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General Discussion / Re: new upgrades coming?
« on: November 30, 2017, 08:27:16 pm »
bitshares can be called a finished product in the fact that business are being made in the live blockchain as we speak, they had been done since a few years and they will keep going and growing in number, at least that is what we expect.

it is constantly being improved in all aspects too, development will never stop, there is always areas to improve. we do that every day but being extremely careful in the business that are already using bitshares so they don't get affected in negative ways by the improves.

General Discussion / Re: review for price feeding
« on: November 19, 2017, 03:07:32 pm »
just contacted [member=7312]ElMato[/member] to see if i can assist him with this or something.

I am surprised to so so little discussion about it ...

me too but it is close to approval at this moment, shareholders realize this is important. we need to have our own public infrastructure. the job is easier to quantify and measure progress than others.  confident it will get voted in.

the problem right now is that most nodes are "private" nodes created by third parties to do their stuff. they don't want/need to be fully public because they only want to host traffic for their business, not for all the businesses running in the chain.

i understand your concern and the bitshares foundation is after this with a new worker proposal , very close to be approved at this moment that actually want to create a public network of public api nodes between other things, read the full thing at

hope it can pass, it is something we need. voted.

Fellows, here the pull requests, issues, etc i was working on in the last 2 weeks:


- moved discussion about new features of worker proposal into a BSIP created by @billbutler at We closed and from the core discussions. Sent pull request to update technical aspects of the new BSIP:

- - added pull to include 15 mins, 30 mins and 4hs buckets, removing 15 seconds:

- reviewed [member=18687]abit[/member] code at, after some error fix we merged.

- opened issue for referral index. found bug when exploring referral available code for explorer. no fix yet - relative low priority as client can still loop throw all accounts.

- - after a lot of work the elasticsearch plugin has been finally merged to the develop branch.

- - added code to allow plugins to have descriptions. merged.

- - add curl as dependecy to documentation : and

- reviewed and merged to fix (doxygen issue with last stable debian)

- - tested, setted up tmp public node for interested parties to test in. changes were merged and the chart data from the core does not need any filtering anymore. can see it working at:

- merged docker files from [member=120]xeroc[/member]


- a pull request was submitted to FC to make bitshares project compile with newer version of boost(up to 1.63) - after testing we merged the solution.

- another pull address the compile problem of GCC 7.2. merged solution also:

- [member=18687]abit[/member] made the needed changes to reflect the new changes from bitshares-fc into bitshares-core. Tested and merged the whole solution:

- added documentation to include new supported versions of boost at and


- An issue in the explorer was making the python interface to crash when too much traffic are browsing the explorer at the same time. I was able to change the configuration of the backend to run under Nginx and with 4 processes. The explorer has been stable for the last 3 days with no crash so i hope this will be the end of this problem but i can add more processes if needed.

- i requested an increase of HD in one of the explorer servers as i need to run 2 nodes at the same time in the near future. One will serve what it is currently serving while the other will have elasticsearch plugin that will allow to bring lot of new features to the explorer. While everything could be done with 1 node with ES loaded it will be better if we keep current funcionality working so there is going to be a period of time while both nodes will be used.

- fixed chart data with new core changes, market charts now look as they should: without any filtering client side.

- added referral information to account page( Information includes by now count of referrals and account names. More info will be added. This is going after

I fully support [member=18687]abit[/member] , had been working with him since i started, very skilled and trustworthy.
he is currently one of the most active devs in the community and his voluntary contributions are huge. nobody deserves more than him to have an active worker proposal.

Release, we did.

After a lot of testing in our 3 branches(develop - testnet - master) we tagged a new release. This is the work of contributors on the last 3 months featuring lot of great work by [member=94]pc[/member]. thank you for all the work done in this time.

A special mention in the release are some last minute changes like the default config code: and the asset creation fee issue - . For this last issue we replicated the problem in the testnet then a patch in the form of softfork was added by [member=18687]abit[/member] and finally [member=94]pc[/member] made a definitive solution that was added to the release at the last minute.

Another last minute addition was a new plugin [member=94]pc[/member] created while fixing 429-433
this is a snapshot plugin that allow the user to create a full json formatted file that includes all the indexes from the entire blockchain at a selected block or date.

Many other last minute changes were added, check the release page for the details on whats included, the amount of work testing to make candidate, pre release and release was very significant but it is finally available.

