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Stakeholder Proposals / Proxy: dls.cipher
« on: July 29, 2019, 08:31:53 am »
Dear BitShares,

I've been active here since 2017 and am involved full-time with BitShares. Seeing what happened in past 2 years, how we shifted from voting apathy to proxy mess, divided communities between East and West, GS for voting on wrong BSIP's, Right and Wrong, for-profit and non-profit to the point where CEX cold wallets are giving us power to manipulate blockchain... I'm not happy with most of it, but I'm still here, fighting in my own way (bag-less) to make BitShares a better place.

Proxy spotlights of 2019: this year Alt (and Thule) came back from the dead and did some quality proxy work. Have to say that OL and MichaelX also supported chain lately in a no different way. On the other hand, xeroc lost his position, as many others, during the BTS lockdown of BEOS rainfall, and many more are completely inactive ( => still voting apathy).

For the others we know already - no need to mention, just keep doing the good/hard work or start doing a better one - it's never too late for a change.

I hold 2 workers, and 2 more are coming. All workers I hold are here for the benefits of the BitShares network, holders and wider Community.

Worker 1.14.126 - domain/website management worker (worker focuses on new website, dns services and legality around it, emails, support, and is constantly working on better SEO/reach towards domain)
Worker 1.14.173 - Exotic Infra worker with currently 20 API mainnet nodes ( check STATUS PAGE )

And I'll be pushing Community UI Part 2 and Professional Support Center workers very soon.

- I WILL USE MY PROXY POWER TO VOTE ON MY OWN WORKERS.  (Anyone setting me as proxy should be giving the trust in my current work and plans for the future and it's not conflict of interests)

BitShares over the past 2 years became my home, my business, my baby, my school, my friend, and much more... Many of you veterans know very well that feeling and how sometimes it hurts to see injustice around. Proxies should be here to adjust it. To see better tomorrow for everyone, not just for themselves or markets where they're sitting in as whales.

As most active chain regarding development and innovations, I truly believe that with all those workers who should be incentives for proxies to vote, we proxies should also provide incentive towards new workers to move up and stay around. Nobody wants to spend time working on a project that will suddenly lose funding (become inactive) and nobody wants to come back to the same client/employer who already damaged him in the past. We don't want to be that client/employer anymore. At least I don't.

Below (in next post) are my 100% PRIVATE OPINIONS and are based on WHAT I DID FOUND, LEARNED, KNOW, RESEARCHED or WITNESSED TO (EXPERIENCED). Some of them are lacking of info, and if I'm wrong about anyone/anything please correct me - that's why this topic is here.

We have a lot to do, support and discuss - even not being paid for it, but it's our choice. If you changed your mind or you can't do your proxy job well, step out with some dignity and let others step in to do better job if they want.

I'm humble enough to play no God or pretend to be perfect cause im not (nobody is), been wrong many times in the past and will listen to reason to improve myself always.
But, I'll always deliver and do my part correct/right way.


General Discussion / LJK424 HAS BEEN BANNED!
« on: July 15, 2019, 08:46:05 am »
User Ljk424,

received 7 days BAN from posting for his very un-ethical and very non-professional behavior around ecosystem.

If any Admin/Moderator have objections, please state reason for BAN removal before you do so, ill be monitoring logs.

I'm available by PM here or Telegram.

Appreciate if we craft basic rules on posting that will not include insults, fud and crazy talk that is completely unreasonable. Keep in mind we are not only one reading these topics.

On behalf of all reasonable BTS holders and fellow colleagues,


P.S. Latest example of behavior just 20 minutes after a very fair warning to not do so.

Dear Community and Holders,

In 2018, (Move/APT) got a worker approved, well funded to re-organize, re-brand and rebuild from scratch, together with rest of the ecosystem, all services and visibility around main website and its subs (e.g. for more stable/professional reputation of BitShares.

Issue of the past:

Old through entire history had permalink Blog/News defined as a link to private blog hosted on GitHub from Daniel Larimer ( ) itself, and it was fairly unmaintained since 2016. Being connected to another dead domain with no content change + completely wrong and centralized branding about single individual instead of actual brand/Community of BitShares, we had to remove that link/connection somewhere in December 2018. In order for Google and rest of the search indexing engines to forget the wrong branding and not proper structure of it had to be done.


