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Hi guys :)

Great initiatives by community (especially @intelliguy) by spreading awareness that participation on workers is a must!


What is the current status on progress of the worker ?

Stakeholder Proposals / Re: Introducing
« on: December 07, 2018, 03:53:53 am »
Dear stakeholders and the community members,

My name is Ammar Yousef (R0CK) and I hereby to introduce myself to the respectful Committee and Witness members who are behind this wonderful futuristic platform.

About me:

I'd rather to say I'm from Earth; I've lived enough to adore technology, science, philosophy, universal history, ancient languages and playing music.

I believe I'm doing nothing but continuing my infinite existing information's journey, I'm watching thru the eye, yet I have no choice
but to witness.

I believe I can be an active positive entity within any community or group; serving the holy society and environment around me and expecting a peaceful eternal life. I’m blessed to be married to a beautiful lovely wife and to have my only son Julian the smartest boy ever and I’m doing my best for them and for the society behind me.

I've been on the internet since I was 12 years old, I'm almost 37 years old now, I've been into many projects on the internet related to science and society.

I've been administering banking systems for 15 years and currently I'm the data center architect of "Warba Bank" in Kuwait.

My latest work is "ioBanker", I've established ioBanker limited company in Estonia and got licenses to perform crypto exchange financial services.

We are finalizing the project at this great platform and looking for support, we've chosen this great platform because we believe in DEX and we believe in trustless philosophy when it comes to this market.

I've done the setup of the core node myself along with the UI and it's currently deployed on "" operating from data centers in Germany and I've successfully done the setup of the witness node "iobanker-core".

I'm so glad that I've found you guys and looking forward to hear from you.


Ammar Yousef
CEO - ioBanker

Welcome to the network and wish you a great success, especially as someone who is licensed for trading already! Regarding witness, I suggest you create a testnet witness, post the details/specs and account name, so it's get voted-in there first and see how it performs.


General Discussion / Re: suggest to disable forcesettlement for bitCNY
« on: November 13, 2018, 05:58:15 am »
tomorrow the poll will be closed, please vote to express your opinion.
Create a worker proposal based poll, not an easily manipulated forum poll - I had to re-cast my vote for some reason and there's a new poll option now.. not ideal. 20% is way too much for force settlement offset 👎

Well, i stated earlier in TG that 15% would be sufficient by my personal opinion, but anyway - quite more happy with 20% change option than any other included in the poll

Thank you for concern. We are aware of the problem with registering new accounts and few other problems that forums are having at the moment. Currently soft-launch of is going on, so everybody are quite busy, but announcement about Forum moderation will follow up later this week (24 hours forums will be in "Maintenance mode").

Graveyard / Re: [Board Removal] - Abandoned project
« on: November 13, 2018, 05:51:13 am »
Thanks for all feedback, poll has been locked and thread+this topic is going to graveyard.


Graveyard / Re: [Board Removal] - Abandoned project
« on: November 09, 2018, 04:29:01 am »
Well, gravity *IS* a graphene fork. They do stuff and even presented @ GrapheneDev Conference in Shanghai.
Not sure if they use the forums still, but gravity seems legit moved on to another project called UCommunity, earlier in August. Confirmed personally in their TG that website, project and open-source github - FINISHED.

Their ex Community Manager - Brendan (@iamredbar) can confirm.

Confirmed. I voted to remove from

While I still have control of the Twitter account and am an admin on the old Telegram chat, the project is done. They did not let me know they were joined with Ucommunity until I started asking questions.

Thanks for clarifying this to our Community.

Graveyard / Re: [Board Removal] - Abandoned project
« on: November 09, 2018, 04:23:08 am »
Well, gravity *IS* a graphene fork. They do stuff and even presented @ GrapheneDev Conference in Shanghai.
Not sure if they use the forums still, but gravity seems legit moved on to another project called UCommunity, earlier in August. Confirmed personally in their TG that website, project and open-source github - FINISHED.

Their ex Community Manager - Brendan (@iamredbar) can confirm.

Confirmed. I voted to remove from

While I still have control of the Twitter account and am an admin on the old Telegram chat, the project is done. They did not let me know they were joined with Ucommunity until I started asking questions.

I've voted yes on this basis.

You know by now that I do my research well before public inquiries :D :D :D

Many thanks

Graveyard / Re: [Board Removal] - Abandoned project
« on: November 08, 2018, 03:52:16 pm »
Well, gravity *IS* a graphene fork. They do stuff and even presented @ GrapheneDev Conference in Shanghai.
Not sure if they use the forums still, but gravity seems legit moved on to another project called UCommunity, earlier in August. Confirmed personally in their TG that website, project and open-source github - FINISHED.

