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Just some example based on global traffic on websites according to alexa.

global rank

~4.700 Bittrex volume  $27 Million
~6.000 Poloniex volume  $29 Million
~7.300 Yobit volume  $15 Million
~13.000 kraken volume  $120 Million
~13.000 upbit volume  $151 Million
~28.000 volume  $36 Million
~34.000 livecoin volume  $10 Million
~46.000 btc alpha volume    $3 Million

Now have a look at the global traffic rank according to alexa of the proposed exchanges

~170.000 Sistemkoin $59 Million
~No Data IDAX  $282 Million
~46.000 LAToken  $63 Million
~399.000 RightBTC  $126 Million
~46.000 Cointiger $115 Million

Based on that Data you can clearly see that non of the bottom exchanges could even compete with Livecoin.I would even claim all would even lose the comparing against BTC-Alpha massivly which has Rank 87 and a trading volume of $3 Million.

Don't get me wrong.
Why do you guys focus on top 50 CMC based exchanges.
Instead try real exchanges which are not top 50 CMC but with real history and real user base.
IDAX is sending everyone a listing request.What does it bring to get listed on IDAX if the real volume will be like 1000 bitcny per day.

Wasting funds just because they are top 50 CMC instead looking for legit exchanges which are not top 50 as they don't wash trade so heavily is something i don't understand.
Do you want to bring real value or do you just wanna create an image based on fake volume

Would rather this worker proposal go towards paying listing fee + some bonus bounty for the person who lobbied it. This is how you get listed, yep most exchanges are fake volume but nobody cares when it can bring new actual users to Bitshares. I'd support this with our vote with the above change^.

How many new users will exchanges like RightBTC,IDAX,Sistemkoin,Latoken etc bring ?
Compare that to the amount of new users which it would bring spending that amount of BTS in Marketing or legit exchanges and i doubt you will even get 1/10 on these exchanges .

Maybe it would be worth that you guys check the volume of these exchanges for new listed coins.
Its either none or a very high one (wash trading) where in reality you won't be able to even sell $1000 worth of coins/assets without crashing the price to nirvana

A good example RightBTC.Ranking number 22 which has BTS listed.
Trading volume for BTS in the past 7 days is ZERO .
So we are going to pay now the listing fee of bitassets and a bounty of 500k BTS and what volume do you realisticly expect that these bitassets will get when nearly all assets there have zero real volume.
LAtaken,Cointiger,IDAX,Sistemkoin etc all the same.
What value does it bring to get there listed ?
In my eyes these funds would be wasted for getting bitassets listed on these kind of exchanges which basicly exist and fake volume to find idiots who will pay for their listing fee's which is their main income.

I support reduce MSSR to 2% instead of any complex feed price adjustment(manipulation)

Supporting it !

Even i'm an enemy of BSIP42 at current situation I temporarly support bitcrabs proposal for the good of the community till the bug is fixed to implement the other solution proposed by Stefan or till the MCR recovers.

That is just speculation... Nobody can guarantee they will not eat current margin.

It depends who is buying the margin.People buying margin to increase their stacke will definetly not decrease the price of BTS however giving the opportunity on such a big sell wall for arbitrage it would at current situation automaticly mean that people would buy cheap BTS at DEX to dump it on CEX with a profit which would lead to a price fall and creating bitcny with a 10% (MSSR)premium.
Making sure what bitcrab proposed to always have margin call price under real price feed (hopefully 1,5-2%) is a fair solution.It won't get the margin so quickly eaten but it will also not have a big negativ effect on BTS price on CEX.

What is important and which clockwork also mentioned on another thread is the quick update of the margin call price in a quick downfall so the open margin calls will eat the open buy orders instead of traders taking them away

General Discussion / Re: how to revive bitCNY?
« on: November 27, 2018, 09:12:57 pm »
When there is a debt position with 112% collateral ratio, Increasing MSSR to 112% or more will trigger GS immediately.

Why did you guys waited so long ?People asked for it for a long time and just once its not possible anymore you guys start replying ?

