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Re: bitusd peg
« Reply #90 on: July 30, 2019, 12:38:20 am »
Open Market or Insurance Fund or Reserve Fund

Settlement is mostly meant to be used when the market does not provide sufficient liquidity, so that's not an answer.
We don't have an Insurance Fund, so you must spec out that too.
We have so far strictly avoided using the reserves for bailing out speculators, and IMO that's a good thing. I hope such a proposal will have little chance to succeed.

Point is this ....needs to get started or once again an opportunity will be blown..

Then go ahead and write a specification. Answering a few select questions on a simple example is not one.

To sschiessl ..or any dev who has time..

Is the current version of HTLC considered "trustless"  or will that be a feature in the next iteration?

As currently shown...............

In this version

" 5. Redeem the HTLC (recipient)

    bob will obtain the preimage from alice, likely after performing the agreed upon task..."

If alice decides not to send the preimage even after the task is completed        ...then bob is .....?

If truly trustless this could be a solution to above problem....(at least until something better comes along, if ever..)

To sschiessl ..or any dev anyone with knowledge on the issue who has time..?