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General Discussion / Re: open sourcing the explorer.
« on: January 04, 2018, 09:19:12 pm »
bumping the thread, hoping to get the code released as soon as possible now the holidays passed. thanks again!

Stakeholder Proposals / Re: escrow - to burn or not to burn
« on: January 04, 2018, 08:09:04 pm »
IMO the excess BTS must be burned. The worker had a clearly defined scope and a clearly defined price. Both have been fulfilled, so using the extra BTS for other purposes would be a breach of contract, in a way.

This holds for all workers, not just yours specifically, of course.

thanks [member=94]pc[/member] . yea, it is probably be the best. the idea to keep it was mostly to cover some downside the BTS can have and the low BTS per day the new worker is claiming at current rates, trying to avoid the creation of a new worker proposal in the middle of the contract.
in a renew scenario like this one that can apply to the UI worker, abit worker, etc.

anyways. probably not a good idea, we should just burn the extra bts after the contract ends(i think need to wait a few days to all the funds became available). whatever we do will be discussed here and never be done in silent.

Stakeholder Proposals / escrow - to burn or not to burn
« on: January 04, 2018, 02:59:22 pm »
Current worker alfredo garcia is ending in 4 days and i already submitted a new one(,75.0.html). There were hard times where bitshares price was so low that the worker was very tight on getting the bitusd needed to pay for the worker but it was always possible to do the payment.

With the recent increase of price of bts the current worker haves enough to liquidate the last payment and burn the rest. In conversation with the escrow group i was proposing that maybe keep that bts as a backup as with the current prices the new worker will be only claiming 715 bts per day with the 2.5 multiplier to cover fluctuations.

As i trust bitshares to keep growing i didn't wanted to change the 2.5 but we had mixed feelings in regards to keep what the current worker is making as a backup or if just burn it back now. All assuming the new worker gets voted in, this thread is open to discuss if:

- keep the extra bts after liquidation of the current worker as backup(even possible to buy bitusd now and lock the payment of 3 months).
- burn back to the chain everything remaining and start fresh with the new worker. If price goes against us, a new worker proposal will be submitted to cover the difference.


I submitted a new worker proposal for the first half of 2018. basically is a renew of the current one that is about to expire in 4 days. here are the details:

There is a developers telegram channel but only by invitation, not hard to get in,  hang around in BitsharesDEX channel, describe your project/issue/interest  and you will get invited by some of the devs.

General Discussion / Re: Bitshares Account History Exporter
« on: December 29, 2017, 05:34:31 pm »
Update: added nginx to the es-wrapper, now the exporter will be more stable. added with 4 processes and 100 max requests to start, will increase as it is needed.

General Discussion / Re: Bitshares Account History Exporter
« on: December 29, 2017, 03:41:36 pm »
Great work here Alfredo. I’ll work with you on the ngnix config, as I’ve been sorting that myself related to hosting an api node.

thanks, i was able to configure the udf wrapper for TV charts( under nginx today and documented the process.

that wrapper is now running with 4 processes and maximum-requests 100. This is the same setup the explorer api( had until today as i increased the values to 8 processes and 200 max requests as the service crashed yesterday by high traffic so this new setup will handle the grow.

the es-wrapper( is the one i have left to put behind nginx, this is where the exporter of this post uses to get data. i have this wrapper running on another server but i'll try to make this config today.

General Discussion / Bitshares Account History Exporter
« on: December 29, 2017, 12:07:50 am »
By community demand here is a full account exporter tool:

Code for the demo is open source at:

Basically it is a php that connects to an elasticsearch wrapper( at index.php the rest is stuff to make the form a bit prettier.

Results in CSV only available by now and not very user friendly. Looking for good feedback, can open issues at the github

Thank you all.

Technical Note: Service can go down as es-wrapper is running by flask and need to run behind nginx to handle high traffic. I am working on putting all the wrappers behind nginx to make the tools more stable.

the setup is elasticsearch database listening on localhost and elasticsearch wrapper exposed to the internet:

Can one of these proposals be recalled?

At this time it is not possible, there is a bsip to support worker upgrade operation here:

It is something that definitely will be added but unfortunately not there yet, sorry about that.

please note you have 2 active worker proposals that are actually the same(

need to make clear everywhere to the stakeholders for what to vote as they can't be deleted or updated!

forgot to mention 2 things ...

- my contract with the blockchain will end 8/1/2018. i plan to renew, will send more details in a new worker text but will be very similar to the current contract(same money, same escrow, same period of time, pretty much same tasks). if you have any ideas to add new tasks please let me know and i will consider them.

i already contacted some of the proxies to tell them this, i will try to contact them all and inform the community in general by different channels.

- happy holidays to all!

work done in the last 15 days, a bit late sorry about that.


- - helping new user explaining how bitshares and dpos works. closed.

- - add version command to cli_wallet and witness_node. pull created and merged:
Then we saw it was better toi have this code moved to a new file, related issue for that is and pull

- - review pull from [member=18687]abit[/member] to improve this. pull:  - merged.

- - additional commits had been added to this plugin but then started with the release and as the plugin was not going to be included there it was on hold for the last 2 weeks. resuming the work on it this starting week.

- On December 12 we started working on a new release with the last changes since fork. Not going to add all the pulls and merges from branches we did to make the release, the important is that at this point we have the testnet / master / develop branch all with the same code. After testing we made a pre release version of the new master and finally after a few days we released fully the last bitshares version. Details of what was included can be found at:

- - after testing and modifications we finally merged the get_account_history_by_operations for exchanges api call and wallet call submitted by [member=46796]zhuliting[/member].

- review and approved some commits from [member=94]pc[/member] that were lost inside an unmerged pull request: and

- - approved an update in ram needed to run a full node but requested the contributor to sumbit it to the develop branch.

udf wrapper:

The udf wrapper is needed to add TradingView chart support to the bitshares-ui.

Version 1 of the program with online demo is here:

Some issues were already added by me to it at:


finished version 1 of the project. samples of what can be obtained are in the README. As a demo the transactions list from the explorer are pulled by using the wrapper:

more integration will came next in the explorer with elasticsearch and also of elasticsearch and the bitshares-ui, both using the api exposed by this wrapper.

A note about wrappers:

I have 3 wrappers at this time and more will eventually came if is needed. All wrappers are python 2 and run by flask. Flask is ok for development and for demos but in production this wrappers need to run behind a real webserver. Instructions to do this in nginx will be provided in a document soon.

A note about elasticsearch full node:

I am helping [member=5333]Fox[/member]  to setup a full elasticsearch node with wrapper. This will be the first active witness on having this setup. Plan is to provide stable api access to elasticsearch data for dapps.

Open sourcing the explorer:

in my last report i exposed that the open sourcing of the explorer was the most important thing to do. Check previous post explorer section.

So i made a clean unthemed version

I made it totally from scratch by starting the project with but used some ideas from the orignal theme. To make fully sure bitshares will not be involved in a license issue i have the repo in private until some members of the community can review it and we can release it under MIT.

see more about this at:,25570.0.html

i have a few people added to the review but this days are very slow as so many people is on vacation or not in full mode. I want to release the code of the explorer asap so if someone want to help just let me know and ill add you to the private repos.

Many users would also feel more comfortable using this if a BitShares dev peer reviewed the code.  That would also help iron out any bugs and speed development.  Perhaps Alfredo or Abit could help with this?
yea, no problem, if it gets accepted i will help them in what i can. did not readed fully yet but good luck!

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