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Technical Support / Integrating and Partnering with ZenCash (ZEN)
« on: September 18, 2017, 01:14:49 pm »
Hey all, i'm one of the co-founders for ZenCash, also a big long time supporter of that we're starting to grow and do some cool things with ZEN, it'd be awesome to integrate my two favorite projects: ZenCash + Bitshares!

I noticed that one of our media team members @MedaR has already reached out:,24837.msg309915.html#msg309915

But I wanted to piggyback on that and get this discussion started since that didn't look like it went anywhere.

With ZenCash, we're leveraging zk-SNARKs over a fully end-to-end encrypted network of secure nodes that includes censorship resistant features like domain fronting, private comm over the blockchain, secure document publishing via IPFS, we're economically rewarding other stakeholders (not just miners) via a community fund / Treasury and paying people to operate secure nodes, and we're experimenting with decentralized governance via a DAO.

What's not to love from the perspective of anyone who values privacy? We also have some big sponsors, advisors, partners, and an awesome team:

We're partnered with Crypto Media Hub ( and Wachsman PR (, so all of our integrations are widely publicized.

Would be great to get ZEN on the Bitshares DEX for starters, but because I love both these projects, I'd like to explore a deeper partnership. Any cool ideas?

It'd be great to chat further with the community. In the meantime, here's a bunch more info about the project:

White paper:
Telegram group:
YouTube channel:
Twitter: @ZenCashOfficial


I'm very happy with recent updates to the UI...much appreciated work!

Openledger / Re: OpenLedger Margin Updating
« on: February 12, 2017, 04:38:47 pm »
Is it not lart of the "advanced" view of ol? Top navigation bar

unfortunately not, at least as far as i can tell. I'm guessing the feature was mistakenly removed in one of the recent updates, but it's also possible the OL team doesn't see value in maintaining it. I hope it gets added back, else I'll have to switch wallets to keep better track of my open margin positions.

I am always on trading mode.that is not the reason...i am really surprised that no one else has this issue so I can only conclude that you guys only trade with the official wallet and not the open ledger web wallet either you don't trade at all..i hope is the former.. :)
I am really surprised that openledger web wallet did that and I really dont get why someone would remove this..anyway i hope that when others think that their bts got lost they look at this post and don't freak out.
as @nmywn said..use the official client..except if it is indeed something to do with stealth..maybe super stealth that hides your own collaterals positions and transactions.. ;)

The openledger GUI doesn't show collateral positions any more. should direct people to instead of if they have removed this key function.
Also the Openledger GUI doesn't appear to be open source.

agreed, i'm a little surprised such a core function has been removed from OL. I'd like to think it was just an oversight and something that will soon be fixed.

Openledger / OpenLedger Margin Updating
« on: February 12, 2017, 04:18:54 am »
Does anyone know what happened to the margin maintenance box that was always in the OL account view? i can't find any easy way to manage all of my open margin positions, and have had to go to each smartcoin directly and update there.

Only MPAs have settlement prices. Openledger devs are making changes themselves right now without my involvement so you should ask Ronny to check this imo.

ah ok thanks. @ccedk are the right guy to chat with about OL changes? we really need to get that settlement price back into the Exchange view for trading. the settlement line is still drawn in the market depth chart, but the actual price isn't listed.

also, i've noticed that every time i launch OL in my browser (Chrome), it doesn't remember my previous preferences (which markets and accounts i've starred, and the trading configuration)...these were things that OL used to be able to do.

Thanks for listening to me whine, i mean, for my constructive feedback!

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General Discussion / Re: [Video] Bitshares Inflation Rate
« on: September 17, 2016, 03:57:39 pm »
@Chronos great video, thanks. that's the most cohesive explanation on BTS inflation i've seen thus far. Much appreciated.

For the OPEN.XXX assets only, I imagine? (was it ever there? I thought only MPAs have settlement prices)

true, only MPAs should have settlement prices. That's what I meant...not seeing settlement prices explicitly stated in the exchange views anymore, which makes trading much more difficult.

@xeroc or @svk any idea what happened? Can we please add that back?


Or is it located somewhere else my old eyes aren't seeing?

i trade every day on OL, so if i can be of use to whoever is working the trading GUI dev, please let me know...


wow, ok..thanks for the link to the other thread. sucks Firefox is down for the count. I'll get Chrome up and running...

appreciate it

A bit of a moment of panic for me just now trying to access my wallet and the password keeps getting rejected. Is anyone else having this issue?

That was on Firefox, so I just tried on Safari and the password works there. this doesn't make any sense to me, but it looks like there's some openledger work in progress; can anyone else explain this issue?

@svk @Stan anyone else experiencing this?


General Discussion / Re: Imporant! Please Participate!
« on: July 10, 2016, 01:17:09 am »
thanks for the plug, @fuzzy! I just noticed this...

onceuponatime  ยท  52 minutes ago
If you give me your bts address I will donate to you 10 bitSILVER to be distributed:
5 bitSILVER for first place
3 bitSILVER for second place
2 bitSILVER for third place

that's very generous, thank you! My goal with this project is to get other profs in the department to do the same thing with their much larger classes. Generous donations like this from the community just make the case even better.

also, my Bitshares address: cylonmaker2053

General Discussion / Re: Imporant! Please Participate!
« on: July 09, 2016, 08:12:13 pm »
thanks for the plug, @fuzzy! I just noticed this...

awesome job @kenCode and team! I'd be really interested to hear about the first vendor who uses the payment app...

how does one even go about withdrawing OPEN.STEEM and redeeming STEEM?
Go to the Deposit/Withdrawal tab in the wallet and select the OpenLedger tab. Then in the "Withdrawal" tab, set the dropdown box to withdraw STEEM and press the Withdraw button. Enter the amount to withdraw and put in your steem account name as the address to withdraw to.

wow, that was ridiculously easy. now that i know there's an easy way to move STEEM off the DEX, i'll be much more active trading. you guys at Blocktrades are doing some seriously awesome things, thank you very much!

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