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Worker Roadmap is being edited and budget recalculated. Posting update later today. It will follow with escrow submission after re-discussion.


Commercial use is an important aspect, which can lower the worker costs or completely remove it.

Commercial-use have different definition in this worker. There is no such need that private owned for-profit companies such as gateways are listing nodes for public access.

We don't have actual "commercial" product apart from our users through, btspp and dexbot, hence "no commercial (ab)use".


Wait part two.

2020 core worker = 1 year has 12 months.

Part 1 = 6 months worker.

Read the worker PLEASE before commenting.


OK,  Part 2=4 months worker.

Will it be 4 months or 6 months and end in February 2021, as long as it's starts in 2020 its part of 2020 worker. Idea is to do Part 1 before we even start discussing Part 2. :)

I think it's too early to discuss the part 2 right now. Things can change a lot in 6 months. If part 1 worked well, we may start discussing part 2.

Got it.

Development for BSIP 64: Operational HTLC preimage length, HASH160 addition, and memo field (up to 12 hours)
Development for BSIP 69: Additional Assert Predicates (up to 25 hours)
Development for BSIP 74: Margin Call Fee Ratio (up to 60 hours)
Development for BSIP 77: Require Higher CR When Creating/Adjusting Debt Positions (up to 80 hours)
Development for BSIP 86: Share market fee to the network (up to 60 hours)

If we can make a small Mainnet Release for these BSIPs asap? in the next two months?

Even I love the idea of having 64, 77 and 86 asap as tomorrow - unfortunately the answer is no.

Why ?

1) Process, development structure and corporate execution/deliveries are a must. Randomness will not be allowed
       a) If you take a close look at the worker roadmap you'll notice there is suddenly 60-80 hours for Mainnet 4.0 Release that was scheduled for November 2019. After careful review, release is not fully prepared and first 7-10 days of worker will be going to that release. 3 Core devs has total availability for that period is 130 hours and we have to give it some testing. Abit will be more utilizing hours on Audit than on coding if we want to keep some process.
       b) there is no such thing as "asap Mainnet release" and it never was unless fix takes 1-5 hours and usually it's halt of the blockchain. Each development has to be implemented on the testnet upon delivery and tested for minimum period of 25-30 days prior to mainnet release. This worker has no budget or plan to change to process for 2 release as it states clearly little bit below under the section called "New Schedule for Releases". First sentence and current schedule pretty much confirms explanation.
       c) To avoid another a) in this worker - each dev will be assigned to BSIP's if worker becomes active. Their deliveries will be reflected through available hours we defined per each team member against ETA's on BSIP's/task being assigned to.

Bitshares Chinese Forum

China block some web sites including Github. Users from China even have difficulty to post a reply in this forum.

Much appreciated for link. Yeah, I completely lost though of GitHub with China GFW. Apologies will update the links in a moment.

BSIP 70: P2P Lending (up to 400 hours)
I like this .We need new DEFI application scenario for spreading.

Idea is yes, to not just satisfy holders but also to actually bring benefits and profits to the protocol as well.

BSIP64,69,70,80,85 haven't got a higher than BSIP-Threshold voting power, I don't think it's appropriate to include them.

and in my view some of them need more discussion, maybe it's better to put them into next part after voting up.

I'll quote important part of worker then ill explain myself

Quote: "This worker's agreement is crafted as a middle path between the desires of BTS core token holders, priorities for the blockchain and technology, as well as availability of core development team."

- Worker is crafted as balanced offer between holder's desires and necessities for the blockchain as protocol/tech to gain more visibility, profits and power in the real world outside our private interests.
- Worker includes needed amount of hours for documentation, BSIP's and discussions as well as delivery of each at the lower rate.
- Worker defines they will be delivered and released will be only the ones voted in. This is a development offer that satisfy both sides. What will be released its up to holders. What will be developed is result of holders desire and market demand.

