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as I know, 2 witnesses has switched to push 1.05 as MSSR, more witnesses are working for the change.
While I agree with the proposal in general, I do *not* agree with the witnesses just flipping their opinions singlehandedly .. without even having discussed things with the BTS voters ..
For me, I saw this proposal only today and haven't been given sufficient time to let the proposal sink in properly.

The consequence might as well be that I need to look into removing my vote for witnesses that just "do" without community engagement. So far, the consensus has been a 10% MSSR.
I understand that the english-speaking community is not the target-audience for bitCNY, but I do feel a responsibility towards the BitShares Blockchain as
a platform with bitCNY being a prominent "product" - that is why I engage in discussions around bitCNY frequently and try to provide my point of view.

Rushing changes without proper discussion rarely results in good outcome. Let's rather argue here in the forums and see where the community and wisdom of the crowd puts us.

actually China community has discussed this topic a lot, it's not a very new idea. witnesses like magicwallet has suggested to reduce MSSR before, they are not "just do it".

to make the new MSSR take effects need more than 14 witnesses to change, I feel it will take more than 1 week, we can discuss this topic sufficiently in this time and stop the change immediately if community reach an consensus that the change is dangerous.

First 3 witnesses who changed MSSR :


If you got them as witness voted you can unvote them if you don't agree to their actions

@JonnyB, it is a little unfair to claim he is changing anything. If at all, it is the committee that has the power to modify parameters. That includes more than just bitcrab.

Thats why i asked what changed on the OMO fund for bitcrab,jademont,ebit who broke community consensus.
You are leaving that question and it seems for part of the community like a free ticket.

0.Currently nothing because we are in a bear market and BTS price could go way lower.The market is already dried out at 10%.
It would create an additional risk when currently lowering to 5% that there will be a gap which can't be filled by external funds
anymore and could lead to a quicker dump of the BTS price.
It would also cause that the USD/CNY price will diverge even more seeing a USD price of arround 7.35 CNY which is also not anatural price .


2.Only when the bear market ends.Else the commitee adds even more uncalculated risk to the community which could harm it.

3.Change from 2 weeks to 3 months i don't understand.Please explain this to me

4.If i understand it correctly during that time you let the MSSR  stay at 1.05 and will only reset it if there is enough opponents to it raising their concern ?
Turning arround the way it should be that it will only get changed if there will be enough for worter for it into it only won't get changed if there are not enough against speaker ?

as I know, 2 witnesses has switched to push 1.05 as MSSR, more witnesses are working for the change.

These witnesses have changed the MSSR based on community consensus ?


I hope the community will show you their love for it

I agree with this proposal, it can help balance the bitCNY price closer to 1: 1 with CNY, but please set up settlement offset back to 1%

Could you explain how ?

All of these potential changes should be considered for all bit assets.  No reason for CYN to be different, this is more confusing for users.

BitUSD isn't able to buy out the margin calls on the market currently as they are still there and you want to lower the MSSR for it so they will be even bigger ?

A 1.1 MSSR isn't able to arbitrage all called margins on DEX.Would you lower it to 5% it would mean that on bigger falls like now the external funds which will come from CEX will be even smaller buy off margin calls.

The only real solution would be getting more users to DEX.

I'd say, let the market decide for a "fair" price of BTS (in CNY)

Using unnatural massiv buy walls and community funds to "maintane BTS price"?That is more like centralised plan business in the 80's which we all now where it leaded

Assuming strong arbitrage, we can say that the volume of that exchange that has the fairest valuation of BTS price also has
the highest volume.

I would agree on that if there were no massiv targeted interventions to keep a price up.Buying BTS in batches is something diffrent than creating buy walls.And you guys still have no official rules or transparency how you will use the commitee accounts in future (beside bitcrabs statement about keeping building unnatural prices) i can't agree on this without having any clear rules and most important transparancy about the OMO.

I would like first to get clear answers if the OMO will still be used to create big unnatural buy walls or if it will be used like it was supposed to buy BTS in batches on diffrent prices depending on the CR and What kind of Ratio allows the commitee accounts to buy more BTS






we support the suggestion of bitcrab. just do it!

