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Technical Support / Re: Importing Help
« on: December 01, 2015, 08:50:36 pm »
That Worked
Thank you, again, Xeroc
I created a second recovery wallet, and all my funds have now been claimed (non were reclaimed) and are available in my 2.0 wallet!

Now I've just got to back all this 2.0 stuff up.

Technical Support / Re: Importing Help
« on: December 01, 2015, 07:21:06 pm »
I'm having a similar problem.

I first loaded a 0.9.3c wallet containing a partial set of keys into a Bitshares2-light client.
This worked, loading the partial set of keys and funds into the account.

I later recovered the full set of keys in the 0.9.3c wallet, and exported this with all my funds recorded.

Then when I tried to re-import the wallet the second time, it indicated it could see the total number of additional keys, but it said
“This wallet has already been imported”
What is the easiest way to get around this problem, and get all my recovered keys and funds loaded into a Bitshares 2 client?

I looked around, trying to find when these hangouts are taking place, and how to participate these days, but couldn't find it, could someone let me know?

General Discussion / Re: The absolute hard cap on # of BTS is 3,761,440,000
« on: February 16, 2015, 08:45:06 pm »
To be certain our official stance is: 
1) bitshare holders can dilute without limit by majority approval (to say otherwise is to sign a suiside pact)

Is this a consensus of delegates, or is this a consensus of bitshares?  Some other type of consensus?  Is there any way of measuring, rapidly building this type of consensus, and knowing what is standing in the way of achieving such?

Obviously, the community that can most rapidly build and measure this kind of consensus, and educate everyone else still not yet on board, so they are not lost, will blow away any competitors.

Brent Allsop

Yes, this is by far THE most important problem facing crypto currencies.

Let us say someone like Apple, wanted to move into this market in a big way.  Imagine them having huge high paid (with real money, not pipe dreams) teams, not only codding, but doing all of the other things required to change the way the world does things.  They could easily clone all of our open source, create 101 delegates of their own – all controlled by the hierarchical beurocracy, that is Apple.

What we are really trying to do, is answer: how do you make it so a grass roots, non-beurocratic leaderless community can compete with a well-organized hierarchical bureaucracy?  Until a crypto currency community can learn how to merge together, and co-operate, on large scales (i.e. millions of people) we will never compete with hierarchies that can do that.


What is the difference between the entries tagged with "VIRTUAL" and "DETAILS" in the wallet?

Brent Allsop

Technical Support / Re: Question: How to get a historical wallet balance?
« on: February 14, 2015, 08:32:46 pm »

I'll offer $200 BitUSD to anyone that gets this implement in any wallet or system I"m willing to load my personal keys into for the wallet.

Anyone else care to contribute to such a bounty?

Or how could one get this on a prioritized the list of things to add to a wallet?

Technical Support / Question: How to get a historical wallet balance?
« on: February 14, 2015, 12:11:12 pm »

How does one get a historical wallet balance for an arbitrary time in the past?

Can any wallet or web site easily do this yet?

Brent Allsop

General Discussion / Question: How to get a historical wallet balance?
« on: February 13, 2015, 03:06:05 pm »

How does one get a historical wallet balance for an arbitrary time in the past?

There once was a technical support forum, but I could not find that so am asking here.


That is what it sounds like to me.  My understanding is also that the Overstock effort has significantly fractured.  The Counterparty founders have left the project, and I hear they only have a few people working on it.

But it sounds like the Winklevi have a much larger team and a lot more capital going into the development.

In my opinion, we should try to get in touch with this effort, and show them how to do a decentralized exchange with Bitshares.

Is anyone interested in forming a team with me to try this?  Is there anyone that knows more about any of this?

Right, I was very involved in that thread, and working on proposals to do just what Toast was describing with

Perhaps I misunderstood what Toast was talking about at the time.  I was assuming Toast was describing that people would register wallet addresses with a third party voting system (like and the 3rd party system would then use the block chain to determine how many shares that user’s address had at any particular time to determine how much their vote was worth.

However Bytemaster pointed out that that wouldn't work, as it would reveal who owned what shares, and what public key wallets.  Some of us were just figuring that would be the cost of voting your shares.

So, it seems to me, if we want to do any kind of voting of shares, we need to do it on the block chain, similar to the way people vote for delegates.  And it would be nice if it could be generic, so any survey, petition, consensus building system could use it for people to anonymously vote their shares, to build consensus around proposed changes to the system, and so on, on any third party system.

There is a great way for people to vote for delegates on the Bitshare block chain, including the ability to delegate their vote to others.  It seems to me that we need some way to expand this so people can vote (and delegate their vote) to arbitrary 3rd party survey / petition systems.

In other words, instead of voting your shares for a particular delegate you would vote your shares for a 3 number identifier.  The first number would identify a 3rd party, such as, survey monkey, or whatever.  The second number would identify a particular survey/partition, or whatever on that sight, the 3rd number would vote for a particular position/camp/answer or whatever.

Given that, people could do things like sign their shares to support petitions to accomplish things, vote for things, you could use systems like to build and measure consensus or share support for a particular change in the system, or whatever.

General Discussion / Re: Benefits of Becoming a BitShares Gateway [posted]
« on: December 31, 2014, 03:58:57 am »
Wow, this is all exciting stuff.  Here is what I am understanding, let me know if I have anything wrong, or am missing anything:

So a company running a gateway can leverage a user issued asset to do most of its work/security.  In fact, it seems to me, a DAC could do everything, except hold the USD IOU funds in a bank account.  So all that is required, is a co-operating bank, to honor withdrawals and deposit, with IOU user issued assets, as specified by the DAC.  Wow, a bank could make huge interest profits, holding all those funds, for lots of IOUs?  Especially in a fractional reserve fiat currency banking system right?

It seems to me, once banks learn they can do this, directly, they could push out a middle man operator like Coinbase, being completely unnecessary, right?

So is this why people are talking about purchasing a bank or credit union?


And let us all know ASAP, as most of us can't make last minute preparations.

Can we request an e-mail (first name dot last name at as soon as this decision is made?  I'd like to set up my schedule so I can make at least some of these.

General Discussion / Re: Baby Bo was born yesterday
« on: December 24, 2014, 02:13:32 pm »
Babies are the greatest.
Way to go!

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