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Fully support the initiative.

General Discussion / Re: BitShares Online Summit - 10 OCT 2019
« on: September 25, 2019, 11:34:32 pm »
great, ill be there. thanks for organizing it @Fox and others involved in the event.

Put the core work in Chinese kids hands for 10 usd an hour and bitshares will probably be dead in a few months with luck independently of the price. The bitshares core haves the highest quality standards than any other graphene project, it is a very hard work for men(or woman), not for kids.


I am trying to defend the core team work, my apologies if i offended you. It is not a matter or where are the programmers from but more how old they are.

I will take this thread to express my opinion about what was discussed here and what is discussed also in related threads and other communication channels.

I do agree with bitcrab that bitshares is ill, we had been in downtrend for so long that we need to face trouble after trouble. The dumping of BTS we do with the workers systematically is currently making the overall situation to be worst.

Everybody haves different opinions on what is needed and what can be at least temporally suspended but some action should be taken to avoid the full collapse.

In my opinion , when waters calm down we should keep track of our profits, right now as far as i know fees are not enough to pay the witnesses. We should start by trying to make fees pay for the witnesses even if we dont do it that way as a measure of self sustainability without using the reserves. Then increase the profits the DAC makes. A higher BTS price will of course help.

As part of the core team i must say the worker i belong is one of the workers that takes a huge amount of the reserves so i suppose it will suffer, just as the rest. As i am inside the core team i know we are in the right direction with our development but the shareholders are the ones that should decide that.
We dont only bring new features that will be directly translated in more usage and fees collected but we also secure and optimize the network to make sure our technology can keep advancing and holding businesses of all kind.

It hurts me how the Chinese community think we are corrupt. It is true that the hour in the core is well paid but the reality those hours are generally for submitted code. I spend 12 hours a day working in Bitshares and some days i bill 0 of those hours as there was not work that could be presented to the community in github. A decrease of developer hour price will just make the developers to bill more hours. With a high hour price we can catch the best developers and guarantee the quality of the core.

I am going to tell this and i hope nobody get offended:

Put the core work in Chinese kids hands for 10 usd an hour and bitshares will probably be dead in a few months with luck independently of the price. The bitshares core haves the highest quality standards than any other graphene project, it is a very hard work for men(or woman), not for kids.

I added my vote to this, it will not help much but i hope is something.

It is pretty cheap when we compare with other conference sponshorship efforts and i will really like more cooperation between bitshares and steem.

It was pretty sad to see no one from steem in the graphene devcon in shanghai even if they were steem forks. At least with this we will be on one of their conferences.

If our community is successful building a business on top of htlc with bitshares and other chain(eos, gxchain, whatever) then steem will probably want to include some of our htlc code into their codebase.

General Discussion / Re: suggestion on bitCNY rules update after BSIP42
« on: December 29, 2018, 04:21:03 pm »
now 3&4 have been done.

the committee has changed the force settlement offset of bitCNY from 5% to 2%, this will ensure that the possible discount of bitCNY will be less than 2%.

BSIP41 has been implemented, MSSR of bitCNY has been changed from 1.1 to 1.05.

the community suffer shortage of bitCNY for long time, to realize 1&2 it will also cost much time to reach consensus, create specification and do the implementation.

I am considering to draft 2 BSIPs that need not hard fork, just need witnesses to adapt their feeding script, but can get the purpose of 1&2.

BSIP A: request witnesses to ensure the feed price be higher than the global settlement price, to avoid the global settlement to happen.

BSIP B: change MCR base on worker proposal based poll, a "change MCR to x" WP and a "No change to MCR"poll will be created and wait for voting, witnesses need to change the fed MCR accordingly.


In order to do B we need and hardfork or unintended margin calls will be(or not) triggered.

Stakeholder Proposals / Re: [Worker Proposal] CITADEL Desktop 2019
« on: December 29, 2018, 04:02:44 pm »
I think the bitshares blockchain, if the situation allows to do it, should fund this and other similar front ends for bitshares. IMHO specific and different software interacting with bitshares will get a greater number of people from different areas.

There will be people that will not use the reference ui to trade but maybe microdex, people that will not use the cli wallet but prefer for example citadel desktop and so on.

I like qt as it is cross platform, i was also thinking myself on a c++ cli wallet front end with qt. The initial idea i have is to interact with an rpc exposed cli_wallet backend, very basic. we can talk more about this.

We need to consider that a front end is always capable of making money by referring or registering users. So, the blockchain can maybe have some sort of "startup worker" that will give the worker a fixed X amount of bitusd(or whatever) and some bts to be used as faucet money.

