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1 recently became my favourite exchange...after trying Cryptsy, Mintpal, Poloniex and Bittrex.
Thanks guys  +5%

25th of August 7 am GMT

And PTS value is falling down deeper and deeper. No BTS in sight.... Should have bought them before February 28th....
The reason for that is that the bitcoin is gaining value .. if you had 1000$ of PTS .. you still have 1000$ in PTS! No worry

Well not really...if nothing happens soon, there are not even buyers left on Cryptsy. PTS at 0.006?
I'm a Keyhotee founder, one of the first miners at the launch back in november and after reading about all those great projects I invested a lot of money PTS. But nearly all projects have an incredible delay by now...
I mean...with all the donations received in BTC, what about acquiring some PTS yourself (therefore put trust in your own future) with BTC to avoid 1$ PTS? WIth that amount of donations I really don't see why you don't spend some on marketing and publicity...

I must say I'm even not up-to-date with this forum maybe I missed something.
But after 6 months I'm really starting to loose some faith...maybe because I'm holding something like 25% of the value I invested at the beginning. So maybe "there is light at the end of the tunnel", with an image of light at the end of a tunnel, is not enough...

And I just checked Cryptsy...I could bring PTS price to the very bottom myself :( .
That's bad.

nice work

Thank you!

How could I not? I'm a Keyhotee Founder too :D .

What would it cost us to place Bitshares at the top of that list, stickied there permanently, with a cool icon to the right that says "You've found it. This is the one!"?

I've sent you a PM regarding this.

What would it cost us to place Bitshares at the top of that list, stickied there permanently, with a cool icon to the right that says "You've found it. This is the one!"?
Nice idea..

Yes...I pmd donkeypong regarding this :).

good work

Maybe just polish the badges an make these less colorful for better site feelings...

Idea: and what do you think of try to make topnav section with currencies sticky when scrolling down.
If you want to place ads on top so you could display it all over the site also ... my two cents


Thanks for the suggestions! I will for sure polish the badges asap. Regarding the color I must say it's one of the things users seem to appreciate a lot as feature of the site. But it's just a basic version for now, badges will be polished for sure.

The idea with the tabs is nice! I will think about it and then add it to the "to-do" list for my DEV (which is a bit slow I must say...he is new to Cryptos). Regarding ADS...I will keep this website ad free for as long as my resources allow it. I can't stand those big blinking ads :), they would ruin the page even if they would surely cover server costs at least.

Thanks for your input  :)

Nice project ...cthx for letting us know

How could I not? I'm a Keyhotee Founder too :D .

Very nice page.

Really glad you like it, thanks  :)


★★★█ BitsharesPTS █→ - The New Cryptocurrency Live Ranking website listing Cryptocoins by Total Market Capitalization, Average Price and Aggregate Exchange Volume.

The homepage also includes a Live Bitcoin News Ticker on top which you will love. It delivers the latest and most updated News about Bitcoin, there will be no need to browse for Bitcoin News anymore. That one headline will deliver you always with the most important articles, but see for yourself.

It features also an Instant Cryptowallet Value Calculator. For each Cryptocoin just add the quantity you hold in the form next to it, and calculate the Total Value of your Portfolio (results are visible at the end of the page, for now).

Numeric Stats are updated automatically every 5 minutes without any need to refresh the page. You will have position change indication every 5 minutes next to each coin.

Each Cryptocoin has it's own Showcase, displaying some general information (Name, Logo, Website, Algorithm, API Status) along with Economical Stats, some mining statistics (if available from a block explorer), Resources, Live News, Mcap graph over time.

  • Minted Coins -> number of coins mined
  • AVG Price -> average price (±24h% change)
  • Market Cap -> market capitalization (±24h% change)
  • Global Hashrate -> global mining hashrate (±24h% change) | (KH = KiloHash, MH = MegaHash, GH = GigaHash, TH = TeraHash , PH = PicoHash)
  • Global Difficulty -> global mining difficulty (±24h% change)
  • Profitability vs BTC-> profitability of mining the Altcoin and trading it for BTC instead of mining Bitcoin directly (±24h% change)
  • AGG Trading Volume -> combined trading volume from many different exchanges (±24h% change coming soon)
  • A Market Capitalization graph is available in different time frames (24h | 7d | 1m | 3m | 6m) -> the website has just gone live and graphs will not show much data for now. The graph is also one of the parts that will surely be improved in the next updates.

