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General Discussion / Re: bitusd peg
« on: Today at 03:10:08 pm »

BTS community may have a window of opportunity here...Bitshares could get a lot of good (free) publicity out of this
if bitUSD, (or bitSilver or Gold) was his top crypto donation...instead of btc, eth, xmr, ltc, xrp    or others

Don't put your faith in him.Crypto is a governmental product.Bitcoin is the forerunner for a cashless society.
You should listen more to IWF so you will know what will happen once the transformation has been finished.
IWF even found a way to put negative rates on paper money which won't be exchanged into "virtual money"

So what would you suggest?   We try nothing..give up and go home...

It is not a matter of trusting him...

cashless societies or not....the critical factor is "who is the issuer of the currency"

BTS is decentralized, trustless, no counterparty, energy efficient..and someday (hopefully) stealth transactions and assets..

try to be a bit more optimistic... or less negative

IWF?  do u mean IMF

Its not about being negative.
Its about being realistic.
They are implementing the cashless society to implement another agenda they have.For that they need control over a coin.
The final goal is a governmental issued coin linked to a specific asset to limit Q3.
Bitcoin,Bitshares etc would be never accepted as major currency.Its a preperrer of their own governmental coins.
Bitshares however has the great potential to co-exist to governmental coins which bitcoin hasn't.

And like i said its not about being negative maybe just more well informed which may look outside like being one sided and negative.
We try nothing..give up and go home...
Never said that.What i said is it would be a waste of resouces trying your proposal as they follow their own agenda which is the opposite of ours.

But since bitshares is really decentralised noone is stopping you for going your own way which you choose as the right one.

Technical Support / Re: Account Hijacked
« on: Today at 12:45:02 pm »
I had the same proposal from openledger-something .I was thinking a bit if to accept or not because a day ealier i contacted openledger support about a manuel withdrawl but decided at the end since i can't see (at least i don't know where) what the proposal contains i won't accept it.

General Discussion / Re: bitusd peg
« on: March 17, 2019, 10:59:14 pm »

BTS community may have a window of opportunity here...Bitshares could get a lot of good (free) publicity out of this
if bitUSD, (or bitSilver or Gold) was his top crypto donation...instead of btc, eth, xmr, ltc, xrp    or others

Don't put your faith in him.Crypto is a governmental product.Bitcoin is the forerunner for a cashless society.
You should listen more to IWF so you will know what will happen once the transformation has been finished.
IWF even found a way to put negative rates on paper money which won't be exchanged into "virtual money"

You can check my claims on the chinese weibo chat of zengold.

There is now a police report filled against Eric Gu in China.

There are big Investors who got scammed in Million's USD who are activly working to push the chinese government to take action.

About Biki why don't you post real facts about exchanges you wanna add bitcny ?Like real volume and what volume you expect to achieve on biki ?

Because i still keep saying its a waste of resources and nothing more.
How old is the mentioned exchange ?2 months ?

You want i can list bitcny on 10 shit exchanges which are top 50 on cmc.But i would be ashamed of myself for the results it would get for the amount spent.

Legit exchanges would be as example


BTW, one month has past, where is your solution?
I'm working on it with somebody from OL and some other programers.It will be avaibable after the hard fork.

Its enough.Maybe some voting should be more concerned about the amounts they accept when voting for a worker.
Sometimes i got the feeling its a bit overpriced and in a situation where BTS price is not high enough it creates a lack of liquidity doing so.

General Discussion / Re: Review of OMO
« on: February 21, 2019, 08:04:57 am »
What is the main intention of that OMO fund ?
You wrote "supporting the smartcoin ecosystem"
When reading the rules its seems its mainly about getting the pegg back right ?

If we mainly concern market making, I prefer to turn off market fee of bitCNY, which can bring more incentive to trading.

Agree on that.
I guess OL showed nice effect changing the trading fee of BTS-OPEN.ETH to 0% .

Just some example based on global traffic on websites according to alexa.

global rank

~4.700 Bittrex volume  $27 Million
~6.000 Poloniex volume  $29 Million
~7.300 Yobit volume  $15 Million
~13.000 kraken volume  $120 Million
~13.000 upbit volume  $151 Million
~28.000 volume  $36 Million
~34.000 livecoin volume  $10 Million
~46.000 btc alpha volume    $3 Million

Now have a look at the global traffic rank according to alexa of the proposed exchanges

~170.000 Sistemkoin $59 Million
~No Data IDAX  $282 Million
~46.000 LAToken  $63 Million
~399.000 RightBTC  $126 Million
~46.000 Cointiger $115 Million

Based on that Data you can clearly see that non of the bottom exchanges could even compete with Livecoin.I would even claim all would even lose the comparing against BTC-Alpha massivly which has Rank 87 and a trading volume of $3 Million.

LaToken has a fake volume generated by the exchange itself + numerous complaints through listings reported in Japan.

What is the number and what is the reality are 2 completely different things, and I suggest before anyone proceed with burning the funds based on Google research without a single interaction with mentioned exchange or at least account with some more experience to be proved - just forget about it.

Most important thing, this was about listing of BitUSD and BitCNY, where USD is currently under BS and not eligible for any listing at all.

