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« on: October 01, 2020, 07:25:35 am »
User: Thul3 - PERMANENT BAN.

Reason: Last 100 posts were including defamation, accusations, brand attack, public attempt/invite of project hostile take-over, attacking individuals without proof, miss-information, intentional spreading of false information, etc.

URL to post(s):;area=showposts;u=46632

Fact:"You get your financial Freedom on BitShares. You go look for your Freedom of Speech/Post on Steem/Hive. Here -> show respect and participate or move on."

Dear BitShares,

Since I was personally told and explained that there is no need for classic API's and previous worker I've had (Exotic infra) nodes were turned off 4 months ago - in the meantime we noticed increased need for stable ES/Kibana hosts for various reasons.

We ( would like to provide, under our own review and collaborative management, the nodes and elastic search APIs that have been deployed with the soon expiring infrastructure worker by BPBV.

Read the full details here:

Voting for worker proposals: Votes can be done via the reference wallet. Visit Menu -> Votes -> Workers or enter your account name in the link

This worker proposal has id 1.14.253 and 202002-infrastructure.

We kindly ask for any comments and feedback.

Best Regards,
 Collaboration infra worker teams.


Stakeholder Proposals / [Worker Proposal] 2020 Core Development (Part 1/2)
« on: February 21, 2020, 10:35:56 pm »
Dear BitShares,

After spending some time with assembling original core team (what's left of it), discussing roadmap individually with holders and proxies and detailed review of 2019 worker, I came up with the following draft:

Please read carefully and ask any questions if you have.

Chinese translation will be processed soon by Linda Tian and thread will be updated.

Worker details and roadmap has been updated. For more info click here.


Dear Community and holders,

Please review, comment and express your opinion on worker presented by "Zavod Premik" (eng. "Move Institute) that comes as offer for services and position of new legal representative on your behalf and behalf of BitShares blockchain.


- Chinese version will be released by Monday.
- Worker is designed as budget.

Worker is on chain and available for voting with primary goals to handle the handover/acquire a list from previous legal representative (BitShares Blockchain Foundation) or redo known agreements on behalf of BitShares blockchain.

Account `committee-trade` received 1 BTS transfer containing as MEMO entire content of this worker.
ID: 1.11.1050275714 Block: 45162812

On behalf of Move Institute,
Acting CEO,
Milos (DL) Preocanin

General Discussion / MOVED: Buy Buy Buy
« on: October 21, 2019, 12:34:48 pm »

« on: August 30, 2019, 11:16:48 am »
In the spirit of community members and holders that have no limits or decency or respect towards anyone, especially myself this time, Member registration will be disabled for a while.

New forum design, rules, look and feel is coming up soon, so please be patient.


General Discussion / User ljk424 banned for another 14 days
« on: August 30, 2019, 08:49:04 am »
Dear members of forums,

Due to ignorant and unprofessional behavior of the member ljk424, a fact that haven't learned anything with last ban that lasted 7 days, this is ultimate warning and ban on 14 days, before permanent BAN and removal of all posts be executed.

Please keep topics professional, focused and with certain amount of decency and respect to each other.

More to read actual topic

If anyone has issues, please reach me by PM or Telegram (@murda_ra)


Stakeholder Proposals / Proxy: dls.cipher
« on: July 29, 2019, 08:31:53 am »
Dear BitShares,

I've been active here since 2017 and am involved full-time with BitShares. Seeing what happened in past 2 years, how we shifted from voting apathy to proxy mess, divided communities between East and West, GS for voting on wrong BSIP's, Right and Wrong, for-profit and non-profit to the point where CEX cold wallets are giving us power to manipulate blockchain... I'm not happy with most of it, but I'm still here, fighting in my own way (bag-less) to make BitShares a better place.

Proxy spotlights of 2019: this year Alt (and Thule) came back from the dead and did some quality proxy work. Have to say that OL and MichaelX also supported chain lately in a no different way. On the other hand, xeroc lost his position, as many others, during the BTS lockdown of BEOS rainfall, and many more are completely inactive ( => still voting apathy).

For the others we know already - no need to mention, just keep doing the good/hard work or start doing a better one - it's never too late for a change.

I hold 2 workers, and 2 more are coming. All workers I hold are here for the benefits of the BitShares network, holders and wider Community.

Worker 1.14.126 - domain/website management worker (worker focuses on new website, dns services and legality around it, emails, support, and is constantly working on better SEO/reach towards domain)
Worker 1.14.173 - Exotic Infra worker with currently 20 API mainnet nodes ( check STATUS PAGE )

And I'll be pushing Community UI Part 2 and Professional Support Center workers very soon.

- I WILL USE MY PROXY POWER TO VOTE ON MY OWN WORKERS.  (Anyone setting me as proxy should be giving the trust in my current work and plans for the future and it's not conflict of interests)

BitShares over the past 2 years became my home, my business, my baby, my school, my friend, and much more... Many of you veterans know very well that feeling and how sometimes it hurts to see injustice around. Proxies should be here to adjust it. To see better tomorrow for everyone, not just for themselves or markets where they're sitting in as whales.