Their ex Community Manager - Brendan (@iamredbar) can confirm.


Graveyard / [Board Removal] - Abandoned project
« on: November 08, 2018, 02:40:45 pm »
Dear eco-system,

Earlier this year hyped and nice looking project called "" with all of their Stealth UI and "wannabe github open-source" announcements went to drain and they moved on to another project. I would appreciate your vote on removing their board from our forums. We need to keep good track regarding activity on projects that we welcome and collaborate with.


Many thanks.

In general i don't agree with this worker, here are some reasons:

- Cost. It cost almost 300k usd(288000 usd to be exact to do it).
- Limited. It is database specific, a new worker may came in saying mongodb or whatever is better for their specific needs.
- Closed to participate. No one except the team can participate in the development.
- Closed source. It don't says anything that all the work will be open source and MIT license. Will be open source and inside the bitshares organization ?
- Reinvent the wheel. The Elasticsearch plugin is working great and have all the data needed, the synchronization time is of 20 hours according to a last report, all the data inside operations is structured and available. That cost 0 to bitshares as it is already done. Doing the same from scratch using another database by a new team is IMHO a waste of resources. The core team, with the accumulated experience can do a postgres plugin in extremely reduced time if that is what the community needs. Also, the core team can pay a team or individual to do the plugin as plugins are core work and will need review and approval from core team members.
- Benefit. Besides having some better visualizations of some data which i think is important i don't see any other real benefit of the proposal.

In my opinion i will like to see some day a general worker that will do this and others in a bounty style, most of the API links mentioned are not being developed because there is  no funding to get developers on board. There is already a ruby project for bitshares at not being improved because of lack of funding, among many other dead projects.

I think that bitshares needs a worker proposal similar to the core worker where teams and individuals can participate in the development of different tools of the bitshares ecosystem.

It honestly looks to me like reinventing the wheel after all the work it has been done in this particular regard, discard everything and start from scratch instead of build on top of previous tools to save time, resources and advance.

Just my personal opinion, i don't have any voting power or influence to decide what is accepted or not.

The important thing is NOT PostgreSQL or ES or Mongo or anything . What we care most about is how to implement the requirment .

such as:
1) How to draw charts using specified data in a certain period, e.g. the average price of a market pair, the issue/burn number of an asset, and the feed price of a smart asset.
All these stuffs are unstructured by ES currently, which take some problems to our implements.
2) Bitshares is an exchange such that there may be more professional approach to the storage and analysis the transaction data in exchange viewpoint.

As mentioned in this worker, we will open source under MIT. If this worker is validated, then all future data APIs on will be open source, which has been part of this worker.

2) BitShares is a Blockchain who have much brighter and wider future than just an Exchange.

If you want to get how much asset was issued in a period of time you can filter the elasticsearch operations by operation_type 14(ASSET ISSUE) and by  operation_history.op_object.asset_to_issue.asset_id in a period of time, please check this link:!(_source),index:'357b9f60-d5f8-11e8-bb51-9583fd938437',interval:auto,query:(language:lucene,query:'operation_type:%2014'),sort:!(block_data.block_time,desc))

If you want to go after the feed prices of a smart asset you can filter by operation type 19 and smart asset id:!(_source),index:'357b9f60-d5f8-11e8-bb51-9583fd938437',interval:auto,query:(language:lucene,query:'operation_type:%2019%20AND%20%20operation_history.op_object.asset_id:%201.3.113'),sort:!(block_data.block_time,desc))

In both kibana links you can change the timeframe in the upper right.

If you want to get market price changes you can go after the fill order and so on.

Also, when operations are not enough there is the es_objects plugin that will allow to export certain(currently predefined) specific objects; however i am making some changes to try to make it work with any blockchain object so for example you could get the internal ticker objects for a pair and get the current and past market prices from there.

I strongly believe that those 2 plugins are in the same direction you want to go.

ES/Kibana plugin/UI has BEEN DEVELOPED, TESTED and have very GOOD and ON-GOING development/maintenance atm, 100% agree.

My personal and professional opinion on this would be: Someone stepped up already earlier and now we don't need another proposal that is "re-inventing the wheel" without proper diligence done towards achievements/implementations done in our eco-system.

Many thanks.


General Discussion / Re: [eng] Marketing Efforts and Pre-Worker Discussion
« on: November 07, 2018, 02:53:05 am »
Hello everyone.

First of - it's very nice to see marketing efforts and offers that were recently started by Yuri (OL) and Fabian (@xeroc), it's definitely a must for BitShares to have proper branding and more focused audience.

