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a bug was found that caused the halt. working on it, patch should be out soon.

General Discussion / Re: suggest to disable forcesettlement for bitCNY
« on: November 07, 2018, 11:50:51 pm »
Without having an opinion in regards BSIP42 and related as they are beyond my understanding I really hope that the efforts from @abit are appreciated as i am sure he want the best for Bitshares as a whole. By what i saw in the last time his position and also @bitcrab are target of constant attacks, for the good of all us I hope rational consensus is achieved in this subjects that will allow bitshares to grow in the stable coin aspect, one of the most important pieces of our blockchain.

I believe Bitshares have the technology, experience and everything needed to be number 1 in the stable coin market, for this we should fight together as a community or die trying  :)

Please don't get me wrong, i do think is a good idea to have ways to visualize the data with good graphics, API calls and others.

However, the worker do not consider there is already a framework available to do it, can be communication problems, last changes to make it all possible are relatively new, etc.

Another issue i have with this worker is the price, even if you have to make it all from scratch i think the worker price is at least 3 times above common sense.

I will be happy to support a worker that consider this 2 points.

If you want to get how much asset was issued in a period of time you can filter the elasticsearch operations by operation_type 14(ASSET ISSUE) and by  operation_history.op_object.asset_to_issue.asset_id in a period of time, please check this link:!(_source),index:'357b9f60-d5f8-11e8-bb51-9583fd938437',interval:auto,query:(language:lucene,query:'operation_type:%2014'),sort:!(block_data.block_time,desc))

If you want to go after the feed prices of a smart asset you can filter by operation type 19 and smart asset id:!(_source),index:'357b9f60-d5f8-11e8-bb51-9583fd938437',interval:auto,query:(language:lucene,query:'operation_type:%2019%20AND%20%20operation_history.op_object.asset_id:%201.3.113'),sort:!(block_data.block_time,desc))

In both kibana links you can change the timeframe in the upper right.

If you want to get market price changes you can go after the fill order and so on.

Also, when operations are not enough there is the es_objects plugin that will allow to export certain(currently predefined) specific objects; however i am making some changes to try to make it work with any blockchain object so for example you could get the internal ticker objects for a pair and get the current and past market prices from there.

I strongly believe that those 2 plugins are in the same direction you want to go.

In general i don't agree with this worker, here are some reasons:

- Cost. It cost almost 300k usd(288000 usd to be exact to do it).
- Limited. It is database specific, a new worker may came in saying mongodb or whatever is better for their specific needs.
- Closed to participate. No one except the team can participate in the development.
- Closed source. It don't says anything that all the work will be open source and MIT license. Will be open source and inside the bitshares organization ?
- Reinvent the wheel. The Elasticsearch plugin is working great and have all the data needed, the synchronization time is of 20 hours according to a last report, all the data inside operations is structured and available. That cost 0 to bitshares as it is already done. Doing the same from scratch using another database by a new team is IMHO a waste of resources. The core team, with the accumulated experience can do a postgres plugin in extremely reduced time if that is what the community needs. Also, the core team can pay a team or individual to do the plugin as plugins are core work and will need review and approval from core team members.
- Benefit. Besides having some better visualizations of some data which i think is important i don't see any other real benefit of the proposal.

In my opinion i will like to see some day a general worker that will do this and others in a bounty style, most of the API links mentioned are not being developed because there is  no funding to get developers on board. There is already a ruby project for bitshares at not being improved because of lack of funding, among many other dead projects.

I think that bitshares needs a worker proposal similar to the core worker where teams and individuals can participate in the development of different tools of the bitshares ecosystem.

It honestly looks to me like reinventing the wheel after all the work it has been done in this particular regard, discard everything and start from scratch instead of build on top of previous tools to save time, resources and advance.

Just my personal opinion, i don't have any voting power or influence to decide what is accepted or not.

voted for this one as i think is definitely a good idea to have bitshares exposed in this event.

is there any plan to send cards to south america again anytime in the future ?

For stakeholder info. With the supplemental worker me and the escrow group were able to cover all the debt and burn back to the chain 42,585 BTS. This was done 2018-07-27.
Operation can be seen at

and worker account full details:

Stakeholder Proposals / Re: [Worker Proposal] Bitshares UI Renewal
« on: July 25, 2018, 07:41:25 pm »
fully support this worker. voted for it.

there are obvious reasons for me to support it, i already know the team, it is the reference wallet, work here must continue.

but most important is that i was impressed with the improvements on the light wallet in the last time. i had an old version and installed the last just today, changes are notorious and all for good, everything i tried worked, something that was not the case time ago.

keep up the good work!

i like the idea of having more infrastructure with official worldwide nodes as proposed.

a few points to consider:
- there is no node in south america. i understand blockchain usage in general is not so popular here as other continents, still i think a node in Brazil or Argentina can bring some value.
- will you consider on hosting 1 elasticsearch node ? i think that if the wallet start using the feature we might need 1 more official node available(there is already 1 up from the BBF infrastructure worker rest is community members aka @clockwork).

price looks reasonable and APAsia already have a reputation in the community, i think it will go throw.

pd: also no node in Africa where the usage is probably even less than South America. Node in Hong Kong ?