The following issues are after release or non related to it:

- - closed.
- - closed - fix here:

- - version1 of elasticsearch plugin and documentation

This is a very needed plugin that will allow to close many issues related to the API and to run full nodes without all the RAM currently needed. V1 is a fully working version but it needs a lot of fine tuning before a merge. I already got the needed feedback to do this from the other bitshares devs and now the fine tuning is in process. Most of my work will be here in the next few weeks.

- Explorer - with the release and the elasticsearch plugin i was very focused in the core and left explorer abandoned a bit. Still some small progress was made in the assets page:, in the account page: and in the market page:
Ill try to revamp it this next weeks now that the release passed and the heavy work in the elasticsearch plugin too specially starting by adding referral stuff to the explorer ,  do some of the last requested changes at the assets page and

General Discussion / Re: How "OPEN" should we be?
« on: October 28, 2017, 06:10:36 pm »
and to me the most transparent and open the blockchain is, the best, it's an advantage against all traditional systems but that is just my view of it

Well, fortunately you can put your actions where your mouth is --

Would you be willing to share with everyone here your full name, residential address, any and all bank accounts you have, and if possible, provide by means of API access read-only access to all of your accounts so that any of us can trace all of your bank transactions?

If no API access is possible, don't despair - we'll settle for a screenshots of all your current balances, plus your last 5 tax returns.

Thank you, help make the world a better place.

if you have money in a blockchain your history is open. in bitshares the account history is already open to everyone that want to look. the plugin does not do anything than what it is already possible  with current api calls. where is the problem with the plugin ? i still don't get it.

General Discussion / Re: How "OPEN" should we be?
« on: October 28, 2017, 10:47:40 am »
i understand thomas concerns but i don't share them all. the short answer is to me bitshares is already fully open in regards to account history. 

and to me the most transparent and open the blockchain is, the best, it's an advantage against all traditional systems but that is just my view of it.

the best and more close shot  for privacy bitshares haves is the STEALTH development

anyways, [member=21490]Thom[/member] i hope we can still be friends besides this small difference :)

How do i get the licence to use bitshares logo?

There was someone today with the same concern about the logo licence and the community redirect the request to the approved spokesman we have, here is the answer he got by now:

"We are right now investigating and will try to confirm the exact  status.  Be back on this shortly".

Best Regards,
Annemieke Dirkes

Ill update you if i can get more info about it.

In regards to the wikipedia page i think it will be great to have if they allow us.  I will be happy to help however i don't know much about bitshares history as i was not here since the beginning and not a native english speaker.

How about also adding dpos page ?

i like this worker proposal, China is the place where bitshares is most used as far as i know and a perfect place for us to be making more businesses. I never make any input on worker proposal price as that depends on a lot of factors but i definitely think more businesses on top of our chain is what bitshares needs.

I understand the community ask for reports, some kind of reports will be needed but that will be just define a place where updates are posted regularly like on what presentations the worker  team was on, what business partners he is negotiating with, what business was convinced to came on board and so on.

I unfortunately don't know much of the people involved so i have to relay on what [member=23]bitcrab[/member] and @abitmore have to say about it.

my voting stake is very small and will not make a difference but i just voted for it. all the luck :)

Alfredo Garcia - Active worker - No NDA signed with anyone.

>:(alfredo Garcia
nesecito ayuda mi hermano conquien puedo hablar para arreglar algo en mi cuenta de bitsheres , sucede que traferi desde mi cuenta de coinbase , $523.00 dollares y lo tenia en mi cuenta y sucede que hacen dos dias le di a a lago que sellama withdrawal y  derepende mi dinero se de saparecio y ahora aparece en una cuenta que sellama openledger-wallet  pero quiero tranferir a mi cuenta y no me deja ahora cadave que quiero tranferir no puede por que medice que nesecito una authorisacion no se de quien y nesecito sacar mi dinero no me gusta ested systema de verda que no . porfavor te agradeseria su conce de alguien que me pueda ayudaR PORFAVOR , ME PUEDE escribir a mi correo [email protected]

parece ser algún problema específico con openledger. proba en el telegram de openledger en español si no sabes nada de ingles:
cualquier cosa enviame un mensaje privado ya que este no es el lugar para estas consultas en ningún idioma.

//////////// guy having an issue with a withdraw using openledger, sent him to openledger support telegram in spanish. out of topic for the thread.

last time he was simply not interested, was not a matter of offering more $. maybe that changed now, not sure.

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