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MemoryCoin / Amazon EC2 Cloud Mining Guide
« on: February 13, 2014, 06:48:33 pm »
Hi there,
I saw a couple of posts asking for this, so I made a quick AMI (Amazon Machine Image) + tutorial for easily mining MMC on Amazon EC2.

Note that it is your own responsibility to calculate the profitability of such mining in relation to the current spot price on Amazon.

1. Login to your AWS management console and choose N.Virginia (usually cheapest), Oregon or N. California

2. Choose "AMIs" from the left side menu.

3. Change the "Owned by me" filter to "Public images" and enter the AMI id according to the region you selected:
N. Virginiaami-0367636a

N. California

4. Verify that you see an AMI called "MemoryCoin Mining Rig" with the corresponding AMI-ID.

5. Right click it and choose "Spot Request".

6. On the left Choose "Compute Optimized" and then on the servers list choose cc2.8xlarge and click "Next: Configure Instance Details"

7. Choose the number of instances you want to run and the maximum price per hour you are willing to pay. To calculate how much you should pay use Agran's profit calculator. This server generates approx. 34 HPM. Also take into account the current low BTC rate and the very low MMC rate that I believe (This is not an advice!) both would go up significantly in the near future.

8. Review and Launch -> Launch.

9. Create a key pair if you don't have one AND SAVE THIS FILE as you will need it to access the server. Mark the "I Acknowledge..." checkbox and choose "Request Spot Instance".

10. "View Spot Requests" and wait for your spot request to be fulfilled.

11. When it is fulfilled you can choose "Instances" from the left side menu and wait a few seconds until the server initializes to see it in the list.

12. Connect to the server either via Putty (after using PuttyGen to convert the key to a .ppk file) or directly in the browser via the Java SSH client Amazon offers or any other SSH client of your choice.

13. Run "top" and you should see yam at the top of the list. If you do, all is well and all that remains is to edit the cfg file with your wallet address and restart the miner. Click ctrl+c to quit top.

14. Run: "sudo nano /yam-mmc.cfg" Enter your wallet address instead of the one appearing in the file (shift+insert is paste in linux).

15. Click Ctrl + O to save the file and then Ctrl + X to quit nano.

16. run top again and note the process number of yam (the number under "PID" on the left. Ctrl + c to quit top.

17. Run "sudo kill -9 <PID>" where <PID> is the process id of yam you've noted on the previous step (for example: "sudo kill -9 720")

18. Now we're all set to start mining! Run: "sudo /etc/init.d/" and note the message that says you can see the progress by looking at "/var/log/mmc-mine.log"

19. You're mining MMCs! As the message says, you can view the ongoing progress by checking the log file. You can do that, for example, by running: "less /var/log/mmc-mine.log" (Click shift+f to view the ongoing log).

20. You can safely quit the SSH window and it will continue mining until your spot request is terminated.

21. (This is what I do and is not an official advice  :P ) Don't sell your newly acquired MMCs for low!!! Keep them to get more value.


MemoryCoin / Vote for MMC on Cryptsy
« on: February 11, 2014, 09:20:15 am »
In the last hour we've received a flood of votes on Cryptsy.
Let's keep the momentum up!
Please vote if you haven't done so yet:
(press like and comment)

MemoryCoin / [JOB] Video Creation
« on: February 08, 2014, 05:53:17 pm »
Anyone interested in a paid job to help me create a nice video about MemoryCoin?

More details here or via PM.

Skill needed:
Ability to edit video (screenshots + text on top)


MemoryCoin / Yam Miner - M7K Performance Thread
« on: February 05, 2014, 12:06:12 pm »
Hi all,
We would like to update our wiki with the updated values for Yam Miner.

Please post your full power stats with Yam Miner:
CPU, total RAM given to the miner and HPM (also, any other info like AV if you know what it is...)


MemoryCoin / [JOB] WordPress Specialist/Designer Needed
« on: February 04, 2014, 01:06:11 pm »
If you're a WordPress guru and can help us with our website please PM me for a paid project.
EDIT: Not only a paid project but also the possibility for a paid daily work (site admin).


