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It looks great man, really. I love the minimalist ui, my grandma would be proud :)
The black bar across the top seems unneeded though.
  • My computer shows me the date, so that is not needed imo.
  • Privacy Policy should be at the bottom in the footer.
  • The Register/Login link should be (a BEET avatar or button/icon) in the top-right corner, replacing the share icon that is there now. The share buttons are already on the left side by each article and that is sufficient imo (ie:
  • The "News" link at the top is redundant imo. Clicking on the logo in the top-left corner takes you to the main news page.
As for the social media links you have there already, I think Bitshares committee should control the accounts/keys for sites OTHER than than the censorship-laden facebook, twitter and youtube. Register the accounts now please before some squatter/sniper grabs them. For example:

Other than that, it looks great man, I am so happy to see us marketing ourselves like this! :)

As far as we agreed on terms last year even before worker, we are just owner of domain and reputation arounds it. So all the social media is created for bitsharesorg (bitshares is sadly taken everywhere, and not many owners are reachable/known even bitshares as handle should be owned by committee - i agree). Time cant be reverted back so we have to move on with what we have. I'll ask Ross do do list similar to yours on what is our current social media (newly registered for purpose of

Rest - on point, definitely will remove top black header. Privacy Policy will be nested at maybe new footer, will play around with demo. Waiting for votes now on poll few days :)

Emails nearly done and operational, so will buzz you in TG to recreate account :)


General Discussion / Re: market fee sharing setting for smartcoins
« on: June 15, 2019, 02:34:23 pm »
Don't need a glasses or lens, i think all of you need a glasses or lens in your mind.


Not support.


I guess language barrier. What original author meant was "Yes im short-sighted and i can't read properly what is written here".

Please acquire glasses or lens for your sight issues.


Do you have better/more reasonable suggestion to the market fees and referral program to offer, so we can extend our vision that is missing ?


General Discussion / Re: market fee sharing setting for smartcoins
« on: June 15, 2019, 01:42:55 pm »
Not support.


I guess language barrier. What original author meant was "Yes im short-sighted and i can't read properly what is written here".

Please acquire glasses or lens for your sight issues.


General Discussion / Re: market fee sharing setting for smartcoins
« on: June 15, 2019, 01:32:54 pm »
That makes a lot of sense. Then every lifetime member would be paying actually 0.02% market fee, while upgrading to LTM would be already incentive to trade more.

Would be supporting this, personally its beneficial for both blockchain and users/traders and it does gives them a choice/option - which they don't have at most of other trading platforms.
Also, addition to this would be request to the Committee to lower Vesting Withdrawal Fee which is currently 50 BTS.


What about different subdomain for different language eg. Chinese and Russian?

If that poll see "Yes" as a winner and we proceed with WPML (Multi-language), domains will be configured during setup

e.g. ->> ->>

And so on.

Dear Community and Holders,

In 2018, (Move/APT) got a worker approved, well funded to re-organize, re-brand and rebuild from scratch, together with rest of the ecosystem, all services and visibility around main website and its subs (e.g. for more stable/professional reputation of BitShares.

Issue of the past:

Old through entire history had permalink Blog/News defined as a link to private blog hosted on GitHub from Daniel Larimer ( ) itself, and it was fairly unmaintained since 2016. Being connected to another dead domain with no content change + completely wrong and centralized branding about single individual instead of actual brand/Community of BitShares, we had to remove that link/connection somewhere in December 2018. In order for Google and rest of the search indexing engines to forget the wrong branding and not proper structure of it had to be done.


You can read more about it here :)

Website is also featuring in sidebar
- Online radio stream from (Future home for Hangouts and potentially more).
- Latest forum discussions from
- Tags for articles within


- Core/Tong Shen published and released first article few days ago. Another short update is coming from Core team :)
- KenCode was helping out for testing of new account creation and we encountered problem with email server, since php mailer will be defaulted to off (prevent spam and reputation issues on the sender side) - FIX ETA: 2 hours
- Login/Registration is unavailable until email issue above is sorted.
- Privacy Policy is according to global rules and regulations on publishing.
- Google Analytics account under same owner of property is integrated.
- Highest results achieved in website optimization according to Google PageSpeed and YahooSlow available here.
- Highest scores on rich content articles for readibility and seo according to Yoast ( and as well one of the requirements on future articles to be published - in Layman's terms, professionalism/order and quality instead of quantity and chaos )