In the lower part of the detailpage you'll find:
  • Live Twitter News from Cryptocoin Dev Team -> You can use this widget also to send a Tweet directly to the Team!
  • Live Cryptcoin Twitter News -> In this box you can read all ongoing discussions and news on Twitter about a Cryptocoin and also Tweet what you have to say right away
  • Live Reddit News -> Live Reddit news ticker for each Cryptocoin. You can directly interact through this box.

And many more features and information will be added soon. Already now each "Showcase" of a Cryptocoin will give you lots of information. And it's all on one page. And from the same page you can contact the Developer team and/or Tweet about the coin. Or you can watch if/how the news reflect on mcap of coin. And there are so many other stat-combinations that will help you to stay updated and to decide wether or not to invest in a Cyptocoin.

Some notes:
- Profitability is not available for all coins
- API Status: if the API Status says "Down", the Mcap information could be outdated because either the Price or the Supply API is down for this coin
- Website, Dev News: a Cryptocoin without an official website should be threated with extreme caution. From the Live News you will be able to see if the Dev Team is active or not.

The Showcase let's you easily make a guess on how popular a certain Cryptocurrency is. But this is just the start, many more useful features, news and stats will follow soon! IS FREE OF ADVERTISEMENTS, which makes it incredibly fast considering the amount of data displayed at one time (and much more beautiful and relaxing). It's the result of 4 months of hard work, data collection, thinking, sleep loss etc.. dedicated to a Crypotcoin loving community full of "Cryptojunkies" like myself. All the important information you need, in one place. I hope you enjoy it.

The website has NO ADS and NO INCOME as for now. It cost a lot of time and resources (I'm not a developer myself so I had to hire some of won't believe how many until it was done...).

There are a few ways YOU CAN HELP THIS PROJECT, IT'S FREE!:
- LIKE on Facebook! just click the Facebook Like Box in the header and share the website with your Family and Friends!
- Share the Showcase of your favorite Cryptocoin. You can do this with a simple mouse click on the cool sharing buttons on the left
- If you have some unused space in your Signature here on Bitcointalk, consider linking to the website for a little time
- Share it with friends on other social networks, email, Twitter or directly while having a couple of cold beers ;)

- If you are a Cryptocoin Developer you could link from your website directly to your Showcase! Like:
- You could also add as resource in your [ANN] Thread here on [Suspicious link removed]ize]
- You can Tweet the website to your followers and share it on Facebook

As you can see ITS EASY TO HELP THIS PROJECT IN MANY WAYS, FOR FREE and IN SECONDS/MINUTES. THANK YOU, your support is much appreciated!

Feedback, suggestions, bug/error reports and coin addition requests are welcome.

Donations are also much appreciated. They will be a big help for further developments (many cool new features and stats will be added as soon as possible depending on available budget and time). I'm glad to accept any Cryptocoin for Donations. So in the strange case you feel the need to donate some of them, just send me a PM here on bitcointalk or Tweet something. You can also write a mail to cryptocoinrank(AT)gmail(DOT)com or send a message to Cryptocoinrank on Facebook! So "I wanted to donate but was not able to contact you" is the one excuse you can't use ;) - Cryptocurrency Market Capitalizations and Statistics


The little images next to each Cryptocurrency are CCR Badges. Hover with your mouse over them to get an explanation of their meaning.

= Highest Market Capitalization
= 2° in Market Capitalization
= 3° in Market Capitalization
= Click it to view all stats about a Cryptocoin
= Newly added Cryptocoin (remains for 1 week)
= Most profitable Cryptocoin to mine compared to Bitcoin
= Innovative Cryptocoin (more on detail page)
= Risky Cryptocoin (more on detail page)
= No website listed for this Cryptocoin yet
= To the Moon!
= Going Down!
= Fair premine
= Unfair premine
= Heavy premine
= Not mineable
= Airdrop
= Dying/Dead coin
= Information in Showcase for this coin has been updated in the last 24h

Volume badges are based on Volume ranges:

KNOWN ISSUES (will be fixed starting from next week)
- Design responsiveness for smaller view than fullsize (whole responsiveness does not work properly yet when the browser window gets smaller)
- I still have a lot of information to add, so please be patient
- Pagination. Page will be devided in 100 coins each page
- 24h MCAP % change for coins with very low prices (below 1 Satoshi). These coins have to use LTC as base price, this still needs to be integrated. It also makes their MCAP display wrong in the BTC tab, so coins with very low prices are deactivated for a few days until new API implementation
- Hashrate on Showcase pages seems still buggy for some coins
- Not mineable coins like Ripple, Nxt, Mastercoin etc.. will be added next week
- Some smaller bugs


Donations will help yo keep the website free of Ads and help to develop future upgrades. You will find a few donation links in the footer of Please contact me for a donation in any other currency, I would be glad to download a wallet of your coin and accept it  :). Your support is much appreciated, Thank you!