MemoryCoin / - Vote for MMC!
« on: February 03, 2014, 05:34:35 am »

Please vote for MemoryCoin on's poll.
What they do is convert fiat money into crypto-currencies and having MemoryCoin there would increase the coin's recognition and value.
Take the 2 seconds to choose MMC please.

Thank you

MemoryCoin / [JOB - 100 MMC] Write an Article about MemoryCoin
« on: February 02, 2014, 06:13:55 am »
Hi there,
I would like the help of a talented writer from the community to write an article about MemoryCoin.
The article should point the unique features of MMC and also talk about the donations made so far.

More info via PM (or here for general questions).
I need it ASAP so quickly respond if you're interested.

Thank you.

MemoryCoin / [Charity] Donations Made - 8500 MMCs Sent!
« on: January 30, 2014, 06:30:50 pm »
Hi all,
donschoe just sent me 10,000 MMCs (Thanks, Don!) so I can do the first round for him.
Hopefully he will get back to us on the next donation round and I'd be happy to assist then as well.
In the sake of absolute transparency here's all the info:

Wallet Address I'm donating from: MDonateiTdMCBd2GFjx8nUmEgzv2gJUPn2

CharityDonation in MMC
Songs Of Love3500 MMC
Peace Geeks3000 MMC
Save the GreyHounds1000 MMC
Spices500 MMC
Hotizontality200 MMC
Alternatifbilisim300 MMC

I've left 1500 MMCs in the wallet for a few more charities that are supposed to join us next week.
If anyone wants the logic behind this division, please ask.
*Feeling Good* :)
Thank you

I'm thrilled to announce the addition of a great charity (my personal favorite so far).
They will add us to the site soon.
Their wallet address (NON VOTABLE!) is

I will invite John from Songs of Love to this thread to write some words about his great work (you can watch the 60 minutes show about Songs of Love on their website)


MemoryCoin / Constructive Criticism + Suggestions
« on: January 29, 2014, 09:53:12 am »
Hello all,
I would like to hear what the community thinks ALL office(r)s should invest time in.
I want to hear what you think is missing, what can be improved, what features you'd like to see, everything.
I'll then try to match the suggestions to the appropriate CxO and it will be their decision how to prioritize it.

Another charity is accepting MMCs directly:

I'll ask the CEO of this charity to write a short intro here.

EDIT: As you can see on their homepage, their wallet address is NOT VOTABLE. MJBAPCsB5H5YC6S8n7oR2im5SQPdc6bqyB

Hi all,
We need NEW testers for our pools.
Join MMCPool / DwarfPool for at least 5 hours and we will pay you for your time - 4 MMC extra to what you earn via mining!

1. Download the latest MemoryCoin wallet (if you haven't done so yet). The latest version is v0.8.582.0
2. Choose Mining -> Launch Pool Miner
3. After a while, make sure you're visible here: WALLET ADDRES or here: WALLET ADDRESS
4. Post this link with your wallet address here

You have to be a brand new user to these pools.

Thanks for helping!

MemoryCoin / [Android] MemoryCoin Price Ticker Widget & Alerts - Live
« on: January 27, 2014, 02:49:32 am »
Hi all,
If you have an Android device feel free to download the app I've just released:

I've created a new Android developer account for MMC and I plan on adding more and more apps.
Like I wrote in a different thread that was trolled and got out of context - I would like to hear suggestions for additional Android apps YOU would like to see.
Anything goes! Even the craziest stuff - I don't promise I'll do it, but as I wrote - I'll prioritize according to the strong marketing possibilities / uniqueness / media attention grabbing potential of the suggestions.

*NOTE: If you liked the app, please give it 5 stars on Google Play to encourage more downloads
*NOTE2: I've tested it quickly on some devices I have and Emre helped with his Nexus 4, but I didn't test it thoroughly and there might (will) be bugs :) Please let me know and I'll fix

Thanks and enjoy

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