Doing nothing is the easiest way also the laziest way, unless you have better solution to provide more liquidity for bitCNY/bitUSD.

Start proper marketing instead overpaying exchange listing.
I'm currently not much online because of some offline activity.I will be back next week and will be publishing my own proposals which i created before.

How does it come i never heard about coinsuper before ?

Ahh i know

One of the smallest exchanges which exist with 99,9% fake volume and many bad reviews about insta dumping.
How much are you going to pay them ?If you want i will open tomorrow also a new exchange and will wash trade it to top 25 on CMC.
How many BTS are you going to pay me for listing bitcny on that exchange ?

I mean seriously you are playing with funds and don't even do your homework where you are going to list BTS or bitcny.

Thats the same like througing away BTS from the window.

bitCNY was rejected at the final step, as we don't have legal opinion letter for it
Any legit exchange will reject bitcny for the same reason.They demand legal opinion letters to list a coin.

Stakeholder Proposals / Re: Social media marketing proposal
« on: January 11, 2019, 01:01:11 am »
To say the truth i don't like it.

- Professional low-cost graphic designer with impressive portfolio to create visual content for us such as - banners, gifs, advertisements, etc. I have asked such designer for aprox. costs per banner/gif creation - $150. We would need one or two per month.
You call a banner/gif for $150 low cost ?
- Professional all in one marketing platform for generating, managing and nurturing leads. This platform will have integration apps for landing pages,  website popups, social promotions, lead activity tracking, lead management, lead intelligence, marketing automation, email marketing and marketing analytics. Example of some needed integrated apps - Base CRM, Constant Contact/Mail Chimp, Eventbrite, Mad Mini, Survey Monkey, Slack, Lemon Stand, Thankster, and more... Aprox costs per month $800.

Why you need a platform like that which is more expensiv than your marketing experts team.The main criteria should be the team generating highly targeted traffic to the social media accounts which converts into likes,fans,followers etc. .I mean seriously $3600 budget from which maybe just $300 goes to the team which generates traffic and $1000 to paid ads which in best conditions will generate 940 clicks in a month ?I would understand that platform when you would generate a high amount of leads.

- Social media game for attracting more likes. The biggest magnet of all is free giveaways. I give you an example of how I envision it: 1. We post good post with quality content for BitShares and good visuals, under which is written, just an example out of my head now : Like and share this post and be the one out of five to earn 100 BTS. Such marketing tactic usually skyrockets the results. Approximate costs per month - $50.

You wanna get numbers instead of a real audience ?Buy PPT traffic where people will like follow or do anything you like for 0.005 cents.Getting this kind of traffic is nothing diffrent than buying interactions from bot accounts.It has the same value.Only diffrence is that the IP's won't be residential.

- Social media and GoogleAds paid adds ( I explained it in detail in my initial post ) - will assign c.a. $1000 per month budget.
So you explained in your first post that the everage cost per CPC is $1.07 .Of course i guess not crypto targeted and of course not tier 1 countries.
But lets assume you will get even that low rate which means you will get for a $1000 budget 940 clicks per month.
How many of them are going to like the fanpage ?

As I mentioned in my initial post I am working full-time and I must be able to write once per week in my free time during the weekend the content of those ads, control and coordinate the weekly campaigns and results. I will have to summarize the results to this community and post monthly the results publicly. The minimum rate for which I will be managing and executing that work will be $800 per month.
Here is the main problem in my opinion.Content and being up to date is the key point of any good social media account.A week prewritten content is nothing people will check on regular basis as they are looking for news/updates which means the interaction on these social media accounts will be low.
Also in my personal opinion your traffic generating strategy is wrong as social media accounts can be way quicker grown,with very targeted traffic and at a way better cost per action.

General Discussion / Re: accidentally sent 10000 BitCNY to death account
« on: January 10, 2019, 03:48:23 pm »
Based on my knowledge you would need to open a BSIP and it must get voted in and this could only be executed on hardfork.
Will be very difficult.

I really love seeing this great progress

From where I stand, you can lock both until relation to the hack is cleared

General Discussion / Re: would you support a cheater as the wintess?
« on: January 01, 2019, 11:58:02 pm »
I didn't wanted to post here before since i haven't seen the code however i'm pretty good in math as i had also to study it.
When seeing first time this thread i instantly thought about probability calculation.
The probability calculation makes it hard to belive that this is just a coincidence or such a well defined script.

Alt explained it very well how big the mathamatical possibility is to hit exectly median price so often.

Having a MSSR of 100 will only lead that borrowers will be even more reckless with holding a secure MCR since there will be no more punishment for bad debt.
Margin walls will be quickly bigger as majority of debt  holder willl be near 1.75 since he can't lose anything.

Stakeholder Proposals / Re: Proxy:baozi - proxy for anti-dilution
« on: December 29, 2018, 12:56:27 pm »
The reason some say not to vote for this proxy is because that it has today 139,535,652 proxied votes, which makes this the most powerful proxy of the community. It votes for both refund400k and refund100k making a lot of projects not getting funded

Not only alt is voting for refund 400k but many other major proxies like


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