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Stakeholder Proposals / Testnet witness: iamredbar1-witness
« on: April 10, 2019, 07:58:46 pm »
Hello everyone!

I would like to present myself as a testnet witness, iamredbar1-witness. I am running my node with the "witness" plugin to save with memory.

The node is currently syncing, I will update this post when it is synced up.

I just realized that an account needs to be a LTM to use the blacklisting function.

Is there a reason for this? Should this be necessary? I am only asking because I do not know. If there is a solid reason, I am cool with that. But if there is not, maybe we should reconsider this choice.


I am building a blacklisting function into a bot and wanted to see what the transaction looked like. Upon looking on two different explorers, I found that they also have trouble displaying these operations. doesn't even load account history with it in there. loads, but doesn't display operation type. Pics below for reference:

Technical Support / New fee schedule not correctly charging fees
« on: February 18, 2019, 07:14:22 pm »
Edit: Long story short, yes it is. :facepalm:

General Discussion / hitBTC having BTS withdraw issues
« on: February 08, 2019, 04:24:52 pm »
Should we have someone from the community reach out for assistance?

Meta / Forum activity is slow, how to improve?
« on: February 07, 2019, 06:29:01 pm »
I regularly check this forum a few times a day and have noticed that there isn't a whole lot of activity going on. I would like to change that.

Is there something that we can do as a community to improve the activity on the forum? Are there suggestions from anyone here that would improve this?

I do not like to complain without having a solution in mind, so I will tell what I am going to do. I plan on posting 3-4 times to Twitter per week about and the different things that are going on here. A few focal points that I think are key are the General Discussion board, Stakeholder Proposals board, and the Chinese Community board. These boards are where a majority of new information comes from.

Are there other things that we should highlight as a community?

Please, further the discussion below.

General Discussion / BTS volume on Binance...
« on: February 03, 2019, 04:31:58 pm »
Look at that volume candle on Jan 7th... That is the most volume in a single day than ever before on Binance, and it barely moved the price. This looks to me like a whale accumulating.

General Discussion / BitShares Dice Game Smart Contract
« on: February 01, 2019, 03:43:47 am »
Hello everyone!

I have created a simple dice game on BitShares. The game will randomly roll a number between 1-100. You get to guess what the roll will be under. The way that this contract works (currently) is you transfer between 1-5 BTS to the account 'bts-dice-game' and in the memo you pick what the game dice will roll under. It does not count if you roll the same number as you guessed, it has to be less.

Based on the number that you think it will roll, the ratio of return changes (complete ratios are at the bottom of this post).

- Do not bid more than 5 BTS (I am using my personal funds to run this, I do not have that much liquidity  :) )
- You can only guess your roll with the numbers 2-96 89 (1 is the least you can roll, after 96 89 the return is too minimal)
- Make sure that you send a memo when transferring to this address. If you do not, you will break it and ruin the fun for others while I am away from my computer.
- PLEASE do not try to break this. There are plenty of ways to do that (sending a memo that isn't only the roll you guess, etc...). These are going to be fixed, but I wanted to get this out to everyone as soon as I could. Fixed. If I determine you sent something that shouldn't be sent in the memo, I will not return funds to you. Period.
- A GUI is planned, but not right now. I want to improve the code before I move to that.

Example: I think that the game will roll under 75 when I want to play. I want to bet 2 BTS. In my wallet i will send 'bts-dice-game' 2 BTS and in the memo ONLY write what I want to roll under, which is 75. No quotes, just the number. The game rolls 80. This means that I would win 1.331x what I bet, which is 2.662 BTS. When 'bts-dice-game' sends me my winnings, it will have a memo with what you guessed, the roll, and how much you won. The same goes for if you lose, it states what you thought the roll would be and what it was.