- Protection of content by local publisher in Thailand by doing re-publishing and translation to Thai of selected content.
- Social cross-posting currently operational is Facebook, Steem, Twitter, Telegram (Community group since I had admin there and can't add bot an admin for now in other group, will request access)
- Social cross-posting currently being bug fixed/development/api approval Medium, Instagram, Linkedin (have organization admin), WhaleShares (lack of entire api structure from steempress original plugin, working on a fork).
- If we see 'Yes' dominating in poll, part of funds will be designated for proper WPML license, structure and organization for people around ecosystem to translate the content and be rewarded through bounties.

For authors, Public Guidelines on how to post, what to do/not to do and requirements on content quality coming up soon.

Please take a look on the itself, vote on a poll and throw in some feedback through replies :)

On behalf of and team behind the worker,


????!!!! how about 10%?
we need to raise fees to 0.1% again!

I agree. Think simple and small with just basic math.

Most of our regular users are attending DEXBot and beside CNY and few gateways around, its all how we are doing our market making.

Now set example, all those little guys (including myself) with $1000 or $2000 at tops for trading, setting $40-$100 orders would be ending up broken by the end of the day with 0.1% fee if market is not volatile for 3-5% in our favor.

100 USD 1 order
0.1% fee = 0.10 USD

10 orders = 1 USD.
100 orders = 10 USD.

profit per order on smaller spreads 0.003% if lucky.

I don't see math there unless we have REALLY LIQUIDATED markets so people can move for profits through it.

But I do agree that such move would be great incentive for reserve pool income and bigger players around.

Technical Support / Re: Emergency! help help help
« on: June 14, 2019, 01:38:43 pm »
Was this sorted, can we lock and move ?


General Discussion / Re: Is Bitshares still growing?
« on: June 14, 2019, 01:31:19 pm »
I've been off few days, and I know for a fact that Abit and Clockwork are busy as hell with more important stuff.

Locked will be removed tomorrow, rest across forums is mostly cleaned/banned.


I know that nobody posted here anything for half year, but we did updates in ecosystem groups and maintained GitHub very well while worker was in/active.

Now, with my sincere apologies to entire ecosystem and its holders, a brief summary and reasoning behind the delays.

AP Asia Tech and Trusty Team has been contracted by the blockchain through worker that was escrowed with BBF in order to deliver simple (more user-friendly) trading desktop/mobile version of BitShares UI, named Community UI (as current reference Wallet/UI hosts all the functionalities of the blockchain).

To remind everyone on specific/important details of the worker/project:

- Original project was 300,000.00 USD for 6 months + Escrow to deliver written from scratch Trading Community UI web/mobile dapp in Vue.js framework, influenced by well UI/UX organized apps from CEXes (Bitfinex, Huobi, Binance). Due to amount asking for it, it was decided to be split in Part 1 and Part 2 each asking for 150,000.00 USD.
- VueX library from Trusty was forked and given as property to Official BitShares Github - more details
- BitShares Community UI repository was created and work started as can be seen
- Online demo/deployment of work done over the period of 4 months (3 months + bug fixes pro bono) is available at (testing repo deployment - newer Vue) (staging/default repo deployment - older Vue)

AP Asia Tech did overview of project for entire 4 months, did payouts as per Team reporting and supported revival from GS of BitUSD by doing instant settlement with all payouts received.

Worker started in period of a really low price for BTS and ended up having more staked than it ever needed.

Overview of accounting for the worker, as it can be seen on BBF Workers website:

- Total asked: 155,000.00 USD
- Total paid: 135,888.40 USD ( - 10,000.00 USD Escrow )

However, worker saved through price shifting and GS = 1,647,995.28533 BTS ~ 100,000.00 USD at current price of BTS.

Issues of the past:

- Original team was practically dissolved in last 30 days of worker. One of lead JS devs got seriously ill and was unable to perform any hour, having sudden replacement and help of
Keegan Francis (thanks for hours jumped in). Noemi QA tester and internal team manager got off for private/family reasons and as any other organization, few others start taking their ways. Adding internal competition in decentralization between new devs and old devs within Trusty was already hard enough for both me or their manager Armen to keep up with.