If holders have issue with above terms it will certainly become a problem, since the terms are more fair than ever to the both BLOCKCHAIN and HOLDERS itself.

Now I've been hearing how bitassets are irrelevant and obsolete but i still see few BSIP's related to their mechanics and terms of use, so to stop pretending - let's just make a compensation and think about blockchain as well for once.


Wait part two.

2020 core worker = 1 year has 12 months.

Part 1 = 6 months worker.

Read the worker PLEASE before commenting.


Dear BitShares,

Since I was personally told and explained that there is no need for classic API's and previous worker I've had (Exotic infra) nodes were turned off 4 months ago - in the meantime we noticed increased need for stable ES/Kibana hosts for various reasons.

We ( would like to provide, under our own review and collaborative management, the nodes and elastic search APIs that have been deployed with the soon expiring infrastructure worker by BPBV.

Read the full details here:

Voting for worker proposals: Votes can be done via the reference wallet. Visit Menu -> Votes -> Workers or enter your account name in the link

This worker proposal has id 1.14.253 and 202002-infrastructure.

We kindly ask for any comments and feedback.

Best Regards,
 Collaboration infra worker teams.


Stakeholder Proposals / [Worker Proposal] 2020 Core Development (Part 1/2)
« on: February 21, 2020, 10:35:56 pm »
Dear BitShares,

After spending some time with assembling original core team (what's left of it), discussing roadmap individually with holders and proxies and detailed review of 2019 worker, I came up with the following draft:

Please read carefully and ask any questions if you have.

Chinese translation will be processed soon by Linda Tian and thread will be updated.

Worker details and roadmap has been updated. For more info click here.


General Discussion / Re: @CN-Vote
« on: February 14, 2020, 07:05:02 pm »
You have internal discussions for committee here on forums, just last post is more than 1 year old.
There is a quite active Telegram group even with people that used to be committee members but are no longer (like me).

Well, not sure what are activities are but surely needs cleanup, invite and management (not a member).


General Discussion / Re: @CN-Vote
« on: February 12, 2020, 09:32:33 pm »
You have internal discussions for committee here on forums, just last post is more than 1 year old.


Dear Community and holders,

Please review, comment and express your opinion on worker presented by "Zavod Premik" (eng. "Move Institute) that comes as offer for services and position of new legal representative on your behalf and behalf of BitShares blockchain.


- Chinese version will be released by Monday.
- Worker is designed as budget.

Worker is on chain and available for voting with primary goals to handle the handover/acquire a list from previous legal representative (BitShares Blockchain Foundation) or redo known agreements on behalf of BitShares blockchain.

Account `committee-trade` received 1 BTS transfer containing as MEMO entire content of this worker.
ID: 1.11.1050275714 Block: 45162812

On behalf of Move Institute,
Acting CEO,
Milos (DL) Preocanin

100,000 BTS
used as airdrop to cooperate with market promotion

Hey there,

I wanted to partake in the BTS airdrop but could not find information on the website. Could you please point me to it?

It's probably gonna be done in future. personally did USDT drop. Possibly soon GBAC and Biyong will start that joint market efforts, since worker has enough in vesting balances (hopefully from worker that is currently voted out).


Sufficient time has passed for the collection of feedback. Both workers are now put on-chain, see here for a summary.

Please consider both proposals for your next voting update:

Dear BBF,

On behalf of non-profit Zavod Premik (Move Institute) and followed with quoted part of presented workers:

"All existing legal agreements must be considered void if the BitShares Blockchain Foundation is no longer the legal representative for the BitShares Blockchain, with all consequences that come with it (effective date 31st January 2020)."

we came here to offer 3 possible options/scenarios and discuss them a bit in front of holders.

Option 1)
Consider 7 days extension on the quoted statement above while I personally reach out to the holders and get confirmation that they are not supporting your worker. This may result in worker being approved, considering that workers never had proper forum thread, usual lobbying and politics that holders are expecting from workers. Anyway, I do understand the sentiment considering state of entire ecosystem in previous 6 months.

