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If you reward a short sale, you increase the price of the BTS
If you pay interest for everyone who has bitAssets, then you will create bitAsset buy wall,
which will make it difficult to increase the BTS price.

That's why I do not like this idea.
But I think it would be most beneficial to pay dividends depending on the amount of collateral and open orders on DEX and only for LTM.
It should also be easier to implement.

Similar ideas were discussed here:,23706.0.html

Anyway, first we have to be able to pay dividends or any other kind of simple profit sharing

General Discussion / Re: locked 84M BTS
« on: March 14, 2017, 10:36:29 pm »

General Discussion / Re: [Testnet-StressTest] March 15th - 3:00pm UTC
« on: March 13, 2017, 08:07:53 pm »
what's next?

I changed the logging level from debug to info
debug gives 1GB per 1h

Code: [Select]
Azure DS12 v2
E5-2673 v3 @ 2.40GHz,
28 GB Ram

Hosted by NFOrce Entertainment B.V. (Amsterdam) [2.18 km]: 5.332 ms
Testing download speed........................................
Download: 2126.96 Mbit/s
Testing upload speed..................................................
Upload: 445.69 Mbit/s

Code: [Select]
unlocked >>> info
  "head_block_num": 6856241,
  "head_block_id": "00689e31e66b5eb24ba8c4ddc1dbc065f4bfc7e0",
  "head_block_age": "1 second old",
  "next_maintenance_time": "2 minutes in the future",
  "chain_id": "39f5e2ede1f8bc1a3a54a7914414e3779e33193f1f5693510e73cb7a87617447",
  "participation": "100.00000000000000000",
  "active_witnesses": [
  "active_committee_members": [
unlocked >>>

I look forward to further guidance

2. Merge Send and Withdraw
I don't like this idea. Send tab is like private message system and should be optimized in that direction imo. Expand full message when click is an option I would love to see - popup is not bad, but makes imposible to copy from it.

When you Send, you are doing the same as you Withdraw.
You could Send OPEN.BTC or you could Withdraw them on separate tab..
at least AFIAK

General Discussion / Re: [Testnet-StressTest] March 15th - 3:00pm UTC
« on: March 12, 2017, 06:37:15 pm »
it seems like this link is broken:

I've created and synchronize my new Azure DS12 :)
but I still have a few questions to this list from point 12 ii and above

Use the WIF private key you copied earlier from the ~/brain_key.json file unlocked >>> import_key 5yourPrivateKeyStartsWith5...

>>> import_key accoutname 5KgFzmuA8FXMgFzmuA8FgFzmuA8FgFzmuA8F

whether this account must contain TEST tokens?

poin 14
but I don't have any file here :

tail: cannot open ~/testnet/cli_wallet/wallet.json for reading: No such file or directory

My 3 cents...
1. HELP out of dropdown to left column  menu,
2. Merge Send and Withdraw
3. Move Deposit functionality to Account tab
Bitshares account names together with deposit addresses and asset list )
4. Recent Activity out of Account tab and to new History tab in left menu column 
and, of course filters! - account, place order, fiil order, cancel order, from date do date, export to csv
5. DEMO MODE – Check box (toggle) to hide all assets amounts (Top menu & Account ) names only
In that mode you could show you wallet to you Friends or make a video or gif
6 Explore to TOP MENU

Technical Support / Re: Import priv key (WIF) to new empty wallet
« on: March 09, 2017, 03:12:28 pm »
Today it is working, and I don't know why, because everything I've done today was exactly the same as yesterday.
Maybe it was some connection problems at that time.

Thanks for that example!
This is very good news!
This gives a lot of new opportunities.

thanks! +5%

I've been away for ages but since coming back I'm seeing a bit of animosity about Dan moving to work on Steemit.
I'm not looking to come in here and offend anyone, I only want to understand. :)
Everyone seems a little dejected
It's good to be back seeing the progress BitShares is making :)

son needs a father. At least to come from time to time and asked how's it going.

I looked at @FractalNode's spreadsheet and the numbers on rows 6 & 7 make sense, but don't understand the results on rows 8 & 9. The number of nodes for those rows are larger than row 7, but result is less.

row 7 & 8 & 9 are simulations
the more (TOP) standby witness you have, less pay they get

- allowing a randomly selected standby witness to produce a block and get rewarded is an idea worth considering. If that were implemented, it would certainly require a hardfork. To insure network integrity should be limited to a very small number (1% or 2%) of the total blocks. Only the next N standby witnesses would be chosen for the random drawing, perhaps the top 10 according to voting support.

Actually I do not support this idea, we could just pay them to be on standby mode – because it is not free.
I think this is unnecessarily complicating matters and it will and degrade performance – probably the average performance of these machines will be lower.
This is the place to learn and reserve just in case

- using collateral to measure commitment is one way to measure, but not the only one. May not even be the best one. Length of service, participation in forum / Telegram, testnet participation, portion of pay reinvested into witness upgrades, contributions to code, community involvement are IMO at least equal if not a more direct measurement than how much capitol you invest.
So I gave this a bad name. The idea is to pay for increasing liquidity, by locking funds under bitASSETS and placing orders to the DEX
Topic: New Bitshares Dividend Idea and my last comment on this, is on  page 3
and this is not related to nodes in this topic.

I also think the 3rd criterion should involve evidence of competency to produce price feeds, perhaps via participation in the testnet and alternatively setting up some type of "feed test oracle" that isn't used for settlements or an any official capacity, but rather might serve as a point of comparison for official feeds. Now this could be done via a private website or modification to wackou's bts_tools web interface to provide feeds on the tools website but not publish them on the blockchain (which is only allowed by active witnesses).
I agree and I see your point. Thanks for that!
I think therefore that it should merge 3 and 4 criterion.
And let voters decide, on the basis of the information contained in the Witness subject on the forum.

It may lead us to the creation of the model form
with mandatory fields to fill, such as
how long you provided node services for the test network

o gosh :D
this may kill 1 and 2 criterion
if ask proper questions, like
where is you server ?
What are its parameters ?

but what happens if you suddenly lose 75% of witnesses
by some tsunami or WW3
This is the question to which we seek answers:
How to make automatic switch standby nodes to witnesses?
How to encourage the start-up and maintenance of such nodes?

And I do not like the answer: "that then it will not matter"

As the topic  :P

Technical Support / Re: Import priv key (WIF) to new empty wallet
« on: March 07, 2017, 06:38:26 pm »
I'm sure.
spinning and stuck

proper wallet
proper connection

pull out HELP and EXPLORER option from drop down to "primary menu-group" between ACCOUNTS and SETTINGS

and set border-radius from 4px to 0px

add some padding-left here


Filter like this:  "bit open"

should show me all OPEN.UIA and all bitMPA assets

Filter like this:  "btc"

should show me OPEN.BTC, bitBTC, TRADE.BTC, ....

Technical Support / Import priv key (WIF) to new empty wallet
« on: March 07, 2017, 04:06:26 pm »
could someone please explain to me this wallet behavior
I've create new; clean user profile in Google Chrome
then I went to
I did not create a new account,
Instead I went to Settings > I've created new wallet & password
There is no account at this stage.
Then I went to Import/Export columnt
And there I was trying to import priv key (WIF) from one of my existing accounts but both OWNER and ACCTIVE without success
I've only seen spinning wheel
:D WAT I do wrong?

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