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Hi all, as some of you maybe already know by thread:,23698.0.html i had plans since a while on submitting my own worker proposal for the next half of 2017.

Proposal 1.14.55

Details at:

I used [member=120]xeroc[/member] multisig scheme to get paid in bitusd. I am looking for escrows, this are respectable community members that will hold the funds and vest to worker making  the whole process more secure for everybody. is needed to have a few of them. if anyone want to be part of that please let me know, i will appreciate a lot.

i don't have idea if it will be accepted, lot of uncertainty on my side right now. but the only way to know i guess is trying so here it is.

Now the proposal is public the document no further change will be made. the only addition from now on is to add the escrow accounts.

Any question, suggestion, whatever please let me know.

Wish me luck, vote for it if you can, will not regret.

looking to make the second half of the 2017 more successful than the first with hard work :)

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supporting your worker!

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voted in favor

Offline svk

You have my support as well! I can also help out as part of the multisig group.
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Offline oxarbitrage

thank you guys for the support, lets see how it goes in the next days :) very exited with the initial reactions.

Offline wackou

 +5% thank you very much for all the work you are doing for BitShares!
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You've got my vote! :)

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Offline Chronos

Thank you for your hard work!

Offline oxarbitrage

thank you all guys for the support, i am still needing a lot of votes to get approved but i am working on it, hope i can make it :)

Offline oxarbitrage

added a total of 5 escrow accounts to worker proposal document, all good people, what a crew!


thanks to the 5 for supporting me!

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Voted! But as a reminder to ALL BTS holders, anyone that supports this worker should head out to their "Voting page for workers" and vote on this proposed worker.

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Offline oxarbitrage

Hello guys, as you may already know the worker proposal has enough votes now to be approved, this was not easy job to get the needed votes but it was a huge learning experience on how the bitshares community governance works and a confirmation that i am in good track with my work here.

It will be impossible for me to thank each of the persons i contacted and all that supported me throw getting this worker proposal passed. during the voting process i asked for help or advice to everyone i know inside this community. a big thanks to all.

The worker starts formally Jul 12 but i am already making work as usual. As the previous worker ended more than a month ago i never stopped the work. Money from the first worker with bitshares appreciation helped me finish a big house remodeling i was on for more than a year, this ended up yesterday with a brand new office for me just in time to start with the new worker in a lot more comfortable environment to face the new challenges ahead. In the last 2 weeks while submitting the new worker proposal and making the all the needed stuff to get voted in had me busy as well.

From now on with all that sorted lets get into some quick updates:

- i configured the alfredo-worker account with the multisig accounts from my escrows:
the 5 escrows plus my account(oxarbitrage.a699) are in place as owner and active, each with the same weight.
threshold of 4 from the total of 6 accounts is needed to move any fund.

i think 4 accounts(me + 3) from 6 is good enough to approve a transaction just in case some of the escrow is on vacation or unreachable but if anyone think this should be different please let me know.

- updates of work done will be posted in this thread once a week every weekend starting with this next weekend.

- working in a roadmap for the open source explorer project that could bring a clear picture to he community of how long we will have something usable and what to expect.

Again thanks to all  your for your support and any question, suggestion, comment please just let me know.

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