Option 2)
Move Institute would be willing to create alternative workers if `Option 1)` ends with negative response. We would be requesting costs for BBF services to transfer all agreements and handover all legal documentation to us (in case the holders decide to support `Option 2` so we can plan budget accordingly)

There is no Option 3 right now - so please let's do this in a reasonable way, because the BitShares blockchain relies on us in many ways including our main BTS core token listings, agreements and legal letters done in the past through BBF.

Notice for BBF:
Option 1) and request for extension comes as late, but an official request from Move Institute. Email will follow over the weekend.

Notice for holders/proxies:
Move Institute would be offering worker that has far more complexity and would involve additional worker for legal funds/budget. Multi-sig between Committee and Move Institute for those funds would be a must in order to make possible any potential proceedings, listings or legal needs on the yearly basis.

Personal statement:
I have a lot on my plate and to be clear I didn't had much time to follow up on forums or to run around following up entire politics (not even update my votes ). I personally support this worker because the price and the terms for being legal representative are very feasible and communication is already established between parties involved in agreements.


100% support and voted.

Very much appreciated. I've personally followed up directly with XT once Evan reached me out to promote publication we didn't quite understand. followed up on both nomination of BTS on and is launching article tonight on results with direct thanks to Linda TIan (GBAC).

Remarks on business process of GBAC:

- Appreciate if collaboration between GBAC and can exists from initial planning just in terms of help and better marketing where we dont have to chase facts/content (We don't want to be part of worker or rewards for efforts that you initiate, but we want them do be done properly)
- Better due diligence on the client GBAC is dealing with (in this case XT exchange)

To better explain myself,
- we were nominated on the who was 36 hours on their article page of announcement holding url that returns 404 so nobody was actually being able to vote unless he got link by PM. I've joined both Chinese and English XT telegram group where despite being banned in English group found a way to request update of link and explain importance of their fuckup - where they completely responded polite and professional and problem was sorted within minutes. So, as proven that our efforts and eyes can be valuable during these events, consider to collaborate with us.
- our token page was/is outdated at as Stefan mentioned and still nobody agreed here on the new contact/details/info (social,website, forums, desciption, team). Please communicate so we can sort this out.

P.S. I've tried with more than 10 people to join WeChat in order to be able to reach out more Chinese/East community. Based in Thailand, we are in 1 hour different time zone and plenty of things can be synced between us without any delays or excuses. With a proof from Jademont last night, my finally registered wechat account is disabled and i cant use. I've tried to reach out Linda Tian (GBAC) via Telegram, but she havent read my msgs/been online since August 2019.

Please pass her my cry for her on TG (If possible)

On behalf of (Move Institute)
Milos (DL) Preocanin


General Discussion / Re: Committee Fund Operation Review
« on: October 21, 2019, 04:20:26 pm »
Never said they are. Commitee (e.g. board of directors) as operators (fund managers) are responsible for it in every possible way including legal one. Do as you wish,


Hm, i didn't get it.

Can we chat somewhere so we don't spam forums ? I'm willing to explain in details.

General Discussion / Re: Committee Fund Operation Review
« on: October 21, 2019, 12:56:18 pm »
Committee is set of 11 different accounts that are all responsible for funds, not just 1 account with support of community.

It should be voted by committee members, not a community - since community has no legal responsibility for the actions they vote for (yet).

Can you explain the "legal responsibility"?

These fund was operated by committees
I think you didn't read carefully what i said, it doesn't mean the fund belong to the committees.
If the community decided to something with this fund,the committees should follow the result of vote.
Committe have the right to make a proposal express what he or the voters want to do, this is what he should to do.

No action then will no responsibility, this will be very sad for the community.

Never said they are. Commitee (e.g. board of directors) as operators (fund managers) are responsible for it in every possible way including legal one. Do as you wish,


General Discussion / MOVED: Buy Buy Buy
« on: October 21, 2019, 12:34:48 pm »

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