorous with that one, but on a more serious note- what if we were to consider Bitcoin becomes widely successful and adopted worldwide. What if the government would one day see the value in having near infinite addresses for a finite amount of people in the world. What if governments started dolling out addresses to individuals like Social Security numbers and mandated that you use that address for your transactions.

Certainly businesses could be forced to use specific 'assigned' addresses, (it's easy enough to check if they aren't) and then the government can sit back and watch the block chain to asses their tax responsibility.

What if your Bitcoin address were required as a form of identification? We assume that Bitcoin has an element of anonymity because no one knows who owns the addresses, but governments could do a pretty good job of forcing individuals to keep public accounts and then watch closely.

It's anonymous only so long as addresses aren't assigned. If they are assigned though, the blockchain becomes a pretty incredible tool for surveillance of a population. 

The Mark of the Beast is a reference to the outcry from some Christian groups about how Social Security Numbers were the "mark of the beast". "

The thread can be found @

Definitely a good read, but I hope we will all keep this in the back of our minds while we move forward in this technological breakthrough.  Please dont get me wrong here in thinking that I do not see the merits of the blockchain and what can be built with it...but that SAME amazing potential can always be a double-edged sword.  I am interested to see where the community stands with regard to greatest concerns and how to address them in the future. 

As always guys and gals....much <3

General Discussion / Re: Cloud Mining DAC -- Project Camelot
« on: December 21, 2013, 08:10:51 pm »
Anyone have experience in this area?

General Discussion / Re: Cloud Mining DAC -- Project Camelot
« on: December 20, 2013, 08:49:32 am »
I don't see how this would be any different for the miners from using the hash-cow mining pool to automatically switch between the most profitable coins. Here, the miners would be guided by people buying computing power from the DAC, and making less than if they just mined the coins directly. If you could put them to work on various projects with the BOINC protocol, then you might be onto something.

Amen on the BOINC protocol, too, btw.  I am just trying to think of new ways Invictus could use decentralized means to gain more cash-flow with minimal effort. 

The BOINC protocol would allow cloudshares (I really like that name) to perform more services, but would it be possible for people to trick the miners into running some sort of a virus? I doubt it would be economical, since they would have to out-bid everyone else on the network. Also, perhaps you could have the DAC charge customers based on computing time, since the BOINC protocol already has a computing time based credit-claiming system built in.

Potential use for this DAC: rendering 3D animations in the cloud.

Can BOINC be used as a layer on top of any form of coin?  Not sure I understand what you mean.  I am listening :)

General Discussion / Re: Cloud Mining DAC -- Project Camelot
« on: December 18, 2013, 10:14:38 pm »
It would be nice to replace the payment system with a system more familiar with DACs.

Instead of allowing credit card payments or bitcoin payments, let people pay in Cloudshares. The value of Cloudshares will increase as the value of the service backed by it increases.

Cloudmining, DAC sounds cool. I dont think I have the expertise to see how it will work though. But where there is a will, we will find a way

The thoughtful and careful planning of the community can help provide insights and answers to issues Invictus Encounters along the way.  ByteMaster said he hoped the community will spend time trying to find answers to the problems instead of simply knocking ideas Invictus comes up with...we all have our roles to play, but thinking as a community will help us to increase the viability of this. 

That is why I made this thread, so please continue offering your opinions, critiques and most importantly improvements.  Lets hope this helps them overcome some of the obstacles ahead :)

P.S.  REALLY like the name CloudShares

General Discussion / Re: Cloud Mining DAC -- Project Camelot
« on: December 18, 2013, 12:18:29 pm »
I am wondering if there would be a way to create a share through this process (I'm assuming it would be possible as a DAC) as a merge-mined coin so users can choose to sell the Shares they earn, or trade them (for a fee) to other coins.  This would effectively complete the income stream proposal should the other method (that of donation) be seen as unpalatable. 

General Discussion / Re: Cloud Mining DAC -- Project Camelot
« on: December 18, 2013, 02:22:45 am »
I don't see how this would be any different for the miners from using the hash-cow mining pool to automatically switch between the most profitable coins. Here, the miners would be guided by people buying computing power from the DAC, and making less than if they just mined the coins directly. If you could put them to work on various projects with the BOINC protocol, then you might be onto something.

Amen on the BOINC protocol, too, btw.  I am just trying to think of new ways Invictus could use decentralized means to gain more cash-flow with minimal effort. 

General Discussion / Re: Cloud Mining DAC -- Project Camelot
« on: December 18, 2013, 02:19:35 am »
The one thing here is that it would allow people who do not want to learn how to mine to mine...
It would also potentially offer the ability for companies to mine using their excess capacity.  At least that was the thought.  Please continue giving constructive criticism and ideas.  This is not something I have the technical expertise to create, but in my mind the concept could work and hit a market that has not yet been able to be included in mining. 

Imagine how much an IT department could save each year by contributing computing capacity during down hours or low-traffic hours.  Imagine how many potential Users who otherwise might have no clue about how to mine might be willing to use this to mine altcoins profitably. 

