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let me answer this @Spady007

in regards to the exporter, thanks for the notification. the elasticsearch server that the bitshares exporter uses to get data is at full disk so some of the last transactions are not getting inserted. i am requesting more disk at the server, then i need to replay the chain and will be working again, i'll update here.

1- for a list of assets if cryptofresh is down you can use complete list) or if you know the asset name or the id you can do or if you know the name do

2- there are some problems pretty often with cryptofresh but there is a private project, we cant do anything for it. as an alternative you may use other explorers like the built in explorer of the reference wallet, the already mentioned open explorer( or a new explorer project(

3- a list of operation number - operation name can be found at:

General Discussion / Re: Unfortunately, it seems clear to me ..
« on: March 17, 2018, 09:56:16 pm »
This will ultimately raise a few questions about the STEALTH token which is a FeeBacked Asset that has been given by Dan for the development of Stealth. If the backend devs where to continue its development using funds from the reserves, it would only be fair to re-evaluate how well those that currently hold STEALTH (those that have interest in its development and usage), performed in the last 2-3 years.
For me, it never made sense to work on STEALTH only so that some other people (STEALTH holders) can earn money of it.

thanks for the clarification, i didn't know it was like this.

also, with the new efforts from the BBF in being legally in order, i am unsure of the implications of full private transactions in that field.

i think @fox and the core team will have to review this item in the worker roadmap.

General Discussion / Re: Unfortunately, it seems clear to me ..
« on: March 17, 2018, 12:27:58 pm »
Confidential Transactions / Confidential Assets is an item in the new core worker proposal recently approved:

i think @fox is in conversations with @kencode in order to continue the development. don't have the details but i will not discard this feature.

General Discussion / Re: BTS dropped from Shapeshift? Alternatives?
« on: March 17, 2018, 12:23:00 pm »
i just add a msg in the spokesperson thread as according to the last report they are in communication with different exchanges.
we were delisted by a reason, cant remember why(techinical, legal, etc)

we need to at least have the problem with shafeshift identified.

The third report of the BBF was updated

i like the approach. what about start conversations with to get us back up ?

- bitrex: legal issues.
- poloniex: communication with them is impossible.
- shapeshift ?

I am trying to view my account activity
When I go to, I can see the first page of my activity but when I click on any other page, it comes back with a blank (it shows me total of 42 pages of activity)
Any suggestions?

seems there is a problem with the pagination . ill fix during this weekend among other things in the explorer. if you can pls submit an issue here as a reminder

thank you very much.

Stakeholder Proposals / Re: [Worker] - Ledger Nano S
« on: March 12, 2018, 01:31:07 pm »
contact @fox, the bitshares core manager, we need developers in the area, you can work on it under the existing worker.

General Discussion / Re: How to join the affiliate program?
« on: February 25, 2018, 10:15:23 pm »
to participate in the affiliate program you need to upgrade to lifetime member. from the wallet go to account -> membership.

you will see a button that says : Buy Lifetime Subscription

after you upgrade you will get a link in the same page: "Your referral link:"

Use the link for promotion in your banners, blog posts, newsletters, etc.

more info:

This thread is open for discussion of the possible implementation of BSIP37 to allow numbers at the end of asset names:

feedback is very welcome. thanks.

This thread is for discussion of a new proposed BSIP:

Any feedback/comment is appreciated. Will be good to include this in the next hardfork id BSIP is approved.


thank you and sure thing, i fully support what the foundation do even if my worker is not currently under it. more than happy if this report, future and past ones are added anywhere they can make it fit.

report of work done since the beginning of the new worker(22/01/2018) until today.

bitshares-core testing and reviews: - - reviewed and approved. - reviewed, tested and approved. - reviewed, tested, approved and merged. - reviewed, tested and approved. - reviewed, tested and approved. - reviewed, tested, approved and merged. - reviewed, tested, approved and merged. - reviewed, tested, approved and merged. - reviewed, tested, approved and merged. - reviewed, tested, approved and merged. - reviewed, tested, approved and merged. - reviewed, tested, approved and merged. - reviewed, tested, approved and merged. - reviewed, tested, approved and merged. - reviewed, tested, approved and merged. - reviewed, tested, approved and merged. - reviewed, tested and approved. - reviewing now. - requested some changes. - reviewing now.


- merge develop(release) into testnet
- bump the database
- update release ith db bump:
- approved merge release to master:
- doxyfile hotfix.

bitshares-core pull requests created:

- - attemped to make a pull for this( but it was bigger than expected, need hardfork and BSIP.
- attempt to create api call top markets but we had no reached consensus on the utility, normalizing of data and security of the call so by now it is in the freezer.
- work in progress refactor api calls
- extended version commands - merged.
- - merged.
- - merged.
- new api calls
- remove witness logs


- participate in the bitshares-ui repo when needed: -
- license discussion of fc:
- - resolved with ES.


- merged
- proposing framework doc for api nodes
- added doxygen documentation link to main readme
- updated doxyfile
- desdcription to FC repo
- doxygen to fc repo
- wiki updates at ,,, etc.

bsip participation:


python bitshares tools in oxarbitrage repo:

- - updated database schema, closed the issue.
- - changed spacing to unix among other clean up changes - merged.
- - merged.
- - refactorings merged.
- - line endings merged.
- - security merged.


- added to fix charts extremes.
- open sourced the explorer front end :
- oppen issues:
- closed issues:

i want to apologize with the stakeholders and community members in general because it had been close to 4 weeks now since my new worker proposal was approved and i promised reports here every 2 weeks that i didn't made yet. there are some reasons for this delay that i will like to enumerate:

- write this reports take time and the amount of work in the bitshares-core in the last month had been massive. as the days pass it is even harder to get all the info together on what was worked and i prefer to work fixing an issue than to actually spend time writing a report even if i know this is needed and in worker contract wrote by myself.

- the new upcoming worker proposal from @fox( will take care of informing the community about advances in the core. in talks with ryan about this, the reports about core work could be included in that worker but worker is coming out to voting much more later than i expected.

- the forum was down for about 1 week, this contributed to postpone the report writing.

none of this are excuses, just some facts.

all my activity is actually in github, i tried to find a tool that can simply get all my participation(pulls, comments, issues, wiki pages, merges, branches, etc) in a period of time for the repos i am involved in. i was not able to find such a tool, if someone known a tool that cab do it(commercial or free) please let me know.

in the meantime, i started to build a tool using github api that can get this info, this tool will be also of use for other workers and for github developers in general.

whatever is the case(with a tool or without it) i am posting the report of the last 4 weeks of work tomorrow Monday.

thanks for understanding and my apologizes again.

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