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Why I cannot find the keyid binary and github repository anymore?



Suggest you to use Boombastic's to check&query the snapshot balances of PLAY.

Or, you can also check the balance directly in the genesis json files below:


Tip: How to check BTS balances?
1. type command "wallet_account_balance_ids" in your wallet console.
2. The output will list all the balance id addresses you have.
3. Then query that in the

The price feed on the block taking snapshot:


Note - keyhotee AGS was not honored!  This allocation was announced *after* keyhotee donations ended. We don't owe them anything and honoring it is too much manual work. This stake was added to the reserved funds.


logxing不用多介绍了,大家一定很熟悉了,他会加入BitShares PLAY帮忙处理团队管理相关和中文社区沟通等事务。大家以后对PLAY有什么想问的问题,可以问logxing.

Christoffer是生活在上海的瑞典人,对BitShares PLAY 很感兴趣,会帮忙英文社区的沟通,市场,BD等事务。


中文(Chinese) / BitShares PLAY在BTS链上拍照时间为2014-12-08
« on: November 21, 2014, 02:59:50 am »

BitShares PLAY 计划于2014年12月8号(UTC)在BTS链上拍照。

准确拍照的块为2014-12-08 12:00PM (UTC)之前最后一个block height为10的倍数的块。


DAC PLAY / BitShares PLAY Snapshot on BTS 2014-12-08 !
« on: November 21, 2014, 02:53:43 am »
BitShares PLAY will take snapshot on BTS chain on 2014-12-08 UTC.

The exact block on BTS which BitShares PLAY will taken is the last before 2014-12-08 12:00PM (UTC), and required to be the multiple of 10.

You need to make sure all your BTS are back in your own wallet on 2014-12-08. 
Two weeks ago, BitShares PLAY announced its BTS/PTS/AGS snapshot and Allocation, for details, please take a look at:

DAC PLAY / BitShares PLAY articles
« on: November 15, 2014, 11:16:42 am »
BitShares PLAY白皮书后补—最新设计变化必读

Newest changes for Bitshares Play whitepaper(additional information)

BitShares Play, 如何与传统游戏公司合作接入游戏资产?

BitShares Play的生态发展,以及将会提供怎样的游戏?

The Ecodevelopment of Bitshares Play——What Games Can You Play?

General Discussion / PLAY Distribution Explanation...Hopefully!
« on: November 12, 2014, 09:35:23 am »
Sure fuzz you should run it...

as long as they are willing participants in the tourney it should be fine...
who cares if somebody is screwed to provide the 'prize money'... it is fine...

as long as it is not US it is OK.

Sorry what's the problem? I didn't get it.

Really? You play the idiot now?
Read my post in your allocation thread.

Interesting, why do you reply in an off-topic thread? And even if we are not going to allocate to market orders, we didn't obey anything!
Take a look at my latest reply at original post.

Remember  that this airdrop is not from your collateral, it is from reserved funds. The allocation to BTS is proportionally to the sum BTS of the total holders, regardless of what proposal.

Can BTS that is locked up in a margin order be included in the snapshot? My gut tells me, probably not. Unless you were to take the initial BTS put up as collateral from each side of the trade?

If not, will BTS locked up in orders as collateral be excluded from the total supply the 35% allocation is honoring?

yes, as you described, market orders will not be included, the exactly definition would be the balance records in balance db (the balance you see in your wallet).
This will kill the market.

We are currently evaluating this, and after a few tests, we may honor the market orders (_ask_db, _bid_db, _short_odb, _collateral_db) if the tests showing that it's OK to do so.

中文(Chinese) / BitShares PLAY分配方案
« on: November 08, 2014, 10:10:54 am »

初始和最大总量都是 20亿

BTS 持有人 35%

[更新] BTS 市场挂单和抵押中的BTS也可以分到PLAY,抵押将会根据当前的市场价格分给做空者或做多者
[更新] PLAY在BTS链上拍照时间为2014-12-08  12:00PM (UTC),详细细节:

AGS 持有人 10%
从北京时间2014年11月6日上午8时前的最后一个块进行快照,持有人只需保存好私钥,导入BitShares Play钱包中申领。

PTS 持有人 10%
从北京时间2014年11月6日上午8时前的最后一个块进行快照,持有人只需保存好私钥,导入BitShares Play钱包中申领。

预售 20%

研发团队 15%

储备金 10%

想要了解关于BitShares PLAY的更多细节,请访问

DAC PLAY / Official Announcement for BitShares PLAY Allocation
« on: November 08, 2014, 09:55:13 am »
Initial and maximum total supply is 2 billion.

1. BTS holders 35%
The block to take the snapshot on BTS undecided, BTS being the SuperDAC after the merger. The number of the block will be published after BTS being launched.
To simplify this, the block the merge happening is preferred to be the one BitShares PLAY honoring, but this depend on the details plan from BTS, we need to get the exact snapshot time so that we can inform the exchanges to take snapshot too.