Yes, they would not receive the same returns as mining directly for a pool, but then again the two user demographics would likely be willing to eat that cost because it would cut out the guess work and, for one of the demographics, would just be used to help offset unused equipment costs (a secondary benefit for a business not directly working in the crypto-space). 

You know what I mean?  This would make it so my Mom could Mine Bit/AltCoins...or anyone else for that matter who has the psychological barrier to going out and downloading a client from a dev on their forums and running it from home computer...or who doesnt want to set up AWS and find ways to automate this. 

MUCH MORE can be done to get a larger base of people mining--though most assuredly there would be a cost associated with the ease.  The more people participate in ANY way in the crypto industry, the stronger it becomes ;)

General Discussion / Re: Non-Profit DACs?
« on: December 17, 2013, 05:03:44 pm »
I like the idea of a non profit DAC.
But it raises some questions: What is profit? Where's the profit in Bitcoin as a DAC?

Bitcoin as a DAC is a negative profit enterprise that manages to grow in value despite the huge consumption of resources required to maintain it.  The value proposition of crypto-equities is so strong that they grow in value using a business model that would put a centralized company out of business.

Beautifully stated ByteMaster.

General Discussion / Cloud Mining DAC -- Project Camelot
« on: December 17, 2013, 01:39:52 pm »
After a long and, at many points heated, discussion with regard to Angel Shares' implementation I sat and thought about it.  Now I'm not a high-end miner so maybe i'm mistaken, but it feels like I might have thought up a potential solution that would cover the middle ground between forcing a centralized mining service along with proof-of-stake for protoshares.  This may only be a partial solution, or worse, none at all...but it seems worth posting. 

Distributed "Cloud" Mining DAC.  This DAC would be formed by clusters of heavy-duty and little miners (like pools) who want to put their Hashing Power up for bid/sale.  The DAC would be made up of many "little" miners to form a service similar to Amazon AWS and DigitalOcean, with one chief difference.  This would already have a GUI Interface with embedded and most up-to-date miners for each specific coin available.   

DAC Services Provided (with great emphasis on non mining-savvy individuals)

   -- Mine BitCoin/Altcoins of choice with just the push of a button
   -- A simple interface for calculating profitability of each coin based off feeds from popular exchanges
   -- Support Merged Mining of Coins where applicable
   -- Pay with Credit Card for services and thus giving another, trusted method of attaining coins
   -- Pay with BitCoin and/or Community-Approved Altcoins
   -- Provide Businesses with extra computational capacity to utilize that capacity to aid in the mining of coins through a direct connection to the Cloud Services (IT departments would then earn value from otherwise-wasted computational capacity during down hours. 

Income Proposal:
   -- Credit Card or Bank Wire via Mining Service Users
   -- Receiving small donation of all coins mined (users can choose between amounts to contribute--but they must contribute--and can choose areas and percentages of their donation would like a percentage ithin future DAC layers). 
   -- Would except Faucet/Advertisement Donations from other Altcoin-development teams to create a built-in faucet feature for any Altcoin Donated to faucet address (a percentage of these will go directly into funding future DAC Development----NOT necessary, but good idea from coin-dev's point of view)
   -- Would receive a small percentage of mined coins from Businesses contributing to the mining DAC (or they would earn shares in the DAC for farming, which could then be traded for other Altcoins on a Market)
   -- Offer Escrow Services for selling coins (take a percentage off the top)?
   -- The service would also mine shares that could be openly traded for other crypto-currencies

ProtoShares holders would receive 5% of total shares in the profitability (pulling that percentage from somewhere dark and foul)

Invictus Innovations could then contribute the mining hardware they have in a competitive market where decisions are even further decentralized.  The Benefit Invictus has here over AWS is that it leverages the skills of a community who has spent a GREAT DEAL of time mastering the art of mining and can create the front end while expecting Altcoin-Devs to contribute mining software plugins for the service, or the DAC's team of developers would do this work. 

Hope this makes sense and I hope everyone finds this helpful.  I am certain there would be much more to this and I am writing this with about 23 hours without sleep so I may have missed a point or two.  Please lets start a conversation about this and lets break and fix this idea until we come up with something workable as a community team. 

Invictus would create a PLATFORM to perform all these tasks, would participate in the mining and would be rewarded for whatever % they contribute to the "pool" of miners-for-hire.  This provides Invictus with Profits from renting miners, would only be ONE income stream and would Invictus would be competing against other miners (keeping the system decentralized).  However, the donations from both Client and Enterprise levels would be used to develop Invictus DAC's based on a percentage chosen by the donater (for a similar system see Humble-Bundles and their game-purchasing apparatus)

General Discussion / Re: Angel Shares Feedback Requested
« on: December 16, 2013, 01:49:19 am »
off-topic...but this thread is heated.  sometimes its good to remember why we are all here...

And we all know why...but sometimes we need a reminder.  Hope this finds you all well.  I'm holding and buying, because I believe in this community.  F not believing...the only time to not believe is when people stop caring.  Obviously, that is not the case.

Peace and Love to all you guys.  You have become a family to me. 

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