Don't talk for all.Majority doesnt support it
Don't talk for all.Majority support it

We are well aware that you are a puppet from bitcrab and everyone supporting this shit was part of crashing the commitee accounts which needs now to be bailed out with community funds.

ebit,jademont,bitcrab and these people are trying now to get us the "highest one" model.....

Somebody claimed because it's based on highest volume.Lets do it based on highest volume but i highly doubt bitcrab would accept it since it would mean we would accept mainly the price of DEX.Since DEX is always under feed price in a bear market what sence would it make to lower the feed price and cause the next margin call wave.....
So the smart bitcrab is going to take only the feed price from DEX when it is supposed to help him to stop his margin calls.
So when is DEX price in a bear market going to be higher than the current price feed ?
Answer.......only when he puts a big buy wall again like last time.And taking that high unnatural price as feed price will make that the buy wall won't be eaten so quickly even the rest of the market is going massivly down.

Its a clear feature to strenght his manipulation attempt which majority doesn't accept as it has nothing to do with attacks or anything which bitcrab himself confirmed its not so easy anymore and he put that request instantly after his buy wall got eaten because his low margin ratio have been called as external exchanges had a lower price as the price on DEX which were manipulated by his 5 million BTS wall.

Just clearly say the purpose of that change is to strengthen the buy walls so they can't get crushed anymore even the price doesn't represent the value buyers are willing to pay.Creating a centralised controlled price which has nothing to do anymore with free market.

If you argument that DEX has the highest volume then also accept the lower price of DEX as price feed since based on your argument its also the most representiv as it has the highest volume.
Don't pick only the timeframes out which are in your personal favour to manipulate

中文(Chinese) / Re: 是时候和央妈一起积极发行bitcny了
« on: August 12, 2018, 08:05:41 am »

we support the suggestion of bitcrab. just do it!

Don't talk for all.Majority doesnt support it



You just proofed that i'm right

while collateral ratio > 4, borrowing more smartcoin is allowed.
collateral ratio>3, borrowing more smartcoin is not allowed

Bitcrab created more smartcoin at ratio of arround 2 and jademont approved it even as you posted yourself
ratio had to be minimum 4 to be allowed to create new smartcoins.

even more

while 3>collateral ratio, smartcoin income need to be used to reduce debt position, buying more BTS is not allowed.

And what did they do ?They created even more smartcoins even it clearly says under 3 they need to pay debt and the Ratio was already near 2 and not 3


Why have you approved bitcrabs proposal to create new assets and lower the CR of the commitee account to nearly 2 when the community consensus on the WP was that no new asset will be allowed to create if the Ratio is under 4 ?
That WP has been only approved because of that high CR ratio.

Who or what gave you the right to break the community consensus without even informing about it the community ?





Can anyone explain to me why the urgent need to modify the feed price in favour of DEX if
bitcrab and everyone else can use now target CR and the so called margin call problem should be solved now ?

Or is it to stengthen future buy walls ?

Seriously explain it to us please as it looks for most people you trying to implement something which is not needed anymore for the claimed attacks.

Please provide transparancy

Also if you think a step further creating a higher BTS price via price manipulation on DEX than CEX which bitcrab is planing will lead that people will take these bitassets for selling BTS buy Assets they can trade on CEX like EOS,BTC,ETH etc which DEX is already leaking to sell it on CEX and buy back cheap BTS there.

So manipulating the price bitcrab is trying will only lead of a bigger liquidity issue of assets like EOS,BTC,ETH etc for a higher BTS price.

Is that really the goal of DEX?

I highly doubt that as this can be only solved via adoption and not via price manipulation

Now Bitcrab is trying to change the feed price so the price on DEX will dominate the feed price.
This way he can stop the feed price at any specific price by adding a buy wall
which will be counted as globally accepted price because of DEX volume dominance even prices on
other exchanges which he can't manipulate will be way lower.

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