[Update] Market orders and collateral on market will also be honored too, the allocation to collateral will be divided between long and short according to current price feed.
[Update] Snapshot on BTS will be taken on 2014-12-08, details:

2. AGS holders 10%

3. PTS holders 10%
The block to take the snapshot on PTS is on November 5, 2014. This is also the anniversary snapshot for both BTS and PLAY.

4. Product Crowdfunding 20%
The start time and details will be announced later, please stay tuned.

5. Development and Marketing 15%
Long-term development, including a part to cover costs in pre-launch period.

6. Reserved Funds 10%
Reserved fund is for specific purposes including Faucet, Business Development, Game Incubation, long-term ecosystem building. Reserved Fund will be locked on initial launch, and will be linear unlocked monthly after launch in 1 year.

Please refer for details.

中文(Chinese) / BitShares PLAY白皮书后补—最新设计变化必读
« on: November 08, 2014, 07:56:05 am »
几乎所有的价值创造来追根溯源都源自于人类的基本需求,对于BitShares PLAY所专注的游戏领域来说,游戏玩家的需求也可以分为几类,基于风险回报或运气的需求,和娱乐体验和成就感的需求。前者注重投入回报的比较,而后者更类似于购买消费或社交活动。


对于BitShares PLAY本身来言,作为一个去中心化网络和技术,本无需关心不同价值观的差别,但是从一个游戏平台和游戏DAC的角度来说,不同的设计会对其所支持的游戏种类有不同的影响。对于BitShares PLAY来说,最主要的愿景是通过技术创新让游戏社区和加密社区碰撞出火花,所以不同的价值观点的冲突既非我们所关心,也非我们应该专注去解决的问题。所以从BitShares PLAY的角度来说,我们选择支持消费增值类游戏,而非博彩类游戏。



至此,我们可以看到在BitShares PLAY中的模型得以简化和统一,一个去中心化的游戏商城和一个去中心化的游戏二手市场。游戏商城中的游戏分为On-chain和off-chain(传统)游戏两种,区别在于定价方式和是否基于信用。On-chain的游戏,指的是那些游戏的所有规则,至少是游戏的经济模型是放在blockchain上的游戏,定价模型则是基于历史收入和当前游戏币总供应量。 而传统(off-chain)的游戏定价则是完全由游戏发布者决定和更新,其所销售的游戏币价值也取决于发布者的信用,而DAC将会设计反馈监督规则来防止欺诈的发生。即使对于传统类游戏来说,DAC无人运行公司的介入带来的优势依旧是无可比拟的,这些优势主要包括,去除中介人(意味着风险降低,成本减少),透明度,开放和自动化程度。

对于大规模普及,则需要一个像BitShares Music的PeerTracks一样的传统平台来推动发展,playshare.io就是这样一个平台。就像以前说的,这样的平台只是作为PLAY这个去中心化网络其中的一个节点而存在,就像BitPay之于Bitcoin,任何人都可以搭建类似的平台,这个网络本身是去中心化和基于开放协议的。PLAY将倾向于选择类似于BitPay类似的模型来解决价格波动性的问题,而非使用类似BitUSD的模型。关于这两个优劣仁者见仁,智者见智,而playshare.io做出这个选择的原因无非是因为BitPay的模型更容易传播和理解,并且只需保持适度的灵活性,当BitUSD模型成熟之后再迁移至其中的难度也并非那么大。

感谢Gulu, Clar, HeyD, Boombastic花时间与我讨论,以促成这篇后补

DAC PLAY / A DAC become a decentralized marketplace for games props
« on: November 07, 2014, 07:12:49 am »
What's the weak points to implement such a decentralized marketplace. The advantage of blockchain and DAC is that it is transparent/proven fair, and good at accounting& ledger, but in the mean time for such a marketplace, we still need manned force to integrate and prevent fraud.

A different approach would using a central platform to organize the contents, but using blockchain&DAC for the ledger and transparency, which is good for building marketing force and trade market. The blockchain can also be used to record gamer IDs, credits points, payments, tokenization of game coins/props(transfer purpose etc.).

It is no doubt that a lot of advantages can be borrow to this industry, but still not convinced for the game publisher will be interested in this, too complicated or too hard to integrate. How could we decentralize in this approach?

DAC PLAY / Tradable Software License As Asset?
« on: November 04, 2014, 03:07:29 pm »
People need to pay some money to buy softwares, but sometimes the bought software copy can not be shared to others even if I do want to use it anymore. This could prevent people try and buy unknown new softwares.

But what if these software copy can be trade or sell to others later? People will not hesitate to try new softwares even if they need to buy it, because they can easily sell it in market which is also supported by game/software providers. This model will increase their sale record and help them to discover the optimal price, why not?

With the support from game providers, user experience will not be a problem for normal users.



BitShares Play具体的分配方案近期会公布

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