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Due to the snapshot of PeerPlays and the recent price fluctuation, a lot of people are transferring their fund from centralized exchanges, like poloniex, btc38, to their Bitshares wallet.

Thanks to PeerPlays team, this is really a good way to encourage users to learn to use wallet and leave their fund in BTS exchange. For example, the BTS balance of btc38 wallet has reduced from 450,000,000 to 320,000,000 since the snapshot announcement!

However, the current API gateways are not able to sustain such a large flux anymore. If you used your Bitshares wallet in the past a few days, you may have the experience that the wallet was very slow sometimes.

Luckily, team has just deployed a new and powerful API gateway---


Located in Hongkong, with double servers and load balancing technology.

@svk  please add it to sources. Thanks.

Our new Bitshares web wallet is up!

Try out here:

Brief Introduction:

Different from the official version and OpenLedger version, this web wallet is based on the business model of , which is the biggest BTS theme website and the base of BTS fans in China.

The new features:

1\ Links to tutorials and forum are added on main page, more convenience for new users

2\ IOU series Bit ASSET are listed on featured market, and each of them is subject to an application

IOU.BOO ---Blockchain lottery ticket

Purchase 1 IOU.BOO each time, the price is 5 bitCNY, then you will get a transaction ID, and this TX ID is your lottery number. You may purchase multiple times to get different Tx IDs to get more lotteries. The lots will be drawn monthly, and the lucky number is also decided by the blockchain of Bitshares. So far, it has been running stably over 8 months, and the jackpot is over 1000$. You may scan the blockchain to see all the histories.

IOU.WTX--- Traffic ticket insurance token

This is our new business. You can purchase a traffic ticket insurance by buying 1 IOU.WTX , then send 0.5 back to the accout iou.wtxdj, with your car number and driving license number in memo. Then the insurance officially take effect, and it will last one year. Anytime within one year, if you violate the traffic rule and get a ticket, send the rest 0.5 IOU.WTX back, and the information about your ticket in memo to verify that you indeed get the ticket. Then we will reimburse half of the fine to your account.

IOU. ABC ---The shares of, like OBITS of Openledger.

Currently, all the income of btsabc are used to pay dividends to share holders monthly. It supports both bitCNY and IOU.CNY, which are 1:1 equivalent.

IOU.CNY ---An asset backed by the equivalent amount in fiat

Any deposit or withdrawal needs to be approved manually by btsabc, just like OPEN.CNY of OpenLedger.

IOU.AAA, IOU.BBB and IOU.CCC ---Tokens for crowd funding

They represent crowfunding tokens using BTS, BTC and CNY, respectively, and they are still in experimental stage, not open to public yet.

Currently, we are doing our business within Chinese community, but we are planning to extend our bussiness to the whole BTS community in near future. Actually, anyone can try playing the lottery now.

If you would like to help us to prompt these business in your countries, please send an email to .


Please help us to promote by upvoting, thanks.


The whole idea is:

You purchase a traffic ticket insurance by buying 1 IOU.WTX in Bitshares internal market(it cost about 2 dollar), then send 0.5 back to the accout iou.wtxdj, with your car number and driving license number in memo. Then the insurance officially take effect, and it will last one year. It's still an experiment, currently it only covers the parking ticket.

Anytime within one year, if you violate the traffic rule and get a ticket, send the rest 0.5 IOU.WTX back, and the information about your ticket in memo to verify that you indeed get the ticket. Then we will reimburse half of the fine to your account. The average fine in China for parking ticket is about 40 dollar.

The precondition of this idea is that the traffic violation information can be searched on website easily in China, so that verification is easy.  I am not sure it is the same case in other countries.

This idea was originally inspired by alt and implemented by


Currently,  a lot of people have been addicted to sharing  stories with other steemians, by posting self-portraits, photos of food, travel, etc.

what if they come to Bitshares to issue their fancoin or something else?

It's quite simple,
1\  register your bitshares account, for free. You can choose your ID freely, for example “Jessica-photographer”

2\ Convert some of your steem into BTS through openledger, to fuel your Bitshares account, or just to buy some BTS from any exchange.