You can read more about it here :)

Website is also featuring in sidebar
- Online radio stream from (Future home for Hangouts and potentially more).
- Latest forum discussions from
- Tags for articles within


- Core/Tong Shen published and released first article few days ago. Another short update is coming from Core team :)
- KenCode was helping out for testing of new account creation and we encountered problem with email server, since php mailer will be defaulted to off (prevent spam and reputation issues on the sender side) - FIX ETA: 2 hours
- Login/Registration is unavailable until email issue above is sorted.
- Privacy Policy is according to global rules and regulations on publishing.
- Google Analytics account under same owner of property is integrated.
- Highest results achieved in website optimization according to Google PageSpeed and YahooSlow available here.
- Highest scores on rich content articles for readibility and seo according to Yoast ( and as well one of the requirements on future articles to be published - in Layman's terms, professionalism/order and quality instead of quantity and chaos )

- Protection of content by local publisher in Thailand by doing re-publishing and translation to Thai of selected content.
- Social cross-posting currently operational is Facebook, Steem, Twitter, Telegram (Community group since I had admin there and can't add bot an admin for now in other group, will request access)
- Social cross-posting currently being bug fixed/development/api approval Medium, Instagram, Linkedin (have organization admin), WhaleShares (lack of entire api structure from steempress original plugin, working on a fork).
- If we see 'Yes' dominating in poll, part of funds will be designated for proper WPML license, structure and organization for people around ecosystem to translate the content and be rewarded through bounties.

For authors, Public Guidelines on how to post, what to do/not to do and requirements on content quality coming up soon.

Please take a look on the itself, vote on a poll and throw in some feedback through replies :)

On behalf of and team behind the worker,


General Discussion / MOVED: Testnet witness: iamredbar1-witness
« on: April 14, 2019, 06:46:21 am »

Stakeholder Proposals / MOVED: please stop PM me for vote support
« on: December 27, 2018, 09:10:33 am »

As most of you know, clicking on BitShares account under the profile name and avatar was leading to url "bts:username" and was not working.

My personal preference for block explorer from Alredo (bitshares-explorer), but I haven't seen friendly URL on accounts with his explorer, cryptofresh has a lot of downs and data that is not reliable (delay of few days even), while was fully compatible and up2date option.

So, as per screenshot below, now you can directly from forums check each account directly on explorer.

More updates will follow!


Graveyard / [Board Removal] - Abandoned project
« on: November 08, 2018, 02:40:45 pm »
Dear eco-system,

Earlier this year hyped and nice looking project called "" with all of their Stealth UI and "wannabe github open-source" announcements went to drain and they moved on to another project. I would appreciate your vote on removing their board from our forums. We need to keep good track regarding activity on projects that we welcome and collaborate with.


Many thanks.

Stakeholder Proposals / [Worker Proposal] - ID: 1.14.126
« on: October 10, 2018, 02:11:02 pm »
Dear BitShares,

After long awaited new website and proper management through Consensus and by asking for support of BitShares rightful proxies, stake-holders and wider community, finally here we are with finalized and approved worker by escrow partner (BBF) brought to You on voting and discussion!

Please give it a CAREFUL READ and feel FREE TO ASK ANY QUESTIONS you might have.


Milos (DL).

Dear BitSharians,

One more time, my pleasure is to introduce another, yet vital proposal to the BitShares stake-holders and Community. Earlier this year, we welcomed (open-source portfolio management app) to the BitShares blockchain. As most of Community knows, we had some progress together and on 13th of June Trusty decided to make an important step and fly in to Thailand for a real meet and discussion about BitShares eco-system. How it went you can see on the images below:

Now, thing that Community doesn't understand or fully appreciate about Trusty is that

   - instead of developing/fixing existing React based UI, did complete from scratch build of new library for BitShares under the Vue Framework from original

It was not a fork, it was a fresh new Framework and library to be used by other developers, given to the blockchain as open-source

This is not just a building app on existing long-lasting tools but enabling new framework to utilize bitshares and enable more developers to join the eco-system. If nothing, it should be forked to BitShares, to properly advertise Vue support we have for our technology.


