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found updates in the bitshares weekly report:[member=26934]MarkoPaasila[/member]/dexbot-progress-report-1


General Discussion / Re: Why FC library not a project ?
« on: February 06, 2018, 09:47:31 pm »
I agree that FC is hard, not documented and only used by graphene related projects. not only that, but every graphene project has it own version of FC, code can be "copied/cherrypicked" from one to the other but it is not a framework like boost where all the graphene use the same.

still, there are a few developers that had introduced some code in the last time into it, specific bugs had been fixed, bitshares-fc actually works with versions in the range of [1.57, 1.63], it used to work with up to 1.60 only a few months ago.

The development on it is slow as 1) it is not our top priority and 2) as stated, is complicated but it is not a dead project.

Inspired in this post i created a pull request to generate Doxygen documentation of FC at:

there is a huge cleanup and sanitation of the code of bitshares-fc also coming soon, under review now:

General Discussion / Re: open sourcing the explorer.
« on: February 06, 2018, 08:31:19 pm »
explorer front end code released under MIT.

Hi there, great stuff. I can help you with elasticsearch plugin or other issues. As i already made an explorer( i had passed some of the problems that you may faces. if you need me, just contact.

this worker seems to be active now, however it is 1 month after the pretended start date. will be good to know the team is still available and what are the steps to be taken now.


Stakeholder Proposals / Re: Proxy: xeroc
« on: February 01, 2018, 11:44:13 pm »
I've removed my support from committee-member `openledgerdc` since openledger started setting
a default voting proxy for its customers and breaks the long-standing social contract of no-voting
of exchanges with customer funds. This is unfortunate but OpenLedger wasn't able to present
sufficient motivations for this move and after discussion, couldn't be convinced to reconsider this

This is, of course, a personal opinion, but I cannot accept businesses to set default voting behavior
for its customers.

For those wondering, the `bitshareseurope` account which is set as default_proxy account, too, does
not vote.

This is good info for me. Not your personal opinion and decision as that is ... well, personal; but on my last worker proposal i asked Ronny if he can vote for it. Never got a response, i will take this opportunity to apologize for that, i didn't know how it was and i saw the account voting before i thought they were a new big proxy and tried to contact them as i did with all the rest.
I was also close to ask you for a vote with bitshareseurope when i realized it was yours, at the end it was not needed but i now know it will not be possible and why.

thank you for the transparency.

1.14.82 is wrong, asking for 20 bts per day.

1.14.83 is the good one :)

voted for it to continue the great work the UI team is doing.

Hello. I'm also trying to download all of my transactions in order to reconcile my account. I followed the above steps and it appeared to work. The issue is the CSV file has plenty of data, but not the simple data I'm looking for - such as fill price and amount of bts purchased.

Appreciate any help!

I'll be writing some Python tools to parse the CSV file into human-readable data, if that's any help. I'll come back here with a github link when/if I get the tools working in a publicly accessible way.

that will be awesome, i plan to improve it a bit but don't have the time so any help is very appreciated.

General Discussion / Re: Requesting New Explorer
« on: January 27, 2018, 08:22:32 pm »
there is also a new explorer:

Ok guys, sorry the delay. I had moved elasticsearch to a new node and now it is fully in sync and working. I changed the exporter to point to the new place, please try again:

I also increased the timeout to 60 seconds so big accounts can be downloaded without the need to go over it in chunks.

I confused at first with your account, thought it was biophil but i see now it is with 3782 operations.

I was able to download your account history now, sending the csv by email too but you can go ahead and try to download from the online tool.

thanks for the patience.

it's the server issue, i am configuring new server right now. will put the chain to sync in a bit and in some hours i will have you guys try the exporter again, everything should work fine.

you can see all your(and others) full account history in the open explorer by going to the account page like in the full account history section.
this uses a connection to a full traditional node.

then you can use also the csv exporter located here:

and use your account id(1.2.1361), start date need to be something before 2015-10 and end date now to get all the history for your account.

the account exporter is not very friendly in its output right now but it will get all the operations made in a period of time, some improvements will came out soon to make it compatible with for example by exporting only the fill orders in a friendly format.

the exporter is connected to an elasticsearch bitshares node, this node is having some problems in the last few days as the server where it is located cant handle it anymore so it can be slow to export or down when you try. if this is the case let me know and ill send you the csv as i already downloaded it for your account now that it is working.

the elasticsearch node is going to be moved to a better server i already have in my power and the migration will be done between tomorrow and this weekend. this will allow to have a more stable elasticsearch node that will be able to bring richer features to the open-explorer and other applications.

hope it helps.

General Discussion / Re: INS Ecosystem
« on: January 25, 2018, 05:14:14 pm »
i don't see a single mention to bitshares or graphene anywhere on the post, website or whitepaper.

General Discussion / Re: [ANN] Payger - Payment + Messenger
« on: January 22, 2018, 08:53:24 pm »
all the luck with the new project chris  +5%

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