In exchange bitshares will just request that the code is released under MIT. It will encourage workers to market their own products. The shareholders will of course :) only vote for the startups that will bring more benefit to the whole.

Just an idea ;)

By the way, you should post some screenshots so people can easy check what citadel is about.

a bug was found that caused the halt. working on it, patch should be out soon.

General Discussion / Re: suggest to disable forcesettlement for bitCNY
« on: November 07, 2018, 11:50:51 pm »
Without having an opinion in regards BSIP42 and related as they are beyond my understanding I really hope that the efforts from @abit are appreciated as i am sure he want the best for Bitshares as a whole. By what i saw in the last time his position and also @bitcrab are target of constant attacks, for the good of all us I hope rational consensus is achieved in this subjects that will allow bitshares to grow in the stable coin aspect, one of the most important pieces of our blockchain.

I believe Bitshares have the technology, experience and everything needed to be number 1 in the stable coin market, for this we should fight together as a community or die trying  :)

Please don't get me wrong, i do think is a good idea to have ways to visualize the data with good graphics, API calls and others.

However, the worker do not consider there is already a framework available to do it, can be communication problems, last changes to make it all possible are relatively new, etc.

Another issue i have with this worker is the price, even if you have to make it all from scratch i think the worker price is at least 3 times above common sense.

I will be happy to support a worker that consider this 2 points.

If you want to get how much asset was issued in a period of time you can filter the elasticsearch operations by operation_type 14(ASSET ISSUE) and by  operation_history.op_object.asset_to_issue.asset_id in a period of time, please check this link:!(_source),index:'357b9f60-d5f8-11e8-bb51-9583fd938437',interval:auto,query:(language:lucene,query:'operation_type:%2014'),sort:!(block_data.block_time,desc))

If you want to go after the feed prices of a smart asset you can filter by operation type 19 and smart asset id:!(_source),index:'357b9f60-d5f8-11e8-bb51-9583fd938437',interval:auto,query:(language:lucene,query:'operation_type:%2019%20AND%20%20operation_history.op_object.asset_id:%201.3.113'),sort:!(block_data.block_time,desc))

In both kibana links you can change the timeframe in the upper right.

If you want to get market price changes you can go after the fill order and so on.

Also, when operations are not enough there is the es_objects plugin that will allow to export certain(currently predefined) specific objects; however i am making some changes to try to make it work with any blockchain object so for example you could get the internal ticker objects for a pair and get the current and past market prices from there.

I strongly believe that those 2 plugins are in the same direction you want to go.

In general i don't agree with this worker, here are some reasons:

- Cost. It cost almost 300k usd(288000 usd to be exact to do it).
- Limited. It is database specific, a new worker may came in saying mongodb or whatever is better for their specific needs.
- Closed to participate. No one except the team can participate in the development.
- Closed source. It don't says anything that all the work will be open source and MIT license. Will be open source and inside the bitshares organization ?
- Reinvent the wheel. The Elasticsearch plugin is working great and have all the data needed, the synchronization time is of 20 hours according to a last report, all the data inside operations is structured and available. That cost 0 to bitshares as it is already done. Doing the same from scratch using another database by a new team is IMHO a waste of resources. The core team, with the accumulated experience can do a postgres plugin in extremely reduced time if that is what the community needs. Also, the core team can pay a team or individual to do the plugin as plugins are core work and will need review and approval from core team members.
- Benefit. Besides having some better visualizations of some data which i think is important i don't see any other real benefit of the proposal.

In my opinion i will like to see some day a general worker that will do this and others in a bounty style, most of the API links mentioned are not being developed because there is  no funding to get developers on board. There is already a ruby project for bitshares at not being improved because of lack of funding, among many other dead projects.

I think that bitshares needs a worker proposal similar to the core worker where teams and individuals can participate in the development of different tools of the bitshares ecosystem.

It honestly looks to me like reinventing the wheel after all the work it has been done in this particular regard, discard everything and start from scratch instead of build on top of previous tools to save time, resources and advance.

Just my personal opinion, i don't have any voting power or influence to decide what is accepted or not.

voted for this one as i think is definitely a good idea to have bitshares exposed in this event.

is there any plan to send cards to south america again anytime in the future ?

For stakeholder info. With the supplemental worker me and the escrow group were able to cover all the debt and burn back to the chain 42,585 BTS. This was done 2018-07-27.
Operation can be seen at

and worker account full details:

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