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Re: John Underwood Visit
« Reply #90 on: September 08, 2015, 01:36:55 pm »

I'am also impressed with Dan's achievement.

He is sharedropping the new coins to themselves and dumping the old coins on the new suckers. I invested in BTS development trough AGS so I can tell you from my own experience. First it was the Protoshares holders, then the Angelshare holders, then the Bitshares holders and now the Brownie holders. Who know what is next? IDentabit holders.

Can you imagine yourself in their position? Best of all they have two type of AGS holder.

Are you sure there are your only option? Have you thought about alternatives?

Good luck with your project.

So let me see if I understand your point.

As an AGS holder who donated after the BTS snapshot on 2/28/2014 you were not expecting any free BTS, but you got them anyway via the merger and are now getting a nice fat sharedrop through them.

(Further, you got AGS much cheaper after 2/28/2014 than those who donated before that date, so relative to your donation, you are actually getting many more AGS than pre 2/28 donors.)

You are now lobbying that you should get another 10%, so that you get double-dip credit for both your original AGS and the free BTS you got when AGS was merged into BTS.

And you want your extra 10% to be taken away from those who have been donating their time and energy to the project to help build the ecosystem for you and everybody else.

Does that about sum it up?
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