Enjoy -

For even more information please visit the main thread on

Thank you donschoe for the explanation.

Regarding "Address C is a change address belonging to your wallet" , is there any way I can see these "change addresses" in my PTS wallet?
I also just updated the wallet with the new files you have provided. So this is not going to happen anymore from now on?
Thank you!

This happened to my bitcoins aswell, was really confusing at first.
In the client consol type "listaddressgroupings" and you will see all adresses and which adress currently have the balance on it.

You're my Hero for today, thanks!
Wow I have a lot of addresses...

Imo some of the "Bountiful Bounties" are set far to high with tasks that take a good programmer some hours of work and that will earn him bounties like "100PTS". So either these bounties are overvalued, or PTS are highly undervalued as payment for bounties. This is surely also contributing to falling PTS/BTC value (and buy volume). On some of the last days where the "Trading Volume" was around 40.000$ in 24h, 6-10% of the whole PTS trading volume was ME spending all my BTC in PTS on Cryptsy lol. I just did not want to let the price fall under 0.017 BTC  :(...and I failed, it's at 0.0168 now.
I would review some of the bounties and lower the reward...

That looks very nice, good job there!

Keyhotee / Re: Keyhotee Founder ID Registration Process
« on: January 11, 2014, 12:13:48 am »
Let's see how it works in the new Keyhotee alpha release, perhaps as early as tonight...

Oh that would be awesome...because it's Friday night and I'm at home...does not happen very often, so a new Alpha version of Keyhotee tonight would really make me a lot happier  :D (but imo you should go out and have some drinks).

Italiano (Italian) / Re: angelshare e bitshare
« on: January 11, 2014, 12:00:52 am »
grazie per la spiegazione.
Quello che non si capisce però e come fare a sapere quanti angelshare ho dopo aver donato.
Sai come fare?

Come ti dicevo, non è una DAC che supporterò, quindi non ho mai approfondito. Mi è parso di capire che ci fosse un address bitcoin dove entro una data limite si poteva inviare le proprie donazioni. Dopodichè 5000 angelshare sarebbero state divise in maniera direttamente proporzionale alla quantità di BTC donata/quantità totale di BTC donati sull'address

Visiti questo sito: e cerchi l'indirizzo con il quale hai donato PTS. Cliccaci sopra e vedrai quanti Angelshares dovresti già possedere.
Occasionalmente questo sito mosta dei valori strani (anche perchè è appena stato creato).
Un'alternativa è dove però per ora non puoi ancora controllare le tue statistiche personali ma solamente quelle totali.

Thank you donschoe for the explanation.

Regarding "Address C is a change address belonging to your wallet" , is there any way I can see these "change addresses" in my PTS wallet?
I also just updated the wallet with the new files you have provided. So this is not going to happen anymore from now on?
Thank you!

I agree. I feel confident that it'll pan out.

Interested to know the answer to your question. Why the address becomes different.
BTW, looking forward to seeing your site when its up.

 :P ...the site will hopefully be online by monday, I have a team working on it (I'm not a programmer myself). You will probably be my first visitor then  :D

It certainly looks that way. Thank you.
I'd like to know the answer to OP's question now, since = same boat.

and my clock was messed up. how embarrassing.
I had it adjusted to UTC, since, with the things I do, that time is more important than the actual time where I am. and also the day is wrong. *facepalm

I wonder if that is going to have any disaterous effects on what I've donated. Hope not!

Oh I think we should have the confirmation of payment in your wallet and as you've seen from the Angelshare donation page, yours was the only 0.5 PTS donation at that time. Maybe (just until we get an answer to this) you could donate something like 0.500123 next time, to make it more unique in case inflow of donation increases and blockchain will be harder to read.

Seems like a good place to post this:

I've sent a few PTS from this address


Here one of the transaction details
Status: 178 confirmations
Date: 1/10/2014 05:46
To: PTS to AngelShares PaNGELmZgzRQCKeEKM6ifgTqNkC4ceiAWw
Debit: -0.50 PTS
Net amount: -0.50 PTS
Transaction ID: 14f63319efa71441a1d18e95a79b6b1a7007a5cdbd17c668054f172798236d50

And yet, I do not see my address in the list. How can I check into this? What can I do?

Could it be this one?

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