As it was expected the price of BTS remained low the whole period so i had no option to submit a supplement worker to get the funds needed to pay the debt.

The details of this are here:

Worker id is: 1.14.110 and it is now available for voting.

Please let me know any question, it is important this to be approved, get the payments done and burn the rest the most quickly as possible to don't interfere with  other worker and to don't speculate on the price further. This is why the worker is short duration(5 days) and asking 20,000 BTS per day(for a total of 100,000 BTS) that should be enough to cover everything.

I am moving into the bitshares-core team worker as in different talks with several community members i concluded it will be the best path to take.

I want to thank all the stakeholders, proxies, community in general that always supported me, i will make a new post with some closing notes after all this gets solved.

Thanks again.

just tried and it is working fine. make sure you use your account id(1.2.X) and not your name. should work.

This worker provokes me different sensations.

In one side, i strongly think a full redesign as proposed here is what bitshares needs. Since the beginning of the web front ends change all the time as technology advances in the field. All big players makes a full redesign of their web page once every 2 or 3 years. Start from scratch with a new foundation and direction can be the best thing to do if current foundation is obsolete.

For what i see in the audit and worker link it seems to me this team are professional enough to do the job.

In my humble opinion if we end up with a new modern UI as proposed the impact in BTS price will be direct, something stakeholders will want.

In the other hand, this particular worker does not end with a single line of code but just a (very valuable) preparation of what the team can do in a second worker, it kind of force the stakeholders to vote for this worker and the next one(no price yet).  Stakeholders need to think in at least double price(and double time) to get the final product.

Another thing that i think it could be handled a bit better is to create some sort of cooperation with the current UI worker, i understand that for the team having all in house is more efficient but we have current employees with their worker proposal expiring right now and with no possibility of joining the new project.

I understand this is a free market, competition is good but as part of the bitshares-core team, if a new worker proposal of this kind came into the core, i will maybe accept it but i will definitely don't like it.

Even with that, this stage of preparation will mean that everybody will be keep using the current UI for a while, this should give enough time to settle this things.

Great job overall, i like this worker and i will be probably voting it, i can offer myself as an escrow if needed, i am not a committee member but i am well known in the community.

General Discussion / Re: Bitshares Account History Exporter
« on: June 17, 2018, 11:57:47 am »
Thanks for this great tool. It works very well.

Is there also a way to automatically convert the displayed trades into a better format? Only asset IDs etc. are displayed (not the coin names) and therefore do not directly show the trades.

I have to declare every single trade for tax purposes. Thus typical entries like Buy 1 ETH for xxx BTC... would be important.

let me see what i can do, ill update in the next days.

Hello stakeholders, it had been a while since my last update in my worker thread, i have a few announcements that i will like to share.

As noticed i stopped to update the thread bi weekly with work done. The reason for this is that making the report takes too much time to collect the info, it can be easily obtained by following my github account, telegram channel or msg me or others directly. With the new bitshares-core worker proposal @fox is updating the community more professionally than what i can do. In short, spend for example a morning creating a report with github links dont have much value as invest that time working on an issue, a document, helping someone, etc and i think the community will prefer that too. Please anyone with an objection to that let me know, i will be happy to assist on how the info can be obtained.

Next, this worker was created when price of BTS was at the top of 0.8 against the dollar. Worker haves protection of 2.5 multiplier so with BTS at around 0.35 worker is fine to cover the monthly payment. As the reader may know, this is pretty far to be the case in the last time so worker i having problems to pay. Some payments were made but it is pretty much behind.

Thanks to the bitshares-core proposal and my contributions of a few hours in there i am getting some additional USD, plus some money i had from before i can say i am fine in this moment. I am not in a rush to get paid. So what i will prefer to do is to wait some more and don't buy USD now and speculate with saving some money to the blockchain with a higher BTS price.

It is very probable that this worker is going to need a helper worker proposal to pay the debt, however the plan will be to keep the BTS now looking for an increase in price to pay a good part of the debt or, at the end, just buy the USD we can and add the helper worker.

Idea is to avoid the helper worker completely or make it the smallest possible. I asked the worker escrow group and they agree. As a reminder, the escrow group for this worker is: @xeroc, @svk, @fox, @elmato and @valentin.

Please any suggestion/objection against this plan of action let me know.

Finally, when the worker expires my idea is to keep working in bitshares. I have the option to be part of the bitshares-core team or propose a new worker. Not fully decided yet, idea is to try to continue for the same money without being a charge to the bitshares-core proposal. The best and easier for all is what i will be seeking. Will update on that, there is still time, current worker expires 22 of July.

Thank you for reading.

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