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Technical Support / Re: Nginx 404 Error
« on: January 24, 2019, 12:28:58 pm »
And what is your question now? :)

He probably wants to make permanent redirect for anything with /#/ to remove # and on trailing slash. But it comes from code of UI and making such redirects would be a big no-no as my friendly advice.


Stakeholder Proposals / Re: [Worker] Reference faucet via
« on: January 12, 2019, 02:45:36 am »
Dear BTS voters,

as you may be aware, (BitShares Europe) provides the reference wallet for the
software as hosted on The costs so far have been covered by the infrastructure
program operated by Blockchain Projects. The faucet has been funded by the reserve pool
and rewards from the referral program are directed to the BTS reserve pool. Thus, we managed
to operated at quite some profit for the BTS holders of over 100,000 BTS.

To make value proposition clearer to the BTS voters, we decided to remove Blockchain Projects
from the equation and apply for a worker proposal directly to fund the faucet maintenance,
operations and further development.

Details can be found here:

Please consider your votes.
Constructive feedback is welcome


As a remark to your worker I have only one thing:
"Keep in mind that and its subdomains are owned by a third party and are not contractually obligated to deploy the reference software."

On behalf of Move Institute and power given to me to act as a CEO when it comes to the business with BitShares blockchain, this is our official statement:

Move Institute (Zavod Premik) has 0 intentions now or in 2019 to start/run/operates a faucet. It will be purely focused on joining Committee and pursuing status of 2nd Escrow with accounting software such as BBF provides for the full transparency. On-boarding of new accounts has been successfully done over the past through BitShares Europe faucet, and I personally like the referral program through web-based software you've built. Worker for website and main domain were using it during tests through for the account create page, and again have 0 interest to replace a working solution or re-invent the wheel again.

Move Institute will sign-up for the referral program as operator/manager of -> upcoming account creation page within the website itself.

Best regards.

Stakeholder Proposals / Re: Social media marketing proposal
« on: January 11, 2019, 07:40:02 am »
comrades, alright :) I now see the reason why this project is dying slowly, it is because of the non-acting community  ;). Please move forward with your current ideas and actions. Wish you best of luck.


Hah, that is the good one. Thanks for another confirmation on your poor research. BitShares blockchain seen highest activity peak in 2018 and continue to battle with it in 2019 as well :)

Good luck with you professional offers.


Stakeholder Proposals / Re: Social media marketing proposal
« on: January 11, 2019, 03:06:24 am »
To say the truth i don't like it.

- Professional low-cost graphic designer with impressive portfolio to create visual content for us such as - banners, gifs, advertisements, etc. I have asked such designer for aprox. costs per banner/gif creation - $150. We would need one or two per month.
You call a banner/gif for $150 low cost ?
- Professional all in one marketing platform for generating, managing and nurturing leads. This platform will have integration apps for landing pages,  website popups, social promotions, lead activity tracking, lead management, lead intelligence, marketing automation, email marketing and marketing analytics. Example of some needed integrated apps - Base CRM, Constant Contact/Mail Chimp, Eventbrite, Mad Mini, Survey Monkey, Slack, Lemon Stand, Thankster, and more... Aprox costs per month $800.

Why you need a platform like that which is more expensiv than your marketing experts team.The main criteria should be the team generating highly targeted traffic to the social media accounts which converts into likes,fans,followers etc. .I mean seriously $3600 budget from which maybe just $300 goes to the team which generates traffic and $1000 to paid ads which in best conditions will generate 940 clicks in a month ?I would understand that platform when you would generate a high amount of leads.

- Social media game for attracting more likes. The biggest magnet of all is free giveaways. I give you an example of how I envision it: 1. We post good post with quality content for BitShares and good visuals, under which is written, just an example out of my head now : Like and share this post and be the one out of five to earn 100 BTS. Such marketing tactic usually skyrockets the results. Approximate costs per month - $50.

You wanna get numbers instead of a real audience ?Buy PPT traffic where people will like follow or do anything you like for 0.005 cents.Getting this kind of traffic is nothing diffrent than buying interactions from bot accounts.It has the same value.Only diffrence is that the IP's won't be residential.

- Social media and GoogleAds paid adds ( I explained it in detail in my initial post ) - will assign c.a. $1000 per month budget.
So you explained in your first post that the everage cost per CPC is $1.07 .Of course i guess not crypto targeted and of course not tier 1 countries.
But lets assume you will get even that low rate which means you will get for a $1000 budget 940 clicks per month.
How many of them are going to like the fanpage ?

