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Making the unminable, mineable! - Coming Soon

I'm initiating a delegate campaign to support is a mining pool which will direct the miners hashing power to mine the most profitable traditional POW based crypto currencies that is automatically exchanged for BTSX and paid daily to miners.

It’s likely the pool will help attract and retain new members of the crypto community to BitShares, and by automatically selling other crypto currencies to buy BitSharesX, it’ should also have a positive effect on the price.

When the BitSharesX asset exchange is launched we could even enable miners to mine gold - or at least the value in BitGOLD! Imagine the possibilities!

luckybit kicked off a great discussion and poll earlier in the year -  “If a multipool were set up today to directly mine for BTS as payout how would you react?” and it looked liked two thirds of those polled we’re interested.

The pool is currently being setup and hosted by a UK based crypto services provider, at which point we can start the development customizations to facilitate payouts in BTSX. In all likelihood, I expect it’ll take at least a month for us to be production ready, but I’ll keep the thread updated for those interested in helping us test it etc.

Currently points to a landing page and delegate campaign site.

As I’m not (yet) a know member of the BitShares community, I’d also like to invite a well known, trusted member of the community to join the campaign - you don’t have to be technical, but it would useful if you could commit to regular auditing of the pool operation and payouts once we get going. Reach out in the thread or PM if you think this will suit you.

Initial Delegates:
Code: [Select]
wallet_approve_delegate www.minebitshares-com
wallet_approve_delegate www2.minebitshares-com

Approve www.minebitshares-com
Approve www2.minebitshares-com

Seed Nodes:  (Ireland) (Sydney)

Who is nethyb? I’ve been a passive BitShares evangelist, PTS miner and investor in BitShares since Dec 2013.
Mining PTS (remember when is was 0.02BTC ) was how I initially became aware of BitShares and soon realised it wasn’t just another coin - leading me to become a regular AGS investor. I’m an IT professional of 20 years based in Australia.

Here is a signed message from one of my BTC AGS donation addresses (1AgXeiurCHScStPbK8QaTr79icGLKbeFxS) - A virtual mining multi-pool for BitSharesX
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