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Cant read a thing on that board ... too bad [emoji14]

It is all about perspective...

The fanboys will spin it like this - 'The map was covered by the first (Graphine) Invisible Cloth' like this:

And the cynics like me will say - 'Well, at least the map is much clearer (and thought out ) than he profit generation scheme of PeerTracks.... "

General Discussion / Re: Very disappointing BTS performance
« on: August 09, 2015, 10:45:05 pm »
On the upside the external timing is better and perhaps more serious interests will see and understand BitShares2.0 utility.
Hopefully the marketing of that will be as good as the product and not just the hype that is easy to see through. CounterParty[Symbiont]; Overstock; and even Ethereum are doing useful work stimulating the interest of big money, so hopefully BitShares will have a product that appeals to them and perhaps talks their language, so some of them will make use of it; perhaps APIs and CLIs beat GUIs for that?
The downside to BitShares I wonder is the voting and DPoS, which has never seemed compelling to me; just an arbitrary means to an end. Still, if it works in a way that is responsive to the user, then there every chance it'll capitalise on what is at core a really good prospect.

tldr; buy while it's cheap!

The beginning of a bull market must come from a place where people are scared to buy more .
In fact , the old saying is "if those who want to buy more still there , then those who want it down won't stop . "

I never heard that saying. And it doesn't make any sense?

It is logical: demand increase --> price increase. And Not what you propose!!

Ask anyone who knows about stock market .
This phenomenon happens in the middle and near the end of a bear market , where people who still trying to grab the bottom and failed . The signal is not about "all people" , is about most people .

If there is a bull market in play , the manipulators with deep pockets will suppress the price further more in order to gain more leverage in the bull market .

The process is also called "dishwashing" in some place , which means exactly like that ------ The manipulators will drive the price up and down and make most people sell their stock and collect them all . When they figure out that not many people will be selling , also not many people will be buying other than him , they will finally drive the price up . That's where the old saying come from. And that's why bull market has cycles instead of sustaining forever .

In any speculative market with high P/E ration , the pattern will be the same . Because in these markets most demands are temporary driven by speculative drive  instead of organic demand .

Demand increase doesn't mean price increase . You have to account for the volume and people who are waiting to sell .   If there are 2 million USD sell pressure waiting(actually there are) , by your logic even if the demand increase by 2 million USD , because it counters the sell pressure , it won't affect the price . 

What is a bull market ? -----Bull market means most people lost their leverage while big money has it all , and big money allows s small percent of people to hold their leverage because most ordinary people don't have the ability to exit at the right place in a bull market , so the selling pressure would be gone while the big money drives it up .

"The price will be increased by demand" , that's not in any serious textbook . The right term should be ----"The price is driven by the supply-demand relationship" . It's a dynamic process .

I was want you to know I just took a screenshot of this post.  Incredibly well stated, sir.

I was want to know as well... in such 'I was hope' took a screenshot too. More hope wildpig more more sence, no big very big ago posts.

General Discussion / Re: Beyond Bitcoin Sponsorship
« on: October 14, 2014, 02:28:57 am »
The cost to you and profit to me from sponsorship will be negligible but it enables me to bring value to a platform I have an obligation to support (LTBN), provide additional content, educate the public, and support your service and platform.

Thanks for serving batting practice fastballs right down the middle for me.  :) I do not have to explain my point anymore, your post does good enough job for me!

After the above 'Thank you s', here is my proposal
The guy wants a delegate or a few to support the ad spot. I do not think this is necessary or beneficial, in the long run. Here is my suggestion:

A well established member of the community (I propose Xeroc, for both having Counterparty account and LTBCs , and being a person deserving utmost trust and respect) to publishe his BTC/Counterparty address and all willing members of the Bitshares community to send all their (pretty worthless in my mind) LTBCoins for the purpose of purchasing those ad spot(s).
I will be first to send all of mine - I do not know if I have 700 or 3000 of those, but I commit them for this kind of advertisement before I even check.

Good idea - Let's not put any real money in their system, let's pay them with their own 'factory-issued' useless tokens!

I have found about 13K of those sitting in one of my accounts. I will send them to the donation address, as soon as the address is published.

General Discussion / Re: Max Short Holding Period
« on: October 01, 2014, 02:31:51 am »

I like Agents86's proposal.

It screams 'free trade' and 'price discovery' from every angle you look at it!

Now, back to my cave....

I mentioned this to the one guy I know who has a decent stake and might have wanted to cash out, and seems like he's holding.

Good luck =)

(regarding large stakeholders:  I think ags trust is largest, like 7% or so, while largest individual holders are all <4%, and they are not many)

Even he is holding????


Yes, I also contacted the guy with the largest stake I know of (about ~1%). He said 'He will start considering selling 5-8 Mil BTSX, if anybody is ready to buy @ ~ $0.75-$1.00 a piece...'

Read the above how you want to read it.

Have any of these sellers contact me.

It sounds too fishy!
You can buy 5-10 mil BTSX from the market and you will most definitely not drive the price near $0.75.
But if you suggest decent enough escrow, I will be willing to participate in this suicidal deal of yours Brent.


General Discussion / Re: Negative Post about Bitshares
« on: August 19, 2014, 08:18:14 pm »
I am  as tech-not-savi as you are. Sorry, not meant as an insult, if you have hi esteem in your abilities in that field.

@AdamBL - I am ready to take you bet on which of the 2 will work - bitUSD or LTBcoin.

I perceive some negative opinions on the bestest of the best coin developers in the world, tonyk!

... There will be consequences!

General Discussion / Re: A Case for Adam B Levine
« on: August 13, 2014, 08:53:03 pm »

Yes, Adam is my favorite coin developer! He has all this figured out!

I like his coins!

After all you can mine them using Tapatalk, you cannot beat that!

Go Adam , go LTB

 go, go go....

Guys I believe you are up to something huge here!

Imagine the proof-of-charity, when done right to charities real close to our hearts and pockets, being combined with the enormous amount of clutter that we can create in literally no time!
The profitability of the possibilities this brings are truly endless. It will a party for the ages, dogeparty if you wish.

Read my signature…

General Discussion / Re: Any ignore thread/ignore user functionality
« on: August 01, 2014, 04:38:24 am »

I am hoping that there is some kind of ‘ignore thread/ignore user functionality’ on this brand of forums.

Is there or isn’t there one?

If there were, I'd ignore you.

Mr. going back to observer, not a poster.....

Three days later:

60 posts later over the next few days, here you are still posting acting like you're the Jesse Livermore of crypto.

Not enough attention. Had to threaten to leave so your followers would beg you to stay and you could feel better about yourself?

Get off your high horse. You're no better than anyone else here.

I, on the other hand, will never, ever, stop following you!

Your posts provide not much but a great entertainment value!


General Discussion / Re: Any ignore thread/ignore user functionality
« on: August 01, 2014, 02:49:48 am »
self bump!

This message is "NOT Sent using Tapatalk" either.
See, Simeon, we are practically soulmates.

"Ohh nice attitude.. wait then..."

Why did not include the whole conversation once?

General Discussion / Re: Any ignore thread/ignore user functionality
« on: August 01, 2014, 02:41:55 am »
self bump!

General Discussion / Re: Kevin Harrington and St. Martin
« on: August 01, 2014, 02:40:22 am »
Great post fuz!

General Discussion / Any ignore thread/ignore user functionality
« on: August 01, 2014, 01:56:49 am »

I am hoping that there is some kind of ‘ignore thread/ignore user functionality’ on this brand of forums.

Is there or isn’t there one?

Great Idea! This forum is not cluttered enough, lets go make it a daily/weekly thing!

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