RETURN RATIOS: (when you pick them)
Code: [Select]
    2: 98.5,
    3: 49.25,
    4: 32.833,
    5: 24.625,
    6: 19.7,
    7: 16.416,
    8: 14.071,
    9: 12.312,
    10: 10.944,
    11: 9.85,
    12: 8.954,
    13: 8.208,
    14: 7.576,
    15: 7.035,
    16: 6.566,
    17: 6.156,
    18: 5.794,
    19: 5.472,
    20: 5.184,
    21: 4.925,
    22: 4.69,
    23: 4.477,
    24: 4.282,
    25: 4.104,
    26: 3.94,
    27: 3.788,
    28: 3.648,
    29: 3.517,
    30: 3.396,
    31: 3.283,
    32: 3.177,
    33: 3.078,
    34: 2.984,
    35: 2.897,
    36: 2.814,
    37: 2.736,
    38: 2.662,
    39: 2.592,
    40: 2.525,
    41: 2.462,
    42: 2.402,
    43: 2.345,
    44: 2.29,
    45: 2.238,
    46: 2.188,
    47: 2.141,
    48: 2.095,
    49: 2.052,
    50: 2.01,
    51: 1.97,
    52: 1.931,
    53: 1.894,
    54: 1.858,
    55: 1.824,
    56: 1.79,
    57: 1.758,
    58: 1.728,
    59: 1.698,
    60: 1.669,
    61: 1.641,
    62: 1.614,
    63: 1.588,
    64: 1.563,
    65: 1.539,
    66: 1.515,
    67: 1.492,
    68: 1.47,
    69: 1.448,
    70: 1.427,
    71: 1.407,
    72: 1.387,
    73: 1.368,
    74: 1.349,
    75: 1.331,
    76: 1.313,
    77: 1.296,
    78: 1.279,
    79: 1.262,
    80: 1.246,
    81: 1.231,
    82: 1.216,
    83: 1.201,
    84: 1.186,
    85: 1.172,
    86: 1.158,
    87: 1.145,
    88: 1.132,
    89: 1.119
    #90: 1.106,
    #91: 1.094,
    #92: 1.082,
    #93: 1.07,
    #94: 1.059,
    #95: 1.047,
    #96: 1.036

I am turning this contract on while I go to bed, I will be checking it in 12 hours.

Let me know if you like it, or if you have some suggestions! I wanted to make something that we could all do to pass the time in this bear market :)

edit 2/2/2019: Changed the ratios that are allowed (guessing is from 2-89 now).

This post will try to summarize in fewer words what the two reference posts below cover. I still highly suggest reading both of the reference articles, as they are more in-depth.

Introduction post:
First reference post:
Second reference post:

PA19 stands for Primary Asset 19. This asset was created by Insight Green, LLC. in December 2018. PA19 wholly consists of the memo from transaction 591576bcdee0d9168efc9d02a120028d75e15ef2 on the STEEM blockchain. Here is what it reads:



Quote from: Reference Post 1
Insight Green, LLC's PA19 estimate primarily relies on information published in the following book:

Neuwirth, Robert (2011). Stealth of Nations: the Global Rise of the Informal Economy. New York: Pantheon.

What are the Informal Economy and Corporate Gratitude?
A majority of the world operates on what is called an 'informal economy.' This can be described by the definition supplied by, "System of trade or economic exchange used outside state controlled or money based transactions." The people who are employed in the informal economy do not have the luxury of the protections of the law that those who are employed by the formal economy have. Examples of these are sufficient pay, insurance, sick time, vacation, etc. PA19 states that the informal economy is worth around 10 trillion USD, so this is a good place to start trying to solve the problem of the unprotected majority of the world.

Insight Green used PA19 to create a basis for measurement of corporate gratitude. Since businesses cannot necessarily have gratitude, because gratitude is a feeling, this translates to having 'corporate values.' Insight Green then took one of their corporate values and set it equal to PA19. This value can be considered as discrete, indivisible units of gratitude (DIUGs). A quote from Reference Post 1 talks further about it:

Quote from: Reference Post 1
... because Insight Green's DIUGs are neither more nor less than standardized unit measures, which represent neither more nor less than abstracted components of an indivisible and intangible corporate asset, these items have no financial value whatsoever, and can not be separated in whole or part from Insight Green by any process.

Along this line of thought, PA19 is the same value as the global informal economy and also the same value as one of Insight Green's DIUGs. What if these DUIGs were put to use?

Quote from: Reference Post 1
These qualities suggest that Insight Green's DIUGs may usefully serve as the basis for a novel type of financially worthless business instrument, tokenized corporate gratitude, issuable in single units or multi-unit baskets, up to a annually-updated maximum.

Insight Green has the opinion that “many people working in the informal economy are insufficiently compensated, as are many who derive limited incomes from formalized sources but volunteer their time in both formal and informal capacities to better identify or meet the needs of informal workers or society at large." Having this opinion is a great thing to have, but there are very few ways to actually put this opinion into action to fix the issue.

Quote from: Reference Post 1
This plan begins with expressing corporate gratitude according to a set of clearly defined business procedures, using the figure from the estimate contained in PA19 as a base number, which is symbolic of Insight Green's gratitude for all of the people participating in economic activities without receiving fair compensation from the accessible marketplace, or benefiting from the manner of treatment that in practice characterizes the treatment of a preferred class of natural persons by institutional and other authorities in many jurisdictions.