3\Issue your UIA(user issued asset), for example “JESSIFAN” in Bitshares. The amount can be as large as you want, for example 1,000,000, no matter how big the number is, it costs all the same. The current price is less that 40 Steem dollar.

4\ Give away some amount of your “JESSIFAN” to your fan(for sure they need to have BTS account too), or sell them in BTS market. By doing this, the people who love you will hold some “JESSIFAN”.

5\”JESSIFAN” can be a symbol of your fan group, and it can be a medal of honor to show their love to you. Or, you can buy back “JESSIFAN” now and then at a higher price, using the Steem dollar you earned in steemit, to feed back to you fan.

If you like this idea, plese vote it up?

General Discussion / How is the chatting room working?
« on: June 19, 2016, 09:51:40 am »
It seems my friends and I can not communicate with each other.... If so, why we keep this useless function?

Stakeholder Proposals / Please consider voting down blackwavelabs
« on: January 28, 2015, 08:15:08 pm »
There have been almost three weeks since the 100% payrate delegate "blackwavelabs" started producing blocks.

 However, so far,
1/No update about any progress
2/ No mentioning of the fund support from BTS community on their website
3/ No mentioning of BTS on their twitter or anywhere else
4/ No client version published (still
5/ No response to all the questioning
6/ Their development product will not be dedicated for BTS, and probably BTS will not benefit most, whereas other competitors will.

General Discussion / Robot avatars changed, why is that?
« on: January 27, 2015, 10:01:16 pm »
If it changes frequently, then what's the meaning of having this? It will be very confusing, especially for all the established recipients, like some exchanges' accounts.

Winklevoss twins plan to launch new US-based bitcoin exchange

Is it a good news to BTS? At least there is now a way  for all US friends from USD--->BTC--->BitUSD.

General Discussion / Proposal---Delegates inspectors group
« on: January 23, 2015, 05:00:11 pm »
As one of the 15 advisers of, I just want to share an idea with the community that we are going to set up an "inspector group" to inspect all the high pay rate delegates.
According to today's dev hangout, BM also mentioned that it's very necessary for all high pay rate delegates to regularly report their progress or achievement. However, since developers are usually busy  doing their work, they sometimes miss the progress report.

Therefore, it will be very necessary if some person can remind all the delegates and summarize their progress  then report to the whole community in one single post, in order to make a comparison. The frequency should be biweekly or monthly. Then, all shareholders can easily decide whether they keep or remove their votes.

At the beginning, the inspector will be paid by the delegate income of, considering that there are now only less than 30 high pay rate delegates and the workload is not very heavy. If in future, there are much more high payrate delegates, we may add the number of inspectors.

We will be recruiting inspectors from the whole community, and make sure they are from different countries.

Do you think it's a good idea? 

Will they be removed from blockchain?

1 网页钱包:可以交易BTS上的各种资产以及BTC等主流虚拟货币,注意,不同网关特有的IOU资产由相应网关信用背书以及负责承兑。


国内网关的网页钱包 DACPLAY网页钱包 

比特帝国的网页钱包 btsabc网页钱包 

巨蟹的gdex网页钱包 gdex网页钱包 




2 注册好钱包后,第一件事就是备份钱包,相关教程可以去比特股帝国初级教程区查阅  比特股中文第一大论坛,有各种菠菜竞猜等游戏

3 比特股区块浏览器

4 Bitshares英文教程

5 Bitshares核心开发者abit的技术博客

6 鼓鼓钱包

7 BTSBOTS做市机器人


DevShares / How to increase the value of Devshares
« on: December 20, 2014, 04:36:08 am »
We know Devshares is born to be used as testing network of BTS, therefore it has great value. However, valuable things don't necessarily have price. You don't need to hold large stake of devshares to use the devshares client, not to mention that BTS will have all the functions of Devshares. 

The consequence is that no one would like to hold much devshares. Gradually, the income of delegates or testers will be fewer and fewer, the whole system will not be sustainable.

We have to think about how to give DVS some real value. In other words, how to convince people to hold DVS, instead of selling all of them?  To make DVS sustainable, testing DVS should be profitable, instead of voluntary, if DVS was designed to be open to the whole community. 

Any thoughts?   

Is that because of the recent network freezing issue? I am confused, since all delegates were frozen altogether, why they still missed blocks?

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