As I mentioned in my initial post I am working full-time and I must be able to write once per week in my free time during the weekend the content of those ads, control and coordinate the weekly campaigns and results. I will have to summarize the results to this community and post monthly the results publicly. The minimum rate for which I will be managing and executing that work will be $800 per month.
Here is the main problem in my opinion.Content and being up to date is the key point of any good social media account.A week prewritten content is nothing people will check on regular basis as they are looking for news/updates which means the interaction on these social media accounts will be low.
Also in my personal opinion your traffic generating strategy is wrong as social media accounts can be way quicker grown,with very targeted traffic and at a way better cost per action.

100% agree.

To add:

We gave you advice to take a research a bit, and from what you offered, it seems you haven't done any.

Google AdWords for blockchain keywords with budget 1000$ can last maybe a week, if the Ad is setup very poor to not get much visibility.
Social Media - acceptable to invest 100$ weekly in Facebook social promotion, but who owns the authentic account for BitShares ? Where is the landing page ?

On the other hand - Google AdWords will not be run for without Move Institute, BBF and stake-holders approval as long as I breathe this very thin air.

Designer banner 150$ per banner ? We have plenty of highly creative designers around the blockchain through workers. Prices of them are between 35 and 100 $ per hour. In that hour, they can create 3 banners, which I'm sure designer of anyone choice can't compare in a million years.

example of work from Dominic:

General marketing, focus campaings and newsletter we are already building. Mailchimp has been registered 2 months ago and it's being integrated to this week.

And best what @thul3 said: Content must be on a par with latest starting from website through all social media - where we still failing hard just to reach out to all of those social media false representatives of BitShares to remove a bad impression for ourselves.

And if anyone wants to discuss how to increase BitShares visibility, I suggest we start with requests to google for all those bad backlinks we got from spam and those poor advertisements around.

Guess next time you just do your homework really good, since  Community/Stakeholders seen a lot of "offers" in 5 years of existence and are not petty idiots to be played with.


Stakeholder Proposals / Re: [Worker Proposal] CITADEL Desktop 2019
« on: January 10, 2019, 05:13:37 am »

huge dissapointment when it comes to that Stealth tab where you can create account but cannot top the funds for months now... I was so happy to see that part coming to life.

Thank you for the report. I'll investigate ASAP. There's a thread on this forum and a bug tracker on github, you should've reported this earlier :P (Also, tickets created by committee members and witness accounts are served with highest priority).

Anyway, great job with Citadel, and if you wanna really get some Monero mining customers, you do need to invest some real monero from that mining into the markets on the dex, or its not going.

You are 100% right and we're working in bringing liquidity to our markets. This is something to be announced very soon.

Or at least provide withdrawals for monero after successful mining.

We do that, you can always withdraw your mined tokens as real XMR via our gateway.

- You are absolutely right! I'm always bringing bug reports but never properly report them (github, mails, etc...). Ill do my best to report all the bugs/doubts and hopefully we can see it running soon!
- Good luck with market making, wish the best for it!
- Ill test it out. Last year Citadel didn't had a gateway within BitShares UI, so I haven't played around mining/XMR for a while.

Many thanks for replies!



I am aware what BBT will do according to this WP is important to Bitshares Community.


Just some example based on global traffic on websites according to alexa.

global rank

~4.700 Bittrex volume  $27 Million
~6.000 Poloniex volume  $29 Million
~7.300 Yobit volume  $15 Million
~13.000 kraken volume  $120 Million
~13.000 upbit volume  $151 Million
~28.000 volume  $36 Million
~34.000 livecoin volume  $10 Million
~46.000 btc alpha volume    $3 Million

Now have a look at the global traffic rank according to alexa of the proposed exchanges

~170.000 Sistemkoin $59 Million
~No Data IDAX  $282 Million
~46.000 LAToken  $63 Million
~399.000 RightBTC  $126 Million
~46.000 Cointiger $115 Million

Based on that Data you can clearly see that non of the bottom exchanges could even compete with Livecoin.I would even claim all would even lose the comparing against BTC-Alpha massivly which has Rank 87 and a trading volume of $3 Million.

LaToken has a fake volume generated by the exchange itself + numerous complaints through listings reported in Japan.