Worker is to finally provide to the Community DEX with mixing best of UI/UX from Bitfinex and Huobi to demand of our DEX users. We aim for top-notch/bleeding edge app solution for the requirements/demands shown over the time. Wallet/DEX would be coming in 2 templates, with 2 logos of choice (BitSharesDEX or BitSharesAPP). Both wallets would be fully responsive (mobile friendly) as you can see on current demos/examples of Trusty work within proposal documents. Its a budget worker proposal, its split in 2 sprints of 3 months each, with payments every 3 weeks, improved hour tracking system/software and complete new solution for the Community.

We do believe that BitShares development community will benefit very much from adopting the two most popular JS frameworks for creating UIs: React.js for corporate demand and Vue.js for the community. Seeing development peak of both would be a brighter future for BitShares.

The price and the hours are per max budget, and on this amount of people in the team with only 4 hours available daily to devote themselves to BitShares we came up to carefully estimated max of 6 months and 300,000.00 USD. We don't expect to hit that budget, but we do appreciate more space for the bugs and actual development to ensure max quality in final delivery.


First 3 months ( $150,000.00 USD max. Budget ) - Part 1

Any funds not spent/hours not claimed will be returned to Reserve Pool from the respective Escrow.

Second 3 months ( $150,000.00 USD max. Budget ) - Part 2 - Final Delivery

Any funds not spent/hours not claimed will be returned to Reserve Pool from the respective Escrow.


Worker Part 1 would be going on-chain if positive feedback is shown. Worker Part 2 is current estimate and it's expected to be changed updated after the final report of Worker Part 1. There will be no on-chain proposal regarding Part 2, until all parties are satisfied with outcome of Part 1 and Worker status is set to done/expired.

DESIGN MOCKUPS has in-house designer and used its own resources to create mockup for the proposal, by in-depth analysis of popular use-cases on global scale in crypto exchange design. Mockups are as presented, theme will be available in dark/light version. Landing page is only finished for proposal and no further changes will be done on mockup, unless worker gets on-chain and voted in. Please bare in mind that how your time costs money, as per proved professionalism our time cost nothing less. We are open-minded for suggestions that will only be in the limit of UX best practices and limits through responsiveness across all mobile/tablet devices.

Respectfully, for each suggestion that stake-holders and community try to point out to us, please explain in as much as possible descriptive way in order to get proper feedback from the team.

Design preview:

Design of inner pages will be ready before Part 2, and progress will start if the Part 1 gets voted in.


In the worker documentation you will find that 3 positions are opened. We would encourage any existing/known BitShares developer fitting these positions to get paid and create a positive mix of coding arts together with us. If there is no such interest, we have our own people ready, we were just trying to make it more friendly, as we (myself, and supporters of current UI Team worker as can be confirmed from other discussions or my personal votes - i'm selected Proxy of Trusty.

1. Project Coordinator / Coordination, QA and Testing
2. HTML and CSS developer
3. Frontend JS developer


We've asked initially Move Institute, but we got response that escrow is still not ready. Meanwhile, during feedback and waiting for final response from Move Institute we would like to ask that if Institute is not available BitShares Blockchain Foundation steps in. Invoices on work from Thailand will have 4% withholding VAT only for IT services.

In order to balance between Trusty team and any reasonable request from the stake-holders, community or potential hiring for open positions, will from now on until end of worker go directly through me. I can be PM'em here, easily found in Telegram or directly here in the thread. Armen will manage project/team, while my position is management of the worker and requests to it/final reports from it.

Feedback is welcome!


Ladies and gents,

As many of you know, we've been running few nodes for a while (not listed in wallet most of them, but publicly shared and used through various channels). That Collaboration and Contribution will come to an end, unless we can keep those nodes and continue even more professional management through the agreement with BitShares DAC and approval of it's stake-holders through this offer as a Worker Proposal :

Worker is currently not on-chain and here is brought for initial discussion.

We will provide within 24 hours costs (invoices/receipts) that we have paid until now (~$14.800,00) as proof of contribution and ownership/existence of all nodes (even more), Premium SSL Certificates, Testing and Development servers, Current online status of servers (not bitshares api - as half of them requires an upgrade we can't finance), and whatever else is needed or requested by the stake-holders and respected proxies.