Team was not ready/complete to dive in to the Part 2 without proper diligence and re-estimate, and we were still sitting in GS - price of a BTS was degraded to that point that it would be not reasonable asking for a worker in that period.

New Status:

I've had personal visits in Thailand in the meantime from old Trusty developer Anton, few calls with Armen, and after detailed estimate - new/old team is ready to perform and deliver final Part 2 of Community UI.

Howerever, team is asking for new basic terms for Part 2 worker:

- Instead of 155,000.00 USD, team would be asking for just 115,000.00 USD + Escrow.
- Permission of BTS Holders that escrow transfers remaining balance of BTS from Part 1 to Part 2 and worker actually asks for a difference needed from chain (prevent double spent fees for vesting, trading, transfers, burnback).
- 2 months + bug fixes to deliver promised work.

Final steps would be Trading Graph, Fix with multi-account wallets, Gateways/market selection, white template and UI/UX improvements on fonts/responsive.

There is no worker drafted for any official publication, all I'm here is asking BTS holders and proxies are they are interested to see this job done.

P.S. I'm known for many things, especially being late and lack on reporting, but never failed to deliver a single task, and this project was demanding more than just developers delivery, but management through completely decentralized team, organization, reporting, overview, internal issues, drawbacks, bugs, market/price issues, and couldn't be delivered (P2) earlier even for discussion no matter what.

Stakeholder Proposals / Re: witness liondani... Updates & News !
« on: June 14, 2019, 09:17:16 am »
Created new testnet account liondani-test on the bitshares testnet...

I've seen Zapata was faster (im a bit busy last 2 weeks)... Just sent 50k TEST more if needed.

apt-cipher sent 50,000 TEST to liondani-test


Can someone redo this to BitShares 3.0 or just edit the title ?

It has been two months since the last report was released.

What is the status of the project now?

Worker has expired and its over.

According to public accounting available at BBF Workers:

Asked: 265.828,00 USD
Paid: 178,082.72 USD ( - Escrow fee)

Remaining budget: 17,433.68 USD (with all the period worker had votes - they had few nasty periods of missing votes)

Last commit was done 21 day ago (

In my opinion:

a) Or Rossul set a new worker with difference from the originally asked budget against paid until now - to finish what they started
b) Or Rossul provide changelog of implementations/progress on the project so we can carry on with source they left



Since the organizers follow this thread in order to help with any questions and comments (personally, the fact they do this without any prompting speaks volumes imho), they have asked me to share the following.

"If BitShares goes for the event partner package, we can announce BitShares as a founding member of the IFF, this membership will last for one year. What that means is that in all of our brochures and presentations, BitShares will be highly visible. Our current IFF  members include Ripple, PumaPay, R3 Corda,  Hyperledger, , University of Cambridge , UCL. We can also provide hotel accommodation for up two people for 3 nights. The Canadian Government have confirmed their Platinum sponsorship, they will be inviting all Canadian Business's in the Balkans to the event and also to the Canadian people living in Greece and to all Canadian Business's in Greece."

I am also attaching their IFF (Institute For the Future) presentation here:

along with the relevant website:

I believe this is opportunity we were waiting for. Don't need to mention that SCB bank (Siam Commercial Bank owned by Royal Family) in Thailand is utilizing RIPPLE already, so they must be doing something right :)

Anyway 200,000.00 USD for being partner of the Event, 1 year of advertisement/membership around well reputed brands/organizations and 3 day accommodation for 2 people are already cutting a lot of expenses and giving better opportunity in terms of Branding, Reputation, Marketing and Public Influence through all mentioned. I've seen people around asking for similar amounts for simple marketing/article workers that will never reach people we are talking about here (Decentralized 2019), or even class they residing in real crypto-business industry.

Networking will always be a must for any business to success, and having in mind history of BitShares - even as a first DPOS we still have our chance as 2nd Mover to take 1st place.

Unfortunately I don't have stake to support this, but hopefully that our respectful BTS holders will click vote on this one. None of you costs this a cent, but means a lot to the ecosystem, and its time for you to do some proper voting for the benefits of the BitShares.

At the end of the day, this worker utilize no profit for any individual but the Ecosystem and Platform/Blockchain/Technology itself.

P.S. Forgotten to say, thanks @clockwork for such a great effort to promote BitShares and bring this deal on the table! (again)


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