By tokenizing these DUIGs, Insight Green created a financially worthless token symbolic of the gratitude of Insight Green. This draws attention to the issue of disproportionate compensation for those in the informal economy and one that expresses gratitude to those same individuals.

The combination of the DUIG tokens from Insight Green and having a solid business procedure, Rstory (RUSTY) on BitShares and RStory on Waves are a binary-state token solution to compensate those in the informal economy. Rstory is a binary-state token by being either in 'tude' state or 'rusty' state (more on 'tude' state and 'rusty' state in Reference Post 1). The business procedure of issuing Rstory tokens is called Conferral of Gratitude (COG). COG defines the terms that Insight Green sets for those Rstory tokens to be transferred to designated 'custodians.' "Each batch label is here termed a basket, and each unit is designated a number up to the quantity contained therein" (Reference Post 1). This process is more clearly seen and understood in Reference Post 2, where this takes place for the first time in the post itself, and the further accounting of the 'tude' state tokens in the comments.

Rstory Token Supply, Distribution, Allocation
Maximum Supply
1% of 1% of PA19 for 2019 (1 billion)
10% of 1% of PA19 for 2020 (10 billion)
1% of PA19 for 2021 (100 billion)
PA19 for 2022 (10 trillion)

Below are the initial Basket conferrals.

Quote from: Reference post 2
Basket 1

Basket 1, qty 1, tude 1 was conferred upon Giving Tree Gardens on January 1, 2019 for providing Mr Bailey with food, water, and temporary shelter.

Basket 2

Basket 2, qty 56,500, was conferred upon Mr Newell and Mr Bailey on January 12, 2019 for expenses incurred and labor provided to date for Insight Green, LLC. Gratitude units numbered 1 to 16,500 were conferred upon Mr Newell (totaling 16,500 units), and units 16,501 through 56,500 were conferred upon Mr Bailey (totaling 37,500 units)

Basket 3

Basket 3, qty 18,000 was conferred upon @greatdabu for varietal material and service contributions to Insight Green, LLC including extensive video production work, data purchases, and promotional message testing.

Basket 4

Basket 4, qty 1000, was conferred upon @kommienezuspadt to express gratitude for the shooting, editing, and delivery of a short Rstory promotional video.

Basket 5

Basket 5, qty 108,000, was created for the purpose of expressing gratitude to designated custodians for managing public relations with the Bitshares, STEEM, Waves, and Bitcointalk communities. Gratitude units numbered 1 - 27,000 are hereby earmarked for designated custodian @iamredbar. Of these, units 1 - 5000 are hereby conferred upon @iamredbar for managing Rstory public relations with the Bitshares community through the end of January, 2019, with the understanding that an additional 500 units/week shall be additionally conferred throughout 2019 until the total amount of 27,000 units has been conferred.

Important Note on Public Relations Custodians

This public relations precedent establishes the standard measure of Insight Green, LLC's gratitude for comparably high-quality public relations work with the STEEM, Waves, and Bitcointalk communities. Please comment on this post if you are interested in becoming part of Insight Green, LLC's gratitude custodian network by managing Rstory public relations in one or more of these communities.

Basket 6

Basket 6, qty 500,000 was created to fund Insight Green, LLC's estimated 2019 operating costs, with the understandings that a.) additional tokens may be arbitrarily created at any time if operating costs exceed initial estimates, and b.) Insight Green, LLC's tokens are financially worthless, so the company's actual revenue will very likely come primarily from standard information services contracts wherein clients pay the company with US dollars. Basket 6 gratitude units numbered 1 to 100,000 will be used to bolster Insight Green, LLC's financial wellbeing. Units numbered 100,001 - 200,000 will be conferred upon Mr Newell for the company's operations management. Units 200,001 - 500,000 will be conferred upon Mr Bailey for the company's executive management.