As most active chain regarding development and innovations, I truly believe that with all those workers who should be incentives for proxies to vote, we proxies should also provide incentive towards new workers to move up and stay around. Nobody wants to spend time working on a project that will suddenly lose funding (become inactive) and nobody wants to come back to the same client/employer who already damaged him in the past. We don't want to be that client/employer anymore. At least I don't.

Below (in next post) are my 100% PRIVATE OPINIONS and are based on WHAT I DID FOUND, LEARNED, KNOW, RESEARCHED or WITNESSED TO (EXPERIENCED). Some of them are lacking of info, and if I'm wrong about anyone/anything please correct me - that's why this topic is here.

We have a lot to do, support and discuss - even not being paid for it, but it's our choice. If you changed your mind or you can't do your proxy job well, step out with some dignity and let others step in to do better job if they want.

I'm humble enough to play no God or pretend to be perfect cause im not (nobody is), been wrong many times in the past and will listen to reason to improve myself always.
But, I'll always deliver and do my part correct/right way.


General Discussion / LJK424 HAS BEEN BANNED!
« on: July 15, 2019, 08:46:05 am »
User Ljk424,

received 7 days BAN from posting for his very un-ethical and very non-professional behavior around ecosystem.

If any Admin/Moderator have objections, please state reason for BAN removal before you do so, ill be monitoring logs.

I'm available by PM here or Telegram.

Appreciate if we craft basic rules on posting that will not include insults, fud and crazy talk that is completely unreasonable. Keep in mind we are not only one reading these topics.

On behalf of all reasonable BTS holders and fellow colleagues,


P.S. Latest example of behavior just 20 minutes after a very fair warning to not do so.

Dear Community and Holders,

In 2018, (Move/APT) got a worker approved, well funded to re-organize, re-brand and rebuild from scratch, together with rest of the ecosystem, all services and visibility around main website and its subs (e.g. for more stable/professional reputation of BitShares.

Issue of the past:

Old through entire history had permalink Blog/News defined as a link to private blog hosted on GitHub from Daniel Larimer ( ) itself, and it was fairly unmaintained since 2016. Being connected to another dead domain with no content change + completely wrong and centralized branding about single individual instead of actual brand/Community of BitShares, we had to remove that link/connection somewhere in December 2018. In order for Google and rest of the search indexing engines to forget the wrong branding and not proper structure of it had to be done.


You can read more about it here :)

Website is also featuring in sidebar
- Online radio stream from (Future home for Hangouts and potentially more).
- Latest forum discussions from
- Tags for articles within


- Core/Tong Shen published and released first article few days ago. Another short update is coming from Core team :)
- KenCode was helping out for testing of new account creation and we encountered problem with email server, since php mailer will be defaulted to off (prevent spam and reputation issues on the sender side) - FIX ETA: 2 hours
- Login/Registration is unavailable until email issue above is sorted.
- Privacy Policy is according to global rules and regulations on publishing.
- Google Analytics account under same owner of property is integrated.
- Highest results achieved in website optimization according to Google PageSpeed and YahooSlow available here.
- Highest scores on rich content articles for readibility and seo according to Yoast ( and as well one of the requirements on future articles to be published - in Layman's terms, professionalism/order and quality instead of quantity and chaos )

- Protection of content by local publisher in Thailand by doing re-publishing and translation to Thai of selected content.
- Social cross-posting currently operational is Facebook, Steem, Twitter, Telegram (Community group since I had admin there and can't add bot an admin for now in other group, will request access)
- Social cross-posting currently being bug fixed/development/api approval Medium, Instagram, Linkedin (have organization admin), WhaleShares (lack of entire api structure from steempress original plugin, working on a fork).
- If we see 'Yes' dominating in poll, part of funds will be designated for proper WPML license, structure and organization for people around ecosystem to translate the content and be rewarded through bounties.

For authors, Public Guidelines on how to post, what to do/not to do and requirements on content quality coming up soon.

Please take a look on the itself, vote on a poll and throw in some feedback through replies :)

On behalf of and team behind the worker,


General Discussion / MOVED: Testnet witness: iamredbar1-witness
« on: April 14, 2019, 06:46:21 am »

Stakeholder Proposals / MOVED: please stop PM me for vote support
« on: December 27, 2018, 09:10:33 am »

As most of you know, clicking on BitShares account under the profile name and avatar was leading to url "bts:username" and was not working.

My personal preference for block explorer from Alredo (bitshares-explorer), but I haven't seen friendly URL on accounts with his explorer, cryptofresh has a lot of downs and data that is not reliable (delay of few days even), while was fully compatible and up2date option.

So, as per screenshot below, now you can directly from forums check each account directly on explorer.

More updates will follow!


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