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When will there be a reasonable reply from you cob?

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Have you ever tried contacting a Hip Hop artist or a Rapper in U.S.? Name us only one .

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How much funding and time do you believe you need in order to launch a working peertracks product onto the muse blockchain?

Do you believe that the peertracks business model remains technically feasible? Is it still unique within the music space? How long before a different project launches successfully?

If there were alpha tests, what were the results?

Thanks cob


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And a few other questions:

- Will you be releasing a project plan? If so, when should we look for it? If not, will we have a broader list of proposed milestones?

- What are the plans for alpha testing? Will the alpha or beta be open testing?

- Have you secured a way for artists to create artistcoins and users to get  money into the system  through Credit Card?

- What exactly is Troopeers? Is that a working title or finalized?

- With your current funding level, will you still have enough to release the initial product?

- What are your plans for SXSW?

- Has Peertracks already paid the marketing firms upfront for work or is that another upcoming expense?

- Why wasn't there more transparency over the last few months when Peertracks was running into difficulty? Do you stand behind keeping the silence or do you wish you updated more frequently on the actual issues?

- Has Peertracks identified any mainstream artists that are willing to back the project (example Ujo Imogen Heap)

- Do you currently have another job (either Full Time or Part Time) or are you 100% Peertracks? How about Eddie? Do you expect this status to change in anyway in the next 90 days?

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Above questions are good ^^

In addition:

- Can you publish a document that lists how you have spent the crowdfund money?

- Will you be releasing a working Peertracks product before you begin your next round of fundraising?

- Has Bitsapphire succeeded or failed to deliver a working product? Do you still have a relationship with them?

- What technical obstacles must be overcome before launch? Someone said that the graphene code work is done, but you are waiting on web development/integration. Is this true?

- Are you willing to commit to publishing updates at regular intervals?

Even if you do not have any "major" news, I think it would be beneficial if you at least show up once a week and write a few paragraphs. As a crowdfunded organization, It is very strange that you keep your donors at such a distance. There are many ways to connect with us without having to "spill the beans" on your special sauce, and the longer you wait the more people will begin to question everything about your operation.

I also would love to see you on beyond bitcoin. Fuzzy's group hangout format is a great tool and frankly I am confused about why Peertracks (and some others) have not yet taken advantage of this platform.
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Cob that's absolutely not funny! We don't have the time to "bash" you just for fun!

- who is still on the team
- is eddy still around
- how are you running a business without funds?
- how do you pay for attorneys and a PR firm
- when will you provide a working webpage for both peertracks and muse?
- what is the status with poloniex?
- Chinese exchanges planed in the near future?
- what about your alpha tests you mentioned months ago

btw. this is how a webpage should look after 1.5 years!

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Can you guys make a list of questions that have not yet been addressed and post them here.

There's a bunch of them already scattered around the sub-forum. So if someone could gather them all up and post them here, I would be able to see with the CEO, PR firm and attorney what I can divulge in public. As crypto-prometheus suggested, I should go AFK and let our PR firm handle the pitchfork and torches.

So get a clean list going and I can hand it off.

This thread should be only for listing questions. I will keep the thread clean by deleting any posts that aren't contributing to the questions. You have the entire internet to bash me haha, just don't do it in this particular thread.

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