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almost forgot to place some updates here.

i started to code a bitshares blockchain explorer in this last week and i invested most of time on that. the details can be found in the bitshares explorer post at:,24097.0.html

all updates in regards to the blockchain explorer will go in that thread.

as the community is really needing an opensource blockchain explorer i decided to take this past week to get the project started.  even that i was fully in the explorer there were a few core issues where i was involved:
tested, closed, false alarm.

several issues related to the node memory were updated and discussed this last week as, the main memory discussion issue in github is at:

@pmconrad made a pull request to add partial operations support to the node(
@abitmore is propossing a node setup where only the last X transactions or blocks from an account may be returned.
[member=7312]ElMato[/member] and I were discussing in telegram alternatives to export the history data to some kind of database. this will also release the nodes from memory usage.
this is a great addition by @pmconrad that allows to disable/enable plugins from the command line. please note that in order to leave the history plugins our of a node and reduce memory the nodemaster need to edit code main.cpp witness_node file and comment them out, compile and run again.
the pr will allow to do this from command line, i am in the process of reviewing it for merging.

So this starting week i am getting back fully to the core issues and try to make some more significant advances.

don't worry about the payment, i already work for the chain and i will make this project included in that payment. it will be like my thesis before my worker proposal ends.

also want to do it because it will help a lot in my core work understanding and also because i am 100% sure i can do it the way the community need.

this is a repo with the python backend part for static calls. it is used by the explorer but it can be used for anything that want json response from the bitshares network, examples:

that is the easiest part, in this repository:
(empty now)

is going to be the angular explorer code with websocket connection for live updates and a basic theme.
i am working now on this and the code will be uploaded in the next days. open source.

purchased domain for explorer for a themed version:

please check there for progress, ill try to keep the site up the most time i can but please remember is still in development process so expect it to be down or non fully working at sometimes. i prefer in this case to show development site as the community can suggest things as we go.

[member=43274]oxarbitrage[/member] I think it's important to get the frame work out to an open source to allow others to chip in and improve it. But even though I would like to see an open source explorer soon, I think it is very important to work the core issues especially now with an increase of DEX users. If you can get that explorer out to public soon than that's great otherwise I think the core is more important atm.

thanks for the comment. open source, definitely, i just made the mistake of getting the template and developing in there to have something quick to show. but that can be separated so it will not be a problem.

what i think is that the block explorer after the first week should not take a huge amount of time from me and with the community helping with the open source release i think i should be able to handle it.

i do need to invest some time in order to organize and struct it in order to make a repo. my idea is to leave the explorer the most advanced i can in the next few days and on monday get back to the core and alternate with the explorer.

i will post all explorer updates in this thread.

let me know what do you guys think.

Looks promising. Big progress in 1 week also. It will benefit your core work for sure.

yes because it is not the same to use the core with wscat and command line tools than to actually making it throw a web app like this case. i actually found a bug in one of my own api calls i added to the core some months ago. so, yea, everything is kind of related.

guys i have a new open source explorer in development mode here:

it was discussed a bit in telegram.


- make open source. add repo etc.
- "easy" template changer(template of sample is purchased and may have problems to becoming opensource, functionality is fully mine and will be open).
- take suggestion and helps from the community to add/change/remove stuff.


- angular theme.
- angular websocket for live data.
- python backend for queries.

ill get into more details. let me know if you think i can take the bounty.

by now, in the proof of concept i spent 1 full week of work.

as you may know i get paid by the chain, i wanted to split the work between the core stuff and the explorer but it was impossible in the first week to make something functional i had to spend all the time and more.

i can work another full week on this and make big progress or i can split with the core issues and advance more slowly, whatever you think it is best.

any question please let me know.

Hi guys, here some updates of the last week of work, no new code was merged to the core this time but advance as always was done.


research on this issue revealed that the fix was already commited to master. [member=4854]vikram[/member] closed.


@pmconrad suggest to make the fees fully work in the  cashback_test, if the hardest option of the 3 presented last week. working on it.


significant amount of time of the week was invested in this issue: alternatives to dropping connections(witness shutdown). discussions were done in telegram. expect alternative is good enough for this purposes except that it can't retain command history, waiting for an issue close.


The following issues are in folder and they will be probably have answer in the next few days leading to possible closes and pull requests:


when i started to work in here by [member=30868]kenCode[/member] i saw the worker proposal for me, i had no idea of what it was, and it was going to be impossible for me to discuss the terms or setup one and get it voted in at that moment. Bitshares Munich did it.
Not much time later i realized that the idea was awesome, i saw other worker proposals like @sivek and [member=120]xeroc[/member] and i wanted to be like them in the future, have a worker proposal for good money that will keep me busy and stable for months while doing what i do best and what i enjoy more: hard coding work.
i agree in what it was stated before by [member=5080]Geneko[/member] , if a developer is speculating and winning like it is my case now then everything will be great, if a developer is speculating and losing he will probably need to move on. speculation is for people who haves money, that is why i think now that the worker proposal in bitusd could be a good option to consider specially for new developers trying to get in. but i do think that now, not when i started as i didn't even know what bitusd was at that point.

bitshares speculation for a developer is not pure speculation as you are an insider, you know whats going on and you have some idea that prices may go higher, yuou are actually helping to get the prices higher. for some developers that already know how bitshares works being in this kind of speculation may be very good, for someone outside the community it may be safer to have usd.  i personally believe in bitshares and for prices to keep raising.

anyways, it is a complex subject, i can help with my view but not much more than that.