Too bad more people didn't contribute ideas and easy to understand descriptions like this one offered by @clockwork.
Correct, no one. Except for abit, bitcrab and me on Telegram. But yes, should have posted stuff in the forums.

Correct, no one. Except for abit, bitcrab and me on Telegram. But yes, should have posted stuff in the forums.

Never saw any inventation link to your closed telegram group.
Why should people post if you keep ignoring their requests?
You guys are talking in small closed groups noone else has access to to have a look into it.
When somebody posts an idea it won't find any discussion if its not in your favour

People demanded for a long time to stop manipulating feed price.Not a single word about it was made here on the forum.
People demanded later to at least increase the MSSR which you also ignored with silence.
Now you guys come say its impossible to implement a higher MSSR as it would instantly trigger a GS.

Even i support the idea clockwork posted i don't support the way you are transporting it.
You just discourage people from participating since all main discussion and decissionare made behind closed telegram groups where the rest of community have no access to and only idea's from a small group are really being discussed here.Other peoples idea/demand are being categoricgly ignored.
Also why did bitcrab and abit talked with you about a solution ?Are you smarter than other people ?Or is it about your voting power once again?
I know a lot of people who talked about solutions but they are being igorned of you three and also not invited to participiate in your small closed groups

General Discussion / Re: Global Settlement for BitUSD
« on: November 25, 2018, 03:39:54 pm »
need to work out a SOP for witnesses  to guide them how to manipulate the price in order to help to avoid the BS. I am wondering if committee  can fire a curfew to stop price feed before BS

more manipulation ?
Bitshares a decentralised exchange or a fully manipulated exchange with centralised power ?

Thanks to the idiocy settings of BSIP42 and the total lack of any actions for weeks even everyone could clearly see margins are not being filled when price is moving down you just killed the bitusd market.The few liquidity it had moved to bitcny.
You just killed a whole decent market and many investors already wrote good bye bitshares.Chinese investors threaten to leave should bitcny trigger a global settlement and still no action at all.
48h passed the global settlement price for bitcny didn't moved a single point down.
Stupid developers and commitee members talking what to change after the bear market instead of trying to lower at this moment the global settlement price of bitcny.

You just created a 150 million BTS sell wall at $0.051 which is going to surpress BTS price to recover quickly as it always did.

where are bitcrab and xeroc now ?

Giving smart advices don't risk money you are not able to lose ?
Anyone of you see them trying to save the situation which they caused with their BSIP42 settings or indirect agreement to implement it to BitUSD where the whole community was against it ?

I asked both of them weeks ago if they will take full responsability for the global settlement their actions will cause.
Of course i have not received any answer.
Instead i read now poor comments that we had been global settled earlier if not BSIP42 .

Don't understand me wrong i'm not against pegging bitassets at all but when you see that no margin call is being filled in a down move its just a matter of time getting it triggered in a bigger down move.Everyone knew it abit and bitcrab even openly said that they can't avoid it and still they didn't even tried to get the margin call filled.

But hey at least bitusd had the last couple of weeks a nice peg......which is now broken anyway

We are now so much smarter and gained know how at the expense of peoples money.
GDEX getting now full attention since its dominating the bitcny market where everyone else focused on bitUSD which market is now down.

Also you guys can now explain to me again which business you were talking about is going to implement now bitusd ?

General Discussion / Global Settlement for BitUSD
« on: November 25, 2018, 12:10:20 am »
BitUSD has arround 12 pm triggered global settlement.Borrowing no more possible.
I'm sorry to the people who lost money because of this event.

congrats @xeroc

Who were the main supporters of BSIP42 even seeing that open margin calls are not being eaten.
They just watched from the side doing NOTHING to rescue that situation but instead celebrate that BSIP42 ,Witnesses and themself as proxies have not being downvoted much because of the global settlement event and even making fun that DEX had today the highest volume.

You guys are disgusting
They made way more disgusting comments but i will make an article about it to settle up their actions and of witnesses who screwed up totaly.

