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YOYOW / yoyow github repository
« on: June 14, 2018, 07:21:38 pm »
is there a public github repository with the yoyow core ? i searched a few times but was not able to find it. thanks.

This thread is open for discussion of the possible implementation of BSIP37 to allow numbers at the end of asset names:

feedback is very welcome. thanks.

This thread is for discussion of a new proposed BSIP:

Any feedback/comment is appreciated. Will be good to include this in the next hardfork id BSIP is approved.


Stakeholder Proposals / escrow - to burn or not to burn
« on: January 04, 2018, 02:59:22 pm »
Current worker alfredo garcia is ending in 4 days and i already submitted a new one(,75.0.html). There were hard times where bitshares price was so low that the worker was very tight on getting the bitusd needed to pay for the worker but it was always possible to do the payment.

With the recent increase of price of bts the current worker haves enough to liquidate the last payment and burn the rest. In conversation with the escrow group i was proposing that maybe keep that bts as a backup as with the current prices the new worker will be only claiming 715 bts per day with the 2.5 multiplier to cover fluctuations.

As i trust bitshares to keep growing i didn't wanted to change the 2.5 but we had mixed feelings in regards to keep what the current worker is making as a backup or if just burn it back now. All assuming the new worker gets voted in, this thread is open to discuss if:

- keep the extra bts after liquidation of the current worker as backup(even possible to buy bitusd now and lock the payment of 3 months).
- burn back to the chain everything remaining and start fresh with the new worker. If price goes against us, a new worker proposal will be submitted to cover the difference.


I submitted a new worker proposal for the first half of 2018. basically is a renew of the current one that is about to expire in 4 days. here are the details:

General Discussion / Bitshares Account History Exporter
« on: December 29, 2017, 12:07:50 am »
By community demand here is a full account exporter tool:

Code for the demo is open source at:

Basically it is a php that connects to an elasticsearch wrapper( at index.php the rest is stuff to make the form a bit prettier.

Results in CSV only available by now and not very user friendly. Looking for good feedback, can open issues at the github

Thank you all.

Technical Note: Service can go down as es-wrapper is running by flask and need to run behind nginx to handle high traffic. I am working on putting all the wrappers behind nginx to make the tools more stable.

General Discussion / open sourcing the explorer.
« on: December 18, 2017, 10:17:25 pm »
new unthemed opensource candidate online version:

i am releasing an open source version of the explorer. to refresh, i made an initial mistake and used a purchased theme to make the project and now i removed all theme related stuff to make an open source version(much more harder to do than to say). i am sharing the 3 private repos in order to make sure the MIT version is good enough to don't bring any license trouble to bitshares.

after trying to contact the vendor by email asking how much he will charge to release the code under MIT without response i actually started a new project using and added my code  into it, i followed some of the original purchased template rules like using grunt, bower and such but everything could be done without the theme in the first place so i think it should be fine.

just trying to make sure by having more eyes watching it.

- original theme: - online:
- explorer with theme: - online:
- explorer unthemed: - online:

if you think you can collaborate with this please drop me your github user and ill add you as collaborator of the 3 repos. i need to release the code of this asap.

thank you very much.

Stakeholder Proposals / Hardfork schedule proposal
« on: August 13, 2017, 06:16:07 pm »
I identified 4 big groups of issues that require hardfork and added them in the form of milestones:

We have 27 issues that require hardfork, no dates had been added but the plan is to discuss and add dates to them. i think we should do BSIP018 first but i leave this for shareholders/community consideration. We should maybe try to add more issues to the BSIP018 fork.

Please feel free to change/suggest changes, this is just one form of identify and separate the hardfork issues but may not be the best.

Hi all, as some of you maybe already know by thread:,23698.0.html i had plans since a while on submitting my own worker proposal for the next half of 2017.

Proposal 1.14.55

Details at:

I used [member=120]xeroc[/member] multisig scheme to get paid in bitusd. I am looking for escrows, this are respectable community members that will hold the funds and vest to worker making  the whole process more secure for everybody. is needed to have a few of them. if anyone want to be part of that please let me know, i will appreciate a lot.

i don't have idea if it will be accepted, lot of uncertainty on my side right now. but the only way to know i guess is trying so here it is.

Now the proposal is public the document no further change will be made. the only addition from now on is to add the escrow accounts.

Any question, suggestion, whatever please let me know.

Wish me luck, vote for it if you can, will not regret.

looking to make the second half of the 2017 more successful than the first with hard work :)

As some of you already know, the following is a development version of a new blockchain explorer i had been working on:

The thread purpose is to discuss what the community will like to see in the different sections of the explorer. Please note this is a pure dev version with bugs all around that i will be fixing, there is no guarantee the explorer will be up all the time either in this stage specially while making changes.

The technology behind and all that will be explained but i will like to get more input in regards to what to put here and there, ill take care by now on how to do it.

This is an open source project that will be uploaded fully to github with mit licence. The full code is not uploaded yet because it is messy to present it in the community. All code will be uploaded to:

With that said, lets start by making suggestions to the dashboard, here is a pic of what we have now:

We have 4 indicator boxes:
- block number - updated as operations came in real time, i think this is important and should stay.
- new users: is the accounts that the bitshares network made since the last maintenance time up to now. change to ?
- bts market cap. change to?
- 24 hs volume of bts/btc. change to ?

then we have the operation types chart. the plan was to have the types in current maintenance interval plotted but not sure if is relevant.

options can be:
- keep the chart. this is the dashboard, if we keep the chart there it needs to plot the most relevant data a bitshares user may want to see.
- chart can be removed and replaced with 4 more indicators. if so, what will be the complete list of 8 indicators the community will like to see here?

i don't suggest more than 8 indicators(or 4 and the chart) as it will push the real time operations table too much to the bottom of the page.

the operations table of the dashboard:
- i think it should stay as it is but open to suggestions to add/remove any column.

operation colors:

- the full list can be seen here:

if anyone want to suggest the operation colors please send color for each op in hex format(#FFFFFF = white).

there is a lot to do but lets try to go over the dashboard first and move on section by section.

thank you very much for reading.

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