Every week, i will post the most relevant tasks i worked on in the last 7 days. A few considerations:

- chats in the developer channels, dramas and such will not be reported unless an issue in github is opened or some big time consuming event is happening.
- working in the bitshares core is a challenge for me, all the testing needed after every change, all the research, takes an enormous amount of time even when the final result may be change 1 line of code or even none.
- issues in general end up being resolved in waves, it could be a week when not much more issues are actually closed or code merged, this issues can be all resolved in the next one with much more reports. Whatever is the case, with issues closed or not closed i will always post on what issues i am working on.

This issue was already replied but was rebumped by the following issue:

Working with @abitmore we created a new function for the cli wallet to get the relative history. This ended up with a pull request that was merged to the master here:

While doing this we found that the node call for get_relative_history was buggy, this was fixed in this pull request, also merged:


This function is of big importance for client side applications.


In another issue:

This was already researched also by me and replied to initial question but [member=120]xeroc[/member] asked if a result could be added to the operations that have missing results. A proof of concept was added here:

that proof of concept modifies the node get_block function to add a history object in the results of a transfer operation. This will be reviewed by @xerox when he gets the time. The pull request will not be merged as it is but it is the only way i have to show code changes to others.


A research in the cashback_test fee tests was done to be able to reply to that issue. 3 options were proposed to the developer community on how to proceed with the findings. This was a good issue to introduce myself into the bitshares test units.
I don't fully know all the core yet and the issues help to move over different parts and functionality.

i agree that future worker proposals by me or actually by anyone should be in usd. i never had the intention to speculate here, the fact is i found at with all this by pure luck. i have no problem on closing current proposal now and go with a new one if needed. in the other hand the extra compensation will be used to bring more value to the community by working more, much more happy. it is hard to quantify  this additional value in money but you can be sure i will be always grateful with this community and be forever loyal.

this is a new milestone in my life and my professional career that will definitely want to develop here, not only for the payment of the current worker, i made a commitment with myself pretty much since i started, i want to be here.

will i make the same work for less money ? a reasonable hourly rate ? probably. but living with a rope in the neck every month is hard and stressfull, the worker money at current bts prices will remove big pressure i have over my shoulders while at the same time finish my new office and buy new equipment. this will bring value, i am not going to be needing to make extra businesses for extra money, fully dedicated to bitshares with everything i have.

will i enjoy my new computer equipment to lets say watch a movie ? of course i will, but the important is that i will use it for work in bitshares, will improve productivity.

i don't want to spend more of your time on why i will like to leave the worker proposal as it is, it is obvious that i need/want the money but the decision is yours and whatever you decide i will agree with it.

hello guys, Alfredo here :)

[member=5080]Geneko[/member] is right, when i started the worker proposal was covering around 2 hours of my rate. Bitshares Munich hired me for 4 hours at first and then upgraded me full time. BTS price was growing but they had to put money at first. With current bitshares prices [member=30537]Chris[/member] decided to give me the full money up to today of the worker and i of course accepted it.  The rest of the worker at the end of it. This money is mine, very happy :)

I was hired by kencode while invoices always went to chris, i don't want to say much about the current drama as i actually don't know much more than what it is already public. i appreciate and respect both sides so i just hope they can find a solution, for the good of the community and because i have several colleagues in the bitshares munich that don't have the luck of having an active worker proposals and were working in bitshares munich private repos.

i hope the solution is finally near in order for this people to resume work. whatever is the result, if people is going to loose their jobs they better if they just know it but i hope no talent escapes as some people will be very hard to replace.

[member=30868]kenCode[/member] used to write about my advances on his weekly report, i will do it by myself now. i agree in weekly reports in a minimum we workers will have to do. there should be some kind of advances always in 1 week. My work is mainly in github core issues, all the coding action of the bitshares community is in github issues and developer telegram channel.

We have 90 issues open right now,  new issues coming in every day and the bts price gets higher more work is needed. Plenty of stuff to do and the group of core devs is very small. We do all we can every day, the people that already know me know this is true.

As i gain more experience i can make more bigger changes to the core, move faster in the issues, basically i am becoming a graphene blockchain expert.

Next post is the advances from my side for the last week, any question pls let me know.

General Discussion / Re: BitShares Seed Nodes
« on: March 01, 2017, 12:49:33 pm »
Last version was sent to master as pull request:

Seed Nodes:

+               "",   // wackou
 +               "",   // Thom
 +               "",   // Thom
 +               "",   // Thom
 +               "",            // roelandp (Canada)
 +               "",    // abit
 +               "",          // xeroc
 +               "",                // lafona
 +               ""               // Harvey

Lafona added a pull request with a node less than 24 hours ago and was merged so i included it.

General Discussion / Re: BitShares Seed Nodes
« on: February 28, 2017, 02:31:48 pm »

· github issue 5:
· Forum 1st post:,18908.0.html
· Forum updated post by vikram:,23715.0.html
· Bitshares nodes website:

This are the  working nodes we can have in the default list for a possible pull request:

Code: [Select]
vector<string> seeds = {
"", // wackou
"", // Thom
"", // Thom
"", // Thom
"", // roelandp (Canada)
"", // abit
"", // cyrano
" 1776" // pc

The rest of the working IP addresses working can be found at:


But we can't add it to the default list as we need the explicit authorization from the seed node owner, they can be private project nodes, they can be nodes of variable IP or port.

If you own a node that want to be included please post here.

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