P.S. I've personally consider current Witness contribution, BBF active worker and this worker something that would greatly improved stability and performance on much greater global scale and enabled more users to join.


Hello BitShares Community and respectful holders!

I've spent some time last few weeks being busy, but finally got witness running in Testnet.

I'm currently running following testnet infrastructure:

Public Testnet API @ wss:// (/ws & /wss available)

ISP: Vultr
Location: Dallas, USA
CPU: 6 core
RAM: 16 GB
HDD: SSD 200 GB x2 (SoftRaid Mirror)
Bandwidth: 5TB
rDNS ->
DDOS Enabled (/w reporting)

System Configuration:
Debian 8 (x64) Jessie /w Boost 1.63.0 (built from source using multi-thread for it + no need for updates to PATH)

Witness Block Producer @ uknown

ISP: Vultr
Location: Chicago, USA
CPU: 2 core
Bandwidth: 3TB
IP: (Feel free to do some pen-testing, its released on purpose)
rDNS ->
DDOS Enabled (/w reporting)

System configuration:
Will be released in tutorial called "Witness Protection Program" (SteemIt, WLS and here) after the pen-testing is done and review from the other parties who have interest in such content.

Witness Account Name: apt-cipher
Witness Account ID: 1.2.22682
Witness ID: 1.6.83
URL for Witness: - This is dummy/non-existing url just for the testnet/test witness purpose.

DISCLAIMER: You have raw IP access for test scans/attacks. It's not even hidden behind ptpp.

Appreciate all upcoming feedback and thank you for your support!


Zavod Premik – ‘Move’ Institute: Expansão para Fundação BitShares - trazendo diversificação, construindo na descentralização

É um prazer informar todos, que trazemos um novo instituto e entidade sem fins lucrativos para apoiar o Blockchain BitShares: Move Institute. tem vindo a trabalhar com o Move Insititute desde novembro de 2017, e estamos agora prontos para fornecer mais informações para toda a Comunidade.
Zavod Premik (traduz-se como “Move Institute”) é uma organização sem fins lucrativos fundada em 2005 com base em Murska Sobota, Eslovénia - Um país onde a Criptoeconomia tem estatuto legal, desenhada em alguns dos principais intervenientes da indústria. Em alguns círculos, a Eslovénia está a ser chamada de “Silicon Valley of Crypto”. -

Não deve ser confundido como um substituto, uma alternativa ou um concorrente à BitShares Blockchain Foundation (BBF) que foi estabelecida em 2015.
O nosso principal foco é fazer uso de todos os princípios e necessidades de ter tais fundações, trazendo mais verdadeiro significado e conceito de descentralização.

Zavod Premik Institute fortalecerá a Comunidade e estenderá os objetivos da missão original da BitShares Blockchain Foundation: – para crescer, promover e defender o Blockchain BitShares mundialmente, em pleno espírito da original Comunidade Autónoma Distribuída - Distributed Autonomous Community (DAC), e ao fazê-lo, crescer e construir as competências do Ecossistema BitShares em plena colaboração, se a BitShares Blockchain Foundation escolher aceitar esta oferta.

Estado e registo das atividades de Zavod Premik em torno do blockchain com

- Zavod Premik é um parceiro e forneceu alguns investimentos para a desde novembro de 2017. Para fins de transparência, esta é uma digitalização da página da assinatura do contrato, e o documento completo pode ser consultado por qualquer parte interessada: <- Ver acordo completo.

Os seguintes pontos resumem as atividades de Zavod Premik com APAsia.Tech em torno do blockchain BitShares:

  • Fundos para a realização de negociação de arbitragem e liquidez de bitAsset na DEX, que resultou em retornos para sustentar as atividades futuras, com pleno apoio ao  DEXBot em qualquer aspeto técnico possível que possa.
  • Fundos para a criação de infraestruturas iniciais, incluindo a doação de nós RPC públicos da Eslovénia e financiamento de nós VPS, na ajuda como parceiro para para construir a reputação e ser capaz de apresentar competências e serviços disponíveis em/ao redor do blockchain.
  • Nó RPC inicial na Eslovénia (Auto-financiado):
  • Membros da Zavod Premik incluem académicos, economistas, financeiros e também individualmente envolvidos com em alavancar esta parceria para criar e liderar, por exemplo, ser o primeiro site BitShares Slovenia e carteira local, versão beta que pode ser vista em com a posição onde DEX é negócio legal e não é tributável, onde a mineração é (Witness localizada na Eslovénia seria pagar imposto sobre o rendimento).
  • Os mesmos académicos, executaram em colaboração com um workshop realizado em Zagreb, Croácia no início deste ano. <- ligação
  • Deu-nos a estrutura e a ideia para o seguinte, que pode atuar quando múltiplas partes estão envolvidas e ideias para trabalhadores expandiram. A intenção de criar uma rede descentralizada funcional de membros de equipa que pode ser bem coordenada, um dos principais propósitos para a criação de gestão de contas caucionadas através de Zavod, sem fins lucrativos, de forma aos acionistas, Comité, Witnesses e Comunidade em geral podem ser bem assegurados sobre os fundos sendo segura e gerida com contabilidade pública e transparente, como a BitShares Blockchain Foundation tem em funcionamento. provide the escrow management to implement ideas expressed

Avançando, os planos de expansão do Blockchain BitShares em colaboração com o Instituto incluiem;

  • Tornar públicas as informações do domínio, listada como uma entidade fins lucrativos. O instituto Zavod Premik abre caminho para https://BitShares.Org (juntamente com a Carteira de Referência) ter um novo lar, a Eslovénia, sendo um lugar que pode até mesmo ser registado para o tipo de estatuto legal de Classe Mundial necessário para atingir o top 20 global da Criptoeconomia por capitalização de mercado.
  • Gerir as questões de cauções e ser parte confiável em torno de gestão dos fundos dos trabalhadores do blockchain, de sentido e organizado, estruturado e de forma legalmente regulamentada para que as empresas ou indivíduos possam receber o pagamento. As propostas de trabalhador podem então ser consolidadas para a votação da Comunidade, o fornecedor ter mais liberdade na entrega e dado como maior transparência.

Expansão Global

Veja a imagem aqui de uma lista de negócios online de Zavod Premik. Partes interessantes destacadas.

Ligação original ->

Tendo uma geografia e território completamente singulares relativamente à da BitShares Blockchain Foundation, a Zavod Premik, sem fins lucrativos, está particularmente bem posicionada para trabalhar entre países regulamentados da UE ou fora da UE, outras partes da Europa do Sul, juntamente com nós próprios para abranger a Ásia.

Organização do Caos Descentralizado com Transparência

Colocar tais fundações/organizações sem fins lucrativos/institutos, dentro de nosso eco-sistema Blockchain, fá-lo deliberadamente mais descentralizado, com menos caos - mais organização, assuntos de administração, opções de contabilidade, peritos legais, académicos, economistas - são o motivo pelo qual irá aumentar o apoio e o impulso para a BBF, e para trazer para BitShares um patamar mais elevado para a arena global.

Aviso detentores de BTS e a BBF:

O porta-voz da BitShares Blockchain Foundation é atualmente Annemieke Dirkes, e deve-se notar aqui que esta oferta não interfere nem falaremos em público e pretendemos ser outro porta-voz para o Blockchain BitShares, Fundação, Comunidade ou de outra forma, sem ter sido eleito primeiramente.

Os detentores de participações BTS são os decisores em torno do Blockchain BitShares com o seu voto, e que, nem a BitShares Blockchain Foundation, nem o proprietário de qualquer domínio relacionado com BitShares (incluindo nunca terá a autoridade para prevalecer sobre tais decisões.

