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Actually it does.Since a tld .com can't be compared to a third class domain .exchange. Thats two total diffrent levels of domains. is first way more easier to get a good ranking in google.
Also anyone who heard the name bitshares will first enter the name as URL and nobody is going to use .
The domain has no real value because its not a top level domain .It brings no benefit in regards to SEO and
noone is going to enter that domain himself (Type Ins) which gives a domain value.
So basicly you need to promote that domain to add to it any value.

$10k for a domain ending which is completly unknown to 99% of users.

$250k for is of course also way overpriced but at that time the foundation could register themself a domain for $10-50 and save the money for promotion or anything else
since the domain bitshares.exchanges doesn't add any value to the bitshares network which would justify $10k

$10k just for the domain bitshares.exchanges is way to expensiv.

I don't see a single dime spent on real marketing .

A simple domain name like bithsares.exchanges brings nothing if it won't be promoted so i can't see the value of $10k for that domain.

I also don't understand why nobody else is stepping in and asking why the domain is so overpriced as it basicly has no value

Technical Support / Account with stolen coins
« on: May 08, 2018, 02:56:23 am »
Hi on DEX is an account with about 500k CNY and 100k BTS which was basicly stolen from me.I know the accounts name and monitor it since september last year as thats the time when it happened.
I guess the guy run away with somebodies else coins (44 BTC) and never came back to DEX for my coins.He had a big sell order since september of the coins he stole from me which were executed back in december.

Is there any possibility to gain somehow access to this account to get the funds back since i'm really "pissed" to lose them to a scammer who let them die on DEX.

We should borrow some BTS to generate BitCNY with an collateral ratio of 5. The fees from the BitCNY and BitUSD can buy BTS and refund the borrowed BTS.

But what is the technical problem for not having enough BitCNY now? We need more FIAT/BitFIAT exchanges.

The problem is that each and every other coin is at least 10% undervalued on bitusd/bitcny pair.
That also means the 10% lower price on margin calls have no effect anymore since there is no possibility to buy cheap BTS on DEX to sell them on external exchanges with profit and to send the new coin back to DEX to buy bitcny/bitusd to eat the margin call quickly.
Since there is a leck of bitusd/bitcny liquidity prices of other coins are already 10% under market price and its impossible even when buying the 10% cheaper BTS from margin call to bring funds back to DEX with any profit.
In short words the feature of 10% lower margin call price has no effect at all because there is a lack of bitusd and bitcny.

Now smartcoins like bitCNY have big demand, but are always in serious shortage, this limit the adoption of smartcoins and also the development of trading in DEX.

BitUSD has also a shortage else the prices of other coins on DEX wouldn't be 10% under market value against bitUSD when market is going downwards.
The max. loss of 10% is also not right because if the amount of collateral is big there is not enough liquidity to buy such a big amount instantly which could lead to bigger loss if prices keep moving down.

I'm for more liquidty in bitUSD and bitCNY which is badly needed however it needs an update in collateral system first to be able to handle big collateral amounts in a proper way

Yes .....i'm currently on holiday and not on my home pc but you can ask the guy marko who created the proposal for dex trading bot.He wrote a clear instruction how to setup your own node.

In my opinion we need way more nodes.Everytime the market is hot i get only high latency nodes with 4000-8000 ms where its a pain to make any transactions.Its like 10-30 failed transaction before one goes through.
Its really a pain and i lost personly a lot of money because of these kind of lags on hot days.
So i build my own personal node to have a good connection guarantee because these are the days where you make good profit.
But knowing these issues and me wanting DEX to get a major player this issue needs to be fixed quickly since i heard from many mad traders to leave DEX because of the bad performance.

General Discussion / Re: A proposal to update the margin call process
« on: February 16, 2018, 09:11:07 pm »
I would also add a USD/BTS colletaral ratio function based on amount so it would be less possible to get these kind of big margin calls.Means as higher the amount of collateral as higher the ratio to lower the risk to get margin called.
Bitcraps margin call was a good example how his margin call sucked out all the bitUSD from the market.
Each and every coin was at least 10% cheaper than on other exchanges.And there was no possibility and liquidity to get funds
from external exchanges to buy these margin calls without loosing money.
Since Margin Call was offered 10% under settlement price and all coins had already a 10% lower price than on external exchanges there was no way to transfer liquidity to DEX without making a loss on that trading.
So the main intention to get the margin call quickly eaten by a lower price of 10% is only valid for margin calls to a certain seize.
DEX has till today a lack of liquidity of bitUSD which you can see that most coins are still 5% cheaper than on external exchanges.

I also agree that only the amount of BTS should be offered for sale on a margin call which is enought to get all colletreal back to minimal Ratio + 0.xx

Hi i'm a member of CVCOIN which is running on Bitshares Network.
Our core group is trying now to create more awareness for that coin since Beta is coming out and we will join 2 big exchanges soon.
We noticed that CVCOIN is not being listed on the mainpage of Bitshares Asset Exchange but only can be found via search tab.
I guess thats the reason why the volume from that website is nearly zero.
Since there are many coins listed with zero volume i would like to ask if its possible to add CVCOIN to the mainpage for BTS,BitUSD and OPEN.BTC to increase the awareness of that coin.
If there is a progress how to accomplish it please let us know as we are highly interrested to grow together with Bitshares on TOP.

Regards Thul3

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