Unfortunately, reviewing this entire proposal I do have to agree with replies before mine. It's overpriced, with 0 proper diligence on BitShares as a tech and cryptocurrency; focus they've offered is pretty much top of the default "current trends" by AdWords, and our SEO being done for new within just that tiny-miny worker is far more professional and focused than this.

@xeroc - i'm glad you're supporting marketing efforts and brings me joy to know that there is proper support from our top proxies for such efforts, but as a colleague from the blockchain that has experience on this matter, my advice would be to hold on for all marketing efforts until December. To be more clear, read below:

- .org is planned to be live before "Decentralized" in Athens, Greece (12th of November)
- Most of content will have already tweaked SEO on each page; what is not done for the Event from the SEO, will be completed by end of November.
- New .org will contain Google Analytics with proper integration and monitoring for each page. I'm certain that Home Page and few key pages under Technology Menu will fully done before the Event, ready to hit some traffic.
- Local online Thai Newspaper (12 years old) with 10-12k visitors monthly will advertise BitShares website for 3 months, starting the day when we put new .org online. (More traffic)
- Once we have better analytics and data collected we can:
a) Do proper marketing campaigns with targeted key-phrases, localities, offer where there is higher demand, etc. by ourselves through a worker
or b) Then hire professional marketing company with our own request and analytics collected (it's a great filter for 3rd parties while getting/considering their offers).

But at the current stage, this would have sense to be discussed again somewhere around early/mid of December.


Hi Xeroc, yep sorry BBF :) I believe DL was going to raise it as a potential worker to the BBF as per his earlier post here and gauge it's likeliness to pass.

The worker would need to cover the listing fee and then some allowance for people on the Bitshares side assisting technically with the integration - I think DL is much clearer on the quantum of effort involved in that side of things (and who can do it) than me.

Additionally it would be better for the worker to sit under someone more established / trusted in the community with a track record on some workers. I'm a trustworthy guy (honest!) but obviously nobody has seen me do much for Bitshares yet so I wouldn't expect the proxies to sign over X BTC worth of funds to me.

100% correct and thank you! @Xeroc was just clearing out fuddy air that I'm not being part of or involved (partnered) with BBF.

Mathew, I'll reach you out later today (it's chaotic Monday), I've got some new info on exchanges you are negotiating atm.



I'm very grateful and will hold you for that offer of help for the new website. Since OpenLedger was the first actual DEX dapp around BitShares and lasted this long, I believe you could contribute in various ways. For now we are under the pressure of first sprint (polish&launch of new, but as soon as initial Chaos is behind i'll reach you out.


I would recommend that you hold for about 15 days with this proposal and get it polished (e.g proper eta on budgets for ads and worker itself). will run Google Analytics/AdWords and will have small pro-bono paid campaign in USA which will be used as initial traffic boost and rankings. If we could start this as focused/synced campaign, I would be willing to invite you to GA and give you more info that can actually be very useful for your future development and possibly create co-joint worker for proper Marketing Proposal.

Please let me know your thoughts and have a great day!

Dear Milos, we would be happy to collaborate in the scope of new site implementation. As soon as you are ready, please get in touch with me. In the meanwhile, here is a couple of ideas from us regarding the site update:

- Make sure the site is mobile-friendly.
- Add more “success stories” to the website outlining projects that are currently working on BitShares to show that BitShares is good for businesses.
- Add a Blog section to the website where either BitShares team members or guest authors will be able to publish their use cases, success stories, share news about BitShares and its community. This should help to improve awareness about BitShares.
 -Add metadata on all pages (currently, even the home page misses these elements).
 -Review and re-organize link profile on the website (eliminate broken links, place redirects where needed, etc.).
 -Update info on the BitShares in the most important online directories, catalogs, wiki pages, etc. Right now the info is outdated on many sources.
 - setup and optimize Google analytics(goals tracking, conversions tracking, etc).



Thanks for reply.

- Mobile-Friendly/Responsive will be polished the last, since we don't have yet final content/structure, but overall is good.
- Blog will not be there for a while. Unless we organize a proper worker and authors for it. I'm terribly sorry, but un-filtered content and freedom of speech can be applied on Steem where it belongs, but on Corporate website it will just not happen, just for sake of legal and brand itself.
- Meta is being done page per page, once the content is final (readability, targeted keywords/phrases, h1 and h2 headings structure, etc) - example can be found here

For the rest, let's take this as separate discussion in worker related topic, after smaller update tomorrow, to not make here a lot of off-topic discussion.

Have a great Sunday!

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