Basket 7

Basket 7, qty 360,000 shall be created for expressing gratitude to Google if Google and/or Alphabet, inc. publicly accepts custody of said 360,000 units and agrees to Insight Green, LLC's conferral of gratitude terms as described both herein and in a more detailed document to be developed and posted to the STEEM blockchain before the end of March, 2019. Basket 7 units numbered 1 - 180,000 will be conferred as tudes upon Google/Alphabet, inc. for distribution to each and every employee and non-employee contractor contributing to Google's establishment and maintenance of the services and open-source code which function as critical infrastructure relied upon by Insight Green, LLC. In addition, basket 7 units numbered 180,001 - 360,000 will be conferred upon Google/Alphabet, inc. as rustys for distribution to each and every employee and non-employee contractor contributing to Google's profoundly efficient internal communications network, which Insight Green, LLC views as a beautiful example of how complex communication structures can be used to overcome high-level governance challenges inherent to vast and critical endeavors. Please note that the employee and contractor figures above are estimates derived from:

Also note that Insight Green, LLC is unable to participate in distributing these basket 7 gratitude units beyond either one or two transfers of tokens to an officially-designated entity.

Basket 8

Basket 8, qty 3,652,500 shall be created for the purpose of securing the services of a media production team/company for calendar year 2019, if such a team/company elects to contact Mr Bailey, and if terms for a conferral of gratitude contract of this size can be agreed on by Insight Green, LLC and said team/company.

Random Discussion / Its quiet around here
« on: January 20, 2019, 06:47:07 pm »
There hasn't been much activity on the forum lately... That must mean everyone is working on something!

What is everyone working on these days?

General Discussion / Introducing Rstory
« on: January 13, 2019, 09:03:27 pm »
Hello everyone.

I am the BitShares community representative for Rstory. What is Rstory? More posts will follow in the coming days with a more in-depth look at Rstory and its implementation. This is the initial post from the CEO, Mr. Bailey.

Greetings people and bots,

Rstory is a revolutionary new form of cryptocurrency. It consists of the financially worthless tokenized corporate gratitude of an information services company called Insight Green, LLC. This financially worthless corporate gratitude token has novel properties that allow it to be used to store social capital which can be translated by market procedures into financial value. In 2019, Rstory will operate on the STEEM, Waves, and Bitshares blockchains. Please note that Rstory is not a financial investment, and was specifically designed to be unattractive to investors. The market price of this token can and will be reduced to something approaching zero from time to time.

As the CEO of Insight Green, LLC, I am very excited about Rstory, and am thrilled that our team has finally gotten all of this project's essential components ready for action. Between now and the end of January, we will be rolling these components out for you to explore, question, lambast, play around with, and so forth. But for now, this post in combination with the Rstory 'whitepaper' ( will hopefully be sufficient to attract some interest.

Be well,
Mr. Bailey

Short introduction post can be found here:
Long introduction (company statement) post can be found here:
Whitepaper can be found here:

Beyond Bitcoin / Whaleshares riddle contest to promote BitShares
« on: January 06, 2019, 08:01:53 pm »
Right now there is a riddle contest that Digital Lucifer and myself have on WhaleShares!

If you have an account, head over there and post your favorite riddle for the chance of winning a BitShares t-shirt!

If you don’t have a Whaleshares account, sign up for one and post your riddle!

Don’t forget, if you want to order a shirt, members get 20% off of BitShares clothing!(

General Discussion / New Prediction Market - CALLUSD31MAR2019
« on: January 04, 2019, 10:01:41 pm »
I have created a prediction market for the feed price of bitUSD. The reason for this specific resolution date is that the end of March has traditionally been the end of the first quarter for businesses. The strike price of 0.05bitUSD/BTS isn't outlandish either, providing an actual prediction to be able to take place.

Asset description: Prediction Market for the feed price of bitUSD. End date and time: 31 March 2019 (end of quarter 1) at 14:00 UTC. Strike price is 0.05 USD / BTS. If the feed price of bitUSD is equal to or higher than the strike price on the resolution date, it will be assigned an option price of “1”. If it is lower than the strike price, it will be assigned an option price of “0”.

Hello everyone!

I know I am still becoming a more solidified member of this community, but I figured I would take a step out and help BitShares!

Announcing and a selection of BitShares clothing!
**no link for the website because I will only be promoting the BitShares portion of the website**

Link to the BitShares portion of the site:

With the discount code "BITSHARESFORUM20" you get 20% off of BitShares clothing on the website.

Currently, there are only 3 shirts online. I am working on getting a few more. The one that I am most proud of is the first image below. That design was made by myself and it incorporates all of the BitAsset colors and the normal BitShares colors.

If you have any ideas or can't find something you like, let me know! I am more than happy to add more selection if the need arises!

The photos link to the specific shirt on the website.

I am working on a site that incorporates Payger!

Meta / Spam Bots
« on: December 24, 2018, 12:24:10 pm »
It looks like there was another wave of spam posts. I remember a discussion about how to handle them in the past, but have we figured out how to weed them out?

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