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Good coverage!  Does Dacx pay a UIA registration fee for each BTA?  How much?

The mother UIA  (that's what I call it )  "BDR" cost 0.5 million BTS three months ago (nearly) .
The son UIA "BDR.AAPL" etc cost 500BTS each back then .
If they have more to issue , then it'll be 5000BTS each now .
So the total cost will be 0.5 million + (  X )  .

ok thanks wildpig.  Oh yeah, I mean't BDR (not BTA).

Good coverage!  Does Dacx pay a UIA registration fee for each BTA?  How much?

Good read  +5%

Interesting thoughts luckybit. 

As with progress in many spheres, it's two steps forward one step back.  The innovators leap forward zealously, sometimes throwing the baby out with the bathwater, only to realise some of what was already there needs to be amalgamated into the new perspective to create a stronger hybrid of the new + old.

Interesting  +5%

My 3 month plan has come to and end and I've decided to hand over my delegate position to the local Argentina marketing team giving Fran2k direct control of the delegate.  Jumping in to a delegate position myself living the UK to ensure marketing in Argentina was funded was always a short-term solution.  Fran2k has has always taken the initiative with BitShares promotions and is well connected and capable of building a BitShares community in Buenos Aires.  He has organised many of the meetups and given talks about BitShares at them and will provide a delegate plan shortly.

My own contributions to other BitShares marketing projects remain but I'll  be less involved for the time being.  I called a halt to the animated explainer video production of BitAssets due to it emerging to me that BitAssets may not be the feature that most urgently needs explaining, but rather the UIA features coming very soon could be more important and bring in much more income to the DAC through UIA registration fees.  In which case paying for a BitAsset explainer video would be the wrong move, even if 6 months ago it would have been worth it.

I'd like to take this opportunity to announce I no longer have a marketing position with BitShares.  A local team in Bueonos Aires has been established consisting of Fran2k, Matias (elmato), Pablo, Ariel Aguilar, Maria Palma (video staff), Nahuel (miner and sysadmin partner), Mike and Eti Marcus (dev, designer).   There are plans for them to launch their own delegate as a replacement within 3 months, but for now will use mine.  This transition should increase efficiency as now that a trusted local team has been formed I can step aside and they can chose how to market BitShares locally themselves.  My real achievement was simply securing funding for marketing in the region.

This month there was no expenditure besides paying myself back the registration fee.  The rest has been saved up and will be passed on to Fran2k along with the previous months savings.  Standby for the local team's plan - to be posted shortly.

I proposed this in November - generating referral link from within the client.   Earn (part of) the fees of whoever signs up via your link. 

General Discussion / IPO in a box - questions
« on: March 20, 2015, 05:09:27 pm »
The soon to arrive UIA features will allow whitelisting and recall of UIAs which will allow companies to legally IPO on BitShares saving them huge costs associated with traditional IPOs.  This feature could be more useful than BitAssets, which this stage are limited by low liquidity and lack of gateways.  IPO in a box is an in demand service and its birth may call for a change of marketing strategy. 

Questions (some are quite specific, others open for general discussion):

1.  To buy shares in an IPO people need their identity verified.  Who will do the identify verification?  (itnom from moonstone mentioned on mumble they are looking being an identity verifier, is that for IPO whitelisting purposes and what's the ETA?).
2.  In the US do you need to be an 'accredited investor' or can anyone buy in providing they are verified?
2.  Is an animated explainer video for the IPO feature (directed at businesses) of more value than an animated explainer for BitAssets?
3.  Should IPOs on BitShares be the focus of marketing, moving BitShares into a B2B service, away from targeting the consumer with BitAssets?
4.  How do investors buy issued shares directly with fiat?  Will this feature also be limited by onramps?  (the income from the IPO is from the short-name UIA registration fee, so buying directly with fiat by passing BitAssets is ok, the DAC still makes a profit).
5.  As shares will only be able to be purchased by verified buyers, after purchase can the shares only be re-sold to other verified buyers or can the verified buyers sell them to anyone? 
6.  Is it the share that is whitelisted after selling to a verified buyer (giving freedom to be re-sold to anyone) or the buyers account that is whitelisted? (allowing transfers only to other whitelisted accounts).
7.  DACx is functioning as an identity verification service for China, could it expand to allow identity verification from the US + elsewhere? 
8.  How does this work internationally?  If a UK company wanted to IPO in BitShares, who will do their investor identity verification?  The more countries the investor pool can be drawn from the better (more IPOs will happen on BitShares if more investors can take part, due to the proposition then being more attractive to businesses).
8.  Aren't dividends a required feature for this to be useful at all?  When will that be implemented?
10.  Who will consult with the business clients? 
11.  The whole process needs to be streamlined and intuitive for businesses doing an IPO and for investors.  Is there a IPO primer document for businesses?
12.  What else needs to be ready for IPO's on BitShares be ready to be marketed (B2B)? (e.g. gateways, identity verification services, dividends feature, web-wallet market activation, primer doc?)
13.  Which other cryptos can do this?

Edit:  Adding another:
14.  Should actual IPOs have a separate (and higher) UIA fee?  There is an identity verification cost with the service provided to them which is not present in other UIAs, so perhaps the other short letter UIA issuers should be charged less and a new fee introduced for those that do official IPOs with compliance features?

General Discussion / Re: BTSer, Hello from RIPPLE
« on: March 19, 2015, 11:19:59 pm »
lol  +5% Mr Jeans

General Discussion / Re: New Voting Demo Video Just Released!
« on: March 19, 2015, 01:03:54 pm »
This thread may be of interest.  I'd be curios to know more about the verification methods explored by followmyvote.

General Discussion / Re: Yunbi's two delegates back at the top
« on: March 18, 2015, 05:15:53 pm »
Whoever voted voted for blackwavelabs too.  It doesn't seem to be a very well informed vote. :s

Ok thats interesting.. maybe this is someone testing the vote system to see what happens next.
If he knows his action will drop the price then it is somebody he has many bitassets...

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General Discussion / Re: Yunbi's two delegates back at the top
« on: March 18, 2015, 04:05:04 pm »
Whoever voted voted for blackwavelabs too.  It doesn't seem to be a very well informed vote. :s

General Discussion / Re: New Voting Demo Video Just Released!
« on: March 18, 2015, 06:15:12 am »
Intriguing.  +5%

General Discussion / Re: Alternative GUI for BitShares
« on: March 17, 2015, 01:03:39 pm »
Nice!  The charts especially are a big improvement.

Some BitUSD withdrawn successfully.  :)

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