Market moving down as predicted and no buy orders are being taken by open margin calls to increase the CR price diffrence between real market price and margin call price 0.04 bitcny

BSIP42 shouldn't be changed currently as it would trigger instantly a GS.Whats important is to adjust margin call price so buy orders will fill the open margin calls to increase the CR instead that traders are taking majority of buy orders speculating that the price will drop because of the big margin wall and a falling BTC

General Discussion / Re: Marketing Proposal
« on: November 24, 2018, 12:40:34 pm »
You need coindesk to carry it.

Look at this article that Edan Yago wrote: some more research, the guy isn't really a journalist. Click his name, he does 1 or 2 articles a year.

But his opinions were published. His CementDAO was featured at the top of the article "for free".

Coindesk (which a lot of people read) rarely reports on Bitshares -- whether we think we're important or not. That is because we haven't followed this:

Simply blogging, and sending out tweets, requires you to build your own following.   Take an existing following and get those eyeballs to see what you have to write about... coindesk gives free advice on how to get that done.  Other publications will tell you how to get it done there too..

He is an Editor for coindesk.
Contacting Editors instead the news website always makes sense since its way cheaper and second the article won't be displayed as sponspored.

With regards to Twitter, a paid campaign is very cheap and reaches large numbers of users and you can set it up so you only pay for link clicks etc. So we would only be paying for people who actually read the articles. No need to build up a following.
Its mainly bot traffic.

What you seem to ignore is that a big part of community is mayge going soon to lose their investment thanks to this experiment.
I really can't understand how easily people are taking this event who are not concerned themself.
The 90% drop is irrelevant.What is relavant is the fact that the CR was 1.75 when the price was 0.62 cny before the heavy drop.Dropping from 0.62 to 0.44 is not 90% but just 29% which nearly triggered the global settlement.
The drop was quickly and steady thats what was diffrent than before.I said it before in a bigger movement down BSIP42 will create a big margin wall which won't be able to get filled anymore.
Also the current feed price manipulation has no borders at all.A CR of 2.3 which makes people comfortable in a sideway  market can get tomorrow margin called because the manipulation which we saw up to 40% are unpredictable and not user/noob friendly.
If you want a tighter peg i have no issue with that but not by putting investors money in risk and creating a setting where nobody is able to predict which dynamicly changes will be tomorrow so he can adjust his risk accordingly.

3) How do we make sure margins are eaten? In my view the current '10% below feed price" is not working as that can often match the DEX price. I would propose this is changed to '10% below the lesser of the feed price or the DEX market price'. Margins being sold as we drop is critical and I think that has been the main thing that has brought us so close to GS.

Thats something which bitcrab is against heavily.

Please also compare our decentralised and blockchain checkable stablecoins against USDT with its endless audit dramas.
Currently i feel safer holding USDT than bitusd.USDT has clear rules which won't be changed.The only question there is if each USDT is really backed by 1 USD.
At BitUSD you have now the big risk of a black swan and the uncertainty which rules are going to be changed.
There were talks about allowing the CR do go under 1 and other proposals which purpose is to weak the 100% backed promise.

yes, BSIP42 sometimes make the feed price 10% more higher than the market price, but then how? it enhance the peg, it make bitCNY and bitUSD real stablecoin.

You know how you can define best that current BSIP42 is a failure in regards of releasing pressure ?
Comparing BitCNY with BitUSD.
BitCNY a high liquid market had nearly the same CR like BitUSD which has clearly a lack of liquidity.
If BSIP42 worked so great how come that a liquid market like BitCNY had nearly the same result like a non liquid market ?
The answer at both bitassets margins call's haven't been filled at all.
And wouldn't there be feed manipulation on bitusd the lowest CR of BitUSD of a non liquid market would be higher than the CR of BitCNY which is a way higher liquid market.

In my opinion
bitcny depending on some big bitcny holders if they get activ before gs or not.

中文(Chinese) / Re: 巨蟹 abit 黑天鹅-秋后再跟他们算账!
« on: November 23, 2018, 02:33:06 pm »

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