Zavod Premik: širitev k Bitshares Fundation, s sodelovanjem do boljše decentralizacije

Z velikim zadovoljstvom vas obveščamo, da smo z namenom nadaljnega razvoja Bitshares tehnologije veriženja podatkovnih blokov k sodelovanju povabili neprofitno organizacijo Zavod Premik. in Zavod Premik sta začela sodelovati meseca novembra 2017, danes pa podrobneje predstavljata način in obliko v kateri bosta zasledovala cilje Bitshares.
Zavod Premik  je neprofitna organizacija, ki je bila ustanovljena 2005 leta v Murski Soboti, v Sloveniji, kjer so kriptovalute precej uveljavljene in v kateri so aktivna nekatera velika podjetja, ki stavijo na uporabo tehnologije veriženja podatkovnih blokov. Nekateri zato Slovenijo uvrščajo med  “Silicijevo dolino kritptovalut”. -

Naše sodelovanje ne predstavlja zamenjavo, alternativo ali konkurenco ustanovi Bitshares Blockchain Fundation (BBF), ustanovljeni leta 2015.
Naše aktivnosti so usmerjene k zadovoljevanju potreb tovrstnih ustanov ob zasledovanju koncepta  decentralizacije.
Glavni cilj Zavoda Premik je okrepiti skupnost in uresničevati temeljne cilje Bitshares tehnologije veriženja podatkovnih  blokov. Zavod Premik se bo zavzemal za rast, promocijo in pravno zaščito  Bitshares tehnologije veriženja podatkovnih blokov širom sveta, v duhu skupnosti Distributed Autonomous Community (DAC), ter tako okrepiti in širiti ekosistem v sodelovanju z ustanovo Bitshares Blockchain Foundation.
Status in sodelovanje Zavoda Premik z

-   “Zavod Premik, Murska Sobota” kot partner in soinvestitor projektov, sta novembra 2017 podpisala pogodbo o sodelovanju z namenom razvoja in promocije Bitshares tehnologije.

Partnerja si bosta prizadevala izvajati naslednje naloge:

Načrt za širitev Bitshares tehnologije veriženja podatkovnih blokov vključuje tudi:
  • objavo informacije o domeni izvede neprofitna organizacija. Zavod Premik, Murska Sobota si bo prizadeval nadaljevati zastavljeno pot, ki jo utira in omogočiti “World-class” status, ki je nujen za uvrstitev v top 20 kriptovalut z najvišjo tržno kapitalizacijo;
  • izvajanje depozitnih poslov ter kontrola in menedžment delovnih sredstev podatkovnih blokov. Organizirano in ob izpolnjevanju določenih pogojev omogočamo sodelovanje posameznikov ali podjetij ter zagotavljamo plačilo za njihovo delo. Delovni predlogi s strani posameznikov se lahko povežejo v skupnega, si tako zagotovijo večjo svobodo pri izvedbi in hkrati zagotovijo večjo transparentnost izvedbe predloga, ki ga je odobrila skupnost.

Globala  širitev
Nekaj osnovni podatkov o Zavodu Premik je na voljo na naslednji povezavi:

Edinstvena geografska in pravno formalna pozicija ustanove BitShares Blockchain Foundation in Zavoda Premik omogoča idealne pogoje za sodelovanje med državami članicami Evropske unije in ostalih držav, še posebej držav iz jugovzhodne Evrope ( Balkana) in večjega dela jugovzhodne Azije.

Organizirani, decentralizirani in transparentni kaos

Organizacijska struktura, sestavljena iz neprofitnih organizacij, omogoča višji nivo decentralizacije blockchain ekosistema z manj kaosa. Prispevek vključenih organizacij, pravnih strokovnjakov, akademikov, ekonomistov, računovodij bi pomenil dodano vrednost ustanovi BitShares Blockchain Foundation s ciljem okrepiti Bitshares na globalnom nivoju.

Opomba za imetnike kriptovalute BTS in ustanovi BitShares Blockchain Foundation

Ker naloge tiskovne predstavnice ustanove BitShares Blockchain Foundation trenutno izvaja Annemieke Dirkes je pomembno poudariti, da naša ponudba ne ovira njene pozicije. Tudi v prihodnosti se ne bomo, brez da bi upoštevali pravila, predstavljali kot predstavnik Bitshares blockchain-a ali imenovali tiskovnega predstavnika.
Imetniki kriptovalute BTS so edini, ki z glasovanjem sprejemajo odločitve v zvezi z Bitshares blockchain-om. Na sprejete odločitve ne morejo vplivati ne BitShares Blockchain Foundation ustanova, katerikoli lastnik domene, ki je povezana z Bitshares, niti lastnik domene .

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