What is the number and what is the reality are 2 completely different things, and I suggest before anyone proceed with burning the funds based on Google research without a single interaction with mentioned exchange or at least account with some more experience to be proved - just forget about it.

Most important thing, this was about listing of BitUSD and BitCNY, where USD is currently under BS and not eligible for any listing at all.

From where I stand, you can lock both until relation to the hack is cleared


10 - Double ? Yes, double indeed.

So... Which one to be locked ? Pick one.


General Discussion / Re: New Prediction Market - CALLUSD31MAR2019
« on: January 07, 2019, 01:38:09 pm »
Are you in any way affiliated with the other option -the one that came out on CNY- last week?

No I am not. Feel free to check my account. My other account is iamredbar10.

Can confirm its unrelated. He just joined BitShares 2 months ago, and was boarded by me.

Any update to the legal council?  Last update I recall the legal opinion was completed however not shared with anyone?  Are all the exchanges basically giving NDA's?  Possible to list what exchanges have open communication to have BTS listed?

This is a good worker, just seems there has been a fall off in communication with some of the projects.

- Legal opinion letter was available at BitFest few months ago in Amsterdam if you were interested to follow up.
- Bittrex has a ball at their court atm and they are stretching re-activation, our side done their deed. Yes, all the exchanges has their own type/view of Agreement and not all consist with NDA (most of them does).
- There is another bounty/worker that is currently looking up listing for CNY and USD, but along few proposals BTS came as an offer in between (for some of top 30 CMC rated exchanges that are being negotiated atm). Listings are between 5 and 15BTC per token, so it's gonna take a while to select/choose exchange with most realistic liquidity/trading volume from those offers. Some of them are pumping themselves...

Hope my replies were satisfying.


 I believe that "Spokesperson" worker was wrongly named/defined and this is much better and more fitting proposal from BBF than previous one. Am I on the point ?

This is finally replacement for "legal opinion" and "spokesperson"? If yes, then I personally support this worker for option 3) aka "Approval for the entire 12 months".

If not, please clarify more. Thanks!


Bump. Waiting on payout from HTD WP for 3 reported issues. Anyone else submitted anything?

I suggest you buzz Ryan R. Fox on Telegram. I know they had problem with email setup on that form on the website and not receiving any emails for some time.


General Discussion / Re: Option on the Bitshares Exchange. CALLCNY05MARCH19
« on: December 31, 2018, 03:28:36 pm »
The issuer needs to appear hear and explain his ties to the OL hack and explain the on-chain truth.

Please refrain from further advertising this until then.

The Issuer has no relation to the  OL hack.
You can get acquainted with the history described by me above and draw your own conclusions. Sorry, I can add nothing more to this.
In my opinion, the money stolen from OL  should rather be sought in the OL itself. (only my opinion)

Please see clockwork remarks. I also don't understand what exactly you tried to explain, please reformulate.

Please dont reformulate,  but just reply straight to the question. What is your relation to oliverstone ?


Stakeholder Proposals / Re: [Worker Proposal] CITADEL Desktop 2019
« on: December 31, 2018, 06:29:55 am »
I think the bitshares blockchain, if the situation allows to do it, should fund this and other similar front ends for bitshares. IMHO specific and different software interacting with bitshares will get a greater number of people from different areas.

There will be people that will not use the reference ui to trade but maybe microdex, people that will not use the cli wallet but prefer for example citadel desktop and so on.

I like qt as it is cross platform, i was also thinking myself on a c++ cli wallet front end with qt. The initial idea i have is to interact with an rpc exposed cli_wallet backend, very basic. we can talk more about this.

We need to consider that a front end is always capable of making money by referring or registering users. So, the blockchain can maybe have some sort of "startup worker" that will give the worker a fixed X amount of bitusd(or whatever) and some bts to be used as faucet money.

In exchange bitshares will just request that the code is released under MIT. It will encourage workers to market their own products. The shareholders will of course :) only vote for the startups that will bring more benefit to the whole.

Just an idea ;)

By the way, you should post some screenshots so people can easy check what citadel is about.

Its amazing piece of software, just huge dissapointment when it comes to that Stealth tab where you can create account but cannot top the funds for months now... I was so happy to see that part coming to life. Anyway, great job with Citadel, and if you wanna really get some Monero mining customers, you do need to invest some real monero from that mining into the markets on the dex, or its not going.

Or at least provide withdrawals for monero after successful mining.


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