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Finally, some more mugshots, I love it!
We need a Team page on the site.
Great work!! +5% +5% +5% +5% +5%
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 thats a good sign and some outside perspective.  +5% +5%

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Great stuff Stan. Looking forward to working with the new corp !  +5%
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Introducing Cryptonomex International

Cryptonomex (CNX), a Delaware company based in Blacksburg, Virginia is pleased to announce the first of several new Joint Ventures. 

Cryptonomex, International (CNI) will be based in Amsterdam, Netherlands as an independent consulting and engineering services company for blockchain applications leveraging multiple leading technologies and providing training, local governance, and regulatory compliance services. 

CNI will be cofounded by CEO Manuela Krull-Mancinelli and CFO Ronald Kramer who are seasoned experts in Finance and IT. They will be bringing strong business development expertise, contacts and resources to the task of proliferating blockchain technology and the global Cryptonomex brand.   Some of our best known European forum heroes have already joined in the ground-floor founding activities.

Manuela and Ronald will leverage Cryptonomex expertise and focus on finding investors, clients and partners for new blockchain applications.  This will be good for BitShares because it will bring in more development funds for our tech base, more potential users for Graphene based platforms, and more big name partners to help build the global brand.

So, what does this mean to you?

•   If you are a talented developer (or team) looking for full or part time employment, CNI wants to know all about you.

•   If you have a mature idea looking for funding, CNI may want to team with you to find funding for your project.

•   If you have funding and are looking for good investments, CNI will be preparing a portfolio of ready-to-go projects ranging from small but lucrative Fee Backed Assets (FBA) to full-scale startup companies.

•   If you have a funded idea and are looking for someone with the skills to implement it, CNI can put a team together to make it happen on a contract basis.

•   If you are a steely-eyed BitsharesHODLer, you finally have a funded group of full time professionals looking to leverage the Graphene ecosystem and to create synergies with other leading communities.

•   If you have a nose for business leads and the ability to refer potential clients to us on commission, CNI would love to have you out there scouring the globe for opportunities.

•   And if you just wanted more decentralization and professionalism in the management and marketing of BitShares and the Blockchain Universe Writ Large, grab some popcorn and a cold beer!

Meanwhile, Bytemaster and the original Virginia team of Core Developers at CNX will serve as an independent common technology laboratory for CNI and other startups on our drawing board.  They will be working on new breakthroughs and serving as mentors and reinforcements to the new profit centers that CNI will be incubating. 

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